Thursday, July 31, 2008


Pleasantville is on Dutch television tonight! Starring Toby McGuire, it's bound to be a great movie! After jogging for 40 minutes and biking 25 kilometres (just like yesterday), I deserve to spend the rest of the evening as a couch potato!

Sticky & Sweet DVD

According to a source at LiveNation, Madonna will be filming her Sticky & Sweet World Tour 2008 at the Madison Square Garden in New York City, on October 11 and 12. Probably one of the two shows will be the DVD release, with the other one being filmed as backup.

Take the bike out

Today's a great day as well, so I figured I'm going to give last night a re-run. After work, first I'm going jogging, and then I'm gonna ride my bike around on the countryside again. It feels healthy, so it must be good! I'm planning on doing this more often, going in different directions each time I take my bike out. I realise I never really see anything of the surroundings of Groningen, so this is a good chance to make up for the lost time!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Miles Away - third single

MadonnaTribe News has just heard from reliable sources that it's 200% confirmed at this moment that Miles Away is going to be the third single off the Hard Candy album, after 4 Minutes and Give It 2 Me! I was already hoping for Miles Away to become a single. At the Hard Candy Showcase at Olympia in Paris, this was my favourite song, so I can't wait to see the video.

Hopefully the single will come out during the Sticky & Sweet Tour, for maximum exposure. Now if only Beat Goes On could become the 4th single, I would be a very happy Madonna fan!

A healthy evening

I've been such a good boy tonight! Right after work, I put on my jogging clothes and ran for about 40 minutes through the park. After I was done, I felt like on the bridge of a heart attack, so I must have done something right calorie-burning wise. So I got home, took a shower, and decided it was way too hot in the house, and I felt like I still had a lot of energy left, so I took my bike and rode about 25 kilometres across the countryside surrounding the city I live in.

I didn't know this could be so much fun! I'm usually not that big of a nature-fan, but this was really great. I rode alongside a canal, which is always a good thing. Water cheers things up no matter what. Besides, the weather was great for an outdoor activity, so I just kept going. Saw some villages I didn't even know existed as well. I should do this more often!

On my way back home, I went by the supermarket, and only bought good, healthy food! With all this, losing weight should be paying off, right? Besides, I'm not too heavy to begin with (my BMI is perfect). It's just all concentrated in one place, which is a nasty side effect for quiting smoking almost 11 months ago. I'm sure I'll get rid of it!

War games

Lately I'm re-watching my DVD collection, so yesterday it was time for War Games (incidentally, last Saturday this movie was on Dutch TV as well, but I missed it). A great movie, starring a teenaged Matthew Broderick, in one of his first succeses.

War Games is set in the 80s, around the time when Ronald Reagan had thrown away the concept of detante, and brought the world back on the alert of thermonuclear war. The idea of the movie is, that in all its sophistication, the United States ICBM silo system still had one major flaw: humans. During a test, it turns out that 22% of the missileers are reluctant to turn their key upon launch orders, thereby keeping their Minuteman III ICBM's in the ground, as a sitting duck for Sovjet missiles. As a result of this test, a new supercomputer called WOPR is installed to operate the silo's from now on.

You've guessed it: things go very wrong from there. By accident, computerfreak teenager Daniel (Broderick) breaks into the WOPR, thereby starting a calculation process in which the computer thinks the Sovjet Union is planning on taking on an all-out nuclear attack on the United States. The better part of the movie is about the boy, with his girlfriend helping him, desperately trying NORAD to understand it's all just a simulation, and the Sovjets aren't really planning on destroying the US.

Great movie, not just because it shows the thread our everyday can be in when we give away all control to computers, but also because it's one of the few films that succeeded in making a somewhat light movie about such a serious subject as thermonuclear war. I highly recommend it!

Take it with dignity

Oh, how they can't take their loss... One News Now felt the following article was their only reaction to the news I posted here earlier. Typical, every time they (in their opinion) lose a battle, they blame it on unfairness of either the other party or the system in general.

A pro-family activist is outraged that a liberal columnist would write a totally biased piece attacking the character of a woman who has unashamedly supported the ban on homosexuals serving in the military.

Robert Knight of the Media Research Center (MRC) praised Elaine Donnelly in a recent column in Townhall for her recent testimony before the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Personnel. The pro-family leader says Donnelly – president of the Center for Military Readiness -- was surrounded by the hostile faces of the liberal members of Congress who dominated the "hearing" on the military's ban on homosexual service.

