Wednesday, February 28, 2007

M by Madonna

Because of Madonna's fantastic new H&M campagne in just a month time, labelled M By Madonna, she's on the cover of Elle Magazine this month!

And what better reason can I get to feature her again on my blog?

Monday, February 26, 2007

I hate the bus

My minibreak at Schiermonnikoog was a complete blast! A weekend full of great people, loads of booze, bingedrink games and just doing nothing. It made me realise how much I needed to get away for a couple of days, and now I'm feeling a lot happier than before.

The only shitty thing is that my phone got run over by a bus, and is completely destroyed now. Don't even ask me how this happened... Anyway, I borrowed a phone from a friend and thank God my SIM card is still working, so I'm going to pay my local phone store a visit this week to get myself a new one.

Time to get myself some dinner. Have a good evening!

Friday, February 23, 2007

A much needed weekend break

In just an hour from now, I'll be off for my weekend break on Schiermonnikoog, an island in the Waddenzee here in Holland. The weather is fine and I'm really looking forward to it! I left work early today to go packing, which was fine because I was done with everything I needed to do.

Als, we had a great lunch at restaurant Kaap Hoorn today, because one of my co-workers was having her final day at our office. 2 hours of lunch in the boss' time, sounds good doesn't it?

Anyway, I'll finish packing and then I'll leave. Have a great weekend everyone!

You can't always get what you want

I'm in a bit of confusion right now. As you all know, I still love my ex boyfriend Emiel very much, and I miss him like hell. I've been talking to him over the internet quite a bit this past week, and I enjoyed that very much.

On the other hand, as I mentioned before, there's this new guy I really like. I'm not going to mention his name, but rest assured he's cool as hell. Actually, he's cool enough to be a new entry for a future boyfriend. He's a great guy and I instantly liked him as I met him, so that's a good start.

The thing is, should I really get things started with a new guy while I'm still dealing with stuff concerning my ex boyfriend? Is it fair to go along with all this while I don't even know myself where I stand, relationship-wise? Can I really be able already to start all over again with a new significant other? I really don't know... It's been bugging me for a couple of days now (mind me not posting) and I just can't seem to come to a resolution. I don't want to stand the risk of hurting this new guy in case all goes wrong, but on the other hand, I don't want to be waiting and waiting for Emiel for the rest of my life as well. It's just one big case of mystery. Like the title of this post says: you can't always get what you want.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Manic monday

It's official: I do hate Mondays! Not only did the day seem to go without ending, but alsso my office mate was enjoying a day off, so it was kind of lonely today. Needless to say, I'm very happy to be back home, and I'm planning on spending this evening doing nothing except for couch hanging. Good thing I'm going on a minibreak to Schiermonnikoog this weekend, I really feel like I deserve a break!

I'm a bit boring today I suppose, cause I don't have much to write about, so I'll leave it with this, and get back to you tomorrow.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

No clubbing

I was supposed to go out clubbing last night, but instead opted for staying at home. I had some people coming over for drinks, and got totally drunk, so I guess it was a wise thing to do to stay in. Still, I had a very good evening and a lot of fun.

Now it's Sunday and I'm off to my parents house in about an hour, so I'm ready to hit the shower and take off.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

I love the theater

Last Thursday we had a sort of contest at Cleopatra called theater sports, where two competing teams need to convince the audience they are the funniest of the two. Usually I'm not really into this, because I think our team sucks big time, but the other team, from Leeuwarden (where I was born), were really good. I had a bit of laugh from the start, but the real fun came when the final round came in, and I was part of the scene on stage.

It may have been a bit embarrasing, but the big thing about it was, that I really fancied one of the guys on stage, so this was a good way to hook up. And hooking up I did! After the show, I had a couple of beers with him, ending with him staying over at my place! Now I'm seeing him again this Thuesday, which I'm really looking forward to!

Funny, how you get to meet new people in such a weird way!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Same old same old

After my horrendous adventues at the party yesterday, it came as a bit as a surpise to me this morning that I wasn't even in th least hungover. Actually, I was doing just fine and being quite happy to get back to work. And work it was... it has been an incredibly busy day, although I'm a bit unsure if that means anything to you guys anymore, since I seem to be saying the same thing about every day. You know, that's because it's the truth: my new job is just amazingly busy, but I'm really happy with that, and it's good to come home after a hard day at work.

You know what I'm going to do? Take a nice hot shower and just relax a bit, I'm sure I'll feel a lot better afterwards!

Fun regardless of expectations

This may sound absurd coming from me, but I actually enjoyed the hell out of me tonight at the party! I even got filmed for local tv channel TV Noord so I guess I will be able to see the embarassing results coming Saturday!

I really need to go to sleep now, so I'll check back with you tomorrow!

Thank you, Goodnight!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Work function ahead

After a hard day at work, I'm going to a work function in just an hour, to have drinks while watching a horrible Dutch local singer called Henk Wijngaard (the Dutch will know him) perform. Ca't say I'm too thrilled about the latter, but having free drinks on the account of the company is of course always nice. Rather odd though to organise such a thing on a Monday evening. I mean, we all have to go to the office tomorrow, and work functions kind of have the reputation of getting at least some co-workers (including myself) fully loaded on the booze. Better take it easy tonight!

