Monday, June 30, 2008


One of the best songs of the KylieX2008 Tour, is the unreleased ballad Flower. I love this song, can't wait to hear it on the DVD. Here are the lyrics:

Wrapped in a blanket of hope
Asleep in a bed of dreams
I step into eternity
It’s not part of my hand
Not at all
For who knows which way the wind is gonna blow
I am waiting for your gentle whisper

Distant child, my flower
Are you blowing in the breeze
Can you feel me
As I breathe life into you
You are my flower
Somewhere in a desert haze
I know one day you’ll amaze me

I have to balance imagining the moment I can be
Looking deep into your eyes
For now a mystery
Not at all
For who knows which way the wind is gonna blow
Are you waiting for a gentle whisper

Distant child, my flower
Are you blowing in the breeze
Can you feel me
As I breathe life into you
You are my flower
Somewhere in a desert haze
I know one day you’ll amaze me

Two hearts
In the hands of time
Your life breathes into mine.
I’ll be with you forever
I’ll give you everything I have
Want you to understand
It’s you and I together

Distant child, my flower
Are you blowing in the breeze
Can you feel me
As I breathe life into you
You are my flower
Somewhere in a desert haze
I know one day you’ll amaze me

Distant child, my flower
Are you blowing in the breeze
Can you feel me
As I breathe life into you
You are my flower
Somewhere in a desert haze
I know one day you’ll amaze me

They won

Congratulations to Spain, for winning the European Cup 2008! Of course it would have been better if the Netherlands had won, but at least Germany lost, so there's a bit of comfort!

Time flies

I've been enoying a great weekend, so Monday sneaked in before I knew... Isn't it fucked up how time flies when you're having fun? I wish it was still Friday night, with two more days off to come, but alas...

Friday, right after work, Ziena, Harm Jan and I went for drinks on the central square in Groningen. The weather was quite lovely, so we had a good time! Afterwards, Martijn came over to my place, which was nice as well.

Saturday I had a nice quite day. I went shopping by myself and watched some DVDs, basically did nothing. I don't do that enough! It's nice to have no obligations whatsoever! However, after a day of doing nothing, I was in need for some action. Luckily there was a party going on Saturday night, so that's where I went. Had a great time!

Yesterday I went to Leeuwarden, to visit my parents. They just came back from their vacation on Schiermonnikoog, so it was great talking to them. Unfortunately on my way back, I missed the train so I had to wait for an hour. Pretty fucked up!~

So, this was my weekend. Tell me about yours!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Madonna madness

Have a look at the queue for Madonna tickets, yesterday in Athens! Seems like Sticky & Sweet will be the main event in Greece this year!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dodgy Holidays

KylieX2008 isn't even a week ago, but the next concert is coming up already! In just a week and a half, on July 8, I'm going to see Mika at the Westerpark in Amsterdam! I'm going with my mum, which is cool! We had a great time at the Take That show as well, so I'm sure this will be a blast!

Jason Beitel wallpaper

Look what I found on the web! Yum yum! Here's your very own Jason Beitel wallpaper!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Chart news

Great chart news from the Netherlands (where I live): Madonna's new single Give It 2 Me entered the official Top 40 at #19, on airplay and legal downloads alone! The physical single release will not be before July 12, so this is great news.

Even better news: after being the Radio 3FM Megahit two weeks ago and the TMF Superclip last week, this week Give It 2 Me is also the Alarmschijf on the Netherlands' most popular radiostation Radio 538. This means the single will get maximum exposure and is bound to enter the Top 10 next week!

Chasing rumours

Yumyum! According to Perez Hilton, the gorgeous Chase Crawford is dating his Gossip Girl co-star Ed Westwick! Could the rumours be true?

Extra shows to be added

According to a site called Event Ticket Report Madonna has a total of 55 concerts scheduled for her tour. Eight concerts in South America, four concerts in Europe and two concerts in North America still haven’t been announced.
Madonna's Sticky & Sweet has already surpassed the 1 million-ticket mark and 14 concerts have yet to go on sale.

90 percent of Sticky & Sweet Tour tickets are already sold out, Live Nation’s chairman of Global Music and CEO of Global Touring, Arthur Fogel, said, “With Sticky & Sweet, Madonna is on track to break her own record as the top grossing female artist of all time.”

