Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy holidays

Holiday greed has reached its max as a New York Wal*Mart employee was killed during a stampede caused by the store's holiday sale. People shoved the employee over and just ran over him while on a crusade for bargains.

Sad... Happy holidays...

No Australian tour

Thanks to MadonnaTribe:

The Tribers had been expecting this, as everyone reckons that it would be too late now to announce a 4th leg for Madonna's tour down under, and an article on the Herald Sun today sheds some new light on the latest rumours about plans for the Sticky & Sweet Tour to visit Australia - something that, according to the article, won't happen anymore mostly for financial reasons.

Superstars Madonna, Neil Diamond and Paul McCartney have scrapped Australian tour plans due to the weak dollar.

Madonna had agreed to multiple dates at Docklands Stadium in late January.
Tickets for her shows, presented by US tour giant Live Nation and local promoter Michael Coppel, were due to go on sale two weeks ago.
Madonna planned to charge a top price of $400.

"It got as close as anything ever gets," a tour industry source said.
"Madonna was coming to Australia, the dates were resolved, but then the economics got in the way."

Mr Coppel yesterday confirmed the Madonna deal, but refused to elaborate.
It adds to a growing list of tour plans postponed by the world's biggest stars.

Concert industry sources say Diamond, McCartney, The Eagles, Green Day and Metallica have put visits on hold because of the weak economy. Promoter Michael Chugg said: "It's unknown territory at the moment. A lot of tours went on sale before the dollar crashed.
"I think we are only starting to see the affect of the economy on the tour industry."

Madonna last visited Australia in 1993 and has bypassed the country with each subsequent tour.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Candy Shop

The perfect opener to every Sticky & Sweet show, here's Candy Shop!

See which flavor you like and I'll have it for you
Come on in to my store, I've got candy galore
Don't pretend you're not hungry, I've seen it before
I've got turkish delight baby and so much more

Get up out of your seat (Your seat)
Come on up to the dance floor
I've got something so sweet (So sweet)
Come on up to the front door
I need plenty of heat (Heat)
Form a special confection
Just start moving your feet (Your feet)
Move on over to me

I'll be your one stop (One stop)
Candy shop (Candy shop)
Everything (Everything)
That I got (That I got)
I'll be your one stop (One stop)
Candy store (Candy store)
Lollipop (Lollipop)
Have some more (Have some more)

All the suckers are not what we sell in the store
Chocolate kisses so good
You'll be beggin' for more
Don't pretend you're not hungry
There's plenty to eat
Come on in to my store
'Cause my sugar is sweet

Get up out of your seat (Your seat)
Come on up to the dance floor
I've got something so sweet (So sweet)
Come on up to the front door
I need plenty of heat (Heat)
Form a special confection
Just start moving your feet (Your feet)
Move on over to me

I'll be your one stop (One stop)
Candy shop (Candy shop)
Everything (Everything)
That I got (That I got)
I'll be your one stop (One stop)
Candy store (Candy store)
Lollipop (Lollipop)
Have some more (Have some more)

Stick-stick-stick sticky and sweet (Dance dance)
My sugar is raw
Sticky and sweet
My sugar is raw
Sticky and sweet
My sugar is raw
Sticky and sweet
My sugar is raw
Stick-stick-stick sticky and sweet (Dance dance)
My sugar is raw
Sticky and sweet
My sugar is raw
Sticky and sweet
My sugar is raw
Sticky and sweet
My sugar is raw
Sticky and sweet (Dance Dance)

It's the MA-DO-NN-A

Mexico gets Sticky & Sweet

Mexico City will get Sticky & Sweet tonight and tomorrow as Madonna will play the gigantic Foro Del Sol for two nights in a row! Foro del Sol, pictured above during a different concert, is absolutely huge and will be another great milestone in the already tremendous succesfull Sticky & Sweet World Tour.

Total rip-off

Britney Spears performed at some German awards show last week, lipsynching her way through Womanizer (does this woman EVER sing live??). However, the big news was Britney totally stole her outfit from Madonna! Left, Madonna on her Sticky & Sweet Tour, which runs since August, right, Britney Spears, last week.

Total rip-off (but I still love Britney!)

New Zac Efron wallpaper

Enjoy, a new Zac Efron wallpaper!

