Friday, September 29, 2006

Have fun

I'm very happy that it's finally Friday, and the weekend will kick in in just a few hours. It has been a busy week at work, not exceptionally busy, but still I'm pretty tired right now and the thought of having two days of all play and no work, is very welcome!

I wish you all a good weekend, and talk to you soon!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

In the pocket

Tomorrow my friends Roel en Marijn are celibrating their graduation in Groningen, so of course my boyfriend and I will attend. It's going to be fun to see Marijn again, after many months of her being in Milton Keynes (in the UK), and of course it's great for Roel as well to have his diploma firmly in the pocket. I like parties like this, since it's a great way of showing off your boyfriend, and besides that, people you don't see every day anymore, will be there, which is of course always a good thing. I have to go shopping for gifts, but I don't think that will be any problem.

Besides that, I don't really know what we're going to do this weekend. On Saturday, we're going to have drinks with my co-worker Ziena and her boyfriend, but for Saturday evening we don't really have plans yet. Oh well, I think it will be a great weekend no matter what we'll do!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Theo and crew love H&M

This wonderfull Madonna and Crew Love H&M shirt was given to shop workers of H&M, and will be mine in just a few days!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Favourite things

Today I'm not really into writing a long blog entry, so I decided to do something else: I'm doing a very Oprah-ish 'Theo's favourite things', making top 5 lists in different categories. Since I'm interested in how my readers feel about my choices, please leave me a message to tell me yours, and make this a sort of message board kinda post! Okay, so here goes:

Favourite artists
1 Madonna
2 Kylie Minogue
3 Robbie Williams
4 Tori Amos
5 Kelly Clarkson

Favourite movies
1 Moulin Rouge
2 Titanic
3 Scream
4 Coyote Ugly
5 Evita

Favourite male actors
1 Ewan McGregor
2 Orlando Bloom
3 Adam Garcia
4 Leonardo DiCaprio
5 Ben Affleck

Favourite female actors
1 Nicole Kidman
2 Julia Roberts
3 Cameron Diaz
4 Neve Campbell
5 Angelina Jolie
Favourite Madonna songs
1 Get Together
2 Vogue
3 Hung Up
4 You Thrill Me
5 Like a Prayer
Favourite non-Madonna songs
1 Better The Devil You Know - Kylie Mingue
2 Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
3 Feel - Robbie Williams
4 My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne
5 Come What May - Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor
Favourite TV show
1 Sex and the City
2 Will and Grace
3 Desperate Housewifes
4 Grey's Anatomy
5 Gilmore Girls

Okay, so now it's your turn!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Long days

Only one night before I see my boyfriend again! Yay!!!! We're having a dinner party because of his father's birthday tomorrow, so I'll leave work at 3-ish in order to get there in time. Dinner parties with his family are always great, so I can't wait.

In the meantime, tonight I'm attending a concert by my co-worker's band, which I guess will be nice. I'm usually not very into small bands, but of course, when you know someone who's in it, it's a different story. Besides, my co-worker Ziena is going as well, so I'm sure it will be a nice evening!

Of course, all that won't be until tonight, and there's still a lot of work to do before that. I'm having a very busy week this week, which is not exactly my favourite thing to do, cause I get off work really tired every evening. Normally I'm working until 5, but because I need to go to Brabant early tomorrow, I'm working until 6 back to back this week. I'm glad things will return to normal next week, cause I tend to be kind of gutted at night because of this. I know it's only an hour in difference, but that one little hour seemingly makes the day a lot longer.

Anyway, enough complaining, back to work!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Welcome to sunny Holland

It's a beautifull day in Holland today, and my mood is a happy one accordingly! Yesterday evening I had a fun night with my co-worker Ziena! We watched Final Destination 3 at my place, which wasn't such a great movie, but had a good laugh nonetheless. Today I woke up in a good mood already, and none of that changed at work, even though it's quite a busy day. I'm having fun with my co-workers and the clock is ticking the time away like hell, so it will be 6 before I know it.