Gun control

"This is the only right way to rule on the Second Amendment. Unfortunately, the decision has its faults. It continues to allow the government to license, register, and regulate all firearms. So you can own one but we can force you to register the gun. And we can regulate how many you own and create felons of those who will not get a gun license. Let's applaud the court for being right this time. But we must maintain vigilance."

The statement above is a comment made by one of my fellow readers of the most hilarious website in the world, One News Now. The comment is a reaction to a 'news ' (you always need to take stories published by One News Now with a grain of salt, so to call them news items would be a joke) that the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled in favor of the right to carry arms.

Being Dutch, obviously I have no business judging United States law (although I do believe the reason the Unites States is experiencing shootouts all the time, is because of the fact that guns are legal there, so if you'd ask me: I think gun control would be the answer). However, the reaction posted above seems like absolute insanity to me. Why in the world would you not want to have firearms being registered? As long as you are not a criminal, I don't see any reason to have a problem with the authorities being aware of the fact you own a gun.

In fact, I think it would be a lot scarier to think everyone can just own a gun without any regulation. Let's not forget, without registration, a conficted fellon could get a gun at any local Wall Mart and just fall back into his old behaviour again. Okay, so a criminal could get a gun in the illegal circuit as well, but does that justify just handing them over to them? Don't think so.

It goes to show again how insane Conservatives really are. Let's hope, not just for the United States, but for the world, Barack Obama will beat John McCain in November's general election, and get those Republicans out of the White house.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Even more Jason Beitel

Pictures taken during KylieX2008, featuring Jason Beitel!

More than a million

Word is just in Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour has already sold over 1 million tickets! Last weekend, two Mexico shows sold out in just three hours, adding tens of thousands of sales to the already impressive figures.

Some reports bring attention to the fact that shows are selling out slower than they did during 2006's Confessions Tour. Those reports fail to mention though, that while the Confessions Tour played mostly to arena's, the Sticky & Sweet Tour plays to many more huge stadiums, with tens of thousands more seats. No wonder they sell out a little less quickly.

All in all,the tour is doing extremely well. I can't wait for the shows!

There was more to the weekend

With all the Kylie talk these past couple of days. you'd almost forget there was more to the weekend than just KylieX2008! So, let me take a moment to give a short recap of the past couple of days, especially since an all new weekend is already coming up.

Friday after work, I went to cafe Marleen with a couple of friends, for some drinks and nibbles. We had a nice time, and didn't make it all too late. Later in the evening, Sara came over to my place, and we had a fun evening as well. Of course, because I was going to theme park Walibi World the day after, I had to go to bed rather early, but that's okay, usually I'm pretty much exhausted on Friday's anyway.

Saturday I woke up early, cause Marlous and I were to meet up at the train station at about 8 in the morning. There was a detour on our train ride, so we were delayed for about half an hour. Never mind though: the weather was fine so we had a great day anyway! As you may know by now, I'm a big fan of theme parks and rollercoasters so obviously I had a blast. The lines weren't even too horrific, so we were able to see and do everything we wanted. The only shitty thing was, there were three major rides closed down for maintenance or whatever. It felt like we were paying full price for half the park. Still, we had a great deal of fun!

Afterwards, I went to Voorschoten, which is where Niels' parents live. They weren't around, so Niels and I had to house to ourselves. Obviously, we watched the quarter finales of the Euro Cup, but the Netherlands lost, so that didn't go over very well. We then watched some Kylie DVD's (ShowGirl and KylieFever) with a couple of wines. At about 11, we rode the bike to Leiden, where we went clubbing. Had a great evening!

Sunday we went to Wassenaar, to do some cooling down on the beach. I love the beach, especially when it's not too warm and there's a bit of wind. The conditions were excellent, so I had a great time! Then Leendert called to inform us he was on his way. We picked him up at the train station, ordered some Italian food and watched some movies (Legally Blonde, starring Reese Witherspoon, don't you just love her?).

Monday of course was the day of the KylieX2008 concert at Ahoy Rotterdam. You can read all about it a few posts down. After the concert, Niels went back to Voorschoten, and Leendert and I went along with Arjen to his place in Utrecht. I was pretty much broken, so I went to bed immediately. It was good to finally lay down after the exhausting day!

Tuesday was my last day off, so at about noon I took the train back to groningen, where I had arranged to have drinks with Remco. He had been to KylieX2008 as well the day before, so obviously we had a lot to talk about. Anneke and David came over as well, so we had a fun afternoon.

