Wednesday, May 31, 2006

From a distance

What a great busy week it has been so far at work. Days go by so fast at the moment, and the weekend is coming up in high speed. Of course, seeing I'm having a date this weekend, this is a very good thing, cause I'm really looking forward to seeing this guy E. We talked on the phone for about an hour or something like that again yesterday, after which we sent each other a couple of text messages.

It's weird, I don't actually know this guy yet in real life, but I really like him, and really hope things will work out this weekend, in terms of us wanting to see each other again after this weekend has passed. He lives quite far from me, but then again Holland isn't all that big, so the distance isn't really that much of a deal. So, I'm very curious as to how this will go!

Tonight I'm going for a drink with a couple of friends at a great place called Chaplin's Pub. Usually this is my favourite hang-out spot before or after I go to the movies (since the pub is situated across the road from the cinema) but now we're just going for drinks. Tomorrow though, I am going to the movies, so I guess I'll be hitting the pub two nights in a row.

Back to work for me, hope everybody has a great day!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The wait is killing me

I couldn't help but posting this fantastic HQ picture of Madonna performing Jump at the Los Angeles Forum Arena, as part of het her Confessions World Tour.

Seeing pictures like this one, makes me looking forward to the shows I'm attending even more than I already do!

Viva Madonna!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Hey mr. DJ, put a record on

Me being the gadget freak that I am, I bought myself an iPod Nano this Saturday and I'm loving it loving it loving it! I've been meaning to get one for quite some time now but never really got to it, so when I was in a store to buy a DVD, I ended up with this fantastic device! Of course, my computer skills aren't exactly excellent, so it took my quite some time and a lot of swearing to understand how everything works, but now I get it so my computer at home (I'm at work now) is ripping albums as we speak. Already I uploaded 6 Madonna albums on the iPod, but there's room for loads more! As some of you know, I'm totally against downloading (I think it's the same as stealing) so I only put my own albums on it.

Funny though, you can select songs on categories like 'albums', 'genre' and 'artist'. I especially like the option 'artist' since the only thing I'm putting on it is Madonna's music hehe.

Anyway, it was a very good weekend. Not only am I very happy with my iPod, but also I'm having a date with E. next Friday in Breda. We're going to have a drink in Antwerp, and I'm very much looking forward to that! It's gonna be a sorta kinda blind date, so I'm pretty excited about that. I'll keep you guys posted on how it went!

Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm back

I'm sorry I've been a bit of a bad boy these past few days, and didn't post anything. The thing was, I've been pretty busy at work, and work is exactly where I usually type my posts. There were lots of (good) things going on, leaving me very limited time to post. But hey, I'm back, and it's almost weekend, so I'm in a very good mood today.

This week, to me, has been a Confessions Tour video week. I've spent a lot of time behind my computer watching tons of clips from the first three shows in the Los Angeles Forum Arena. I have to say, even though I was certain that the Re-Invention World Tour 2004 couldn't be topped, but now that I've seen some stuff, I'm actually thinking that she did. The opening (Future Lovers) from inside the giant disco ball, the crucifixation for Live to Tell, the disco fun of Music and Lucky Star.... it all looks so fabulous! I can't wait to see this masterpiece of a show with my own eyes, but I'll have to wait until august. Boo!

What else did I do? Well, I arranged for a date with this really cute guy who lives in Breda, so I'm going there, right after work, next Friday. We're planning on having a drink in Antwerpen, which is a city I absolutely love, but haven't been to since my holiday with my ex-boyfriend back in 2003. I'm really excited on going again, and also really excited about this date itself. I'll keep you posted on how things are going!

Back to work for me. I promise I'll be a good poster from now on! Cheers!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Opening night

Here they are: the first pictures of the opening night of Madonna's Confessions World Tour 2006, on May 21 in the Los Angeles Forum Arena.

Birthday bash

What a great weekend indeed this was. As you probably know already, I spend this weekend celebrating my 26th birthday, and I had a blast!