I'm in the zone

I just took a look in my CD rack, figuring my Britney Spears collection is getting quite big. I actually own all her albums. Right now I've got:

Baby One More Time
Oops, I Did It Again
In The Zone
My Prerogative

Friday, November 28, 2008

Sad, I guess

You know, I felt really bad tonight. I know it may sound a bit needy, or perhaps pathetic even, but really, who gives a damn anyway?

So what happened? Really, just a couple of things happening all at once (never good!). I went to Cleopatra today, and actually had a great time. It's been a very busy week at work so I hooked up with a friend to go for a drink. All nice and well, but for some reason I started longing back about 5 years you know, when Roel and I were still together. I don't really know what triggered it, it just happened.

As I've said before, when it happens, it happens, so although I wasn't sad or anything, it did take up much of my mind, and I was just sort of wondering how it would have been if we were still together. You know, Christmas is coming up, it would have been nice to be actually able to take a boyfriend up to the family dinner. Anyway, not only that, I just miss Roel, I really do.

Is it weird to miss someone you've not been in a relationship with for like 6 years? Perhaps, but I know I do, and it's not like consuming me, but I do have to admit I wonder every now and again (quite often actually) how life would have been if we'd never broken up.

By the way, I chose the appropriate musical decoration while riding my bike back home: I listened to Madonna's American Life album on my iPod, the album that came out when we were actually still together. How pathetic am I?


I bought Britney Spears' new album Circus today, and I must say I'm impressed! It's WAY better than Blackout (which I also thought was a good album). I really hope this will become a HUGE hit!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Circus

Living in the Netherlands, I was in the great position today of buying Take That's new album The Circus a couple of days early! I'm loving it!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Final US show

Tonight is the final US show of Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour. Can you believe it's going this fast? After tonight, the tour will move on to Mexico City (2 shows) and then it's on to South America for a dozen stadium shows in Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and the likes.

But first: the final North American show at Dolphin Stadium Miami (pictured above). Enjoy!

View From The Top

Wednesday on Dutch TV is romantic comedy night. Tonight was no exception, with the great Gwyneth Paltrow movie View From The Top. I hadn't seen it before, and liked it very much!

More boxscores

Below are the official and confirmed stats (grosses, attendance) for some recent Sticky And Sweet concerts as published in Billboard Boxscore.

Rank / Artist / Event / Venue / City/State / Event Dates / Gross Sales / Attend/Capacity / Shows/Sellouts / Prices / Promoters

1 Madonna
MGM Grand Garden
Las Vegas, Nev.
Nov. 8-9, 2008
29,157 / 29,157
2 / 2
$375, $75
Live Nation Global Touring

2 Madonna, Paul Oakenfold
Dodger Stadium
Los Angeles, Calif.
Nov. 6, 2008
43,919 / 43,919
1 / 1
$350, $55
Live Nation Global Touring

3 Madonna, Paul Oakenfold
Petco Park
San Diego, Calif.
Nov. 4, 2008
35,743 / 35,743
1 / 1
$350, $55
Live Nation Global Touring

4 Madonna
Pepsi Center
Denver, Colo.
Nov. 11-12, 2008
23,501 / 23,501
2 / 2
$350, $55
Live Nation Global Touring

These 6 sold-out concerts in the U.S. grossed $23,787,905 and played to an audience of 132,320 people. Added with the $161,908,113 in grosses and attendance of 1,225,586 people from the previous Sticky and Sweet shows reported in Billboard Boxscore, the tour has so far grossed in total an amazing $185,696,018 and played to an audience of 1,357,906 people. Madonna needs to gross only $9.06 million to SMASH the smash grosses from her record-breaking Confessions Tour. With at least 19 more Sticky and Sweet shows remaining to be reported to Billboard Boxscore, she will have no at all trouble doing so.

My new laptop

As of today, Totally Theo is brought to you from a laptop, pictured above!

Thanks very very very much to Ziena and Harm Jan!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

KylieX2008 countdown

Don't forget: in less than a week, Kyliex2008 Live from 02 Arena London will be released on DVD! I can't wait!

Zac and Leo at the Lakers

And while we're on the subject of Zac Efron. Zac and Leonardo DiCaprio went to the Staples Center last Friday to watch a basketball game by the Los Angeles Lakers. Is it just me or does Zac look hotter than Leonardo has ever done?

It's High School Musical time!

My office mate Gerben got me a great High School Musical/Zac Efron alarm clock for Sinterklaas today! Now I can wake up with Zac every morning ha ha!

I'll try to post some pictures of it later!