That rounds about up my weekend. After that, it was back to work, which is okay, it can't be vacation all the time!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

KylieX2008 - the setlist

So here's the setlist of last monday's KylieX2008 show in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Please note the fact we got an extra encore (All I See)!

Act 1: Xlectro Static
Boombox/Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Ruffle My Feathers
In Your Eyes

Act 2: Cheer Squad
Heart Beat Rock

Act 3: Beach Party
Spinning Around

Act 4: Xposed
Like A Drug

Act 5: Naughty Manga Girl
Sometime Samurai
Come Into My World

Act 6: Starry Nights
I Believe In You

Act 7: Black vs. White
On A Night Like This
Your Disco Needs You
Step Back In Time
In My Arms

Act 8: Encore
No More Rain
Love At First Sight
I Should Be So Lucky
All I See

My future husband

Before the lovely Jason Beitel became a dancer for Kylie Minogue, he worked as a model. Take a look at these yummy yummy pics!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

KylieX2008 - the pictures part 2

KylieX2008 - the pictures part 1

KylieX2008 - the review

Words cannot even begin to describe... Yesterday I was front row at Kylie Minogue's fantastic KylieX2008 Tour at Ahoy Rotterdam, and let me tell you... I'm flabbergasted! I thought there was no way she could top her 2005 ShowGirl Tour, but she did! Oh boy, she did!

After a day in line, Leendert, Arjen, Niels and I made a mad dash to the front row, so I ended up front row center, also known as the best spot in the house! We had to wait for about an hour and a half, since there was no pre-show. Good thing, if you ask me, since I don't care for pre-shows at all. I never really understood why they expect you to enjoy another performer when the entire stadium is there to see the main act. Anyway, we waited for about half an hour, and then the house lights went down.

The curtain dropped and the HUGE stage was presented. Tension builded as the first notes of Speakerphone sounded. And then there she was, Kylie, looking more gorgeous than ever! I couldn't believe she was actually standing in front of me just two meters away, 3 years after the same thing happened during ShowGirl. She looked radiant, not just gorgeous... radiant! The smile on her face was enough to melt me down, and in one second I knew that if I were straight, I would fall in love with her. Hell, I even fell in love with her now!

The show was incredibly well-paced, with new arrangments for practically every song, and very clever props and sets on stage. As always, the dancers were totally gorgeous. The lovely Jason Beitel even smiled at me, which could have something to do with me screaming his name over and over again. If there's anyone I want to marry, it would be him! I don't think guys can get any hotter than this!

The show was made up out of a couple of different sets. There was a voodoo part, a Loveboat part, a sort of ballroom part, and of course a ballad section (made up by the gorgeous unreleased song Flower and a lovely ballad version of I Believe In You). However, the part where everyone was going insane, had to be when the first notes of Your Disco Needs You kicked in. I swear there was no person in the audience not jumping up and down.

When the main set ended with In My Arms, we of course all knew there were encores to come. However, we didn't know Kylie enjoyed the Dutch audience so much she did an extra encore after I Should Be So Lucky, a lovely semi-accoustic All I See. Not a dry eye in the house!

After the show, I was thinking.... I love Madonna so much, and her shows are fabulous, but she can never, ever top the fun and the atmosphere a Kylie show has. The whole audience is just so happy, Kylie's happy, the band's happy, the dancers are happy. It's just a big party. I'm jealous of the people in the UK, who still have this fantastic show to come. I for one will never forget this second night I had with Kylie! Pictures will be posted later!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Just curious

Among the people visiting Totally Theo, there are many casual surfers, popping by because their search engine took them here (usually, these are Madonna fans, although lately there are some Zac Efron and Kylie Minogue fans stopping by as well). I like getting these casual visiters over, and hope they will become regulars. The more visitors, the better.

Sometimes, these visitors can trigger my curiosity to the max. There are some regulars I can place, I know who they are, or why they keep coming back. However, lately there's this one visitor who comes over several times a day, but never leaves a comment. I have no idea who this person is, and I'm really curious.

So please, if you're the visitor using KPN Telecom BV, afdeling IMS, Utrecht, Nederland, drop me a line! Thank you!

