Saturday, August 30, 2008

A week off

Today is my first day of a week vacation! I'm going to Madonna's Sticky & Sweet shows in Amsterdam and Dusseldorf (and, in a few weeks, to both Paris shows), and I'm getting the key to my new appartment next Friday. It's gonna be a fun week, and I intend to enjoy every minute of it!

Yesterday I went to Rotterdam for Leendert's housewarming party. Had a great time! Tonight there's another party to go to, but right now I'm enjoying my time at home just listening to music and fucking about a bit. A month from now I won't live here anymore, so I figures it's kinda nice to enjoy a couple more fun nights at home. I purposely didn't invite company over, so that I can put my music on as loud as I want to.

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with my friends Bo and Arjen, who both live in Utrecht but come over to groningen for the weekend. Sounds like fun!

Rehearsals in Zurich

The fourth Sticky and Sweet show will take place tonight in Zurich. There is quite good news for Hot Tickets holders: as it happened in Berlin, all Hot Ticket purchasers were admitted into the Airport field a few minutes before the general admissions tickets holders. As people was stil trying to make their way to the front of the huge airport field, Madonna was rehearsing Devil. The pitch was almost filled up when Madonna and her crew decided to go on with the rehearsals. The Queen of Pop rehearsed Human Nature, Into the Groove, Miles Away and Candy Shop.
Madonna appeared in a great mood and even teased the audience by telling that she should have charged more since they were getting the show twice!

Thanks to MadonnaTribe!

Nice in the news

No smoking

From Madonna's official website:

"Dear Madonna fans, The Material Girl has embarked on her "Sticky & Sweet" Tour and is currently performing live in several European cities. While thousands of you attend the show each and every night, our girl is giving her best to each and everyone of you.
Singing and dancing along with her is a fantastic way to support her, but there's a little something some of you can do to turn the experience into the ultimate one. If you're watching the show from the first front rows, we ask that you please refrain from smoking as it blows up on the stage. Thank you for your understanding, we appreciate your help!"

Friday, August 29, 2008

Security check

Even the stars need to go through security check! Madonna, last night, leaving Berlin after her Sticky & Sweet show at the Olympic Stadium.

KylieX2008 not over yet

Very exciting news from


After wowing audiences and critics across the UK and Europe in what has been hailed as her most flamboyant show yet! (Manchester Evening News), Kylie's confirmed tour dates in Sydney and Melbourne...and for the first time ever Auckland!

Kylie said she can't wait to bring KylieX2008 to Australia and New Zealand this December:

"It's been such a joy to take this show to so many countries that I've never been to before, but it's a real thrill to be bringing it home to Australia and to be able to share it with you all, Kylie said.

Notably this will be the first time one of Kylie's tours has included New Zealand.

"I'm so excited to finally be able to bring my show to New Zealand. This will be my second visit but my first concert performance and I can't wait to see you all there, Kylie said.

Kylie's X2008 is an enormous A$20m (NZ$24m) production that has already traveled to 21 countries across Europe. More than half a million people have seen the show and been wowed by Kylie's performance, her first class production and her dazzling Jean Paul Gaultier wardrobe.

Australian pre-sale tickets are available from Thursday 4 September and for New Zealand from Friday 5 September. Visit for details.

Australian tickets go on sale to the general public on Monday 8 September at 9am local time.

New Zealand tickets go on sale to the general public on Tuesday 9 September at 9am local time.

Monday 8 December
AUCKLAND - Vector Arena
Ticketmaster 09 970 9700 or

Sunday 14 December
SYDNEY - Acer Arena
Ticketek 132 849 or

Friday 19 December
MELBOURNE - Rod Laver Arena
Ticketek 132 849 or

After wowing audiences across Europe with her X2008 Tour earlier this Summer and confirming Australian dates for December, Kylie's pleased to announce that KylieX2008is coming to South America!, covering Peru, Chile and Argentina this November!

Thursday 6th November
Peru - Lima Explanada Del Monumental

Thursday 13th November
Chile - Santiago Pista Atletica

Saturday 15th November
Argentina - Buenos Aires G E B A

Berlin got Sticky & Sweet

Berlin got Sticky & Sweet yesterday, at the Olympic Stadium!

