Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mood swings

You know how you can have really big mood swings depending on wether you're alone or with company? Well that's I've been having this evening. Come to think of it, that's what I've been having right now as we speak.

This whole evening has been great. Sjeed came over to watch the Confessions Tour DVD, which makes sense seeing that he came along to the september 3 show in the Amsterdam ArenA. We had a good time watching the DVD and everything went just fine.

Now that he's left like 10 minutes ago, I'm suddenly in a whole different mood, namely a mood where I'm feeling quite miserable, all because (you may have guessed it) Emiel. I realised tonight that in just a week from now, it's his birthday, and I've been looking forward to celebrating it with him for months, and now I'm not able to do that. It's just a shitty thing, I know, and I also know that my regular readers will probably get sick of me writing about this, but I just really cannot help myself.

Maybe I should just ignore the fact that we've ever been together? that's the new thing I'll try...

Breakfast at..well nowhere

It's only 9.45 and I'm already pissed off! I'm trying to get something fixed at work and my computer is absolutely not working along, causing all this stuff to take much longer than I had expected. Even worse, I'm still not sure how to do it exactly. I'm by no means a computer wizard, so it always takes me a while to figure out how to do new things, and today that absolutely backfires on me. I suspect I will be working on this at least all morning, and perhaps even after lunch. Grmbl!

Speaking of lunch, I'm hungry! I had to skip breakfast this morning because I took way too long of a shower. Ex-boyfriends will remember I usually aren't that big on breakfast, but since I started eating meat again, suddenly I'm also very peckish in the morning, so since a couple of weeks I do make a point of eating breakfast every morning. I guess I'll just take a cup-a-soup to get me going until lunch.

So, I realise this is all pretty boring, so I'll just quit for now and get back to work. Check back with you later!

I guess it's for the best

Ok, so I realised tonight I'm officially parted from Emiel. As you may remember I've erased his phone numbers, but there was always a point of return, since his number was in his signature going along with every email. As you may also be aware of, Gmail erases trashed messages after a while... Well, the last message containing is phone number has now been succesfully erased forever. I guess I'm free, I don't have his number anymore.

Come to think of it, as bad as it sounds to me, it really may be a very good thing. It wasn't like I was planning on calling or texting him anyway, so I might as well end up not being able to anyway. Still, it's weird... it always made me very happy to see 'Emiel calling' in my cellular screen, and now I cannot even call him anymore. I guess it's for the best....

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mind the camera

Last night I was in a bit of a bad mood as you can read back in the previous post, but right now I'm feeling a lot better. I'm (obviously) at the office singing along with my radio that, thankfully, hasn't played any of the songs that bring back memories yet, and it's already 10.30! I kinda liked the idea of not doing anything last night, so maybe I will extend that til tonight and spend another evening on my couch watching television. I'm getting old and boring I suppose...

I just had my picture taken for the interview in the next issue of our company's magazine. I hate having my picture taken when I need to pose for it, cause I always feel I look stupid, but then again, maybe I look stupid in real life as well? Anyway, I just had a peek at the resultst and it wasn't so bad.

Well, back to work for me, it's a busy day so I shouldn't be posting here at all right now, but I'm entitled to my break aren't I?

Monday, January 29, 2007

No sex and the city

There's something about me watching Sex and the City being a bit like a junkie taking another last shot of smack. I know it's bad for me, but I still do it several times per week. As most of you will probably know, Sex and the City is my all time favourite tv series, but basically it has two different effects on me:

1) When I'm feeling fine (read: when I've got a boyfriend), I watch it to relish myself in other people's problems so that I can feel all smogged and happy about how well everything in my own life is going. This is the 'I pretend to feel sorry for you but really want to shove it up your face that I'm happy' mood.

2) When I'm feeling bad (read: after a break up) I watch it to feel sorry for myself, and I'm particularly good at depressing myself and taking everything out on me. These are the times I'm watching it with a shitload of cigarettes (and usually wine, but not tonight, cause I'm having my picture taken for a magazine tomorrow) just sobbing a bit on my couch.

Knowing how everything went for me these past couple of months, obviously right now I'm in fase two. The bad thing is, I've got the entire series on DVD, so there's no limit in drowning myself in sorrow. Tonight was no exception. I've watched two episodes already and I'm preparing myself for a third one, though I know upfront it's a bad idea. It's especially no good for me to watch it just before I go to sleep, cause ever since Emiel left me I'm not such a good sleeper anyway, and this keeps me up even longer, you know, thoughts crawling through your head of how things could have been if none of all the fucked up mess ever happened.