"She got [verbally] beat up twice. First by the congressmen who showed her no respect, and then the Washington Post's columnist Dana Milbank just went after her, ridiculed her and made her out to be an enraged clown," he details.

Knight defends Donnelly by describing her as one who "does her homework," and one who "doesn't panic under pressure." He also notes that she conducts herself in a very professional manner. (Read Donnelly's comments on the hearing: "'Deck stacked' against pro-family representatives")

The MRC spokesman also warns that members of the military who have traditional values can expect the same kind of treatment Donnelly received at the hands of Congress and the Washington Post. "No respect, no recourse, no opportunity to make your case," he adds. "You're just maligned [and] silenced."

A stroll down memory lane

After watching my favourite show Gossip Girl yesterday, I remembered all the other drama shows I've loved in the passed, esepcially when I was a teenager.

With Beverly Hills 90210 coming up in a revamped version, does anyone still remember the original? At my school, everyone was watching it, and every Friday (it came on on Thursday in the Netherlands), it was the talk in the school cafetaria. My favourite character was Brenda (I suppose she was everyone's favourite), so after she left the show I felt a little dissapointed.

A bit of a step up from 90210 was Melrose Place, anyone remember that? the storylines in Melrose Place were completely insane. It seemed like every week someone got killed, the building was blown up, and someone was pregnant with a child from a married man. In other words: all the stuff that made up for a great show!

Then of course, around that same time, there was Baywatch. Did Baywatch have any storylines at all? It seemed to be mostly about beautiful people running around on the beach in slowmotion. I didn't mind though, as long as one of those people was the yummy yummy David Charvet!

A few years later, during college, I was a big fan of Dawson's Creek. Even though it was unrealistic as hell (what teenager talks like that?!), it was still 45 minutes of good fun every week. I was totally in love with Kerr Smith, who played Jack. Once I found out in real life he had a wife and kids, I was over him in a second, ha!

Later on, obviously, there were great shows everywhere... Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewifes, Dirt... The list is endless! Keep them coming, and tell me what your favourites were and are!

Liz speaks

Madonna's press agent Liz Rosenberg has spoken out on the not so flattering pictures recently surfacing in the press:

Madonna was photographed leaving the Kaballah Center in New York on Friday looking gaunt and tired. But pictures can lie, says her publicist.

"I just think the photographer got a bad shot of her or it was touched up to make her look bad," says her rep Liz Rosenberg. "I saw Madonna two days before at her rehearsal and she looked amazing - glowing skin and working really hard on her show."
"She may look a little thinner than usual," continues Rosenberg, "but she was dancing and singing better than ever and ate a nice healthy meal."

Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Hoefflin says weight loss can make for sharp cheekbones.
"From a physician who has never evaluated or treated Madonna, it's my impression that if she has lost significant weight, that you're seeing a good amount of facial fat loss in her face," he tells People magazine.
"The cheekbones can often stand out, appearing as [though] someone has undergone some form of mid-face enhancement," he adds.

As for the expression on Madonna's face in the photos, her rep joked, "Maybe she was getting ready to hurl a spitball at somebody."

Could it be the stress of the recent the rumors about her marriage? No, says Rosenberg.
"She's working hard rehearsing eight hours a day for her tour," says the rep, who also called rumors that the singer ghost-wrote parts of her brother's tell-all book "ludicrous."

"If she had anything to do with that book, it would have been better written and more eloquent," says Rosenberg. "To say Madonna needs publicity is insane. Her ticket sales are amazing. And she's in a great space."

From Thanks to Robert. Check out the pictures that made so many eyebrows rise as published on yesterday's "Bild", thanks to Susanne.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A fresh look

As my regular readers will probably know by now, every once in a while I like to give Totally Theo a new look. Today was one of those days, so here I present to you the new layout. Hope you enjoy it!

Brand new episode

Don't forget, Dutchies: tonight, at 8.30 PM on Net5, a brand new episode of Gossip Girl!

Conservative whining

Please read this funny article by our friends over at One News Now. I'll comment on the bold phrases afterwards.

A conservative pro-family leader says the deck was truly stacked against her when she recently sat before a congressional sub-committee and defended the military's ban on homosexuals.

The hearing before the House Armed Services Sub-Committee on Personnel was ostensibly called to discuss H.R. 1246 -- known as "The Military Readiness Enhancement Act." That bill would repeal the 1993 law that strictly bans homosexuals from serving in the military, but it is often confused with Bill Clinton's "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, was one of just two pro-family representatives who spoke in opposition to the bill. She claims Democrats went out of their way to prevent their position from being treated in an objective way.