Seen Bond?

Has any of you actually seen the new James Bond movie, Quantum Of Solace, already? There's been so much talk in the media, and apparently it's a huge box office hit, but as far as I know, I don't actually know anyone who's seen it yet.

It used to be that when a new 007 movie came out, I would be there on opening day and probably go a couple of additional times as well. Not so anymore... since Daniel Craig is Bond, there's no more fun in it. As I said before, I think he looks more of a villain than a hero, and I just don't like the new violent direction the franchise has gone. James Bond films used to stand out because of the sense of adventure and sense of humour, but now it only seems to be about the body count. I wish we could have Pierce Brosnan back!

Monday, November 24, 2008

She spoke

Madonna spoke to The Associated Press this weekend, and this is what she had to say about her divorce:

"I'm sad about my personal life, but I feel very blessed and very lucky that I have the opportunity to do what I do in my professional life," Madonna told The Associated Press in an interview Sunday. "It would be horrible if I was just thinking about getting a divorce and had nothing to do."

Stop wasting

As I mentioned earlier this evening, I've been watching An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore on television tonight, and I must say I'm impressed, but left with mixed thoughts. Obviously, the world's got a problem and we need to do something about it. I think denying this fact makes you basically crazy, so I won't even get into that.

The problem is, the way Al Gore is describing it, makes it all seem so useless. I mean, I know he provides tips to make less of an ecological foothprint, but the overall tone of the documentary seems to be there's nothing a normal person can do to stop it. In the end, it's obvious governments need to be taking huge steps in order to reduce their emissions.

This is of course in no way to say that we, as normal people, can just sit back, relax and watch the world go by just like that. I for one do the simple things, like never leaving a light on when there's no-one in the room, or recycling paper, bottles, batteries and the likes. Very simple things we can all do without much effort, that will, if only slightly, probably make some kind of difference.

But to me, here lies the problem: if it makes any difference, it will only be slightly. Isn't it extremely unfair to be watching your every move to save the planet, while huge cooperations (and governments just as well, for that matter) are polluting the air, water and who knows what else with millions of tons of waste at the same time? It seems so off to realise the biggest polluters are the ones who don't seem to care at all.

Worst of all, I think, is the fact the United States are one of only two (the other one is Australia) Western countries who refuse to sign the Kyoto treaty. Obviously, upcoming economies such as China are taking more than their fair share of pollution, but isn't it completely insane for the US to simply refuse to take any responsibility for the enormous amount of waste they produce?

Still, in the end, there's not really anything I can about the big guys. I can at least take some comfort in the fact I'm doing my share, and hopefully, if we all take our responsibilities serious, we can actually make a little bit of difference!

An inconvenient truth

Tonight on Dutch television: Al Gore's global warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Make sure you catch it!

Busy busy busy

It's the end of the month, which means my busiest week of the month has started today. Although you might sometimes think otherwise because of my occasional complaining, this is actually a good thing. Nothing better than coming back from work knowing you've been busy and productive all day.

Another thing that's good about having a busy day, is the fact you can actually come home and lie on the couch like a lazy bastard without having to feel guilty over the fact you're actually doing nothing. And guess what? That's exactly what I'm going to do tonight!

No video

Unfortunately, in spite of earlier reports, there will definitely be no video for Miles Away. Initially there was supposed to be a live footage Sticky & Sweet video, but Warner Music now informs us these plans are scrapped.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

On the cover of a magazine

The Brazilian edition of Vogue Magazine will celebrate Madonna's Sticky & Sweet shows in Rio de Janeiro by putting her on the cover, and a photo spread! The pictures are taken by Steven Klein during filming of the Get Stupid video interlude for Sticky & Sweet. She looks fantastic!!!

No Doubt on tour

Hurrah! Gwen Stefani has announced on het official website that she, and band members from No Doubt, are going on tour next year! I didn't get the chance to see them the first time round, so I really hope they'll plan a show in the Netherlands, probably Ahoy in Rotterdam!

The Circus is coming

Next week, Britney Spears will release her new album Circus! The album has leaked all over the internet, but I've been a good boy and haven't downloaded any of it, so I'm ready to be surprised!

Zac Efron on the beach

Looking yummy yummy!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

70 million

According to some pretty reliable sources, Guy Ritchie is taking away 70 million dollars from Madonna's fortune, as part of their divorce settlement. Wasn't Mr. Ritchie the one who said he didn't want a penny, just a visitations right to their children?


