Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Long time no see

There's nothing better than catching up with old friends! Yesterday, right after work, I went out for dinner with my friend Frank, who lives in Amsterdam, and therefor is someone I don't see very often. In fact, we noticed this was the first time we saw each other with me being an ex-smoker, which means we hadn't seen each other in about 8 months.

Anyway, we went to my favourite Mexican restaurant, called Cantina Mexicana, where the food is always great and the servants are pleasant (I sound a bit like a promotional brochure now.... I assure you I'm not a stockholder hehe). We were on a clock, since Frank had to go to a meeting afterwards, but we had plenty of time to catch up a bit.

It was really good seeing him again, and I really want to try and see each other a bit more often. Now that so many friends of mine don't live in Groningen (anymore), there's a lot more planning involved to actually hang out with them, but with a little effort it shouldn't be a problem at all.

Tomorrow it's Queen's Day in the Netherlands, which means there will be parties all over the place tonight. It feels a bit like it's a Friday right now, because not only tomorrow, but Thursday as well I'll be out of office. I can't wait for tonight!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend all the time

As you may have imagined, my Friday was totally about Hard Candy, Madonna's new album, the more I listen to it, the more I'm loving it! The fact that it's rapidly becoming a hit album all over the world, is something that's absolutely deserved!

Of course, you can't build your entire weekend around a new album, so on Saturday afternoon, Ziena, Harm Jan and I went for drinks and snacks on a terrace in Groningen. This was the first time this year the weather was nice enough to do this, so obviously we were all in a very good mood.

Saturday evening I decided to stay in and watch some tv, so I went to bed quite early, considering it was a weekend night. Sunday I went to visit my parents, and that about rounds up my weekend.

This week is an easy as pie one at the office, since there are two bank holidays on Wednesday and Thursday. It feels like it's almost weekend again!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hard Candy - the review

This morning, Hard Candy, the long awaited new album, finally went on sale in the Netherlands. Obviously I was there when the record stores opened, so here's my song by song rundown, my personal review of this fantastic new Madonna album!

Candy Shop
Hot! Sexy! Fierce! Welcome to her store, she's got candy galore! If there's anyone who could be my 'one stop candy shop' it would be her! What a smashing way to start of the album. The mood is there, it's 9 in the morning but I'm feeling as if I just walked into a crowded club!

4 Minutes
We all know this one, but it doesn't make it less of a killer song! 4 Minutes could easily rank between my long list of favourite Madonna singles. It's great to finally have this one as part of the bigger collection, instead of just the single.

Give It 2 Me
Very good choice to release this as the second single. I'm sure this one will get the floors filled. Madonna's voice sounds amazing, in a somewhat high pitch. She sings she can 'go on and on and on'. Listening to this song, I can do the same!

This could easily become my favourite song of the album. Again, Madonna sings in a high voice for the chorus, and a bit lower for the verses. Also there's a little bridge where she raps a little bit (but not like on American Life). Sounds very hot, could easily become a single.

Miles Away
I've heard so much about this song already, and it more than lives up to its expectations. If she decides to release a slow song as a single, I'd say it should be this one. Also, the lyrics are a great answer to all the stupid fucked up papparazzi constantly writing she and Guy are divorcing.

She's Not Me
Is there any song on this album that could not become a #1 hit single? If there is, I have yet to hear it, cause She's Not Me again rocks the house! It's like a modern version of Thief Of Hearts from the Erotica album. Madonna sounds nasty and mean, just the way I like her best!

A really nice feel good song! This is the one you need to hear while lying on the beach when the sun shines, there's no worries and everything's great. One of the reasons I love Madonna so much, is the fact she always makes me happy, no matter how shitty things go. This song is definitely another justification for my love for her!

Beat Goes On
The only thing that sounds like the version that was leaked about half a year ago, is the chorus. Kayne West is featured on this song and I have to say the co-working suits Madonna fine! The sticker on the front cover of the album mentions this song as well, so I guess this will be another single!

Dance 2Night
Another duet with Justin Timberlake. Did I mention already I've always been a big fan of Justin's music? I've got both of his solo albums (Justified and FutureSex/LoveSounds) and listen to them all the time, so for him and Madonna to work together is like a musical dream come true! Love this song!