Walibi World

Ever since I was a child, I've been a huge fan of rollercoasters, and themeparks in general. Every summer should feature at least one visit to make it a real summer. So, imagine my excitement now that Dagmar, Marlous, Dagmar's boyfriend and I are going to Walibi World tomorrow.

Walibi World is the former Six Flags Holland park, and as all rollercoaster fans will know, Six Flags equals bigger better more! Walibi features Goliath, the highest rollercoaster of the Netherlands, and the fantastic suspended coaster El Condor, amog others. I´m sure to have a great time!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who wants another Zac Efron wallpaper?

I do! I do! I do!

Since we can't have Zac Efron shirtless all the time, this new wallpaper features him actually wearing clothes. It doesn't make him any less gorgeous!

Could this be the setlist?

The Sticky & Sweet Tour setlist posted above is making it's way all over the internet! If this is the actual setlist, Madonna's Sticky & Sweet World Tour 2008 will be the best show ever!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer of stadiums

Time to take a look at where I'll be spending my summer. These are the stadiums where I'll be seeing Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour 2008 in September.

Amsterdam ArenA, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

LTU Arena, Dusseldorf, Germany

Stade De France, Paris, France

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We did it again

We didn't even need to win this match, but tonight, for the third time in a row, the Dutch won! We beat Rumania in a 2-0 match. We already ensured our place in the quarter finales, but it still feels very good we've also won this third match!

Sticky & Sweet update

The first tidbits are coming in concerning Madonna's upcoming Sticky & Sweet World Tour:

Donna DeLory will, for the first time since the Who's That Girl World Tour 1987, not be part of the tour. This means Madonna is introducing a new background singer, along with Nicky Richards. I'm sad to see Donna go, her presence at Madonna shows had always been a given fact.

The dancers and band, many of whom had also worked on the Hard Candy Promo Tour in May, are already rehearsing in a soundstage in New York City. Madonna herself will be joining them later, to get ready in time for the premiere at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, on August 23.

Many extra dates have been added to the tour: Madonna is now officially conformed to be performing in Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Greece and Mexico, in addition to all the shows already announced. Expect more shows to be added soon, especially in South America (see initinary down below).

The photoshoot for the official Sticky & Sweet tour book will take place end of this month. The tour book will feature original pictures (as opposed to the Confessions Tour book), shot by Tom Munro, who has also shot Madonna's Elle shoot (the picture above is one of them) and her new video Give It 2 Me.

Robyn will be opening act for the European dates. No word yet on the North and South American dates.

The stage will feature a runway, just like the Confessions Tour stage!

The setlist is rumoured to be a mixture between Hard Candy and 80s songs. Could this mean we will finally get to hear songs like Physical Attraction or Pretender live? I can't wait!

Anyway, here's the initinary so far (again, expect more shows to be added):

23 - Millenium Stadium, Cardiff
26 - Stade Charles Ehrmann, Nice
28 - Olympiastadion, Berlin
30 - Military Airport Dubendorf, Zurich

02 - Amsterdam ArenA, Amsterdam
04 - LTU Arena, Dusseldorf
06 - Stadio Olympico, Rome
09 - Commerzbank Arena, Frankfurt
11 - Wembley Stadium, London
14 - Parque Da Bela Vista, Lisbon
20 - Stade De France, Paris
21 - Stade de France, Paris
23 - Danube Island, Vienna
25 - Jaz Beach, Budva
27 - Olympic Stadium, Athens

04 - Izod center, East Rutherford
06 - Madison Square Garden, New York City
07 - Madison Square Garden, New York City
11 - Madison Square Garden, New York City
12 - Madison Square Garden, New York City
15 - TD Banknorth Garden, Boston
18 - Air Canada Center, Toronto
19 - Air Canada Center, Toronto
22 - Bell Center, Montreal
23 - Bell Center, Montreal
26 - United Center, Chicago
27 - United Center, Chicago
30 - BC Place Stadium, Vancouver

01 - Oracle Arena, Oakland
02 - Oracle Arena, Oakland
04 - Petco Park, San Diego
06 - Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles
08 - MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas
09 - MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas
11 - Pepsi Center, Denver
12 - Pepsi Center, Denver
16 - Minute Maid Park, Houston
20 - Wachovia Center, Philadelphia
22 - Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City
24 - Philips Arena, Atlanta
26 - Dolphin Stadium, Miami
29 - Foro Sol, Mexico City

Take a moment

Click on the image above to donate to a very worthwile cause! Madonna would be proud of you!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun at One News Now

Can I have a laugh here? The folks over at One News Now are having a 'discussion' on the subject of possible legalisation of gay marriage in California. Here are some of the more hilarious reactions, with my comments in bold in between:

"Gays have no "right" to be married. God only can give rights to us humans. He didn't give that "right" to homosexuals. In the Old Testament, sodomites were to be stoned to death; in the New Testament, they are still seen as an abomination (Romans chapter 1) and God says He leaves them up to a "reprobate mind", meaning "a mind that is defiled and not wanting repentance". Thank God for people who are willing to fight against evil where-ever it may be!! May God bless their efforts!!"