All of this happiness, of course,is not just because of the sun, but mostly due to the existance of my fantastic boyfriend E., who I love so very much. When I get off at six, the first thing I will do is give him a call, cause I really feel like hearing his voice.

Then tonight, my friend Sjeed is coming over, so no doubt that will be another fun evening. I hope all of you are having a good day as well! Cheers!

The new look

This new Madonna picture was taken in Tokyo yesterday. Could this be the new look for the upcoming Jump video? I hope so, she looks fabulous!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The end is near

Today marks the day of the final Confessions Tour show, in Tokyo,Japan. I can't believe how fast everything went.... I can still remember so vividly when the tour was announced, so it's hard to realise it will all be over in just a few more hours. Thank God I've seen this wonderful show 4 times, and of course there are bootlegs for now, and an official DVD, filmed at Wembley Arena London in just a couple of months (unless they pull of the same trick as they did with Get Up Lisbon, the Re-Invention Tour live from Portugal, which never surfaced).

I wish I could be there tonight in the Tokyo Dome, but of course the show is sold out and besides, I wouldn't be able to make it there in time. I have only been to general admission shows, so it would be kind of cool to see the show in a seated arena once. Maybe next tour I'll attend a show in London (where there's seating) as well as a couple of shows in Europe (where it's general admission). My boyfriend is looking forward to it already hehe!

One thing Madonna showed us during these fantastic four months: she still is the unmatched Queen of Pop!

I just trust it

How can you be sure, that's the big question. How can you be sure that this is actually the one. How can you be sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with this person. How can you be sure that you will never leave each other,

Well, I can tell you: you can never be sure. I got to think about this when someone asked me today, how I could be so sure that I'm actually planning on buying a house with my boyfriend. The big deal is: I'm not certain, but that's just why I trust it. You can never know when you're ready to start a life with someone, you can only think so for a full 100 per cent. And let me tell you: that's just what I do.

My boyfriend, or anyones boy or girlfriend can cheat the hell out of me for as for as I know, but you just gotta trust that the one you want to live with is trustworthy. How else am I supposed to trust him with my bills, my bank account and all my other stuff? You need to have that certain amount of 'I just know' before you can take it one step further.

Well, I know for sure, I know I love my boyfriend for so many reasons, I know I'll love him no matter what, that I can go on with this! I just hope others will feel the same.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Thank God it's Friday

Friday morning and I'm not tired anymore. In fact, I can't wait for the weekend, even though it turns out it will be a bit different from what I expected. My boyfriend is having a BBQ from work tomorrow, and he has to help in organising it, so it won't be much use for me to go to Breda tonight. Instead, we'll meet up in Amsterdam on Sunday, where we'll be attending my brother's birthday party. So I guess this means I won't be having any nights with him this weekend, which is a bit of a shame, but does provide an unexpected opportunity to go and visit my parents, which is exactly what I'll be doing.

I don't get to see my parents very often anymore, since I'm away every weekend and working all week. The only times I see hem is when my boyfriend and I visit them together, so I guess it will be nice seeing them alone again finally. Still, I know I'll miss my boyfriend very much this weekend, so I'm glad we do get to see each other on Sunday.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm so tired

You would not believe how fucking tired I am as I'm writing this.... I don't really know why, but I could easily fall asleep sitting in front of my computer and not waking up before well into tomorrow morning.

I had quite a busy day at work, but I guess not so busy to justify this, maybe I'm catching on a flew or something. I don't know. One thing I do know is that I really need to go to bed and hope to be better tomorrow morning.

So I guess you'll forgive me for keeping this post short. I'll see you guys tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Five years after 9/11

Yesterday marked the 5th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy in 2001. Even though I don't live in the United States, in Holland the media were full of the news as well. Nearly every TV station broadcasted a movie or documentary about the events, and the Dutch newspapers were all over it as well. It seems so odd to me that it's already five years ago. I remember so very well what I was doing when the news broke, that it doesn't seem so long ago. When the first plane hit the tower, I was in class. A friend of mine called me on my cell phone after which I hurried to a bar to watch CNN, just in time to see the second plane crashing. I remember thinking this would be the beginning of World War 3 and being so scared of a nuclear conflict. Of course, none of that happened, but I do think it's safe to say the world hasn't exactly become a safer place to live.