Spanish Lesson
La Isla Bonita with an urban beat, is the best way to describe this one. For the upcoming tour, this could be a good first encore, to get the crowd sweaty and dancing, and warmed up for the finale, which hopefully will be Give It 2 Me! Sounds a lot like a Nelly Furtado song. If I need to pick one, I'd say this is my least favourite of the album.

Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
Why why why didn't she sing this during the Re-Invention Tour, like she seemed to be planning. This song is an instant fan favourite! One of the best ballads she's ever done. I'm totally in love with this song!

A perfect way to end the album. 'Who is the master and who is te slave?', is one of the lyrics. Well, Madonna, I have no problem with being your slave! Thank you for another fantastic album! I cannot wait for the tour!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The time is near

I'm so excited! When I wake up tomorrow, I'm having a day off from work because of the release of Madonna's new album Hard Candy. So, as soon as the record stores open, I will be standing in front of one of them to be one of the first to buy the album. I can't wait to finally get it, after so many mnths of waiting!

Expect a full review right here, tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hard Candy promo gig

Just a minute ago there was a TV commercial advertising the release of Hard Candy, which is of course Madonna's new album coming out next Friday in the Netherlands. The good thing about this commercial is, that as it turns out RTL Boulevard isn't the only Dutch programme to give away tickets to the Hard Candy promo gig in L'Olympia Paris, on May 6. As it happens, my favourite radio station Radio 538 is giving them away next week as well.

Seeing as I listen to Radio 538 at the office all day long anyway, this is a competition I really want to win! As you all know, I adore Madonna more than anything, so hopefully I'll be able to convince the producers of letting me win, as I seriously need to see Madonna in Paris!

In fact, I think I'll go send them an email right now! It won't hurt, and I think every possible chance of begging for tickets is one I should embrace!

Another victory

Hillary Clinton has won the Pennsylvania primaries yesterday, thus ensuring her an ongoing place in the race towards the White House. Who would have thought the Democratic election could have taken so long? When the race started, general opinion was Clinton would win by a milestone, but then all of a sudden Barack Obama celebrated his massive Super Thuesday victory, thereby making himself a force to be reckoned with.

Being a Democratics fan, I'm not sure whether or not this ongoing race is a good thing. While the Republicans can focus on, and unite behind their candidate John mcCain, the Democrats are still devited between two candidates, which could end up in a less unanimous support for their ultimate candidate.

Meanwhile, I'm curious to find out who will be McCain's running mate. Supposedly there are three candidates for the job at the moment; Condoleeza Rice, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. I'm sure Conservative Right would love for Huckabee to be their guy, but I tend to believe Romney will be the one.

November is closer by than you think, it's gonna be an exciting year!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

'That way'

Last week i wrote a couple of times about this guy I was chatting with, who I thought was really nice. So, this past weeekend, we exchanged cell phone numbers resulting in the two of us texting each other constantly. It seemed only the logical next step to meet each other, so we arranged for next Saturday to go and have a drink somewhere.

Plans changed a bit last Sunday, when this guy called me up to tell me he'd be in groningen that evening (he lives about 200 kilometres from my hometown) so that would a nice opportunity to meet each other a week earlier than planned. So, we made plans to go for drinks that evening, which I thought was an extremely pleasant date. We laughed, we had a nice chat, and he was so fucking goodlooking I can't even begin to describe. When he left that evening, I really thought I'd ran into a good one!

Imagine my dissapointed when the next day I got the message dreaded by all singles in Datingland... he liked me very much, just not 'that way'. If I ever hear that message again I think I'll stop dating alltogether. What is it with me everyone likes me except they only like me as just a friend? You'd think I would be able to hookwith at least somebody, and since this came accross to me as such a great date, I really thought I'd scored big time.

Don't get me wrong here, I absolutely hold no gridges against this guy, I mean, things like this happen. It's just such a shame since I, for the first time in actually quite a long time, really was prepared to go for it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tentative tour dates

Okay, don't get too excited yet, but the following is a list of tentative initial tour dates for Madonna's Hard Candy Tour 2008/2009. Let's not forget that this list, if it's true, will probably get bigger once the first batch of tickets has sold out. Also, these are just rumours! Officially, the only thing we know for sure (because she said it herself) is the fact that Madonna is touring starting late summer.

If this list is true, count on me in London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Munich! (maybe even Manchester!)