"The follow-up media describing this hearing just continued a very abusive atmosphere. It was not by any means the kind of fair hearing that we had been led to expect," she contends. "But that was for two reasons -- the Democrats were determined to shape the hearing into the image that they had in mind. And secondly, the Republicans did not show up."

Donnelly says the way she was treated during the hearing actually demonstrated the kind of intolerance the military can expect if the new policy goes into affect. If it does, she believes it will no longer be an option to oppose any portion of the homosexual agenda -- something Donnelly calls "truly radical."

Okay, first of all: nowhere in this article it is actually stated how this woman was treated. Sure, she tells us she been treated badly a couple of times, but she never gives us any details. I don't see a reason for outrage as the article gives no such reason.
Secondly: the Republicans didn't show up... So there goes your precious 'party of values'. Haha, isn't it obvious by now the Republicans don't give a flying fuck about the Conservatives? Let this be a lesson. I do, however, wonder how the Democrats were determined to shape the hearing into their image. With the Republicans absent, I'd say the Democrats had every right to do so.
Last but not least: please tell me what's so 'radical' about the gay (remember One News Now loves using the word 'homosexual' even when the original AP press release stated 'gay', so I can do the same the other way round) agenda? They only thing they want is equal rights. Yes, you heard that right: equal rights. No 'special rights' as you fuckers over at Conservative websites love to distort the truth. Just equal rights. Just deal with it.

Lazy days

After five days of what felt like a genuine heatwave, yesterday after work we went swimming at the Hoornse Plas, which is Groningen's recreational facility. It was really great to finaly get some cooling down, after so many days of warmth. Tonight, right after work, we're going again, which is something I'm already looking forward to!

When I got back home yesterday, I settled myself on my balcony with a nice gossip magazine. The weather was still very good, actually, even better than during daytime, because of a nice light breeze. I stayed out until about 10, only because after that it was too dark outside to read my magazine. remind me to buy some candles or something tonight!

Tonight of course there's a new episode of Gossip Girl on television. I'm a big fan, and not just because of Chace Crawford (well, mostly because of him, but I really like the storyline as well). Another lazy evening to look forward to!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Still number one

Great news! For the third week in a row, Madonna's single Give It 2 Me is #1 in the official Dutch Top 40!

Kylie at the O2 Arena

For her first (out of seven) nights at the O2 Arena London, Kylie has traded the purple dress she wore for the opening act of each KylieX2008 show, for a classy black one. As always, she looks fabulous! With the DVD being filmed next Saturday, August 2 at the O2 Arena as well, could this be her filmed outfit as well? Either way, the DVD is going to be fantastic!

Get some rest

As much as I love and adore her, Madonna looks genuinely scary in these pictures, taken last week in New York. Seems like all the rumours, along with her brother's book and the rehearsels for her upcoming Stikcy & Sweet Tour, are taking their toll...

Saturday, July 26, 2008


This seems to be an annual recurring theme to me, but allow me to take a moment to complain about the heat... This afternoon, I went shopping a bit, and I swear, I almost fainted. It's so fucking hot just breathing makes you sweat your ass off. Why does Holland always have to have these stupid extremes? We never have a normal summer, it's just raining and cold, and then, without some sort of transistion period, it's hot as hell.

I hate heat, so I seriously wish for this weather to move the fuck on. Give me some rain!

Win tickets for KylieX2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Partner

I just finished reading John Grisham's novel The Partner. Without spoiling too much in case you'd want to read it yourself: great book, although I was extremely dissapointed in the ending. Grisham could have done better. Still, it made up for two weeks of great reading.

Any suggestions as to what I should read next?

Sticky & Sweet merchandise

Have a look at the first Sticky & Sweet merchandise, this fantastic shirt:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer time!

Could summer finally be kicking in? This morning I woke up at about 7, and already the sun was shining and the birds were singing. Instant happiness! I decided to take the afternoon of from work to take maximum profit from this rare sunny day in the Netherlands! Maybe I'll be in luck and this will continue over the weekend!

Also, it's always a good thought being at the office knowing you won't be there very long. I love my job, but of course nothing's better than just relaxing, doing nothing. So, it's only a couple of hours for me to go, and then I'll be bakin'!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nutcases everywhere

If you thought OneNewsNow were a bunch of complete idiots, wait till you see the lunatics at WorldNetDaily - A Free Press for a Free People. They beat anything, and then some... OneNewsNow is actually quite nice compared to the absolute venom WorldNetDaily puts on everyday.