Friday I took the afternoon off to do some shopping and generally be lazy, after which my co-workers arrived for the party. Really cool, we had loads of beer and I got a great gift, namely a huge frame for my signed Who's That Girl World Tour t-shirt. I love it!

Saturday my sister and my parents came over during daytime, and that night I had what I like to call the real party for my friends. It was really crowded and I got some great gifts. Then afterwards we went clubbing, and I ended up being totally indiscrete with this rather cute guy, but what the hell, when it's your birthday, you're allowed to, right?

Sunday I spend mostly on my couch watching my fabulous new Will and Grace seasons 1 DVD box, thanks to Anneke and Dirk.

So, all in all, I had a great time!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy Birthday to me

Yay, today I turned 26. Another year survived, despite me smoking like a chimney!

Unfortunately, I'm working today as usual, but I get off at 4-ish, so I can continue cleaning up my house, as I did yesterday. Then tonight a couple of friends are coming over, tomorrow my co-workers, Saturday afternoon my family, and Saturday evening is the big bash!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lights, camera, action

I just found out some fantastic news. In june, the DVD version of Madonna's Re-Invention Tour documentary called I'm Going To Tell You A Secret will be released, and one of the Bonus Features is called 'Fans singing in Paris'. As you may recall, I was interviewed in Paris while waiting in line at the Palais d'Omnisports de Bercy, and had to sign a release form afterwards. I was really sad when the tv version of the docu was broadcasted and it turned out I wasn't in it, but now it seems I stand a pretty good chance of being featured after all. Fingers crossed for me, I really hope to be in there.

Could be a bit embarrasing though, I remember the docu crew (Jonas Ackerlund) asking me why I loved Madonna so much, to which I replied with a very emotional answer, of which I'm not sure I would like to see that back on the screen. Oh well, everyone who knows me is already aware of the fact that I'm a Madonna nutter, so what the heck. One thing's for sure, if I am featured, I will throw a release party!

And speaking of parties, tomorrow (May 18th) is my 26th birthday so I'm having a three nights in a row party to celebrate. My house is filled with beer and wine at the moment, so hopefully it will be great weekend.

So, for the last time from a 25 year old Theo: Cheers!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In real life

Remember that guy I mentioned I met at the internet a couple of weeks ago? Well well, he's still in the picture and now I have his phone number (I'm not an obsessive stalker, he give it to me himself). Only thing is he lives a hell of a long distance from me, but I am determent in meeting him at least once, so maybe I should just go and catch a train in the near future.

If indeed I'll meet up with him, that would be my first ever date arranged through the internet, which is kinda scary but then again a new and pretty much exciting thing to do. I'm very curious how these things ago, I mean, basically you don't know each other so you could very well end up with some pretty awkward silences, or, in the best case scenario, you could end up having a great day and perhaps even night. I guess there's just no telling up front, since someone could be a real sweetheart online, but a real pain in the ass in real life, or vice versa (although probably when someone's a pain in the ass online, you wouldn't likely set up a date with that person in the first place).

Anyway, all this isn't arranged yet, but I'll keep you posted!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Beer beer beer

Monday morning is back with a vengeance after what can only be described as a great weekend! Friday night, right after work, I went for a drink with some friends, and after that took some of them home for even more drinks, which is of course something I always like doing. I actually didn't get that totally drunk so on Saturday morning I was up and about quite early.

Saturday afternoon I went to town with my friend Anneke, and ended up in a bar with her, David and Dirk. After that, Roel (not my ex-boyfriend, another Roel) came over cause I needed a car to buy beer for my birthday party this week. We went to this enormous supermarket and I actually felt just a tad embarrased for dragging around a shopping car packed with beer. Anyway, the good thing is it's in my house now, so no worries about how on earth I was supposed to get all that home anymore.

Saturday evening I also spend with Roel, having some of the beers we just bought, which was a nice evening. The Sunday of course it was Mother's Day, so I went to my parents and had a great time, especially since my brother also showed up without prior notice, so that was a bit of a nice surprise.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Bring on the weekend

It's a good thing the weekend is near, cause I can't seem to get the hang of it today. I woke up this morning still being tired and being very unwilling to go to work, which is something I rarely have. Of course, I needed to go no matter how I fet about it, so now I'm at the office and very reluctant to get things done. The weekend is near, and I need it big time.

