Sunday, May 31, 2009

Speakerphone - live in Rotterdam

Watch Kylie Minogue perform the intro to her KylieX2008 Tour, and of course the fantastic opening song Speakerphone, at Ahoy Rotterdam! Keep in mind, I was front row center!

Diversity wins BGT

Susan Boyle did not win Britain's Got Talent last night... dance group Diversity did. Susan did come in second, though.

Guilty pleasure

Ashley Tisdale, who plays the role of Sharpay in the High School Musical movies, is releasing an album pretty soon! Guilty Pleasure will be out in stores by July 28th.

I like her voice a lot, from what I've heard of it o the High School Musical soundtracks. I might buy her album!

Pregnant again

Tana Brooke Munblowsky, wife of The Killers singer Brandon Flowers, is pregnant with their second child!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Jason Beitel

A new Jason Beitel photo, from his modelling career! Nice one!

Rocky Balboa

Tonight on Dutch television: Rocky Balboa, starring Sylverster Stallone.

Are people actually still watching the Rocky movies?? Aren't they the most ridiculous movies ever?

Christina is back

Christina Aguilera is back! She appeared on the Tonight Show, which was also the last Tonight Show to be presented by Jay Leno, after he did the show for 17 years.

Christina has taken a step out of the spotlights when her son was born, but it seems like she's planning a comeback now. Looking good!

Win Take That tickets

The Sun is giving away VIP tickets for every show of Take That's Circus Live 2009 Tour! In total, they are handing out 220 tickets to lucky winners! Tickets also come with a Take That goodiebag, so that's double fun! Just buy today's issue of The Sun to find out how to win the prices!

By the way, the Circus Live Tour 2009 will start this Friday, at the Stadium Of Light in Sunderland. Stay tuned to Totally Theo, as I will post any Take That news regarding the tour right here!

Krezip at Pinkpop

This weekend, Dutch band Krezip is replacing Depeche Mode at Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf. Depeche Mode had to cancel because of health issues, and so some kind of replacement was needed.

You may not know Krezip if you live outside of the Netherlands, but in my country they're quite big. Moreover, they're splitting up next month, so this is a wonderful way to say goodbye!

I believe in you - live in Rotterdam

More Kylie in Rotterdam! This time it's I Believe In You during the KylieX2008 Tour. Again, I was front row, but in the video you can't see me. I'm standing right in front of Kylie, exactly in the middle!

Love at first sight - live in Rotterdam

More ShowGirl Tour from Rotterdam. This time it's 48 seconds of Love At First Sight, the final song of the show.

Around the 8 seconds mark, you see someone jumping up and down right on the first row at the runway, that's me!

Orlando Bloom: hot!

Orlando Bloom's got a new haircut, looking hot hot hot!!!

Lawsuits galore

Ozzy Osbourne is taking his former Black Sabbath bandmate Tony Iommi! Tony was Black Sabbath's guitarist, and now Ozzy is accusing him of stealing the band's name from him. This is what Ozzy wrote as an official statement:

“It is with great regret that I had to resort to legal action against my long term partner, Tony Iommi, but after three years of trying to resolve this issue amicably, I feel I have no other recourse. As of the mid-1990’s, after constant and numerous changes in band members, the brand of "Black Sabbath" was literally in the toilet and Tony Iommi (touring under the name Black Sabbath) was reduced to performing in clubs. Since 1997 when Geezer, Bill and myself rejoined the band, Black Sabbath has returned to its former glory as we headlined sold-out arenas and amphitheatres playing to upwards of 50,000 people at each show around the world. We worked collectively to restore credibility and bring dignity back to the name “Black Sabbath” which lead to the band being inducted into the UK and US Rock & Roll Hall of Fames in 2005 and 2006, respectively. Throughout the last 12 years, it was my management representatives who oversaw the marketing and quality control of the “Black Sabbath” brand through OZZFEST, touring, merchandising and album reissues. The name "Black Sabbath" now has a worldwide prestige and merchandising value that it would not have had by continuing on the road it was on prior to the 1997 reunion tour. Tony, I am so sorry it’s had to get to this point by me having to take this action against you. I don’t have the right to speak for Geezer and Bill, but I feel that morally and ethically the trademark should be owned by the four of us equally. I hope that by me taking this first step that it will ultimately end up that way. We’ve all worked too hard and long in our careers to allow you to sell merchandise that features all our faces, old Black Sabbath album covers and band logos, and then you tell us that you own the copyright. We’re all in our 60’s now. The Black Sabbath legacy should live on long after we have all gone. Please do the right thing.”

I hope the lawsuit will get filmed and turned into another Osbournes reality show!

The end of the Jonas Brothers

Is the end of the Jonas Brothers succes near? Their new TV show J.O.N.A.S. is not doing as well as expected, so the Disney Channel is moving it from the popular Saturday night spot, to the far less watched Sunday night.

This is the secon time this year a new Jonas Brothers release isn't doing as well as wished for. Earlier this year their 3D conert movie didn't make nearly as much money as was projected.

Could the Jonas phenomenom be near it's end?

Britney gets sued - again

Bitney Spears has another lawsuit on her hands. This time she's being sued by the paparazzi photographer who's foot she ran over with her car, back in 2007, when all her craziness started. The incident happened when Britney pulled out of a car park in Beverly Hills.