What I find really strange, is how many people seem to be firm believers of the conspiracy theories nowadays. Of course, I have to admit all this really came in handy for the Bush administration, but to think that the US government actually killed 2800 of its own people to justify wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? I just don't buy into that. Still, I heard on the news yesterday that only 40 percent of the American people still believe in the 'official' story, and many more seem to be getting doubts about what really happened that day.

Whatever you may or may not believe, I do think it's good to have a bit of a moment each year to think about the death of all those people, and to just remember what a horrible thing has happened only five years ago.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Not getting it

After three weeks of holiday, I am now back at the office and not really into it yet. I'm trying to get my act together, but I'm very slow in everything I'm doing, and I just can't wait to get off and go home. Fortunately, this will happen at 4 instead of 5 o'clock, so at least that's something to look forward to. Still, it's good to see my co-workers again, I did kinda miss them, and they were all very enthousiastic about my amazing Madonna experience this past three weeks.

Furthermore, I have not yet started unpacking, so my living- as well as my bedroom, are in a state of chaos, to which compared Hiroshima would be tidy and clean. I wasn't into cleaning it up yesterday when I got home, so there's a job waiting for me after work. Oh well, after I've finished, I'm getting someone to come over and watch a Confessions Tour bootleg DVD, as a sort of reward.

Time to try and get some work done, so I'll keep this post short and sweet!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Home sweet home?

Since about half an hour I'm back in Groningen, cause my vacation is over as of tomorrow. I just arrived and I miss my boyfriend already. It's so easy to get used to being around each other all the time, that it really takes some adjustment to get back to normal life. One thing's for sure, we have to start looking for a place to live (and a job for me) in Breda real soon!

So now I'm back and I'm feeling a bit lost. Work doesn't start until tomorrow so I don't really have anything to do right now. I'm fucking about a bit and watching some meaningless television. All of these sounds a bit dramatic, I realise that very well, but I just can't help missing him. I've been there for three weeks straight (with a couple of days of to see all the Madonna Confessions Tour shows in Hannover, Paris and Amsterdam) so I'm totally used to being around him now. Oh well, when work starts tomorrow, I'm sure I will feel better.

So, I'm going to grab a nice cold beer and get together with Annelies tonight, so that will help to keep my mind off things. Cheers everyone!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Dinner time

Tonight my boyfriend and I will go and have dinner with Bo and Annejet, in Bo's house in Utrecht, which is something I'm looking forward to very much, since I've been a bit of a bad friend and haven't visited his house yet, even though he lives there for quite some time now. I've spend the entire morning cleaning up E's house so that we're both free tomorrow to do fun stuff, instead of the usual cleaning up on Saturday. I wasn't a clean up person before, but now that I'm with E (who is obsessed with cleaning, but in a good way) I'm turning around a bit.

So now I'm in Breda's public library to check my email and relax a bit, before heading back to E's house, cause he will be off from work rather early today, so that we can head to Utrecht soon! I hate the fact that in juts two days, I have to head back to Groningen, since my holidays are over. I've gotten very used to waking up next to my boyfriend each morning, so I guess it will take a bit of adjusting now that we're going back to our weekend relationship. We really need to start living together soon, cause I want him to be around every day!

Anyway, I wish you all a great weekend! Cheers!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Doing nothing

As you will probably know, I'm still in Breda with my boyfriend, but the end of my vacation is coming closer in an alarming rapid speed. So we decided we should go and do something fun tonight, which will be drinking something on a terrace in town, cause all of a sudden it seems as if summer is back with a vengeance here in Holland, with beuatifull weather and high temperatures.