Question is: should I quit? One part of me says yes big time, but then again, maybe it's good, up to a certain limit, to drown yourself in a bit of sorrow. Better doing this, than boring all my friends every day with sad stories of my pathetic love life. I've been known to being able to go on on a broken relationship for quite some time, so this is the most accepted way of dealing with it, comfortably in my own home, without bothering anyone.

So this got me thinking: how long will it take this time? I remember that after Roel and I broke up, it took me horrendously long, and I so not want to go through that again, but as it happens, I'm not having a lot of faith in getting out of it easier this time. The episode I just watched was all about a theory that every person has two great loves in their life, so when you consider I've had Roel and Emiel, does this mean I'm passed my two loves? Of course, I know it's fiction, but there is something to it, and I'm sometimes scared that it might actually be the truth, resulting in me being out of luck big time from now one.

I think I just go and watch some more episodes before I go to sleep. Maybe there are some happy storylines coming up (well, I don't think so actually, cause I'm watching Season 5, and the real good endings don't come until Season 6), but at least it will be a nice and safe way for me to feel a bit more sorry for myself.

On air

As you may recall, I've been interviewed last week for a promo video for my company, and I've just seen the results. Onbiosuly most of what I've said was cut, but that's the same for everyone. They left three quotes in which is quite nice, but also a bit embassering. You know how it always feels a bit awkward to hear your own voice? Well, it's even worse to hear your own voice AND see yourself...

Anyway, all in all I'm on camera for less than a minute so it's not that big of a deal, but still. Another go for my 15 minutes of fame!

Shitloads of booze

The weekend has been a blast! Friday after work, I had a drink with my regular group of friends for weekend drinks, after which I went to a work function for some more drinks. Well, actually, a bit too much haha. Went back at 11-ish so I didn't really got totally drunk, which was a good things, since I had a busy day planned on Saturday.

Went to have my hair cut on Saturday morning, which was definitely about time. I looked a bit like a homeless person with my (too) long hair so now I'm feeling all fresh and society-proof again. Then I went to do some groceries, since my parents we're going to visit me in the afternoon. They came over at about 2.30, and we had a great time. I really had gone out of my way to have nice food things, so I went for tapas. Tapas are very nice when you buy them ready to go. You don't have any work from them, but you can easily pretend you did it all yourself. Needless to say, I got a lot of praise for that, even though of course I didn't deserve it at all. Well, maybe I did just a bit, cause they were fucking expensive!

After my parents left, I had a few spare hours to watch some tv and get my house ready for the next round of visitors. Vicky, Sara and Niels came over to watch my fabulous new Confessions Tour DVD, and of course we had to drink shitloads of wine and have a big singalong. When the DVD was over, we went clubbing to the Golden Arm, which is my favourite (and well, only) gay club in Groningen. Didn't stay very long though, mostly on account of the enormous amount of booze we had already consumed at home. Niels came along to my house to watch some Sex and the City and drink even more wine, so naturally it was the wise thing to do to let him stay over for the night (just staying over, don't get any ideas).

Sunday I woke up with a horrendous hangover, so I spend most of the day in bed, but at about 5 I finally managed to drag myself out of the house to go and grab something to eat. The rest of the evening existed of watching TV, which was fine, on Sunday I'm usually not very into doing active things.

So, as you can see my weekend was great, I hope yours was too! Cheers!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Family affair

These great pictures were taken yesterday, when Madonna, Guy, Lourdes and Rocco arrived at the premiere of Madonna's new animation movie 'Arthur and the invisibles', at Leicester Square in London. Don't they look cute?

To hell with Gay Pride

My friend Leendert and were talking about Gay Pride yesterday (I don't really remember what started this conversation, but never mind) and how it appears that this year children by the age of as young as 13 are allowed on the canal parade in Amsterdam. You know, these things make me furious. Who in the hell has thought this up? Gay Pride is nothing more than a sleezy soft porn show on the water, and you want to expose children to that? I doubt that any parent is willing to let his or her kid attend...

One thing led to another, so we got to the point where I was asking myself where the arrogance from the organisers comes from, to make it seem as if they're representing all the gay people in Holland. I for one definitely do not want to be associated with the Canal Parade and I think it only forces the stereotypes down people's throat. Imagine you're a Christian family living in some rural village, and once a year you get the Gay Parade right there on the eight o'clock news. Changes are you don't know any homosexual in real life, so your point of reference is decided only on the images on tv. No wonder there are still so many people who think that all homosexuals are just in it for sex, and walk around with theit clothes of in public all day long. Who can blame them? It's the image the homosexuals force on society themselves.