Sept 11, 13 London, UK Wembley Stadium
Sept 16 Glasgow, UK Hampden Park
Sept 18 Manchester, UK Old Trafford
Sept 20 Saint-Denis, France Stade de France
Sept 22 Brussels, Belgium Koning Boudewijn Stadium
Sept 24, 25 Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam Arena
Sept 28, 29 Madrid, Spain Palacio de los Deportes
Oct 2 Bucharest, Romania Lia Manoliu Stadium
Oct 5 Budapest, Hungary Puskas Ferenc
Oct 8, 9 Munich, Germany Allianz Arena
Oct 12, 13 Oslo, Norway Vikingskipet Arena
Oct 16, 18 Athens, Greece Helliniki Indoor Arena
Oct 21 Istanbul, Turkey Sinan Erdem Dome
Oct 25 Cape Town, South Africa Newsland Stadium
Oct 28 Cairo, Egypt International Stadium
Nov 1, 2 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jeque Zayed Stadium

Nov 8, 9, 11 Sydney, Australia Acer Arena
Nov 13 Melbourne, Australia Telstra Dome

Nov 17, 19, 20 Tokyo, Japan Tokyo Dome

Dec 1, 2 Buenos Aires, Argentina Diego Armando Maradona
Dec 4, 6 Santiago, Chile Santiago Arena
Dec 9 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Jornalista Mario Filho
Dec 11 Fortaleza, Brazil Stadio Pueblo
Dec 14, 15 Mexico City, Mexico Palacio De Los Deportes

Dec 31 Honolulu, Hawaii Aloha Stadium
Jan 3, 4, 6, 7 Los Angeles, California Staples Center
Jan 10, 11 San Jose, California HP Pavilion
Jan 13 Sacramento, California ARCO Arena
Jan 15 Tacoma, Washington Tacoma Dome
Jan 19, 20 Dallas, Texas American Airlines Center
Jan 23, 25 New Orleans, Louisiana New Orelans Arena
Jan 28, 29 Miami, Florida American Airlines Arena
Feb 3, 4 Cleaveland, Ohio Quicken Loans Arena
Feb 7, 8 Chicago, Illinois United Center
Feb 11, 12 Auburn Hills, Michigan The Palace
Feb 16, 17 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wachovia Center
Feb 21, 22, 24, 25, 28 New York, New York Madison Square Garden

The candy countdown has begun

Congratulations to Madonna for scoring her 13th #1 hit single in the UK Top 40. As you may know, along with the Billboard Hot 100, the UK Top 40 is one of the most important music charts on the planet, so securing a #1 spot is kind of a big deal. 4 Minutes did it, so Madonna's officially where she belongs: on the throne of the Queen of pop!

In addition to the UK Top 40, Madonna's also #1 in the United World Charts, which is somewhat of a compilation of several improtant charts worldwide. Again, this is a very important chart to top, since being #1 gives you massive exposure and lots of additional airplay on contemporary radio.

Last Friday the single finally came out in the Netherlands (up untill that date, there was only the digital download) so as you can imagine it's been repeat in my CD player ever since. There are also two really cool remixes (one by Bob Sinclar, and the other by Holland's very own Junkie XL) as B-sides featured. Usually I'm not that keen on B-sides, as I almost always like the original better, but this time around I really like them both (I still like the original better, by the way).

If all of this wasn't enough, I've officially begun my countdown to the relase of Hard Candy (Friday april 25 in the Netherlands and several other European countries, Monday april 28 in the UK and Thuesday april 29 in the United States and the rest of the world). I can't wait to get my hands on the album! Allthough I know several songs have leaked, the only sneak peaks I got were official ones for Give It 2 Me and Miles Away, both of them sounding fantastic!

Add up to that the fact that there are still chances of winning for Madonna's promo gig in Paris (the one in london is cancelled, because of Madonna headlining the BBC Big Weekend in Kent), and you'll get the picture: I'm a happy camper!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mid weekend

So far it has been a great weekend! Yesterday after work I went home to get some dinner and watch a bit of television. Afterwards I was expected at Mirjam's birthday party, which was a very nice evening. I arrived a little late (I don't know what it is with me that I can't ever get anywhere on time) so everyone was there already when I came in.

I went home at about 12.30 so at 1 I was in bed. There was a good reason for going to bed early, since I was planning on going to get my hair cut today. I'm not sure whether I like it or not yet, but that's okay, I'll get used to it (actually it's just a bit shorter, nothing really fancy or anything).