Friday, November 21, 2008

Enrique Iglesias

I bought myself the new Enrique Iglesias Greatest Hits album today! Great CD, I didn't even realise how many hit singles he's got!

It's settled

From The Sun:

MADONNA and GUY RITCHIE shared one last “quickie” today — their divorce.

But neither was present when their seven-year marriage was officially declared over -in the space of just a few minutes.

Madonna is in Philadelphia for the latest leg of her Sticky and Sweet world tour while Guy's in Liverpool with sons Rocco and David filming Sherlock Holmes.

After a gruelling day on-set, Guy treated his kids to a fancy meal at La Vina restaurant in the city.

The divorce sped through after the couple struck a deal on property, money and access to their kids. Last night Guy, 40, said: “It dragged on much too long and that had nothing to do with me. But it was never ever about money.”

As The Sun reported last month, Guy will keep the Punchbowl pub in London’s Mayfair and his beloved Wiltshire estate.

He will also get a cash payment equivalent to the value of their Marylebone townhouse — around £25million.

Film director Guy is worth £30million in his own right and could have claimed as much as half of Madonna’s £300million fortune.

He is accepting far less — but reports he was refusing to accept even a penny infuriated the Queen of Pop, 50.

A source said: “Madonna is livid that people think he hasn’t asked for a penny when he is walking away with millions.” Their case — Ciccone M L v Ritchie G S — was listed before District Judge Reid today.

Their decree nisi was announced at 10am in Court 10 of the Principal Registry of the High Court’s Family Division in High Holborn, central London.

A pal said: “It was threatening to become the messiest bunfight in years.”

The source said Rocco, eight, and adopted son David Banda, three, will split their time between America and Britain while 12-year-old Lourdes — Madonna’s daughter from an earlier relationship — will live with her mum full-time.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Divorce settlement?

Though an official announcement about Madonna and Guy Ritchie's divorce isn't expected ’til the end of the month or so, someone close to the negotiations has blabbed some of the details to the UK press.

Thanks, Team Ritchie! We assume no one from the Madge camp would have the balls to do that, for fear that her Madgesty would suss them out and make them pay.

According to reports, Guy will NOT accept a dime of Madge's money.

All he supposedly wants is joint custody of their sons Rocco and David.

The agreement apparently stipulates that the boys split time between the homes of mom in New York and dad in London.

If this is true, Madonna got off pretty ea$y!

Thanks to Perez Hilton.

Bitchin' over losses

Insane OneNewsNow editor Michelle Malkin wrote the folliwing piece, which I find rather amusing. Please scroll down to read my comments.

Before Election Day, national media handwringers forged a wildly popular narrative: The right was, in the words of New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, gripped by "insane rage." Outbreaks of incivility (some real, but mostly imagined) were proof positive of the extremist takeover of the Republican Party. The cluck-cluckers and tut-tutters shook with fear.

But when the GOP took a beating on Nov. 4, no mass protests ensued; no nationwide boycotts erupted. Conservatives took their lumps and began the peaceful post-defeat process of self-flagellation, self-analysis and self-autopsy.

In fact, in the wake of campaign 2008 there's only one angry mob gripped by "insane rage": left-wing same-sex marriage activists incensed at their defeat in California. Voters there approved Proposition 8, a traditional marriage initiative, by 52 percent to 48 percent.

Instead of introspection and self-criticism, however, the sore losers who opposed Prop. 8 responded with threats, fists and blacklists.

That's right. Activists have published on the Internet an "Anti-Gay Blacklist" of Prop. 8 donors. If the tables were turned and Prop. 8 proponents created such an enemies list, everyone in Hollywood would be screaming "McCarthyism" faster than you could count to eight.

A Los Angeles restaurant whose manager made a small donation to the Prop. 8 campaign has been besieged nightly by hordes of protesters who have disrupted business, intimidated patrons and brought employees to tears. Out of fear for their jobs and their lives, workers at El Coyote Mexican Cafe pooled together $500 to pay off the bullies.

Scott Eckern, the beleaguered artistic director of California Musical Theatre in Sacramento, was forced to resign over his $1,000 donation to the Prop. 8 campaign. Rich Raddon, director of the Los Angeles Film Festival, is next on the chopping block after the anti-Prop. 8 mob discovered that he had also contributed to the "Yes on 8" campaign. Calls have been pouring in for his firing.