Yesterday evening I was in for a bit of a treat, cause when I got home my Hannover tickets for the Confessions World Tour had arrived. Now I have all 4 tickets to see Madonna this year, firmly in place, so let the countdown begin! Opening night, in the Los Angeles Forum, is just 9 days from now, so after that it will be raining spoilers on the internet. At first I was planning on trying not to read any, so that the show would be a complete surprise when I'm seeing the show for the first time, but now I've decided that's a waste of effort, for in the end I will go and read them anyway, so no need for torture hehe.

Anyway, time to try and get some work done. Have a good day everyone!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Too hot to handle

Wow, just an hour of work left, and the I can go home and enjoy the sun. It's been a long day today, mostly because of machinery failing on me. I was just this close to kicking the printer out of the office. We have this really shitty printer on my floor that for some reason never seems to accept my printing orders, therefor keeping me running all day long and trying to figure out why it doesn't do what I tell it to do. Today was no exeption, so as you can imagine I was totally furious and in desperate need to kick the shit out of that fucker.

Anyway, all this will be forgotten the minute I step out of the office at 5-ish. I'm thinking about having dinner on my balcony, cause you know, days like these are rare in the Netherlands, so I have to take maximum profit out of them. The good thing is that my balcony is on a side where there's always a bit of a nice breeze, so it's not so hot that you're basically passing out, but warm enough to make it enjoyable.

Then tonight I don't think I'm going to do anything in particular anymore. Just lie on the couch and watch a movie or something, just something that doesn't take any calories. I was planning on going running, but it's just too hot for that, and besides, I'm doing my regular evening sit-ups since this week, so I am working out a bit. Well, at least enough to not feel guilty over doing nothing in the evening. Who knows, when the temperature dives a bit, I can do sit-ups as well as running, turning myself into an athletic wonder hehe.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good day! Cheers!

Fun in the sun

Another beautiful sunny day here in Holland. It feels like summer for over a week now, and I've gotta tell you: it feels great! I was able to walk to the office this morning without my coat on, for the first time this year! Funny how the sun can really cheer a boy up!

Yesterday I had a meeting with my boss about how I', doing my job, and I'm happy to say it was a very positive talk. There were absolutely no complaints about me, and we work together very well. Of course, in a way you already know when you screw things up, but it's very nice to hear it officially that you're good in what you're doing. So, I decided to reward myself with a nice cold beer yesterday after work. Of course, that one beer turned into a couple, but in the end I got home at 8-ish fresh and nice, so not to worry.

Now it's thursday, so this is the first day of my last week as a 25-year old. On May 18th I'll turn 26, and I've planned for a three day celebration of this fact. On thursday itself, I'm having just a couple of friends over, on friday my co-workers come visit me for a drink, saturday afternoon my parents pay me a visit and then saturday evening it's the real bash with loads of friends. Looking forward to it big time, although there's a lot to be done before to make some room in my house to accomodate all these people, but on the other hand: what better reason to clean up your house?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


In an effort to try and sorta normalise the relationship between me and my ex-boyfriend, I decided last Monday to send him an invitation to my birthday party next week. Then after that, I realised that the invitation was a pretty standard one, making it look as if I picked his e-mail adress by accident, especially since I know another guy with the same first name, who I'm inviting too, so it might seem as if I mixed up the two receipiants.

So, what I did was, I send him an e-mail again yesterday, to explain why he got invited, and expressing again the hope that he might show up. I'm not actually expecting him to show up you know, I mean after four years of practically Cold War, what can I expect? What I am hoping for, is that maybe this act could make a point, you know, that we've been avoiding slash ignoring each other for long enough now.

I have no idea whatsoever if and how this message will come across, but as one of my co-workers said to me, I don't really have anything to lose. When you want to receive appreciation, you need to give appreciation, so I guess this can be considered a step in the right direction, no matter what the outcome is.