Right now I'm getting ready for a drink with Mirjam and Remco and who knows who else, then it's time for dinner, at 8 I'm expected at Dagmar's place, from where we'll go to the party together. It's a busy evening, but it's all stuf I like, so that's more than okay.

Meanwhile, I'm still chatting with the nice guy I was talking about earlier. We've actually arranged to meet each other next week, so that's something to look forward to!

Friday, April 18, 2008

I want my MTV

The other day I was watching MTV for the first time in about a year, and it only took my a couple of minutes to realise why it is I'm not watching anymore: there are no video's. I don't really understand why they still call it MTV, since I haven't seen a music video in years. A far better name would be D(ate)TV or R(eality)TV, since every show seems to be about dating or people stuffed in some house being filmed 24/7.

Some of them are actually quite funny, like Date My Mom or My Super Sweet Sixteen, but others are monstrous to even watch for one minute. I'm thinking The Hills, I'm thinking Villa La Bam. My God, does anyone actually like watching that garbage?

Anyway, whatever your opinion on these shows is, the fact remains MTV was once founded as a music channel, showing video's, concerts, specials about the stars and of course the once fantastic MTV Video Music Awards. While the awards still exist (but are much less of a big deal compared to the golden age), the rest of the Music part of Music Television has been effectively stripped down.

Of course, there are other music channels who fill in the gap, but they can never really quite live up to the original the way it was in the 80s and 90s. Give me back my MTV!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The wonders of talk radio

My friend Leendert is on a trip around the world, as I mentioned before. A couple of weeks ago he was in Texas, and one of the things he wrote about on his blog (it's in Dutch), is a phenomenon called conservative talk radio. It works a little something like this: very conservative Evangelist talk show host preaches fire and brimstone, begs for donations and invites audiences to call in the give their opinions on the subjects he tackles. Obviously, when listeners express an opinion that differs from our beloved host, they are quickly cut off from airtime or ridiculed.

Because of his post, Leendert made me very curious about this great outlet for Conservative Right, and since I'm already such a fan of The American Family Association and OneNewsNow, I decided to give it a go. Through the wonders of the internet I'm able to listen to AFAR (American Family Association Radio) which is completely hilarious.

Yesterday evening I listened to a guy named Mike Friedeman (his show is appropriately called The Mike Friedeman Show). I gotta hand it to him, he's a good speaker. Obviously, I don''t agree with a word he says, but the way he says it is bound to get people to fall for him, a bit the way Hitler was also a good speaker, no matter how horrible his message was. Because of the fact I was listening through their website, I was also able to watch live feeds from the studio, so I could see who I was listening to.

Anyway, this guy's a hood! In about 20 minutes (after that I was fed up with it), he tackled the Pope, abortian, Obama, Clinton and Democrats in general. In between his rants, he was begging us for donations (donate at least $100-. and you'll recieve a 'free' 'Jesus is the way' t-shirt, what a deal!). It turns out to be Sharathon Week, which means that every two or three minutes we're summoned to support (i.e. to give money) to the station, to 'proceed the good work'. I wonder whether Sharaton is really an occasional happening or there's just another name for Donation Week every week. These guys really no how to squeeze you for dollars!

The good thing, Mike and his friends are sending us the Gospel night after night (gotta keep them cheques coming, right?) so there will plenty of fun to have!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Since I've mentioned it on this website before, I'm not afraid to say it again: I'm a sucker for incredibly stupid movies. And by stupid, I mean really really dumbass stupid. Think American Pie, think Scary Movie, think Eurotrip. That one, Eurotrip, was on Dutch television yesterday, so needless to say I just had to watch it.

The reason I like these kind of movies, is because I can get so deliciously agitated by sitting through them, actually ending up yelling to the screen because I can't take so much mindblowing dumbness. Even worse, I have to admit sometimes I can actually laugh about it, which is something I'm having a hard time admitting haha.

In my defense, I absolutely despise things such as Jackass or Viva La Bam, so I'm not completely lost (yet). I've never really seen the fun it's supposed to be watching someone getting a bowling ball thrown in his crotch, or similiar supposedly hilarious sketches. Maybe I'm just a little old fashioned?

I can't wait to get home and find out what will be on tonight!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yes, I do

News is all over the Dutch newspaper that as of today, wedding officiants can loose their jobs in case they refuse to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies. This controversial subject has been a matter of debate in the Netherlands for some time, so this is the outcome of a pretty harsh dispute.