I just discovered them a couple of days ago, and really... if anyone still says Evangelical Christians are a loving, caring people, I will laugh at them right into their faces. These people are the most hateful, intolerant, biased fuckers around. The don't have any trouble twisting the truth as long as it fits their needs. Worse, they don't have any trouble trying to impose their stupid BC laws and regulations on the rest of their country, or, if it were up to them, world.

It's funny how Christians are forever whining about the decrease in influence they're having on politics, society, and life in general. For some strange reasons they prefer to keep their blindfolds on and refuse to see the rest of us are just simply fed up with their constant protests, intolerance and, quite frankly, plain stupidity.

How I would love to see their fuckfaced smiles disappear when Obama gets elected President of the United States, and their precious Republican Party is forced to leave the White House! Is that hateful? Yes it is, I'm just paying them back in the only language they understand.

What do we think of the Jonas Brothers?

In the United States the Jonas Brothers, another one of the clean-cut Disney manufactured acts, are HUGE already, along the lines of High School Musical and Hannah Montana. Here in the Netherlands it's not going so fast yet... after mojor pushing by our biggest radiostation Radio 538, their single SOS only managed to just make it into the Top 40, but not nearly into the top 10.

While I really like High School Musical (obviously because of the presence of the delicious Zac Efron), I'm not sure yet where I stand on the Jonas Brothers issue. I don't really like the fact they are being presented as being oh so clean. You know, the Christian contemporary rock thing, which usually sucks big time. In fact, they're wearing purity rings, meaning they vow to remain virgins until marriage, but I guess they are fucking groupies after every show on their tour.

By the way, if that were true, I would instantly like them!

Welcome to the Sayhey crowd

Yesterday another Kylie fan posted my blog URL on SayHey, one of the most popular Kylie forums. As a result, my pageviews went up imediately, and continue to do so. So, I want to say thank you to this particular Kylie fan, and welcome, to all other Kylie fans!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Live at Gelredome

As I mentioned before, I really like Dutch singer Anouk (been to a couple of her concerts, own like 5 CD's, met her once), so today I bought her new live album Live At Gelredome.

Love it! As I knew from shows I've been to, she can deliver the goods live just as well as she does on the record. I've always seen her in relatively small venues, so it's nice to hear her doing great at a huge stadium like Gelredome is. I highly recommend this album!

She did it again

She did it again! Give It 2 Me is #1 in the Dutch Official Top 40 for the second week in a row! This means Madonna's fantastic single is the most popular song in the Netherlands for yet another week!

A visit from EMI

Apparantly all my Kylie Minogue promotion is paying off just a bit. Both yesterday and this morning I got a pageview originating from EMI Music in London. Parlophone (the label Kylie's signed to) of course, is a sub-label from EMI Records.

If you visit me again, dear EMI people, please leave me a message!

X0X0 Gossip Girl

Dutch TV started airing two Gossip Girl episodes per Tuesday night, and I couldn't be more happy! I know a couple of weeks ago I had to admit I didn't really like the show (except, obviously, from the totally hunky gorgeous Chase Crawford), but now, a few weeks later, all that's changed. I guess it just took some time to get used to the characters.

I need to buy myself some snacks for tonight, and enjoy the show!

Monday, July 21, 2008

KylieX2008 - the DVD

And speaking of Kylie: word is just in the KylieX2008 DVD will be filmed on August 2, at the O2 Arena London, UK. People have already been receiving e-mails from the producers, regarding changing seat allocations because of the camera's needed to film the show, so we can pretty much assume this is official!
I'm excited! This show was so fantastic, I can't wait to see it over and over again on DVD!

Bittersweet Goodbye

Recently I rediscovered Kylie Minogue's fantastic Light Years album (obviously, because during the KylieX2008 Tour there are so many songs from this album on the setlist). One of my favourite songs (that she unfortunately didn't sing during the tour), is Bittersweet Goodbye:

Here we are in the dead of night
Will you keep me warm and hold me tight
All we have is until the dawn
Let the night be long and ease the dawn
I love you more than you'll ever know
It hurts to see you go
So Darling sing me a lullaby
Bittersweet goodbye
Don't think about the future now
These few hours
Let the nighttime envelop us
Take us under
Bewitching spell, bewitching spell
Here we are in the dead of night
Won't see you past the morning light
So Darling sing me a lullaby
Bittersweet goodbye
Remember me when you're away

Dutch pride

Isn't this cool? Dutch pride Anouk is in Los Angeles for a week to work with people like Glen Ballard (songwriter for Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill, among others). While she's there, Perez Hilton has taken her to the Hollywood Bowl for a night out. As you may know, Perez is promoting Anouk on his site for quite some time now. Being Dutch, obviously I'm pleased with his little campaign, especially since I've met Anouk once myself, and been to some of her concerts!