Next stop: Dubendorf Military Airport in Zurich, the last show before I will see Madonna again!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A normal part of gay life?

Before I start my rant, let me get one thing straight: as long as you're two (or more, whatever's your game) consenting adults, I believe what you do in your own bedroom is your private business, of which I need to know nothing about. So, I'm not in the business of forcing some moral on other people, and that's not the point of what I'm going to write.

Yesterday there was a documentary on Dutch television about (apparently famous) Amsterdam gay sauna Thermos. For those of you not in the know on what a gay sauna is: it's basically a sex house disguised as a proper health and beauty center, where everyone goes around fucking just about anybody. As you might have guessed, I would rather chop my head of than setting one foot into such a place, so everything I'm writing about it is just from television of from hear say.

Anyway, as I wrote before, adults should be able to make up their own minds on attending such an establishment or avoiding it, so that's not the issue here. What is the issue, is that the people who were interviewed in this documentary basically made it look like every gay man in Holland is a regular sauna visitor, and that going to such places is just part of every day gay life. In a way, they even made it look as if there's something wrong with you if you're not willing to go along to places like that.

What pisses me of, is the fact that here's another stereotype many people already buy into when thinking of gays, namely the fact that as it seems everything is just about getting as much sex as possible, preferably from as many different men as possible. Never mind the fact there are tens of thousands gay guys like me, who want nothing to do with it. Never mind this is something that grosses me out just as much as it does the average straight guy. Never mind I'm actually ashamed of the very excistance of places like this.

Moreover, when I logged on to only a few moments after the documentary, there was already a discussion going on, so I decided to join in. Wait a minute... did I say discussion? Basically they all agreed there's nothing wrong with gay sauna's and yes, it is integral part of gay life. When I tried to voice a different opinion, basically all I got as a response was either ridicule or arguments that had absolutely nothing to do with the topic discussed.

So I'm wondering: is it really just me who doesn't agree with what's going on in these gay sauna's (or darkrooms, or crusing spots alltogether for that matter), and who still actually believes in the possibility of a monogamous relationship? Surely there must be others thinking the same way?

Affordable solutions

Allthough usually I throw all commercial (snail) mail away in an instant, this time I was lucky I didn't. Yesterday the new IKEA catalogue smashed on my doormat, which o course couldn't be on a better time. Now that I´m moving to a new appartment, I want to buy myself some new furniture as well, so there´s nothing better than browsing through the catalgue before actually going to the store to handpick stuff.

I´m quite a big fan of IKEA, since it´s affordable and always looks good. I´m sure, if was a millionair, I would only buy myself designer furniture, but seeing that´s not the case, I´m sticking with it this way. The only thing I really hate about IKEA is the fact you need to assemblage the goods yourself. I´m not a handyman at all,so I usually need help putting stuff together. On the other hand, on of the reasons IKEA isn´t expensive is because of the fact you need to work a little on it yourself as well.

Good thing I´ve got enough friends willing to help me out, so I´m sure I´ll be able to pick out some nice things!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Liz on People

Liz Rosenberg, Madonna's press agent and publicist, gave an interview to high end gossip magazine People:

As her Sticky & Sweet Tour kicks into high gear, Madonna is in 'great spirits,' her rep, Liz Rosenberg, tells PEOPLE.
And why shouldn't she be? At the second stop of her European leg, the pop icon was cheered on by famous fans Bono and Elton John in Nice, France, on Tuesday night. (It would seem that her feud with John – who accused her of lip-synching in 2004 – is officially ancient history.)
As the singer gets into the groove of her 51-date world tour, her priorities are simple: 'Making sure the show is perfect - and taking care of her kids and her husband,' says her rep.
And even though she recently celebrated her 50th birthday, Madonna has no plans to retire any time soon.
'The harder Madonna works the happier she is,' says Rosenberg, a longtime friend. 'Because she was a dancer, that's why. It's practice, practice, practice.'
Backstage, the atmosphere is peaceful and family-oriented, with a kids' play room next to the singer's dressing room. On her opening night in Cardiff, Wales, 'She had a massage and a facial - things are very quiet,' says the rep.
Before each show, she spends an hour in hair and makeup, then performs some vocal exercises. Next, she warms up with some form of exercise, 'probably some free weights.'
Daughter Lourdes, 11, will often watch her mom from the wings. 'She is quite casual about it, she can take it or leave it,' says Rosenberg. 'She's comfortable with the dancers. She talks to all of them.'
Lola (as she's known to friends and family) might have a superstar for a mom, but she's no spoiled brat. 'She's very grounded,' swears the rep, who fondly remembers the girl as a makeup-obsessed 2-year-old. 'I think Madonna has done a really good job.'
And despite the recent rumors of marital woe, the singer's husband, director Guy Ritchie, 'absolutely' supports his wife from backstage. 'Guy understood who he was marrying and they have a whole separate life [away from the spotlight],' she insists. 'They are completely fine.'

Pictures from Nice

Wonderfull pictures from last night's Sticky & Sweet show at the Stade Charles Ehrmann in Nice, France. Despite many technical problems, Madonna seems to be in a great mood!. All pictures by MadonnaTribe.

Making arrangements

This morning, before I went to the office, I went by the housing agency, to make some arrangements concerning my new appartment. I'm going to sign the contract on September 5, right after I come back from Dusseldorf. That way I've got the entire weekend to start cleaning and stuff. Then, during my two weeks off around the Sticky & Sweet shows in Paris, I will have plenty of time painting and decorating the house, and of course moving my stuff and buying new furniture! Did I mention already I'm really excited?

The funny thing is, last Saturday Ziena and I went shopping and I saw all kinds of stuff that would be really nice for the house, but because I didn't have a new place to live yet, I didn't want to buy anything, as I didn't want to invest anything in my current place to live anymore. Isn't it a great coincidence that only a couple of days later everything has changed and suddenly it will be great buying nice things!

Anyway, once I'm done decorating and I've moved in properly, I will make some pictures to post here!

Hot tickets

Apparantly, during last night's Sticky & Sweet show at the Stade Charles Ehrmann in nice, Hot Ticket holders were very pissed off! As you may know, Hot Tickets are very expensive tikets that garantee access to the Golden Circle (but not necessarily to the front row). Because I don't like the fact that LiveNation (or perhaps Madonna herself) is trying to squeeze even more money out of the fans by releasing these premium tickets, I decided to boycott them and only buy regular tickets.

It turns out, it pays off! Last night the Hot Ticket holders entered the stadium only to find out that normal ticket holders had already been let in and occupied the entire front row. While I feel sorry for the people who bought the expensive tickets, I'm happy to know I still stand a very good chance of getting to front row, with my regular priced tickets!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The outdoor stage

And here's a look at the outdoor version of the stage, as it's standing at the Stade Charles Ehrmann as we speak!

Moving along

Have I got great news or what? I've decided to take the house, so in just a very short while, I'll be moving! The appartment is great: large living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 balconies, nice neighbourhood! I'm going to the housing agency first thing in the morning tomorrow, to confirm! I'm thrilled.

Allthough I'm on a diet, I bought myself some wine to celebrate, I really think this occasion calls for it!

The stage

Fansite Madonnalicious has published these wonderfull pictures of the huge Sticky & Sweet stage in Cardiff, before showtime. As you know, the stage is build up by now in Nice, ready for tonight's show, after which it will be transported to Berlin. Can't wait to see it for real next week!

Househunting, part 3

I just got great news: tonight I can go visit an appartment where I might want to live. As you may know, I'm desperately trying to get out of the house I'm living in right now, so this is definitely fantastic news! Wish me luck!

KylieX2008 re-run

With all the buzz around Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour, you'd almost forget about the upcoming KylieX2008 DVD. Allthough there is still no finalized release date, UK fans do have the chance to watch it again on television today, on Channel 4! Wish I lived in the UK!