Over the last two weeks, anti-Prop. 8 organizers have targeted Mormon, Catholic and evangelical churches. Sentiments like this one, found on the anti-Prop.8 website "JoeMyGod," are common across the left-wing blogosphere: "Burn their [expletive] churches to the ground, and then tax the charred timbers."

Thousands of gay-rights demonstrators stood in front of the Mormon temple in Los Angeles shouting "Mormon scum." The Mormon headquarters in Salt Lake City received threatening letters containing an unidentified powder. Religion-bashing protesters filled with hate decried the "hate" at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church in Orange County, Calif. Vandals defaced the Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills, Calif., because church members had collected Prop. 8 petitions. One worshiper's car was keyed with the slogans "Gay sex is love" and "SEX." Another car's antenna and windshield wipers were broken.

In Carlsbad, Calif., a man was charged with punching his elderly neighbors over their pro-Prop. 8 signs. In Palm Springs, Calif., a videographer filmed unhinged anti-Prop. 8 marchers who yanked a large cross from the hands of 69-year-old Phyllis Burgess and stomped on it.

In San Francisco, Christians evangelizing in the Castro District needed police protection after the same-sex marriage mob got physical and hounded them off the streets. Enthusiastically shooting themselves in the foot, anti-Prop. 8 boycotters are now going after the left-wing Sundance Film Festival because it does business in Mormon-friendly Utah.

Also targeted: Cinemark Theaters across the country. The company's CEO, Alan Stock, donated just under $10,000 to the traditional marriage measure. Never mind that Cinemark theaters are hosting the new biopic about gay icon Harvey Milk. They must pay for the sins of the company head who dared to exercise his political free speech.

Corporate honchos, church leaders and small donors alike are in the same-sex marriage mob's crosshairs, all unfairly demonized as hate-filled bigots by bona fide hate-filled bigots who have abandoned decency in pursuit of "equal rights." One wonders where Barack Obama -- himself an opponent of Proposition 8 -- is as this insane rage rages on. Soul-Fixer, Nation-Healer, where art thou?

Let me see... Christian right took their losses after the GOP lost big time in the elections? Let me first start by saying that for the past year, both One News Now and WND have done everything they possibly could to drag Obama's name down the dirt, making up the most idiotic stories about him and the Democratic Party one could ever imagine. Now that the election is done, Obama has won and Christian Right have lost, they are actually planning on a revolution against the chosen government, so there's no way they could ever say they're peacefully taking their losses.

Second: the article mentions the fact that gay activists are boycotting businesses who supported Proposition 8 and makes it sound as if that's an extremely vile thing to do. This comes from the same organisation that boycots businesses for reasons as simple as not mentioning the word Christmas in promotional leaflets. They've been boycotting Ford for more than a year last year because of their support to homosexuals, and did the same to McDonalds this year. Please explain to me how you can call the same action vile when it comes from the opponents, but okay when it comes from your own sad excuse for an organisation.

Simple fact of the matter is, Christian Right has lost big time this year. Not only did they lose the elections, the news of Focus On The Family laying off over 200 employees (on which I reported earlier today) is also a sign on the wall. If there's anyone who doesn't take their losses very well, it's them!

But the show must go on

So after the Unicef gala, it's back to business for Madonna, who will perform her Sticky & Sweet show tonight at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia.

Madonna at the Plaza

In between Sticky & Sweet shows, Madonna went to a Gucci fundraising dinner for Unicef at the Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, yesterday, November 19th. She looked absolutely amazing! (and Rihanna looks pretty good as well)

Thanks to MadonnaTribe

A long weekend

My weekend started last night, as I'm having not one, but two days off! Wonderful, there's nothing better than wishing your co-workers a good weekend on a Wednesday! Of course, it did mean the days I actually was at the office, were quite busy, but who cares.

So Ziena and I went to De Grote Griet after work, which is our favourite bar, and drank some beers there. Had a good time, and went to bed early afterwards. Today, I want to get my house cleaned and get my hair cut, but the weather's terrible so I'm not exactly thrilled about the idea of riding my bike to the barber.

For the rest of the weekend, my plans at the moment consist of meeting up with Irene, who will be in town the entire weekend. She doesn't live in Groningen anymore, so now that she's here I need to show her my (not so new anymore) appartment. Saturday night Ziena and I have plans to go clubbing, which is something I haven't done in ages, so as you can imagine I'm looking forward to it very much.