For the rest, I'm still doing basically nothing, which is pretty good for a change, and a good way to relax after the frantic weeks of sleeping in front of venues and stadiums. I will be back in Groningen starting next Sunday, so I hope to see everyone again soon, and for the people who don't live there or who I haven't seen in real life yet: Cheers!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back to basics

With all the tour madness behind me now, life is turning back to normal. I'm still having a couple of days off from work, so I'm still living with my boyfriend in Breda, who warmly took care of me while I was totally exhausted after those last two shows in Amsterdam. I'm still not doing perfectly well physically (especially my arms are still hurting) but I'm getting there, thanks to his kind help!

I have to say it's kinda nice to get back into a normal routine. Sleeping in a bed instead of a stadium parking lot is a good improvement, since I started feeling like a homeless person these past couple of weeks. Even better is sleeping next to my boyfriend, who, as a matter of fact, is my boyfriend for over three months now already. Oh how time flies when everything's going well. I still love him as much as I did in the first couple of weeks, or actually, I love him even more. I really start to believe that this could be for the rest of my life, or so I hope. We went watching for a home last week on the internet, and I have to say there are quite some places in Breda that I would really love to live with him in.

So to keep things short: everything's going fabulous and I'm still one of the happiest persons in the world. I hope all my readers are doing good as well!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The final shows

Saturday afternoon we arrived at about 3-ish, to start waiting in line for the first of two Amsterdam ArenA Confessions Tour shows, which was to take place on Sunday. This time, it wasn't just e and Annelies, but also Sjeed, Bo and Mariska. My boyfriend drove me to the ArenA, and we were happy to find out that the adjacent bar was open, so we could get some beers and get the fun started.

The night went by pretty easy, so when we woke up, we found there was already quite a line waiting behind us. Fortunately enough, most of them were fun people, so it was a good day, especially when the SGP and Schreeuw om Leven people came on the scene, who we tried to boo off (no such luck I suppose, these are pretty persistant people).

At 6-ish the doors opened, and we ran as fast as we can to get up front. As it happened, I turned out to be the very first person to enter the Golden Circle, so I had a perfect choice on what position at the catwalk I wanted to have. I ended up at the left side, about 4 meters from the central stage, which is by now already my favourite place to watch the show.

The show itself, as always, was absolutely perfect. I was seen on the big screens (and broadcasted on television as it appears), I took a picture with Madonna's manager Guy Oseary (a lovely guy), and cought a balloon once again. Madonna was in a very good mood so the show was one big happy party!

After the show, we were so tired and worn up, that Annelies and I decided not to go back in line right away. We made a bed in the car, only to find out that we weren't allowed to sleep in the parking garage, so we had to find an alternative place to sleep. Luckily enough we found one, so we had, as far as sleeping in a car goes, a good night sleep. When we woke up, we decided we didn't want to be in line at all this day, since we've seen the show from front row three times already, so we went to the city center of Amsterdam to have lunch and do some shopping. When we got back, there was already a huge line, so we went to the bar and had some beers.

When we entered the ArenA at about 8, we managed to get some pretty good spots in the middle of the stadium, which meant that we finally had some room to dance. When you're front row, you can watch the show at its very best, but the crowd is pushing so hard that there isn't any room to dance., so it was kind of refreshing to finally see the satdium as a big dance floor, the way Madonna wants it.

Madonna was in a good mood again, so we had a fantastic final night of Confessions. The tour is off to Prague, Moscow, Osaka and finally Tokyo now, so it's over for me. I can only say that these past three weeks have been the best ever, even better than Re-Invention. I will always cherish my memories of this fantastic show, and I've got my two balloons, y t-shirt and my tour jacket to account for that.

Annelies, Bo, Sjeed, Mariska, Nathalie, Ellen, David, Izzy, Robert and Shirley (and whoever I might have left out in the rush): Thanks for a fantastic time, but above all: Madonna, thank you for yet another wonderfull tour. I can't wait for the next!
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