I think of myself as a pretty normal guy, who happens to like guys instead of girls. That doesn't make me different in any other aspect of life, so why should I go around and dance naked on a boat to show the world that I am different? I don't get this, gays want to be accepted, but at the same time distance themselves from 'normal' life. If it were just them calling out an image on themselves, then fine. Just don't drag me, along with every other average gay guy, in it too!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Wow, am I the happiest person on the planet or what? Media Markt ( a huge store in Groningen, where I live) made the mistake of putting The Confessions Tour DVD/CD in the shelves one day too early, so now I am the proud owner of one of the first sold copies in the world!!!!

I'm sooooooooooo thrilled!

Musical memories

My new stereo at work seems to be having some disadvantages as well. As I'm listening to Radio 538 (which is a Dutch Top 40 hits station), there seems to be a some sort of parade of songs that remind me of my time with Emiel. You know how you always have this list of songs that qualify as 'your songs', the ones that for some reason or another belong to you and your partner, even when the relationship itself is over? Well, Emiel and I had a couple ones, and they all got played today, with the worst one just a minute ago: From Paris To Berlin.

This song is capable of making me especially sad, since it marked the first time Emiel told me he loved me. This is something you can read about in the archive of this blog, but since I no longer check back in order not to be able to read all my old happy posts about him, I'll recall it here. It was somewhere in june and we decided to go out in Antwerp on a warm Saturday night. We were at this place called Hessenhuys with some of his friends and we had a great time. Then, somewhat unexpected, he pulled me over on the dance floor and told me he loved me and was crazy about me. During this fantastic moment From Paris To Berlin was played, bonding this otherwise pretty mediocre eurodance song with one of the happiest moments of my love.

The bad thing about this is, that when a relationship ends, those same songs you loved hearing when everything was still allright, become somewhat of a torture to listen to, because they always remind you of the happy times that are no more. It's not only this one, we have a whole bunch of them, but, you know, just because this was such a special moment, this one brings back the most memories. Maybe I should switch the channel to some golden oldies station, in order to avoid these songs. Damn thing is, I hate golden oldies...

Music at work

This morning I had a bit of a more luxurious way of getting to work. Because my office mate and I had decided we wanted a bit of music during work, I offered to bring my old stereo with me. Of course, in the morning the busses are so overly crowded that it is impossible to bring anything larger than a bag with you. So my office mate offered to pick me up in her boyfriend's car and drive me to work. Wish we could do that every day, I hate the bus!

So I'm writing this while listening to the Top 40, which is, I have to say, a lot more fun than working in silence. Tomorrow I'll be here on my own, so I'll bring some Madonna CD's with me!

Speaking of tomorrow and Madonna, don't forget that as of tomorrow the Confessions Tour DVD/CD is on sale in Holland, and lot's of other European country. Sorry to the UK and US fans... you'll have to wait for a couple of more days.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Time stood still

Despair, regret, and tenderness
Is what I feel for you
I loved you from the very start
What else could I do

You read my mind, you made me cry
Time stood still
And now I know the reasons why
Time stood still

Maybe you're the next best thing to happen
All the things we might have been

A flame becomes a fading light
That burns inside my heart
And like a castle in the sand
It had to fall apart

You made me laugh, you gave me hope
It's over now
Our happiness went up in smoke
It's over now


The time is near

And don't forget: in Holland the Confessions Tour DVD will be released even sooner, namely on Friday january 26th!

The weekend gap

I can't believe how fast this week is going by! It's already wednesday while I'm still a bit in my after weekend routine. Good thing of course, since we're only two days aprt from the next weekend! I guess it's going by so fast because I like my new job so much. It doesn't even seem like work that much you know, it's like I'm just at the office doing things I like and then go home. I wonder how long that feeling will last.

Yesterday evening Annelies came over to watch the Confessions Tour. Now that we're only two days apart from the official, uncut DVD release, it was nice to watch the cut television version one last time. Watching it with Annelies is always funny, cause as the bottle gets more empty, we get more enthousiastic, usually resulting in us jumping on the couch and giving praise to Madonna as if she were God herself. Yesterday was no exception, so as you can imagine I had a fun evening.