Weekend update part 78363948

As seems to be the case every time I sit down to write my first post of the week, the weekend has been great, but far too short... Then again, the weather couldn't be more shitty than it is today, so perhaps it's for the best to be back in the office, being nice and warm.

Friday I went for drinks with Remco and Mirjam at our favourite cafe, called De Pintelier. You can get all sorts of imported and special beer, and the ambiance is great, so I always enjoy coming there. Anneke came over as well for a bit, so it was all nice and cozy. Afterwards, I went home for a bite to eat, and then went back into town to meet up with Roel for drinks. A fun evening!

Saturday I was planning on going to get my hair cut, but unfortunately it was too busy so I have to try and get myself another appointed. Because the weather was just horrible, I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon indoors, and just watched some DVD's.

Saturday night I was on a sort of date. I'm calling it 'sort of', because I don't really like the word date. It puts pressure on things while in the end you just want to have a good time. Well, a good time I had! We went for drinks, and I had a great evening!

Sunday Ziena and I went out for lunch, yumyum! After that, I went to Leeuwarden to visit my parents, which made up for a nice afternoon and evening. Once back in Groningen, it was early to bed for me, and now it's back to normal life...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Out and about

Madonna, looking hot as ever, was spotted in New York City this week. Madonna is, as you probably know by now, in New York for rehearsels of her upcoming Sticky & Sweet World Tour 2008. Opening night, August 23 at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, is approaching!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Get me an iPhone

I know I'm being a Material Guy right now... but I want, make that NEED, an iPhone 3G!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Feelgood movies

The Prince And Me

Chasing Liberty

I'm such a sucker for romantic comedies... This week, Dutch television was made for, as Wednesday The prince And Me was broadcast, while Thursday Chasing Liberty was on. Very similiar themes, and both great feelgood movies!

Asian delight

Good news for Asian fans: there's been talks with Live Nation to bring Madonna's Sticky & Sweet World Tour to countries such as China. According to MadonnaTribe, because of the Olympics in Beijing, concert tours aren't allowed into the country in 2008. However, if Madonna were to extend her tour into 2009, there's a good chance mainland Asia will finally get the chance to see the Queen. As you may know, in 1993 Madonna was to bring her Girlie Show World Tour to Beijing, but refused to come when Chinese authorities demanded the show to be censored.

While she's in Asia, maybe she could pay Australia a visit as well? The Aussies down under haven't seen Madonna since 1993, when her Girlie Show World Tour made stops in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Of course, all of this is speculation, but there's nothing wrong with keeping ones hopes up!

Monogamy's the word

Yesterday evening there was one of those Oprah-esque discussion shows on television, concerning relationships and everything around it. One of the people being interviewed, claimed monogamy is a human ability, programmed into our brains so that we would feel the urge to stay with the person who we have children with. If this guy was talking about women, I would have believed him somewhat (not entrely), but when it comes to men, I definitely don't believe him. In fact, I think the biological thing to do is to impregnant as many women as posibble, thus to maximalise ones offspring.

Of course, this is strictly from a biological point of view. I think men do have the urge to cheat on our partners, except there's this thing called love that restricts some of us from doing so. I've been in three long term relationships, and not one of them have I cheated upon. This was not because there wasn't ample oppurtunity, but simply because I didn't want to. I believe people are able to make a decision for themselves stating they will remain faithful to their partner. I do believe it's not the natural thing to do, so it will take some effort, but in the end, if you really want it, it's not such a big deal to stick to it.

I think it's funny to see how opinions can differ on this subject. I've heard from plenty of people who are in so-called open relationships, which means they can screw around as much as they want to, while having a steady partner. This is something I simply don't understand... If the need is there to screw around, doesn't that tell you something about your relationship? How can a partner agree with this, I wonder? I could never be in a relationship with someone knowing that he was having a ulterior life I wasn't involved in.

Interesting subject, if you ask me. Any thoughts?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sticky & Sweet updates

Time for some great Sticky & Sweet World Tour 2008 tidbits, cause Madonna hasn't exactly been taking it calm:

Two new shows have been added to the already very full tour schedule: Madrid on September 16, and Valencia on September 18. The Spanish fans are in real luck today!

Both Paris shows will have Bob Sinclar as pre-show. I'm going to both shows at the Stade De France, so obviously I'm thrilled, as I'm seeing Robyn at the Amsterdam and Dusseldorf shows. It's great to have two different pre-shows!