I have to say, being gay and all, I'm not sure whether or not I think this is such a good idea. Basically, there are two sides to the story: firstly, I think it is discrimatory for an officiant to refuse performing a same-sex wedding ceremony. Unless you are a priest or some similar prfession, I believe religion should be kept out of the workplace and be observed privately, therefor not leaving any space for officiants who force their religious believes on others this way.

On the other hand, as long as every municipality has at least one officiant who is willing to perform the weddings, there will be no gay guy or lesbian in the Netherlands at risk of not being able to marry. I'm wondering whether or not the fact that now gays are forcing their lifestyle upon officiants, will serve as bad PR for us.

Let me get one thing straight: personally (while not having any intention on marriage) I think officiants should perform their jobs, no questions asked. In the netherlands, it's legal for gay couples to get married, therefor making it part of the officiant's jobs. the thing is, there's always a delicate line between what should be fair, and what's best in public interest. Any thoughts?

On our way to Wembley

One of my favourite Madonna fansites posted this wonderful news yesterday! Wembley Stadium, wow! I want my tickets!!!

Madonna is due to start her world tour on the anniversary of 9/11, DrownedMadonna.com can reveal. The first show will be at London’s Wembley STADIUM on September 11th with a second show on 13th. She wants a big opening for her tour and there’s no where bigger than Wembley Stadium. After London she will go to Paris.

Huge shows are being planned in Australia, Brazil and Argentina to name but a few. There are also plans to travel to Dubai for the first time and a visit to Israel is looking hopeful.

Keep in mind that this is a tentative schedule and it's obviously subjected to change.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Wanna play?

'Hi, I'm Chucky, I'm your friend till the end, wanna play?' Remember that famous line from Child's Play, the horror movie franchise about a muredering doll named Chucky? I do, so I was pleased to notice Child's Play 2 was on television yesterday. The first three movies were kinda good, it was only after Bride Of Chucky the series declined.

Anyway, I remember being shitscared when I was little, and allthough I wasn't expecting to be as terrified as I was as a child, I do have to admit I was kinda dissapointed to find out it didn't scare me at all anymore. I guess I'm becoming too old for these things. Too bad...

Good thing was, the movie didn't lose any of its entertainment value, so I still had a good time. Afterwards, I spend about an hour chatting to this particular nice guy, who I will probably end up chatting with tonight as well. But first, I need to go for a swim and some television at Ziena's place. Cheers!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tour memories

My favourite Madonna fansite MadonnaTribe is having a contest. Send in you favourite Madonna tour memories, to win a great Madonna On Stage book. This is what I wrote:

I've seen Madonna live 8 times now (and I hope to double that during the next tour), but there are two moments that really stand out. Incidentally, both of them happened in the Palais Omnisports in Paris, in 2004 and 2006.

The first of those two very memorable moments was during the September 2 show of the Re-Invention Tour. Me and my friends had camped out for 30 hours to be the first to enter the stadium. When we were admitted, we made a mad dash to the stage, and I ended up in the most perfect spot there was: front row, exactly center stage. When the houselights went down, and The Beast Within played, I was already crying because of the fact that in just a matter of minutes, my idol, the most important person in my life, would be dancing and singing right in front of me.

When Vogue began, I was screaming my lungs out, and all the tiredness from spending 30 hours in line was forgotten. But then, two songs later, the real treat came! During Frozen, Madonna was standing right in front of me, and during the entire song, she looked me right in the eyes. I can't even describe how it felt, I just stood there, literally Frozen (how appropriate) and in complete awe.

Fast forward two years later, again in the Palais Omnisports. Again I had camped out for about 30 hours, and again I had a perfect spot, right along the runway. I had seen the show a couple of nights earlier in Hannover, and I would be seeing it two times more in Amsterdam (all of them front row), but this one... my my... The show was just great as it is every night, but then Let It Will Be came along. You know how in the DVD at some point she bends over and shakes some hands with the crowd? Well, in Paris, I was that guy. Madonna leaned over and grabbed my hand. She was sweaty and sticky, but I didn't care, I was just extatic. I will never ever forget that little moment Madonna and I had together.