Read the first line especially. So homosexuals (One News Now refuses to use the word 'gay') aren't humans? That's good to know!

"As usuall, the fags want thier filty marriage garbage mad to be a law. I think the fags need to go back in the closet and repent for thier lives and soul because these kinda peopl will not inter the kingdom of heaven, and further more, I dont want to see 2 fags or lesbians out in public showing thier filty habits. I back up anyone that fights this garbage the these grotest people want. God made Adam and Eve, "NOT" Adam and Steve!!! Change your ways gay people or "YOU WILL BURN IN HELL"!!!!"

Wow, it's a comforting thought to know Christians are such loving people! They follow their Bibles so faithfully. I'm sure they refuse to eat shellfish as well, or wear two different kinds of fabric simultaneously, as the Bible prohibits both these acts as it does in the same chapter as where it forbids homosexuality (i.e. Leviticus).

"GOD is the best. Matt Staver is like King Saul in the Bible. Instead of obeying GOD, Saul made a BAD decision to go the desires of the people instead of with GOD and GOD'S instructions. The HOLY GHOST has warned Matt Staver that he is to give GOD the glory when he is earnestly contending for the faith. The reason why Christians are against sodomy is because GOD'S word states that it is WRONG. Matt Staver should have stated contrarily, "GOD will have the final say on marriage." The Bible is clear that man shall now lie down with another man as with a woman. Also, in the New Testatment it states that let every man have his own wife to avoid fornication. All sodomites are fornicators and their behavior are sins against GOD. Matt you are attempting to fight a spiritual battle with the arm of your flesh. Repent and tell these sodomits, "GOD hates fags.""

Okay okay... we get the picture.... God hates fags!

""Ditto "grasping at straws".. Look, move on - there are so many other issues that face Christians today." The destruction of the United States of America isn't an important issue to you?? These sins are what the God of Israel commanded us to fight, in His name. I pray for the spiritually blind people in this country, who DO NOT have a clue what following this path of immorality is leading. If you won't believe the Bible, just look at history and the fall of the Roman Empire. There are many, many similarities with modern day USA. Eternity in Hell - think about it!"

Help me remind myself that from now on, everything I'm having sex with someone, I'll think about how I'm destroying society!

This is just a small selection of the hilarious comments posted on this ridiculous website. I urge you all to pay them a visit, you'll laugh your pants off!

Kylie is upon us

The countdown has begun: a week from now, on Monday June 23, I will be at Ahoy Rotterdam to see Kylie Minogue's KylieX2008 Tour! I can't wait, especially since I've seen this setlist (things change from show to show, so it's not certain this will be the exact setlist Kylie will perform in Rotterdam, but still, it looks fantastic!)

Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Ruffle My Feathers
In Your Eyes
Heart Beat Rock
Like A Drug
The One
On A Night Like This
Your Disco Needs You
Step Back In Time
Love At First Sight
In My Arms
Sometimes Samurai
Come Into My World
I Believe In You
That's Why They Write Lovesongs
Spinning Around
No More Rain
All I See
I Should Be So Lucky

Tour poster

Ziena got me this fantastic poster, announcing the Sticky & Sweet Tour concert at the Amsterdam Arena, on september 2. She ripped it off a messageboard on Pinkpop Festival!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mini vacation

I've been having a great day! My parents are on vacation on the island of Schiermonnikoog (the one in the picture) and asked me to come over for a fun day out. Since today is Sunday, I had every chance to go, so at 9.30 this morning I took the ferry, arriving about 40 minutes later.