Anyway, I have to get going otherwise I will arrive too late. I'll let you know how horrible the perfomance has been haha.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A chat from the past

I just came back from a visit to my parents (including dinner). Had a nice afternoon and semi-evening, but happy to be back in my house again. The thing is, I like going over there on Sunday, but the thought of having to go back to work the day after always makes me feel very happy to spend somewhat of an evening in my own place, just generally doing nothing.

It has been a bit of a mixed day. This morning I found myself chatting to my ex boyfriend, which was a bit of a first for quite some time, and it just felt... odd. It wasn't like we weren't friendly towards each other, but it just felt so weird to be talking to him as if he was just anybody, while in reality he's still one of the most important people in my life. I was very glad I had to catch a train so that I had an excuse for myself to leave the computer.

Weird, isn't it? Suddenly someone who knew all there was to know about you seems like some sort of stranger, and you just have to choose your words really carefully. I didn't feel comfortable chatting up to him, just didn't really know what to say. Maybe it will come to me?

Changed plans

Plans changed a bit last night, causing me not to go clubbing, but instead opting for staying at Dagmar's birthday party, which was a lot of fun! I didn't even drank too much booze, so I'm having no hangover whatsoever this morning. That's a good thing, cause I'm about to head off to Leeuwarden, to visit my parents.

So I'll keep this post short, and hit the shower. Have a nice day everyone!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Spending spending spending

It's been a good week being a Madonna fan! I just came from an afternoon of shopping, and I'm happy to report that the enormous pile of Confessions Tour DVDs is definitely a lot smaller now. Better yet: there are barely any copies left! I guess this means another week on the number one spot! Also, all the record stores I went to, had the DVD being played on huge videoscreens, so there's definitely no lack of promotion!

Besides this, it was just generally very cold outside! If it weren't for buying Dagmar a birthday present, I would have just as much liked it to stay home. But mission accomplished, I've bought her a present, but I can't tell what it is in case she reads this before I can give it to her.

I hope everyone will have a nice Saturday evening, and please check back tomorrow!

Media whore

This picture was taken at work (where I don't usually wear Madonna t-shirts, but in this case there was a good reason). I'm being interviewed for the next issue of our corporate magazine about my obsession with Madonna. We have this regular feature about employees and their hobbies, so next issue it's my turn! When it comes out, I'll translate it into English and post it here, so stay tuned!

Party hopping

Despite of this being not such a good day for, I am full of plans to make something out of the weekend anyway. I'm just fucking about at hme right now, watching my fantastic Confessions Tour dvd (for like the 100th time since it's been out, which is only three weeks), but after that I'm going to take a long shower and then hit the town, to shop for some birthday presents for Dagmar. It's cold outside but it's dry weather, so that's okay.

Tonight I'm going to Dagmar's birthday party, which is usually a garantee for getting insanely drunk, but I shouldn't get too drunk since after her party I'm having this going-away thing by Niels. He's off to the other side of the planet for two moths, so we decided to go and have drinks at the Golden Arm tonight, which is the local gay club in Groningen.

Too bad that Niels is leaving for a while, since he is my usual clubbing pal on Saturday night, so I have to decide what to do for the next couple of weeks. Anyway, tonight we're going to get him hooked up with someone, so that there will be someone here waiting for him when he gets back. Isn't that cute?

Back to my dvd, Madonna's ordering us all to jump up and down, and there's no saying no to her is there? Cheers!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Birthday blues

We're all just an our left from Emiel's birthday, and I'm here in my house feeling all sorry for myself. I know it's just plain stupid, but I really expected me to be the first person to wish him a happy birthday, and because of reasons you all know, I can't.

I did send him a nice postcard today, so that when he opens his mailbox tomorrow he'll know I have thought about him, but it's just not the same... I should have been there, and the thought of the fact that I've lost him comes alltogether close right now.

RIP Anna Nicole Smith

I just heard on the news that Anna Nicole Smith has died tonight at the age of only 39... I must admit I always thought she was a bit silly, but this is really tragic, people aren't supposed to die so young, especially when they just have given birth to a new child. It's weird, first her son died a couple of months ago, and now she... Life is definitely cruel sometimes. Rest in peace!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A cold nose

Winter has finally kicked in so it seems. I just got back from having a drink over at Sjeed's place, and now I'm completely covered with snow even though it was only a ten minute walk. My nose is cold, but generally I kinda like this. It doesn't happen that often anymore in Holland to have it snowing, so I'm feeling blessed with this winter wonderland!

I really hope we'll have a snow storm tonight so that everything will be covered in white tomorrow morning when I go to work. It's always a sort of cosy thing to see all the people gasping at the snow, especially the fun little children have with it. I may be more of a summer person because I don't like the cold, but I sure like snow!