Tonight I'm in for a bit of nostalgia: the movie Big, starring Tom Hanks, will be on television. I've seen this movie about 5 times now, but I'm still looking forward to seeing it again.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Wanna be on top?!

Yay! A new season of America's Next Top Model, presented by the lovely Tyra Banks, has started today on Dutch television. I know what I'll be doing with my Monday evenings from now on!

Don't cry for her Argentina

The long awaited return of the Queen of Pop to Argentina has been confirmed today when the listing of a Sticky & Sweet Tour concert in Buenos Aires has been added to the official tour schedule at

Madonna will perform at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires on December 06, 2008. Also, a second show, on Decmber 20, has been added at the Estadio do Morumbi in Sao Paulo. As of yet the official schedule is as follows:

23 - Millennium Stadium - Cardiff
26 - Stade Charles Ehrmann - Nice
28 - Olymic Stadium - Berlin
30 - Dubendorf Military Airport - Zurich

02 - Amsterdam ArenA - Amsterdam
04 - LTU Arena - Dusseldorf
06 - Olympic Stadium - Rome
09 - Commerzbank Arena - Frankfurt
11 - Wembley Stadium - London
14 - Parque Da Bela Vista - Lisbon
16 - Olympic Stadium - Sevilla
18 - Circuito Ricardo Tormo Cheste - Valencia
20 - Stade De France - Paris
21 - Stade De France - Paris
23 - Danube Island - Vienna
25 - Jaz Beach - Budva
27 - Olympic Stadium - Athens

04 - Izod Center - East Rutherford
06 - Madison Square Garden - New York City
07 - Madison Square Garden - New York City
11 - Madison Square Garden - New York City
12 - Madison Square Garden - New York City
15 - TD Banknorth Garden - Boston
16 - TD Banknorth Garden - Boston
18 - Air Canada Center - Toronto
19 - Air Canada Center - Toronto
22 - Bell Center - Montreal
23 - Bell Center - Montreal
26 - United Center - Chicago
27 - United Center - Chicago
30 - BC Place Stadium - Vancouver

01 - Oracle Arena - Oakland
02 - Oracle Arena - Oakland
04 - Petco Park - San Diego
06 - Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles
08 - MGM Grand Garden Arena - Las Vegas
09 - MGM Grand Garden Arena - Las Vegas
11 - Pepsi Center - Denver
12 - Pepsi Center - Denver
16 - Minute Maid Park - Houston
18 - Ford Field - Detroit
20 - Wachovia Center - Philadelphia
22 - Boardwalk Hall - Atlantic City
24 - Philips Arena - Atlanta
26 - Dolphin Stadium - Miami
29 - Foro Sol Stadium - Mexico City
30 - Foro Sol Stadium - Mexico City

06 - River Plate Stadium - Buenos Aires
10 - Estadio Nacional - Santiago
14 - Maracana Stadium - Rio de Janeiro
18 - Estadio do Morumbi - Sao Paulo
20 - Estadio do Morumbi - Sao Paulo

The reviews are in

The British press, even the tabloids, are full of enthousiasm over Madonna's first Sticky & Sweet show at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Here are just some of the headlines:

Nice is getting Sticky & Sweet

While the whole world is still buzzing with the opening night Sticky & Sweet show at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, the stage set up has already been transported to the Stade Charles Ehrmann in Nice, France, where Madonna will perform her second show on Tuesday, August 26 in front of 45.000 fans. Looks massive!

The weekend in real life

Obviously, with all the Sticky & Sweet buzz going around, it has been quite a weekend for me! You'd almost forget there was more to the weekend than just the show, so allow me to resume my weekend here!

Friday after work, I was looking forward to a quiet evening doing nothing. Even during weekends, sometimes I really feel like just getting on my couch watching a movie or something. So, after inner I first went jogging, which is by now a daily routine I wouldn't want to miss. There's a large park near my house which makes for good scenery, and with my iPod on it's actually really nice just walking between the trees. There's even a small petting farm, with really nice deer and chicken, so that's where I usually take my break, just hanging about a bit with the animals.