Sunday I'm planning on going to my parents (although I haven't checked yet if perhaps they've already made different plans), and that rounds it up!

Looks like it's going to be a good weekend!

Going down

Focus On The Family is slashing over 200 jobs! They're going down! Let's hope the AFA is next!

To hell with Prop 8!

The California Supreme Court has just agreed to hear the legal challenges to the recently passed gay marriage ban!

The state's highest court could have chosen not to hear any of the oppositions to the new amendment to the state constitution.

They've done the right thing today. They've done the right thing in the past. And they will (hopefully) continue to do what's right with regard to our rights!

Thanks to Perez Hilton.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Homecoming queen

Madonna came home last night! As part of her Sticky & Sweet World Tour 2008, she played the Ford Field Stadium in her hometown Detroit, to an adoring crowd! Request song yesterday was Material Girl (after she rejected Causing A Commotion). How I would have loved to be there!

Turning it into a good thing

WorldNetDaily (one of the stupid conservative Christian sites), who are insane, are using the above picture to make fun of gay relationships... Looking at it, I actually think it's a very cute picture! I think it will actually do us gays more good than bad!

The US of Stupidity

After all the election news going on for the past year, I've been reading so many American websites and magazines, and the one thing that always comes up is this: Americans always seem to think for some reason their country's the best in the world. I've grown very intrigued by this, especially since 98% of all Americans have never set a foot outside of their own country, so, technically, they have nothing to compare it with and therefor have no right to judge.

For those Americans who have actually stepped out of US soil, please inform me: what is it exactly you think that makes the United States so much better than the rest of the world? Cause really, when I look it, I see a country divided by huge income differences in which the poor get kcked out of their houses while the superrich keep on indulging in cashing in on those very poor. I see a country (the only Western country, I might add), that didn't come up with a way to make decent healthcare available to all its citizens, yet a country having no problem declaring war on anyone daring to not share its ideas (without United Nations approval).

I see a country condemning Islamic countries for having laws based upon Islam, yet at the same time trying to impose Christian law on everyone. A country that's on the barricades of freedom; tell me why that freedom needs to come with warning labels on even the smallest consumer products, because freedom for some reason is associated with stupidity (and of course extremely idiotic law suits).

A country that preaches prosperity, yet has an enormous financial depth to the rest of the world, not only as a country as a whole, but as well on a citizens level. Consuming ain't all that, is it?

The list can go on and on forever. Why is it the United States seem to believe they are bigger and better than the rest of the world, while obviously the rest of the Western world has proven its systems to work better than US society? There's this arrogance that's based on absolutely nothing, especially since most of the rest of th world is actually laughing at America because of the downfall it's in right now. Finally: justice!

There is light, though: let's hope Barack Obama will be able to bring the Unites States back to some kind of dignity. Until then: I'm so happy I'm Dutch and live peacefully and without depth in the Netherlands!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lucky me

Yay, my yearly utilities bill came in today, and it turns out I'm having quite a bit of a cash-back! I didn't expect it at all, as I'm not living in this house for that long, but apparantly I've been paying too much anyway. Nothing better than a financial up-one during the expensive last months of the year!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mixed up

Minute Maid Park stadium in Houston, filling up for Madonna's Sticky & Sweet show yesterday. A funny anecdote is the fact that Madonna told the audience she has never been to Houston before and was glad she came. She clearly was mixing things up, as she's been to Houston at least once: her Blond Ambition Tour 1990 had it's first show at the Astrodome Stadium in Houston!

America's Next Top Model

We're a couple of cycles behind here in the Nethrerlands, so tonight the finale of America's Next Top Model cycle 9 was on television. As you may know, ANTM is like the only show I actually stay home for, so I was very excited, especially since Ziena and I were texting each other throughout the evening.

Anyway, Saleisha Stowers won! She was my favourite since a couple of weeks (before that, I was a big Heather-supporter. but unfortunately she had to leave the show), so I'm happy!

KylieX2008 trailer

Click here to watch the official trailer of the upcoming KylieX2008 Tour DVD. Kylie's new show will be out on December 1st, and is available for pre-order already on Amazon and the likes.

My baby's got a secret

Madonna played her Sticky & Sweet concert at the Minute Maid Park stadium in Houston, and debuted yet another request song: Secret.
Wow, if only the European leg of the tour would have had that many different request songs! It's like a different song almost every single day during the North American leg. I wish I could have been there...