Additionally, DJ Benni Benassi will be pre-show for the Italian show, at the Olympic Stadium in Rome!

A new oldie but goodie has been added to the setlist: Like a Prayer!!! Oh my God, first Vogue, and now Like a Prayer? I feel like I could die in peace now!

Zac Efron at the Espy Awards

Looking yummy as ever, I just can't get enough of him...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Leave the dead alone

Please read this quote below:

...Vargas pulled out all the stops, even repeating the gay-activist-created myth that Wyoming college student Matthew Shepard "was killed for being gay." Shepard, as revealed in an ABC News investigation on 20/20 on Nov. 26, 2004, was tied to a fence and left to die after a drug deal turned into a robbery in 1998. The assailants, who were convicted of murder and given life terms, picked out Shepard not to make a savage point about hating gays but because he was carrying cash and looked like an easy mark. Nonetheless, the media have continued to follow the "killed for being gay" script written for them by homosexual activists who flooded into Wyoming and made Matthew the martyr for their cause.

Obviously, this quote comes from those fuckers over at OneNewsNow, how else could it be such a twist of the truth. It has been thoroughly proven Matthew Shepard was killed for being gay. How dare they make it sound like he was some sort of drug runner who got killed just out of bad luck. Really, if I could ever have 5 minutes alone with these ''journalists' (they aren't really journalists, since they can't write anything objectively)....

Give THIS 2 me!

Front side:

Back side: any other name

In the Netherlands, where same-sex marriage is legal, there is some controversy today over our new word 'geboortenaam', which means birthname. Up until recently, when a married woman would fill in her own last name, this would be called her 'meisjesnaam', meaning her maiden name. Obvious, this calls for some problems when it's a guy, instead of a girl, involved.

To solve this, the Dutch Language Union came up with this new word to avoid any embarrassing problems. Obviously, this was causing controversy from people who oppose same-sex marriage. Luckily enough this is not the United States, so the controverse was limited to under ten negative remarks in newspapers. I can only imagine what kind of outrage this would have caused for conservative Christians in the American Bible Belt.

Personally, I don't really care for this new word, as I don't really care for marriage. Not just for gay people, but in general. I guess that's what you get when your parents are divorced. The institution loses some of its charm. Then again, I am a firm believer in equal rights, so when it comes to that, I guess I'm glad we've taken another step to straighten things out (pun definitely intended! ha!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It cuts both ways

The following article is published by our friends over at OneNewsNow and their lunatic parent organisation American Family Association. Let me get this straight (no pun intended): the AFA can boycott everyone and everything they want, but when the opponents do the same, it's mean spirited? Are you fucking kidding me? The AFA is constantly boycotting companies who do not agree with their lunatic ideas, McDonalds being only the most recent example. How the fuck is this clueless organisation able to write such things without being complete hypocrits (and nutcases, for that matter).

Homosexual activists are calling for a boycott of a California businessman who financially supported a constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage. Doug Manchester, owner of the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, made the political donation in support of Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment initiative appearing on the state's ballot in November. Now homosexual activists are calling for a boycott of that hotel and the Grand Del Mar in San Diego.

Randy Thomasson of the Campaign for California Families says the activists are being "mean spirited." "They are trying to grind a person into the dust, and they are really against free speech," he adds.

Thomasson suggests that Christians and pro-family people should turn the boycott around and support business that wish to remain family-friendly. "Look, there's more pro-family people in America and San Diego than there are homosexual activists," he contends. "[S]o we can vote with our dollars before we actually vote on the ballot." Thomasson argues that family and marriage advocates can effectively counter the boycott by spending their vacation dollars at either of the hotel facilities.

Manchester is one of several wealthy business owners who have donated to the campaign, which would overturn the California Supreme Court decision that legalized homosexual "marriage."

Totally crap

I seem to have a tendency for really bad movies, but sometimes it's even too silly for me. Yesterday was no exception: Slackers was on television, which is a bit of a b-movie student comedy, comparable to American Pie, except it's not funny. Arguably, American Pie has its moments, and though I'm sure it's nt for everyone, there is a sense of comedy which to me is good enough for a fun evening.

All the elements that make American Pie fun to watch (over the top humour, filthy jokes everywhere, goodlooking people, at least some of them...), lacks Slackers. This movie is just about being as stupid as you possibly can, with no real storyline. I stopped watching after about an hour, which means I kept watching about 59 minutes too long.