The weather was already great while on the ferry, and it got even better once I got off on Schiermonnikoog. I took the bus to my parents rented bungalow, where they were already waiting for me. We had a drink, and then went to the village to rent me a bicycle (they already had two). As soon as I had my bike, we rode it to the beach. How great it was to be back on the beach again. There was quite a wind, so there were loads of kite-flyers everywhere. I always enjoy watching them.

I bought my parents lunch on the patio of a nice restaurant, after which we went for a long bike ride across the island. I'm usually not much of a nature person, but I do have to admit it's lovely over there, so I was glad I did.

Back in the bungalow we played some card games on the terrace, after which it was time for me to take the ferry back to the mainland. Unfortunately the lady from the bus company had misinformed me (I want to say 'lied to me') about the current cus strike, so all of a sudden I found myself stranded in the harbour with no means of transportation back home. Luckily enough there were two nice ladies with a car who agreed to take me and two other stranded persons back to Groningen.

A great day, it almost felt as a bit of a mini vacation!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bye bye France

After beating Italy last Monday, we also kicked the fucking shit out of France tonight at the European Cup 2008! Fantastic!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Picture disc

I'm so happy! Warner Music promised the price winners of the Hard Candy Showcase in Paris another gift. Obviously, I was one of the winners, and the gift arrived today: It's a fantastic limited edition picture disc LP of 4 Minutes! A picture disc is an LP where the artwork isn't in the sleeve, but imprinted in the vinyl itself. It's fantastic! Thank you so much, Warner Music!

Sex and the City, the movie

After a 4 year wait, yesterday evening the lights went down, and finally the opening credits of the long awaited Sex and the City movie started. Yes, I was there, on opening night (well, at least, opening night in the Netherlands). I couldn't wait, being the big fan I always was of the tv series, to finally watch the girls on the big screen.

I was a little anxious upfront, knowing that with all the tension build-up, the movie could easily turn into a big dissapointment. Boy was I wrong! It was like they've never been gone and the whole theatre was cheering. Sure, the girls and their love interests looked a bit older and some of them gained some weight, but who cares? Fact of the matter is they are 4 years older, so it would be spooky even if they hadn't aged a bit.

The storyline was pretty much predictable, but I guess that's exactly what the fans wanted. This wasn't a night for big surprises, we just wanted the girl get the guy. Without wanting to spoil too much, we weren't dissapointed. Add to this the endless parade of fashion and fabulousness, and you know we've got a hit on our hands. I need a sequel already!

House hunting, part 2

It's really starting to get going now! Yesterday I got another invitation to go inspect a possible new place to live. As I wrote two weeks ago, the last one looked like it was lifted out of Eastern Europe, so hopefully this one will be better. At least the pictures looked a lot better than the last one!

I have until next Wednesday to decide, so hopefully I will be able to make an appointment for tomorrow, so that I can have the weekend to decide on the matter. Even more important, tomorrow Ziena will be able to come along, as I believe it's always better to have an objective trustworthy second person on scene.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Give It 2 Me

There it is: the cover image of Madonna's new single, Give It 2 Me. The second single from Madonna's fantastic album Hard Candy is bound to become just as big a hit as 4 Minutes. It features Pharell and is an upbeat, happy dance floor song! Madonna sang Give It 2 Me live during the Hard Candy Showcase I attented at Olympia Music Hall in Paris, and she did it absolutely fantastic! I'm sure this will be a great crowd pleaser during the Sticky & Sweet World Tour 2008!

9 months... and counting

Doesn't this picture totally gross you out? Well, my calender says it's June 12, which means today I'm officially a non-smoker for 9 months already! Wow! Can you believe that? 9 Months!

My 4 favourite girls

Yay! Tonight, fi-nal-ly, I'm going to see the Sex And The City movie! It premieres in the Netherlands today, so obviously I needed to go see it on opening night, otherwise magazines would have screwed up the fun by describing the entire plot upfront. Well, actually, I did sneak peek a little on the internet, but that's okay... the plot really isn't that important. The fact my 4 favourite it-girls are back, is way more significant!

Expect a raving review tonight!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ever since Ziena gave me the season 1 DVD box of South park, I'm totally hooked. Well actually, I already owned the movie on DVD, so I was a fan already. Anyway, it's only three weeks later, and as of yesterday I'm the proud owner of season 1 through 4 (out of 12, so far). I can watch South park episodes back to back all evening and still not get tired of it.

So, readers, tell me: who's your favourite South Park character? Mine's mister Mackey, the school councelor, mmmmkay?

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