Prop 8 protests

Protests against Proposition 8 were staged all of the United States this past weekend, and it looks as if there is some sort of breakthrough. Governor Schwarzenegger said in an interview he thinks it's likely the case will go to the Supreme Court of California again, so there is a serious possibility the discriminating law will be overturned.

Let's hope so, it's time to put a stop to un-equality! Say no to prop 8!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Two new pictures of me

There you go! Two new pictures of me, taken today by my friend Arjen!

Spotted in L.A.

Spotted: Madonna and daughter Lourdes, out for dinner last night in Los Angeles. Madonna is in L.A. to shoot her Louis Vuitton commercial, on which I reported earlier this week. Tomorrow Madonna will fly to Houston, to do a Sticky & Sweet show at the Minute Maid Park stadium.

Alphabeat was fun!

Remco and I went to Alphabeat yesterday, and boy did we have a blast! You probably know them from hit singles Fascination and 10.000 Nights or perhaps from upcoming single Boyfriend. I didn't know the rest of their album myself, but I had a great time nonetheless!

Oosterpoort is a very small venue compared to what I'm used to when it comes to Madonna shows, so there's not a bad seat in the house. We went and sat in the back, so that the bar would be within arms lenght (gotta get those beers during a happy show like this). The rest of the crowd turned out to be underaged (seriously, it was like me and Remco were the only adults in the house), and many of them were probably experiencing ther first concert ever.

The pre-show, who's name I can't remember, was good fun. This is the second time in one week I actually enjoyed the pre-show, which is very good! Let's keep it this way! Alphabeat themselves came out with a show of which I think it proves they can become very big! They even had a proper stage set, not very common for tours that perform in club venues.

I had a great time and wouldn't mind seeing them again sometime!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why do people like Hannah Montana?

I've just watched Hannah Montana on television, and really, I cannot for the life of it understand why people like it. I mean, the comedy part of it just isn't funny (pretty bad for a comedy), and the acting is, at best, horrendous. I kind of get it why people would want to go to her concerts, because she does have a nice (albeit very ordinary) voice, but the tv show? Horrible.

By the way, I do like the fact that Miley Cyrus turned out to be a major slut in real life. I'm sure Disney just LOVES the scandals around her!

Zac Efron wallpaper to brighten your day

Sinterklaas is coming to town

Sinterklaas (the Dutch equivalent of Santa Claus) is coming to Holland today! This means the holiday season has officially started!

On my way to Alfabeat

I'm going to see Alfabeat tonight at the Oosterpoort in Groningen (the same venue where I saw Kane last week). Looking forward to it big time!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Please donate to Malawi

Madonna's speaking, and it's for a very good cause! Please find it in your heart to donate to Raising Malawi! i did!

To All My Friends,

I am really excited to share with you a new video message about a project that you can be a big part of:
The Raising Malawi Academy for Girls.

After witnessing the potential of Malawi's girls firsthand, I made it my mission to give them an opportunity to become their personal best.

I hope you will share my urgency and make a donation today. Every donation counts toward helping impoverished girls to reach their full potential. And every dollar will make a difference.

Please visit:

Thank you for helping me to bring education and opportunity to the girls of Malawi. They are deeply grateful to you for your support, and so am I.

With Love,

We heart Louis

Obviously, as of now, we LOVE Louis Vuitton!

Vuitton, baby?

Things are just way too fantastic!!! As is confirmed, Madonna is shooting a Louis Vuitton commercial AS WE SPEAK!!!
Oh my God!!! I know there have been rumours going round for a couple of weeks now, but I decided not to spread them until they were official.

Well, baby, they're official!!! Madonna is the main star of the Louis Vuitton campaign 2009!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

More boxscores are in!

Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour continues to be an extremely enormous success. Billboard Boxscore has published the official and confirmed concert stats (grosses, attendance) for the recent North American concerts in New York City, Toronto, Chicago, Montreal, Vancouver, Oakland, Boston, and East Rutherford.