In fact, the outcome might very well be him deleting the message before even reading it, or right after he read it, without any response. Even so, then I know I've done my part. I don't want to blame myself anymore for everything that happened, it's just been too long ago. There's no use in regretting stuff you can't change anymore, but you can try and set the record straight, if anything for your own peace of mind. Well, that's what I've done now. I really hope this will lead to a stand off, but if not, then that's just too bad. At least I've done my part.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happiness lies in your own hands

Do you know that feeling when you just go 'everything's going well for me'? Well, I love that feeling, and that's what I'm having right now. I feel good, happy, joyfull and generally cheery. So, I decided to make a list of things that are going well in my life, not only because right now I enjoy writing them down, but also so that I can look it over when I'm feeling less good. So here goes:

I've got a great family and they're all healthy
I've got fantastic friends that I love very much
Everything's going well for me at work
I've got 4 Madonna tickets firmly in the pocket
I'm quite healthy myself, even though I smoke like a chimney
The sun shines and it's becoming summer
It's my birthday next week
I've got hobby's that I enjoy
My hair is growing back on after last week's disaster
I'm not starving, freezing or otherwise poor
I don't have a boyfriend yet, but working on it
I'm being nice to ex-boyfriends now, so that I can be sure I'm not to blame

Generally, it's a happy life, and I can't wait to get off work at 6-ish and celebrate all this joy with a nice cold beer. Cheers!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Temptation Island my ass

Have you ever seen Temptation Island, that terrible program where couples are tempted into cheating each other, then showing the tape to the deceived partner? I do sometimes, and I can't tell you enough how much I'm digusted by this show. Television has discovered a new low, when relationships are being destroyed for the sake of ratings.

I can't imagine why in the world someone would want to take part of this sick game, but above all, when you do take part, why the fuck do you buy into it and go screw someone other than your partner? I'm mean, cheating in itself is bad enough, but in this case you can be 100% sure your (future ex-) partner finds out about it. The producers claim this is the ultimate relationship test, but in reality it's just a vulgar trashy show that breaks up love affairs.

Just needed to rant on this, I really hate that program!

Friday, May 05, 2006


Yesterday evening, after our two minutes of silence for the World War 2 victims (it's WW2 memorial day in Holland on may 4th), Annelies, Stef and me went out for dinner at an Italian restaurant we frequently visit. I had this huge pepperone pizza and a nice glass of wine.

After that, we went to Annelies her place and watched I'm Going To Tell You A Secret, the Re-nvention Tour documentary Madonna has made. Of course, as usual we loved the movie and praised Madonna like she was God or something, so as you can imagine we had a fun evening.

Now it's may 5th, which is the celebration day for the end of WW2 in Holland but unfortunately I have to work so I can only join the festivities this evening.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's summertime!

It really feels as if summer has kicked in here in Holland! Yesterday evening my friend Arjen and me had a beer on my balcony, and when I walked to the office this morning, it was so hot already I didn't need my coat at all. Great! I get really happy when the sun shines, even though I'm already sweating my ass off. Never mind though, since during the winter I'm always complaining how cold it is and how badly I need the summer. I get off at 5-ish today, so I hope this weather maintains, so that I can have dinner on my balcony again. The downside of this is, unfortunately, that I've seen the first wasp of this year. I'm allergic to wasps, so this means I need to be careful from now on.

Another good thing is, that I managed to arrange a sorta kinda date with one of the guys I was talking about yesterday. Actually we haven't set a date yet, but he is to e-mail me at work today so that we can plan something. As I said yesterday, I really like this guy, even though of course I don't know him in real life (yet) so you never really know what you get. Still though, he sounds very nice, and, more importantly, normal, as opposed to the many perverts that roam the internet. I'm very curious how all this will work out!

I hope all of you will have a nice summer day just as I'm having, and talk to you soon! Cheers!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


No, this is not an endorsement for Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant. It is, however, a come visit my website plead, since I have only fifteen pageviews to go and then I've reached the magic border of 2500!