Well, I'll be getting back to work. Cheerio, and good day!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Let it snow

Às I'm writing this, I'm looking out of my office window into a snowy Groningen and I couldn't be more happy. Winter is finally kicking in for real, instead of the stormy rainy weather we 've been dealing with for these past few weeks. This morning I woke up feeling a bit cranky because of the cold, but now that there is snow, everything's alright again! I hope it will last!

Yesterday was a fun evening! Niels came over (for the fourth time in a week, you'd think we'd be having a relationship right? haha!) to watch movies. Of course, watching movies is always a bit of a thing with us, cause usually it just means we'll be watching Madonna and Sex and the City. Yesterday evening was no exception. We watched In Bed With Madonna (Truth Or Dar for the Amercian readers), Confessions Tour and no less than three episodes from Sex and the City.

Also, we had a bit of a talk. You see, Emiel's birthday is coming up in just a few weeks, an I needed to decide what to do. Am I going to let it pass by without any festivities, or am I going to do something about it? At first I was thinking about going over there, seeing that it occurs on a Saturday, but Niels said (and he was right about this one) that it wasn't such a good idea, since it will probably end up in me feeling miserable. So now I've decided to just send him a big card, so that he knows that I haven't forgotten about it, but it's still a pretty innocent gesture without any subtext whatsoever. As I've said before: I'm much better in dealing with these kind of things than I used to be!

Anyway, off to a meeting, I'll post again later today, to make up for my lack of posting in these past two weeks. I just have been too busy at work to get to it, but now that everything's sorted out a bit and I know how my new job goes around, I'll be a good boy!

Monday, January 22, 2007

No such luck

This passed weekend has been sort of a mixed blessing. Let me start with the good news first: I had a great time. On Friday night, Niels came over for some drinks, and of course Niels and I can never have just a drink, so afterwards we went to town and drank even more. A fun night!

Then on Saturday my mother came over so we had a glass of wine and then went shopping. I bought myself three James Bond dvds (I'm a huge fan) so as you can imagine I was quite happy. After that, we went for drinks with a couple of friends.

Saturday night of course was movie night (this is what we always do when my mother comes over), so again, a fun night! On Sunday I took my mother out for lunch, after which she went back to Leeuwarden.

Okay, so that's the fun part of the weekend... The bad news was, that this was supposed to be the weekend where Emiel and I were going on a mini break to the Ardennen (a big National Park kind of area in Belgium). Of course, I'm already two months painfully aware of the fact that I wasn't part of the equation anymore, but still it hurts very much to think about the fact that I was supposed to be having this big time romantic weekend kind of thing, and instead I was just at home in Groningen. I believe I'm dealing with all this break up stuff pretty well compared to how I used to behave, but still, I couldn't help but feeling sad over it all, especially since I knew that he was going regardless, and I was stuck. I do, however, can proudly say I didn't try to call, text, or e-mail him. See? I'm getting better in this stuff!

Monday, January 15, 2007

The power of goodbye

My weekend has been relatively quiet these past couple of days. Friday night, right after work, I took the train to Utrecht, where my friend Bo was giving a housewarming party. Had a great time and got seriously drunk, which probably wasn't the best of ideas, seeing that I was taking the first train in the morning back to Groningen, causing me to be totally hung over while travelling. Let me tell you: never a good idea!

Of course, this led to a terrible Saturday, during which I did basically nothing but sleeping. I wasn't even able to go out Saturday night, which really tells something when you know me!

Thank God I was up and running on Sunday, so I decided to go and visit my parents in Leeuwarden, and again had a good time. I went home at about 9, and just relaxed with a movie before going to bed. As you can see, not the most exciting weekend, but I did enjoy myself!

Then today, of course it was back to work, and I'm happy to say I still love my new job. My former co-workers were extremely nice to me by giving me some 'going-away-presents' and they also made this very funny alphabet thing (you know, like on weddings and stuff) for me. I sure am glad I just left the department, but not the company, cause otherwise I would miss them like mad. Fortunately now I can still see them every day and have lunch with them and everything, so for that matter nothing has really changed, except for the fact that I've got a better job now.

Anyway, Niels is coming over for a drink, so I'll wrap this up and see you again tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Job talk

My my, I realise I haven't been posting over the last couple of days, but I've just been so busy with my new job I just didn't have the stomach for it when I got home. I started two days ago and I just gotta tell you: I LOVE my new job! It's absolutely brilliant! I'm sharing an office with this great girl that I instantly liked, and I get all the stuff I'm supposed to do very quickly, so all my fears of not being able to go through with it turned out to be useless.