Rank / Artist / Event / Venue / City/State / Event Dates / Gross Sales / Attend/Capacity / Shows/Sellouts / Prices / Promoters

1 Madonna Madison Square Garden
New York, N.Y.
Oct. 6-7, 11-12, 2008
61,586 / 61,586
4 / 4
$350, $60
Live Nation Global Touring

2 Madonna Air Canada Centre
Toronto, Ontario
Oct. 18-19, 2008
34,324 / 34,324
2 /
$296.28, $50.79
Live Nation Global Touring

4 Madonna United Center
Chicago, Ill.
Oct. 26-27, 2008
30,968 / 30,968
2 / 2
$350, $55
Live Nation Global Touring

5 Madonna Bell Centre
Montreal, Quebec
Oct. 22-23, 2008
34,301 / 34,301
2 / 2
$278.58, $47.76
Live Nation Global Touring/Gillett Entertainment Group

6 Madonna B.C. Place Stadium
Vancouver, British Columbia
Oct. 30, 2008
52,712 / 52,712
1 / 1
$287.83, $45.23
Live Nation Global Touring

7 Madonna Oracle Arena
Oakland, Calif.
Nov. 1-2, 2008
28,198 / 28,198
2 / 2
$350, $55
Live Nation Global Touring

9 Madonna TD Banknorth Garden
Boston, Mass.
Oct. 15-16, 2008
26,611 / 26,611
2 /
$350, $55
Live Nation Global Touring

10 Madonna Izod Center
East Rutherford, N.J.
Oct. 4, 2008
16,896 / 16,896
1 / 1
$350, $55
Live Nation Global Touring

These 16 North American concerts posted in Billboard Boxscore have grossed $45,878,544 and attracted an audience of 285,596 people. Added with the $116,029,569 in grosses and 939,990 people from the European leg of the tour, the tour has so far grossed an incredible $161,908,113 and played to an audience of 1,225,586 people. There are still at least 25 shows remaining to be reported to Billboard Boxscore. Although this tour is not yet over, it has already exceeded the 1,210,294 people that attended The Confessions Tour from 2006. This tour will also easily outgross the solo artist record-breaking $194,754,447 concert grosses that was grossed on The Confessions Tour.

With one of the biggest worldwide selling albums of the year, a huge hit single, and a phenomenally successul tour, Madonna is still a colossally successful and relevant music star. Congratulations to Madonna!

Thanks to DrownedMadonna!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

World Music Awards

Congratulations to Madonna, for winning the 'Best Selling American Artist Worldwide' Award at the prestigious World Music Awards!

Day after tomorrow

Now that I'm having a day off from work tomorrow, I'll be visiting my parents for the afternoon. It also means I don't need to go to bed in time tonight, so Ziena's coming over to watch a movie, perhaps with a nice cold beer. I'm not sure what movie we're going to see yet. The James Bond classic Octopussy is on television, but I've got it on DVD, so it would be a bit useless to watch it including commercial breaks while I can do without.

Of course, I own plenty of DVD's, so there's enough choice. Last week I bought myself The Day After Tomorrow, so I would like to see that one, except Ziena told me this afternoon she's seen it already.

Anyway, it's nice to watch a movie anyway, after a quite busy day at work. Having a day off midweek means the days you're actually at the office require some more effort than usual, which is fine, but pretty exhausting. I was glad I came home at about 5.30 this afternoon, and I'm glad to be at home without any need to go out tonight. Have a good evening!

KylieX2008 DVD on its way

Here it is, the cover of the upcoming KylieX2008 Tour DVD, filmed at the O2 Arena in London, UK. Here's what Kylie's official website has to say about it:

Kylie's most spectacular and critically lauded show to date, KYLIEX2008, comes to DVD in the UK on 1st December. This eagerly-awaited limited release of one of the most exciting shows of the year includes all 28 tracks featured in the concert filmed at London's O2 Arena last August.

Classics like 'I Should Be So Lucky', 'Step Back In Time', 'Spinning Around', 'Shocked', 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' and 'Love At First Sight' are joined by a wealth of new Kylie 'classics-in-the-making' including songs from her latest album 'X' and two previously unreleased songs 'Ruffle My Feathers' and 'Flower’. The concert, to be seen for the first time in its entirety, was shot live on film and recorded in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

Special bonus features include the never-before-seen documentary '12 Hours' - a unique taste of what goes on backstage on a Kylie tour, from waking in the morning to her final encore at the end of the show, only available on this DVD - as well the stage back-drop projections, conceptual designs and a fantastic photo gallery!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Another top 10 hit

She did it again! As of today, Miles Away is a Top 10 single! Madonna went up from #11 to#10 in the Dutch Top 40, thereby scoring her 35th Top 10 hit single! Next week the video and physical single are being released, so there's a good chance the song will climb even further. Congrats to Madonna!
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