It made me wonder how stupid Hollywood thinks we are, or, worse, how stupid most people probably are. Obviously, there's a market for these kind of movies, otherwise the studio's wouldn't keep producing them. Who are the people who actually enjoy this kind of 'entertainment'? Are they completely brainless? It's not just movies, just to see certain television shows, or reading certain magazines and newspapers (tabloids such as The Sun come to mind), really makes me wonder how stupid as a society we really are.

I'm certainly not against mindless entertainment, mind you. Hell, after a long day at work I like nothing better than to just lay down on the couch, sit back and relax, and watch some easy watchable movie. The thing is, there is a difference betwen mindless fun, and just plain stupid ´fun´. I don´t think this is about a difference in taste, especially since these kind of movies are just tasteless. It just makes me a bit sad to see so many people like this crap.


Do you know the Danish hipster band called Alpha Beat? Right now, they're having a huge hit in the Netherlands with their single Fascination (not as big a hit of course as Madonna, who's Give It 2 Me is #1) so now they're coming to the netherlands on tour. Remco and I are going to see them on November 15, at the oosterpoort in Groningen (my hometown). Sounds like fun!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Another #1

Fantastic news is just in! This week, Madonna's new single Give It 2 Me rises from #8, to the top spot #1 in the Dutch official Top 40. Since I live in the Netherlands, I'm very pleased with this chart news! Usually second single's from albums are having a hard time getting to #1, so it's great this is the second #1 from Hard Candy, after 4 Minutes having been a #1 single as well!

Congratulations, Madonna!

Interesting reading

I know he's an absolute scumbag for writing this book, but the fact remains, that I, as a Madonna fan, want to read everything there is to read about the Queen of Pop. So, now that Christopher Ciccone (Madonna's brother) is about to release his tell-all Life With My Sister Madonna book, of course I placed a pre-order.

I know it's bad, cause really this asshole shouldn't be sponsored for betraying his family the way he did, but my curiousity wins it from my disgust with him. I will take the book with a bucket of salt, since it seems money is Christopher's only motivation for writing the book, but I suppose it will make for a couple of hours nice reading.

A new album? Take that!

One of my favourite bands in the world, Take That, are working on a new album! Yay! Beautiful World, their first album since their comeback, was fantastic, and provided for an even more fantastic tour, so hopefully this new album will be able to match the previous one. More important, we need a tour to accompany the album!

Their last show, the Beautiful World Tour 2007, was fantastic. I saw the show in Ahoy Rotterdam, unfortunately from the stands. I just didn´t want to be in line all day with those hardcore Take That fans (me being a hardcore Madonna fan, I know what it´s like in those lines). In the Netherlands, concerts are almost always general admission on the floor, so unless you stand in line for a long time, you´ll end up somewhere in the back, which is why I chose to be in the stands (where there´s an assigned seat for you, not that I sat on it, but it´s good to know it´s there).

For their next tour, I plan to travel to either the O2 Arena in London, or the Manchester Evening News Arena. In the UK usually the floors are seated, so you can just order yourself a front row ticket (with a bit of luck, and of course hoping those bastards from Ticketmaster aren't scalping their own tickets before making them available to the public). Either way, I really hope there's going to be a tour, but in the mean time, I'm happy to know there's an album coming up!

Fun with fries

Talking about twisting a story to fit your own beliefs... Our friends at OneNewsNow are still working on their McDonalds boycott (without much success, it seems). Read their funny story down below!

A spokesman for McDonald's restaurants says those who oppose same-sex "marriage" are motivated by hate.

Earlier this month, the American Family Association (AFA) called for a boycott of the hamburger giant because of the company's promotion of the homosexual agenda. The AFA took issue with McDonald's refusal to remain neutral in the culture war.

But in a recent Washington Post article, McDonald's spokesman Bill Whitman suggested that those who oppose same-sex "marriage" are motivated by hate. However, AFA Founder Don Wildmon disagrees and says McDonald's has bought into rhetoric used by homosexual activists.

"They've said for years and years that if you oppose their lifestyle, then you are a hateful person," notes Wildmon. "We've given McDonald's ample opportunity to stop supporting the homosexual agenda. They have said in no uncertain terms that they are going to go on supporting the homosexual groups and helping the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce go before Congress and lobby for a national right to marry," he points out.

Wildmon adds that most people are unaware of McDonald's cooperation with homosexual activist groups. "All they see is Ronald McDonald and the kids playing," he continues. "We're asking people to tell your neighbors about it. Call your local McDonald's restaurant, be kind and polite, you don't have to be ugly at all, and let the manager know, hey, I'm not coming back until McDonald's stops supporting the homosexual agenda," says Wildmon.