Today I was having an interview for a corporate promo video and another interview for our corporate magazine, and both went pretty well. Besides, I managed to get a hell of a lot of work done, so I don't need to worry at all not to make it before the end of the week.

So, as I mentioned before, I'm still very tired, so I get back to my couch and watch a movie. I'll check back later with more details about my job, but for now: have a great evening!

Friday, January 05, 2007

You thrill me

The following words are a segment of my all time favourite Madonna song, taken from the Confessions Tour version:

You are who you are
And I wouldn't want to change a thing
In spite of all the pain that love can bring
Tell me, what can I do
I'm so in love with you

You thrill me (surround me you fill me)
You send me, you put me in a trance
You fill me (inside me you take me)
You thrill me, you put me in a trance

Stupid enough to fall in love

Just five minutes ago I realised something: I wish I had never met my ex boyfriend. I know this sounds very harsh, and I want to explain.

I've had the best time with I could ever wish for. I've never been so in love, I've never been so happy as I've been with him, but looking back on it: if I knew it would be just for half a year and then this terrible pain and misery: I'd say no. You know, when you get to know someone, it's just all fun and games, but after a while you actually start to love someone, and then it gets scary, for if that other person for some reason or another suddenly decides to quit with it, you just don't have any other choice than to go along.

Now, imagine you get the opportunity to be madly in love and completely happy for half a year, and then you have to give it all up, knowing you'll drop into a deeper hole than you've ever been before. What would you do? Choose for that fantastic half a year and take all the side-effects afterwards for granted? I wish I could do that. From past experiences, I knew that from the moment E. and I really started to fall in love with each other, it was hazardous, and I really had to take caution not to fall into that same trap I always did. I knew that this time I couldn't afford myself in being a wrack anymore.

Well, I was stupid enough to fall into just that. And you know why? Because I was in love. I was in LOVE! I couldn't even imagine it ending all so suddenly, and I sure wasn't prepared for the way it all went, but regardless, it did. And now here I am on a Friday night, drowning myself in a bottle of wine and feeling more miserable than I ever felt before (which is so odd, since it has been over a month).

The only thing I can think of right now is, would I have done it when I knew how it would end? I think not. E., if you're reading this, it has nothing to do with you, I just think all the fun and love we have doesn't measure up to all the misery I'm feeling right now, and I just don't want this for myself anymore. I wish I never had met you. I wish I had never taking the time on that goddamned website to read your profile and respond. I wish I had never gone to Breda to meet you in real life. I wish I had never fallen in love with you. Cause look where it brought me....

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A good sign

I seem to be getting kinda into doing nothing in the evening. I have spend my evenings on the couch with a big carton of ice tea for an entire week now, and I actually quite enjoy it. Tonight was no exception, contrary to my earlier post where I feared I would be so totally bored.

I watched Miss Congeniality on television tonight. In my memory, I've seen this movie before with Emiel, but I'm not quite sure. It could be I've just been watching it while I was dating Emiel, so maybe that's why I associate it with him. Anyway, it was one of those nice feel good movies and it made my laugh quite a lot. Sandra Bullock does a good job, even though I'm usually not a big fan of hers.

The other good thing about spending time alone on the couch, is that waking up is very easy the next morning. You know, when you're having friends over, you're bound to have a couple of drinks, which of course never helps in being fresh and shiny the next day. Now I've been having no trouble at all getting up and heading to work. Of course, all this is easy to say now that the weekend is taking a peak around the doorstep, so all bets are of the next two nights!

And you know what: I didn't even miss Emiel this evening. Well okay, just a little, but not as much as usual, so that's a good sign, isn't it?

Too early to be bored

As opposed to yesterday, I've been having a very lazy day at work today, leaving as early as 3.15 hrs. Now I realise I would do lousy in being unemployed, cause I'm bored as hell and desperately looking for something to do. You can only go so far in watching Madonna DVDs for the 1000th time so I need something new to do.

I really want to go out for a nice cold beer, but since everyone else is not as early off as I am, there's no-one to go with, and drinking beer all by yourself is a bit stupid, not to mention pathetic. One thing's for sure, I'm not going to spend the rest of the day on my own, so I better go and call some people up.