When I got home, I watched Mr. and Mrx. Smith again, starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. As I mentioned, I've seen this movie before twice, but I really enjoy it, so I had no problem watching it again. After that, I went to bed for a little more reading in my Life With My Sister Madonna book by Christopher Ciccone. All in all, a quiet, but nice evening.

Saturday Ziena and went for lunch in town, and then did some shopping. The weather was absolutely awful, but as we were looking forward to an afternoon of shopping, we didn't let it bother us. I didn't relly buy anything significant, but we had a good time anyway! Of course, Saturday night was my Sticky & Sweet night, so I spend almost the entire evening behind my computer, to update Totally Theo with tour news as it came in. I sure had a blast, and I hope, you, my readers, were enjoying yourselves as well!

Yesterday I went to visit my parents, which is always a nice way to spend Sunday afternoons. When I got back in Groningen it turned out Leendert was here as well, so I had a quick drink with him. Of course, this quick drink meant water, as I´m not drinking any alcohol these days, in accordance with my diet. Can you believe I lready lost 10 pounds in just 2.5 weeks? I'm really starting to show now, you can actually see I'm losing weight, and I wasn't even that fat in the first place, so I'm extremely happy. I am now 71 kilos, so I've got about 5 to go! Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Game Over!

Since the Drowned World Tour (The End), all of Madonna's shows have ended with letters on the screens, closing over the stage. After the Re-Invention Tour (Re-Invent Yourself) and the Confessions Tour (Have You Confessed?), for the Sticky & Sweet Tour the message is: Game Over!

Press pictures

Official press pictures from Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour opening night, yesterday evening, at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. As you know, press is only allowed to make pictures during the first three songs of the show, so all pictures are from the Gangster/pimp segment of the spectacle.

Opening night pictures

All Sticky & Sweet opening night images thanks to MadonnaTribe.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's showtime! part 3

Welcome back to the live and real time update on Madonna's premiere Sticky & Sweet show at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales!

Update 17:
Madonna has left the stage, but a woman is standing in front of the dancers at the front of the catwalk singing the gospel park - it's electric.

Madonna has remerged from the stage and every single person in the audience is clapping above their heads. Images of fireworks being projected as we move into we move into Ray Of Light. Madonna is just standing at the front of the catwalk, her and a guitar singing her heart out. Psychodelic images of rays of light being projected onto the screens. The audience is singing back to her - And I feel like I just got home...

Update 18:
Madonna is doing a rock version of Hung Up - it's just her and guitar standing on the stage. Literally nothing else. Just her and the band, that's it.

The lighting is very rock and roll and she looks like a pure rock star. There's no ABBA sample here. This is pure rock.

She's still on Hung Up and it's pure rock and roll. Heavy metal now.

Update 19:
Madonna has disppeared off stage to get ready for her last number

She's now performing Give it 2 Me - just her and the mic on stage working the audience.

More geometric shapes on the screens at the back. Two dancers have joined her
Six dancers are on stage with Her Madjesty, and she's dancing her heart out.

Update 20:
Madonna is wearing black framed glasses now. Madonna and her dancers are jumping up and down now - so are the audience. This is the last number and they are making the most of it.
Madonna: "GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE" She is pointing her mic at the audience and asking everyone to sing louder. Her and her dancers are at the front of the cat walk for the last moment of this brilliant concert jumping up and down and dancing in sync.

THE WORDS GAME OVER HAVE APPEARED ON THE SCREEN. Madonna has run from the stage.

And this concludes my three part report on the first show! I'm very excited about this tour, and I can't wait to see it myself, on sept. 2nd in Amsterdam, sept. 4th in Dusseldorf, and sept. 20 and 21 in Paris!

Thank you, goodnight!

It's showtime! part 2

Picking up just right where we left off...

Update 12:
Madonna was dancing on the top of a piano in the cage. The pianist is still playing and piano is steadily going down inside the stage until it disappears.

Spanish Lesson next. Madonna is singing Spanish Lesson. She is gyrating on six dancers who are dressed as the Grim Reaper! Phrases from the Kabbalah texts are being projected onto the back screen on the stage. She's still dancing all over the Grim Reaper figures.