So, if you're the one who is the 2500th pageviewer (you can check this by clicking on the little Webstats box on the bottom of this page), please leave me a message, and will reward you with kind words, sexual favours, you name it!

Update: And we have a winner: Erik!

Let the sun shine

After a very long day at work yesterday, at first I decided to go and do nothing, just like I did on Monday, but after like two hours I was all happy again so I asked my good friend Anneke to come over for some wine. We had a fun evening, although I'm a bit jealous of her for having a week off while I'm working my ass of hehehe. Then again, she hasn't had time off in like five months, so she sorta kinda deserves it.

The good thing about my very long day yesterday, is that today I can go home one hour earlier, at 4-ish. It's a beautifull day in Holland, with the sun shining like it's summer already, so maybe this calls for an outdoor drink, somewhere in town or maybe just on my own balcony. Nothing better than the first outdoor drink of the year!

There's this other thing I'm up to lately, which is a bit embarrasing perhaps, but what the heck, I'll write about it anyway. Since about a year or so, I made myself a profile on Dutch website . If you can look past the porn pictures they keep posting around your profile, it's actually quite fun, cause there's this messenger function included, so you can chat with people without having to give out your MSN adress right away. I've met some nice people on there, well at least I think they're nice, but then again of course you can never really tell from talking to someone on the internet. The thing I'm kinda surprised about, is that I don't even get sex-dates invites, which is kinda what I expected and why I refused to join initially. I don't really kno if this is a good thing, or that I should be worried that people think I'm hideous. Ha!

Cheers everyone!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My 2500th pageview on its way

Last night I spend a nice quiet evening on my coach, watching The World is not Enough on television, even though I have it on video as well. Stupid really, to go watch a movie including commercial breaks, when you can just as well watch it without the interruptions. Then again, commercial breaks are good for checking ones e-mail and posting on the ICON message boards, so never mind.

Funny though, how usually I can't stand spending an evening on my own, and now I'm actually thinking about doing so again this evening. I did have company for a while last night, but it was my housemate so it didn't really count, does it? It also saves a lot of money to not go out for dinner and/or drinks at night, which is good, now that I've spend a fortune on Madonna tickets. I'm not very good in budgeting, and usually I just spend money without even thinking about it, so this is somewhat of a change for me. Then again, thank God it's only for a month and then the credit card bill is paid off.

Today could mark my 2500th pageview, so when you visi me, go check my webstats and leave me a message if you're the exact 2500th! Cheers!


Tonight I realised how nice it can be to spend an evening relaxing on the couch. As I mentioned before, usually I'm not really into doing nothing, but tonight was a nice diversion from that. Watched The World Is Not Enough on television, even though I have it on video, which is a bit silly cause now I had to watch it including commercial breaks while I could do without. Oh well, never mind...

Also I ordered take-away food so directly after I finished work I had to do absolutely nothing. Which, I suddenly realise, makes up for a pretty boring post... Maybe I should just go to bed hehe.

Nighty night!

Monday, May 01, 2006

The weekend buzz

Now that my Hannover ticket has been secured, of course Annelies and I needed to celebrate, and what better way is there than to watch Madonna DVDs? So at 9-ish she came over and we watched Who's That Girl (the movie), Re-Invention and parts of Drowned World, and of course drank a good glass of wine while doing so. Annelies is doing great and is planning to take the company she founded to a next level, so we had a lot of catching up to do!

The rest of the weekend I was generally drunk, since it was a bankholiday in Holland, called Koninginnedag (Queen's Day) on which we celebrate the Queen's birthday (it's actually her late mother's birthday, but she kept the same date). The night before (Friday) we were having a party, and then on Saturday itself I hooked up with a lot of people to drink even more beer. Obviously, we were totally pissed at about 8 allready, and still had a long night to go. I believe I got home at 6 the next morning, but I'm not sure...

Tonight I'm planning on doing nothing. I'm going to buy myself a large popcorn and spend the evening in front of my television. I believe there's a James Bond movie on. Even though I've got them all, I still like watching them on television as well, so it's going to be a nice lazy evening for me. Cheers, and love to y'all!
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