So there you have it, my 2 favourite tour memories. I'm convinced the Hard Candy tour will give me plenty of new fantastic memories!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

7 months, and counting

Another month went by, so as of today I'm a non-smoker for 7 months already! How great is that? I know it may look a bit silly to post the same thing over and over again every month, but I intend on doing so untill I've quite a year ago, simply because I'm so incredibly proud of myself!

A friend of my quit smoking a month ago, but I've heard she smoked one again last week... So stupid, I really don't get it why you should start again after a month. I mean, the physical addiction is over after 3 weeks, so there's really no need to start again. I for one would never start again, I'm way too happy with my life as a non-smoker!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Baywatch is back

One of my old vices has always been the fact I enjoy terrible corny tv shows very much, and I'm not ashamed to admit. So, imagine my joyfullness when I found out this week that Baywatch is back in re-run in the Netherlands. Every evening at 6.55-ish RTL7 broadcasts an episode, starting from the very beginning. The episodes showing right now are so old, they don't even feature Pamela Anderson and David Charvet yet (it's all about Erika Eleniak and Billy Warlock in the first season). In fact, it doesn't even have its memorable 'I'll Be Ready' themesong yet, but some forgetable song that was quickly dished after the first season.

Baywatch used to be, along with Beverly Hills 90210, my favourite tv show in my high school years. As a matter of fact, I suppose it was about everybody's favourite tv show, judging by how much talk there was about both Baywatch and 90210. I remember my favourite episode being the one where Jill is attacked by a shark and dies (with an especially cheesy song playing in the background).

Still, the fun really started in season 2, when David Charvet was introduced. Was he a hottie or what? I became a regular viewer every week from the moment he was on the show, daydreaming away he would rescue me from the ocean and subsequently marry me. Ah, childhood fantasies... Once David left the show, I started to like Baywatch less and less, and after while just stopped watching.

None of that matters now, the old episodes are still the bomb, and I intend on watching every evening! Now if only they also tart re-running Beverly Hills 90210 and perhaps Melrose Place, and I'm a happy guy!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Social networking

Fifteen minutes ago, I created an account on Facebook. Five minutes ago, I deactivated it. Mind the word 'deactivated' instead of 'cancelled'. As it turns out, there is no way to permanently cancel ones account, which I think is a bit strange. I was only peeping in to see what all the fuss was about, and no I'll probably have a Facebook account long after I even remember ever creating one. The same thing goes for Hyves. I haven't tried to delete that one, but from what I've heard about it, it's extremely difficult as well.

Social networking sites are a phenomenon I never really understood anyway. It would make sense if there was some way of meeting new people involved, but since it's all about exchanging bullshit with people who are already in your life, I think it's just a really time consuming thing for nerdy people. It takes up a lot of time you could be spending actually meeting up with your friends instead of 'talking' to them through sites like Facebook, MySpace and Hyves.

Aside from that, I don't really like the fact they want to know so many things from you. Of course, this may sound a bit hypocritical from someone who's putting his entire life out on the internet (through the website you're reading right at this moment), but then again, on this site I choose what I want to write about. If I want to, I can decide the only thing I'm going to write about from now on is Madonna, not giving up anything of my own privacy anymore. In fact, as some of you may have noticed before, I have never ever mentioned my company's name on this website, and usually I only mention initials when it comes to writing about other people who might object.

Of course, on a social networking site there's still the possibillity of leaving out certain things you're not comfortable with writing about, but the whole concept of those websites seem to imply that's the exact opposite of what they're after. I don't really see the need for the whole world to know who my friends are. Besides, 'friends' is a very loose concept, seeing the fact that I've got over 200 'friends' on Hyves, more than half of whom I'll probably never again meet up with in real life.

So, yes, I am on Facebook (cause I don't have a choice), and I'm on Hyves (voluntarily), but I can't say for how long to come.

World premiere

This one's for the Dutchies: On April 24th there will be an official world premiere party celebrating Madonna's new album Hard Candy, at recordstore Fame in Amsterdam. For an entrance fee of EUR 20, you'll get the album, one day before the rest of us do, free drinks and nibbles, and Madonna goodies! Check the official Dutch Madonna fanclub for more info on this wonderful event!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A little update

Yesterday evening after work I went DVD shopping with Ziena, which was great! I bought myself Mika's DVD Life in Cartoon motion. I already had it it, but I gave my copy to my mom as an early Mother's Day present, so obviously I needed a new one for myself as well.