McDonald's donated $20,000 to the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, in exchange for membership and a seat on the group's board of directors.

I should get paid for all the links I provide to their insane website...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

10 months... and counting

This is what happens when it's been such a long time: I totally forgot to mention that yesterday it was exactly ten months ago I puffed away my last cigarette. Ten months... that's almost a year (and yes, I promise, after a year I won't dedicate a monthly post to the subject anymore, maybe annual, but that's about it).

When I quit smoking, I thought the hardest thing would be not to smoke while going out. Starting July 1st, all bars and clubs in the Netherlands are smoke-free, so that's not a problem at all anymore (actually it wasn't a problem before, only the first three or four weeks). There's a smoking room in my favourite club now, and it just looks pathetic, all those people coming out smelling like hell. I'm so glad I'm not a sorry ass addict anymore!

Only two more months to go after which I can officially call myself an ex-smoker (it starts with a year, I suppose)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Going strong

As you can see, Madonna and Guy are still going strong, being photographed leaving the Kaballah Center in New York hand in hand.

In Madonna-related news, 4 Minutes is still doing extremely well in the United States! Madonna's 4 Minutes sold 45,679 singles in the USA this past week. 4 Minutes’ total is now 1,973,286 units and it was certified 1xp by the RIAA on June 11 for sales of one million units. As soon as next week, 4M could be eligible for a 2xp certification. Madonna’s only multi-platinum single is Vogue at 2xp.

Shopping makes the world go round

Well, as it turned ou, I bought myself a lot more! Ziena and I were going out for lunch this afternoon, and she had just finished doing some serious shopping. Seeing all the stuff she had bought, I got enthousiastic and wanted to buy myself some things as well, so I got myself two really cool new shirts and Madonna's Give It 2 Me single (it's out since yesterday, go and buy it!).

Tonight Ziena and I are going out, so the new clothes can be shown to the world. Only problem is, with two new shirts, which one am I going to wear? Maybe I should do a quick changeover in the bathroom, at about half of the night, haha!

Anyway, Ziena's coming over at about 9, so I've got a couple of hours to kill. Guess I'm going to watch some SOuth Park episodes!

Good girl gone bad

It's Saturday, so I need to buy things! First I'm gonna have lunch with Ziena, and then I'm gonna buy myself Good Girl Gone Bad Reloaded by Rihanna!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Zac Efron is back!

And he's looking hotter than ever! High School Musical 3 will be released to cinema's (as opposed to being a Disney Channel Original Movie, like the first two installments) in October, so here's something to look forward to!

Rumour has it Zac Efron won't be involved in High School Musical 4, so this third movie will be the last good one. Be sure to check it out when it comes to a cinema near you!

Making headlines

Good news for the media whore in me! Because Madonna turns 50 this year (on August 16), the Netherlands' biggest newspaper De Telegraaf is doing a big article on her rise and rise to fame around her birthday. It turns out, they needed three fans to interview on why they love Madonna, the highlights of her career, and generally what it means to be a big Madonna fan.

You've guessed it: I'm one of those three! They got my phonenumber from Warner Music. Warner, obviously, has it because of the Hard Candy Showcase, last May, at Olympia Music Hall in Paris.

I talked to the journalist for about 20 minutes over the phone, so now I need to decide on a place to take the picture. They're actually sending a photographer over! I'm really excited!

The article will be published somewhere in August. When it's printed, I will immediately put a scan on!

Another week has passed

It seems like only yesterday the last weekend started, but there you have it: it's Friday again. This past week has gone by incredibly fast, thanks to my two days off. Monday felt like a Friday since afterwards there was a semi-weekend to enjoy. Then of course on Tuesday Leendert and I went to see Mika at the Westerpark in Amsterdam. Afterwards, I stayed over at Bo's place in Utrecht, where I had to leave really early the next day to get back in Groningen in time.

On Wednesday I was still having a day off from work, so I asked my mother to come over for a visit. She did, and we had a great day. The only downside was the fact I was so tired from barely getting any sleep the night before, but we had a nice day regardless.

Thursday obviosuly I had to go back to work, since it can't be a holiday every day. I was having quite a busy day, but that's just the way I like it, so I was actually happy to be back. And so now it's Friday, so the weekend is upon us already again. I don't have any official plans yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something and have a great weekend. I hope you'll do the same!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun with a cameraphone

Before we went clubbing last Saturday, but after a shitload of booze, Leendert, Elske and I decided to make some pictures of ourselves at my place. Here are the (rather silly) results.

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