It's weird isn't it? Snow used to be quite a common sight in my childhood, and nowadays it seems a rare thing. Maybe that's just perception, and there really hasn't been that much snow when I was little, but it does seem as though it happened more often like ten years ago. Could this be an effect of global heating? In that case, let's all enjoy it while it lasts!

Madhouse office

You wouldn't believe how much I'm looking forward to the weekend. It's been like a madhouse at work all week, and tomorrow will be no exception. I don't even think I'm going to be up to going out tomorrow night, just because of being so tired...

The Saturday I'm having a birthday party from Dagmar, and a going-away party from Niels. He's going all the way to the other side of the world for a couple of weeks, so of course that calls for a drink.

Still, I don't know if I will be all happy next Sunday, since it's also Emiel's birthday, which of course I was hoping to celebrate with him for a long time. I'm not going to call him because I'm afraid that might come off pathetic, but I will send him a big card. I don't want him to think I have forgotten about it, even though he probably doesn't give a shit. Anyway, I guess I will think about it a couple of times on Saturday, so please just bare with me in case I write a really sad blog entry this weekend.

On the bright side: tonight I'm having plans. I'm going over to Sjeed for a beer, which will be fun. Only problem is the weather... It's really snowy in Holland today and I can't say I'm all too thrilled about having to leave the house. Oh well, it's just a short walk...

Doing nothing

Ok so I know I haven't been posting -again- in like 3 days, but I've just been too busy at work to get around to doing anything else Well on the other end, that's what I'm getting paid for right, so I guess it's the right thing....

I've been up to basically nothing these past couple of days. Just a lot of working, and a housewarming from a co-worker yesterday, which was alltogether nice since she has this hell of a house that I didn't expect it to be. Me and my other co-worker Rik came over and we had a great time, although I was so allergic to her cats I barely managed to stay for more than like 10 minutes.

Off to bed for me, hope y'all have a good night sleep!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pretty easy

After the debacle with the cancelled Shakira show, I still had a fun night. I went over to Dagmar for some drinks, and it ran pretty late. Went to bed at 5 in the morning so it was like an old fashioned Saturday-drink-till-you-die kinda thing. We -surprisingly- didn't go out, so I saved some money!

Now it's Sunday and I'm taking it all pretty easy. I've been watching some episodes of Sex and the City and now I'm getting ready from some fresh air. Actually, that's not exactly true, I'm getting ready to go and have a drink somewhere, as any decent person is supposed to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Tomorrow it's back to work for me, so let's enjoy the weekend while we can! Cheers!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Shakira cancelled

Well this has been a fucked up evening. As I wrote before, I was going to see Shakira at the Gelredome stadium tonight. So Remco, David, Thijs and me drove to Arnhem at about 3.30 this afternoon, and were really looking forward to it. When we arrived at the stadium we got ourselves a very good spot at the front, so we were happy that we were going to have a good view of it all. After some beers, the whole stadium was in a great mood and ready for things to come.

Well, things didn't come... About half an hour before the concert was about to start, this guy came on stage to announce that Shakira was ill and not able to perform tonight. Why the hell did they have to wait for so long to announce this? People, like ourselves, drive a very long time (not to mention the gas and parking money) to see this show, while we could just as well have stayed home.

To add insult to injury, we heard it was her birthday yesterday... Maybe she wasn't ill at all, but just suffering from a total hangover? If that's the case, I think she is the most unprofessional shitty singer on the planet... This goes to show you just can't trust South Americans haha.

Anyway, the concert has been rescedules to March 17th, so let's give it another go. All I can say is my evening is ruined.

On my way to Shakira

In just an hour from now, I'm on my way to Arnhem, where I will be attending Shakira's concert at the Gelredome Stadium! I'm looking forward to it very much, as I always enjoy her music. We're not going to be in line or anything, as I do with Madonna, but I still hope to get a nice spot, since Gelredome is a pretty big place. But still, even if I don't, I'm sure it will be a blast!

Remember to check back tomorrow to read my concert review!

Friday, February 02, 2007

TGI Friday

Wow, I can't believe how fast this week has been passing. It's already Friday, so the weekend is right around the corner! Just one more day of work to go! For tonight, I don't have any plans yet, but tomorrow I will see Shakira's Oral Fixation Tour at the Gelredome Stadium in Arnhem. I'm really looking forward to it. I love her new song, Pure Intuition, as it is being played on Dutch radio almost continuously!

I wasn't planning on going to her concert for some time, cause you know, I've spend enough on tours already, but Remco had a spare ticket and quite frankly I do very much enjoy Shakira's music, so I decided to just give it a go. I'm sure I won't be dissapointed tomorrow!

Have a good day, and I'll check back with you tonight!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Next Best Thing

It's been an extremely busy, but alltogether fulfilling day at work, so I'm kinda tired right now. The Next Best Thing, one of Madonna's movies, is on television right now (well actually it's a commercial break at the moment), so I'm being the couch potatoe tonight.

I hope you all have a great evening as well!
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