Also, I ordered some music DVDs (as well as Madonna's horrible movie Shanghai Surprise) online, and they were delivered as well yesterday, so the DVD collection has grown substantially again. I love buying DVDs!

Today will be less expensive, since in a couple of hours, after work, Ziena and I are going swimming, as we do twice every week. After that, I hope we'll be in time to watch horrible high school cheerleading movie Bring It On (secretely I love this movie!)

This will round about up the evening, so this will take us another day closer to the weekend. Saturday a lot of friends who don't live in Groningen anymore, are coming over for a party, so I'm looking forward to that!

Scout's honour

Just found this picture of me in a boy scouts outfit. As if I'd ever be admitted...
This picture was made in 2004, so it's kinda dated...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Intimate and live

As of yesterday, French radio station NRJ is handing out free tickets to see Madonna's Hard Candy promo concert in L'Olympia in Paris! These tickets are not for sale, since the showcase is mainly intended for industry and press, with a couple of fans thrown in for good measure. Rumour has it Madonna will sing about 5 songs, obviously including her fantastic hit single 4 Minutes, so there's even a good chance Justin Timberlake and Timbaland will come along as well.

Obviously, I really want to win those tickets, so I've send in numerous entries on different email adresses, hoping that at least one of them will get picked. Three years ago, when the Confessions On A Dance Floor promo was on its way, I failed to win any tickets, so I hope my luck is better this time around. Seeing Madonna in such a small venue would be like a dream come true.

Meanwhile, all is going well with 4 Minutes. The video has made its television debut yesterday, hopefully (and expectedly) recieving huge amounts of airplay. In order to help it get to the #1 spot in the Billboard Hot 100, please take a minute to vote on TRL. We gotta get that whore Mariah Carey kicked off the number one position! Meanwhile, help me hope I win the tickets!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Fun fun fun!

As usual the weekend went by way too fast, so I wasn't exactly thrilled to be back in the office today, but hey, nothing I can do about it.

Friday after work I went for a couple of drinks with some friends, which was very nice, and a good way to start off the weekend. I didn't stay very late, since I was planning on doing some major cleaning of my house on Saturday. As I wrote before, my old friend Tom was coming over for drinks, and I hadn't seen him in about two years.

So, I spend most of Saturday cleaning and throwing stuff I didn't use anymore out (and bought myself a new Absolutely Fabulous DVD). Tom came over at about 9.30 and we had fun immediately. I had bought a bottle of Fiero cause that was always our beverage of choice, and I was pleasantly surprised to say he'd done the same.

After a couple of drinks at my place, we went clubbing. I hadn't been in The Golden Arm for months, so it was kinda nice going back.

Sunday I went (as usual) to Leeuwarden to visit my parents, and that about rounds it up. Anyway, a great weekend indeed!

Friday, April 04, 2008

As good as it gets

yesterday evening was another quiet evening at home on the couch. It will be the last one this week, since the weekend is about to kick in and I wasn't planning on spending it tranquil at all. Tonight I'm going to have a drink with some friends, and tomorrow my old friend Tom is coming over from the other side of the country, so we're going clubbing. This is gonna be good, I haven't seen him in baout 2 years, so it'll be great meeting him again.

So yesterday evening I did nothing. My refridgerator was finally defrosted so there was no fear of a tsunami in the house anymore. My internet connection was out for some hours, so I just spend the evening on the couch watching TV. The movie As Good As It gets, starring Jack Nicholson and Hellen Hunt, was on, and I hadn't seen it before. Loved it! Really great movie, and a nice way to spend the evening!

This morning at work, it was basically hectic (I never talk on this site about what I actually do, because I don't think it's ethical to drag your company name on the internet, but I can tell you I work in finance), so before I knew it, lunch was on. just three hours left before the weekend! I can smell a nice cold beer already!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cold as ice

The lesson I've learned: defrosting ones refrigerator is something that should be done only when there's enough time to stay standby from start to finish! Yesterday evening, right after work, I came up with the plan of defrosting the damn thing, cause I hadn't done so in a very long time, so there were huge amounts of ice in there. So, I placed a bucket inside, put a towel in front, and unplugged it.

It all started innocent enough, so I figured maybe in one evening I will be done. Think again... Before I went to bed I tried to speed things up by putting the blowdryer on the ice, hoping that would cause it to melt a bit faster. nstead, what happened was it only melted just a little bit faster at the start, but after I went to sleep it decided to become a real pain in the ass and melt like shit... As a result, the floor was completely wet this morning, and I only had about half an hour before I had to go to work.