Update 13:
The crowd won't stop dancing, they are screaming Madonna's name, young and old are here, and everyone is enjoying the show

Miles Away now

Update 14:
Images from across the globe are being projected on the back screen - images of poverty, from India, from Africa, from South America. She's playing the acoustic guitar with a heavy drum beat in the back, while standing at the front of the catwalk and she's surrounded by 10 dancers who are all sitting cross legged clapping away. The lights have gone up in the stadium and everyone is clapping above their heads. It's a sensational atmosphere. Even if you'd never heard a Madonna song before in your life you could have a good time here.

Next - La Isla Bonita. The dancing is authetic spanish dancing - the type you would get in a taverna. It's gorgeously raw and shows Madonna at her best. The violin is playing solo in the back ground. This is the Romanian interlude. Images of Roman tapestries are being projected onto the back screen. Madonna is shouting: "Do you know what time it is?" And then she's straight into the classic tune. THere are loads of Spanish-clad dancers on the stage, spanish guitar players are jumping around the stage, violinists. Lots of spanish dancing.

Update 15:
Right now Madonna is singing You Must Love Me, my favourite ballad of all times!!! I can't wait to here this song live!

Madonna is singing You Must Love Me. She is staying at the front of the cat walk with five musicians, they are playing it purely acoustic. It's very raw, very emotionaly. THe crowd are swayin. On the screen at the back there are images from Evita. The performance is very emotional - especially considering all the rumours tabloid newspapers have been spreading about her marriage recently. A very powerful performance. The crowd went wild when she sang the line "I'm scared to confess what I'm feeling." The crowd are going absolutely wild for the performance.

Update 16:
4 Minutes: It's replicaing the video on stage. Justin in being projected onto boxes on the stage. Madonna is dancing alongside the boxes and wearing a very futuristic outfit, gyrating against the boxes as though she is actually dancing with Justic. It's all live - Cardiff is party central at the moment. Justin could be practically on stage the projections make it look as though he's on stage.
LIKE A PRAYER NEXT. It's a dance remix of Like A Prayer - with images of the Kabbalah projected on the back.
It's just Madonna on the stage dancing with three dancers crouched at the back of the stage. The crowd are dancing more than I have seen all night. Dancing is just walking around the stage - the song is saying all that needs to be said.
The dancers are wearing gimp masks!

Please note: The last update will again be posted in a new post, so please go back to the main page and start refreshing part 3!

It's showtime!

According to a backstage journalist at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Madonna will start her very first Sticky & Sweet show at 8.15 GMT, which is in a couple of minutes! During the show, I will not start a new topic for every new tidbit or picture, but instead update this particular post every time something new comes in, so please hit your refresh button every once in a while. Enjoy your tour report evening, as I'm sure I will!

Update 1:
The show hasn't started yet, but television crews and press have just been let into the stadium, indicating the kick-off is near! Guy Ritchie is also in, but so far no other celebrities. Rumour has it they will be attending the show at London's Wembley Stadium on September 11th.

Update 2:
It's showtime! Madonna's first Sticky & Sweet show has just begun!
There was a little confusion earlier. My sources told me the show had begun, except it didn't. This time, the show has REALLY started!

Update 3:
After the dancers entered the stage, with a loud TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK in the background, Madonna has just entered the stage on a throne! After that, she stepped on the runway. According to a journalist in the stadium, she is definitely singing live!
There are about 15 dancers behind her!

Update 4:
There is a pimp car on stage, now riding down the runway. Madonna was just gyrating on a dancer, dressed in all white. Pharrel was on the videoscreens.

Update 5:
Madonna is singing Human Nature. She is on the guitar. Britney is on the screen in an elevator in a hooded top pressing the buttons. It's representing how she is trapped by the showbiz bubble. Britney is mouthing the words of the song. She keeps running around the lift. Madonna isn't dancing - just standing still at the end of the catwalk and singing the song whilst playing the guitar. Britney's film is being projected onto a circular screen above Madonna - the whole stadium can see it.
The version of Human Nature sounds quite similar to the original with a Ska edge to it. Britney is running around the elevator like a mad woman, lying on the floor in tears and tearing of her clothes. Britney just said "It's Britney Bitch". Human Nature has just finished. The crowd have gone wild. Now they are tick tocking. Vogue is next.