In the meantime, go and check my profile once more, I've added some nice pictures (Iespecially like the one with me and Guy Oseary, Madonna's manager)!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Movies and meat

Hm, that didn't go over very well... Remind me not to watch any sort of romantic comedy for at least three months after a painfull breakover, with a possibility of topping up. Here's the shitty thing: I love watching romantic comedies, as any selfrespecting gay guy should, but at times like these they usually make me cry and feel all sorry for myself. The most shitty thing is that this is something I know up front, so it has this kind of masochist thing in it, since it's my own choice to watch these movies like all the time.

Tonight was of course no exception, so now I'm smoking like a chimney and drinking my sorrow away (but not to worry, it's just ice tea). Then again, what else is there to do? Basically every movie or television series has some sort of romantic attachment involved, so there's really no escaping it. I guess I'm just one of those selfish people who want the whole world to feel miserable when I'm feeling miserable. For that very same reason, I refuse to look into any of the archives of this blog, knowing all to well that for this past 7 months basically everything I wrote had at least partially to do with Emiel. I know there's this very convenient button to erase it all, but I'm afraid there might come a day when I really want to read it all back, so I leave it just right there.

The stupidist thing I've been doing after the break-up? I started eating meat again after 14 years of being a vegetarian. Now how crazy is that? Man, I'm swearing you, it feels like some kind of drugs, and I've gone a little overboard with it, eating meat all the time now. Still, of course it's a lot less unhealthy than doing actual drugs, but the fact remains that I kinda swore to myself to stay a vegetarian for the rest of my life. The most silly thing is, that Emiel really wanted me to start eating meat, because it would be so much easier when we went out to dinner and stuff, and look, here I am just one month after he left me, stuffing myself with animals.

Back to how we got to this subject: no more romantic comedies for me. Must make a note of that on my mental checklist!

On to a good start

Today I had my first encounters with my new job. I met my new co-workers (well officially, I already knew them) and had a sort of trainee day (for lack of a better word). Meanwhile, of course I still had stuff to do for my old job, since I'm official starting on the new one next Monday.

As you can imagine, it has been a very busy day. I spend almost 10 hours at the office, and even tonight I'm still reading stuff at home. I'm really tired, but quite happy about being on to such a good start. I really want to do well, so I don't mind giving up some free time, although of course you should always keep in mind not to become a workaholic.

Anyway, now it's time for some relaxing, so I'm going to watch the movie 50 First Dates on telly. Take care!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Come visit me

You can now also visit me at . It is in Dutch though, so if your English only, it wouldn't be much of a use to you. There are some more pictures of me on there though...
Oh, and please don't be alarmed by the ridiculous porn pictures they post around a profile... it's not my fault, and there's no way of deleting them.

Do not disturb

It's always a bit strange to come back at work after a vacation, but this time it was a little different than usual. It's going to be my last week at my old job. As of next Monday, I will be doing totally different things than I am now. I'm looking forward to it so much, so it's a bit of a downer to be spending another final week at my old desk.

On top of that, it has been a very busy day, which of course is not a very good way to start of the week. I feel like I've been flying about all day long, and now I'm at home quite tired. Tonight is going to be one of those evening's where you're doing nothing and don't want to have any company around. Gladiator's on on tv tonight, and what I've heared of it, it's a great movie. Guess the 'do not disturb' sign will be up tonight!

By the way, I saw a good movie yesterday as well: Team America. It's a puppet movie by the makers of South Park, and you can easily tell. I wasn't sure I was up to a puppet movie, but my friend Leendert convinced me over lunch, so we rented the dvd. It was hysterical! Really, I can recommend it to y'all!

Monday, January 01, 2007

A fresh start

New Year's Eve has been a blast. I arrived at Mirjam and Remco's place at about 8, and the party got started soon after, since everyone arrived at about the same time. We drank beer and played games as one is supposed to on that special evening. Of course, at 12 we went outside to drink champagne and watch the fireworks.

After that, a little scary thing happened: a car, parked right in front of their house, was set on fire, so we were kinda scared the gas tank would explode. Fortunately, it didn't, and the firemen arrived soon after.

Then we went to Cleopatra to drink loads of beer. It was already very crowded when I arrived, and all in all it was a very nice evening.

Then, on the way home, I got a text message from E. in which he called me 'honey' (well, the Dutch equivalent of it), causing me to be a bit confused. I called him up, but we were both very drunk so he told me he'd call me back today. He didn't call me yet, although I did get a call from a number with a caller ID block. I was too late to answer it, so now I'm thinking maybe it was him. I'm not sure though, so I hope he will call me back.
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