So, I've emptied the bucket and put some new towels on the floor, hoping it won't leak through the floor. Basically there's nothing I can do about it right now, since I'm at the office, but I sure hope not to come home into a warzone...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

There's no escaping her

It seems there is massive demand for screenshots from Madonna & Justin Timberlake's new video to 4 Minutes, since not only my pageviews have gone up since posting them, but fansites are getting record numbers in visitors as well. Now that US radio has also picked up the song en masse, there seems to be nothing left in the way for Madonna to have another smash hit single coming up!

For all of you dying to see the entire new video, you just have to wait one more day. Even though MTV and other music stations won't premiere untill next Monday, the video will be online in its full glory as of tomorrow, Thursday 04/04 (note te date) on Tick-Tock.tv so get ready for some eye candy!

So what else is new in Madonna land? Well, basically the fact that she's everywhere right now. Elle magazine comes out today with a fantastic new photoshoot and feature interview. Q Magazine will come out soon with just that, Vanity Fair has got a cover and an interview, Dazed and Confused is still in stores, and who knows what magazine covers will follow now that promotion for hard Candy is in full swing.

Furthermore, Madonna will be at the Cannes Film Festival to promote her upcoming documentary on Malawi, called I Am Because We Are. As you know, Malawi is the country she has adopted het son David from, so Madonna´s got a personal bond with this very poor nation (donations can be made through Raising Malawi, Madonna´s charity)Also, her movie Filth and Wisdom is up for download on iTunes, therefor proving Madonna to be coming at us full circle: her new single and video 4 Minutes, the album Hard Candy, the movie Filth and Wisdom, the documentary I Am Because We Are and countless magzine articles and covers. I love being a Madonna fan!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I'm lovin' it!

This is pretty funny: my favourite conservative organisation American Family Association (go check them out at http://www.afa.net) has decided to go after the McDonalds coorperation, now that their Ford boycot has failed miserably. This could prove to be a hoot, since, although they started out with just an Action Alert, this will probably lead to a full scale boycot, and therefor another flop on their resume (Ford wasn't the only one thusfar, their Disney boycot was unsuccesfull as well).

So, what happened? McDonalds has decided to start donating money to an organisation called National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), and of course, being the good Christians they are, the AFA is outraged. As usual AFA comes with their lame excuses, saying things like McDonalds should stay out of what they call 'the culture war' and focus on delivering fast food. It's funny, if it was the church McDonalds decided to give millions of dollars to, I bet AFA wasn't so focused on fast food anymore, and would reach out and grab the cash...

I'm not really sure how far copyright laws go, so I won't post the entire article here, as I'm sure they'll slap some cease & desist order on me, but here I present you with a hilarious quote (it's from a sample letter they urge you to send to McDonalds headquarters):

'Your efforts should be in providing the finest fast food products possible, not in a political battle - especially helping promote an aberrant and destructive behavior.'

Well well... 'aberrant and destructive behavior' no less... Poor guys at AFA. They are so desperately trying to grasp on to their silly old fashioned values, with less and less of an audience. I think I'll go grab myself a Big Mac and sponsor MacDonalds for this great decision!

4 Minutes video screenshots

Please enjoy these fantastic screen shots from Madonna and Justin Timberlake's new video to the hitsingle 4 Minutes. The video will premiere on April 4th! Until then, please check MadonnaTribe for even more screenshots!

Not my kind of hobby

Yesterday evening I went back online for another session of happy house hunting. As some of you may know, I really want to move, so I'm checking on the internet to put myself up as a candidate for appartments. In Groningen, where I live, this works with a sort of grade system, the longer you're enlisted, the more credits you obtain. I've finally gotten to a point where I have sufficient credits to at least qualify, so hopefully this will lead to something soon.

When i finished, I did my taxes for 2007 (you're supposed to do it before April 1st, so leave it to me to ignore this until the last possible moment). I hate doing these things, since at the office I'm working with numbers all day long, so once I get home, I can't say it's my hobby. Still, it needs to be done...

Also, of course, I went swimming yesterday, and watched Project Runway, so it was a very busy evening after a very busy day at work. Tonight will be more of a relax evening, I'm just going to watch a movie or something!
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