Update 6:
She is singing vogue now at the end of the catwalk, standing on a podium surrounded by four dancers who are wearing very little. One the screen are close ups of madonna wearing frilly lingerie. She's vogueing. The base line of 4 minutes is being played over the top of Vogue. She's doing Vogue live for the first time ever (she's performed it many times before, but never live)
Sorry for not having pictures yet, they just aren't available yet.
I got a call from the satdium a couple of minutes ago so I've listened to the show live through a phone, it was fucking awesome!

Update 7:
Die Another Day Remix is on the screens - she's no singing it in person. There's a boxer on stage and he's making his way to a boxing ring at the end of the cat walk. He's now fighting with another boxer. It's mock fighting. On the screen Madonna is dancing in a boxing ring - very similar to the dancing in the Die Another DAy video.

Update 8:
I'm sorry, due to my computer breaking down I've missed some updates, I'll pick up live, so there are a couple of songs missing.
She's Not Me next. There's a montage of all her classic videos going on in the background. She's donned a pair of white plastic sunglasses. It's just her on stage, by herself, with the mic, dancing across the stage. She's just walked to the end of the catwalk where there are four Madonna look-alikes, wearing outfits from her Material girl video, Frozen video, Erotica video and Like a Virgin video. they are impersonating her as if they were statues.

Update 9:
This is what you've been missing during my computer breakdown:
The remix has finished with Madonna collapsing on the screen. On the sage the boxing ring has disappeared and a DJ has appeared. Madonna has come onto the stage with a skipping rope! She is skipping across the stage.

A pole has appeared from the stage and she is pole dancing by the side of the DJ. The remix is very playful, and there are a lot of cartoon images on the screen. The dancers are dressed in very bright, primary colours. Madonna is swinging around on the pole. Now she has moved onto the stage and she's dancing by each of the individual dancers.

She is singing Into The Groove
Madonna says to the crowd: "Let me hear you make some noise!"

She is now jumping over a massive skipping rope in what looks like a mock game of hop scotch

She is now walking down the catwalk talking to the audience. She is getting one of her dancers to give a the mic to the audience to sing Get into the groove whilst she dances on the skipping rope really quickly.

She is now lying down on the stage and has crawled across it before she jumped up to sing Heartbeat. She's now standing on a conveyor belt on the catwalk she is moving her towards the end. She keeps getting picked up by her dancers before she carries on slidding to the end. The crowd are jumping up and down. Five male dancers are taking in turn to break-dance around her.

Her dancing is quite sexual, but she's having fun, the crowd are, and she's having a lot of banter with the dancers.

She's picked up a guitar in preparation for Borderline. She's standing by a mic and singing the song for the first time in about 20 years. (It's just her, a guitar and the mic, and the song. Very rock and roll.
She's at the top of the catwalk - and it's just her and the guitar. She's got red hot pants on. Her arms look very musclely - she's been on the yoga mat. The sound quality is excellent, you can hear every word of what she's saying. The crowd at the front of the stage are rocking out.

Update 10:
Back to realtime!
At the back of the stage a subway train just rolled on to the stage and the doors opened. Madonna and her entourage of dancers emerged and ran onto the stage. She's performing Music now. About 15 dancers are around her. It's the original remix. The image on the back of the screen is of the subway system in New York. It's very colourful and psychodellic. THe crowd are going wild for it.
It's amazing - it's like a street dance out of the 80s. Madonna and her entourage are all dancing in sync. Crazy dancing. She's got so much energy, and she's just got the crowd eating out of her hands. She's gone back into the subway train and the doors have closed.

Rain remix sees a man dressed in ancient Japanese dress dancing on the stage doing yoga moves and methodical dancing.

Update 11:
Pictures are coming in as we speak!

Please note, I'll be starting a second topic in which to update for the rest of the show. So please go back to the main page and start refreshing my new topic!
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