In his lawsuit, Mendoza said Britney's people - who are also defendants: "should have known...Britney was not in the mental, emotional and/or physical condition to operate the subject motor vehicle in a safe and reasonable manner."

Tonight: the final

Tonight is the final of Britain's Got Talent! Will Susan Boyle win, or will be one of the other finalists, Aidan Davis, Diversity or Julian Smith, be the lucky one?

As does the rest of the world, I hope Susan wins!

Wikipedia bans Scientology

As of today, the Church of Scientology is completely banned from contributing, or editing any entries on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia claims "neutral viewpoint" and insist that "use of the encyclopedia to advance personal agendas – such as advocacy or propaganda and philosophical, ideological or religious dispute – or to publish or promote original research is prohibited."

Scientology members reportedly tried to use Wikipedia to spread their ideology and were warned for that several times.

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi

There you have it: the official, brand new video for Lady Gaga's next single Paparazzi!

It's fan-fucking-tastic!

Coming up

Tomorrow on Totally Theo: the brand new video to Lady Gaga's new single Paparazzi!

Come and check it out around noon CET!

Friday, May 29, 2009

ShowGirl in Rotterdam

Finally, I found some recordings of the ShowGirl Tour at Ahoy Rotterdam 2005!

It hasn't been that difficult to find KylieX2008 recordings, but ShowGirl in Rotterdam was always a problem! Not anymore! Check out Over The Rainbow in 2005, at Ahoy Rotterdam, and please remember I was front row (probably in tears over the fantastic performance!).

The ShowGirl Tour was just FANTASTIC!!!

Boycot ExxonMobil

If you have any sympathy for gay people (and, frankly, if you don't, I don't really see why you even visit this website), you BOYCOT ExxonMobil from now on! ExxonMobil has decided, AGAINST THE WILL OF THEIR SHAREHOLDERS, to not give any social benefits to gay and lesbian couples. This is simply not acceptable in this day and age. ExxonMobil should be an example in doing business that benefits the society, but unfotunately they choose the easy road.

Click here to read the full story, and tell all you friends! There are many different companies to get your gasoline! Make sure it's NOT ExxonMobil.

Boycot ExxonMobil! Do not fill your tank with them if you are for equality for all!

Family affair

"I didn't intend to create headlines. I was asked a question about my daughter not speaking with my family, and I answered truthfully. My husband was very ill, and he had stopped eating and taking liquids. He called Tori on a daily basis, and never stopped asking if Tori had returned his call. We had to say no every day."

Candy Spelling, wife of the late Aaron Spelling. This quote sort of implies Tori Spelling has something to do with her father's death, doesn't it?

This family affair should no way be played out in public (but if it does, let me be the first to know!!)

I've got you on my radar

Britney Spears is shooting the video for her next single Radar (which is, by the way, a FANTASTIC song, if I have any say in it, it's going to be a huge hit!).

Here are some shots from the video! Keep a lookout for the song, we want it on radio big time!

Susan Boyle is in the race

There have been some rumours (mostly made up by the British tabloid press) Susan Boyle isn't up to the pressure of being famous, and isn't doing he Britain's Got Talent final tomorow.

Well, they're wrong! "I've spent weeks rehearsing - it's all I've been thinking about," Susan Boyle says. "I'm not going to throw away my big chance now."

It's gonna be a good one tomorrow!

Rise of the machines

Tonight on Dutch television: Terminator 3, Rise of the Machines. I love this movie!

Chace talks Zac

"I know Zac and we're actually friends. He's gotta make the best choice for his career at this point and I have to make the best for mine and luckily it worked out for both of us."

Chace Crawford about why he's the leading man in the Footloose remarks, instead of first choice Zac Efron.

Courtney fights back

Courtney Love's lawyer tries to fight back the lawsuit American Express is threatening Courtney with:

"AmEx knows the claim has no merit. We have told them this for a long time. AmEx's law policies allowed fraudulent transactions to be charged to my client's card."

Yeah, right!

Madonna not selling out

Live Nation will be offering a limited number of highy discounted tickets for the two French dates of the 2009 leg of Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour next week.

On June 4th, discounted tickets for the July 9th concert at the Palais d'Omnisport de Bercy and for the July 19th show at the Velodrome in Marseille will go on sale. The tickets for Paris will be in Categorie 2 and will be priced at 65 € while those for the concert in the South of France will cost 40 €.

NRJ radio reported the news quoting a press release today, explaining that the decision comes as a helping hand offered by Madonna to those among her fans who have been affected by the financial crisis and could not afford full price tickets.

In other words: Madonna is TOTALLY not selling out!!! Ha!

Jonas Brothers - SOS live

The Jonas Brothers singing their hitsingle SOS on GMA (Good Morning America) last year in a packed Bryant Park in New York City!

No Depeche Mode on Pinkpop

Because singer Dave Gahan has had surgery to get rid of cancer, Depeche Mode will definitely NOT play on Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf, the Netherlands this weekend.

Let's all hope he'll feel better soon!

Can you hear me, Rotterdam

Enrique Iglesias, opening his Greatest Hits show at Ahoy Rotterdam with Can You Hear Me.

At that point, we were still thinking it was going to be a great show... Little did we know!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Obama lied to the gay community

Barack Obama started out his campaign, and even his presidency, as the president who would finally give gays and lesbians in the United States the rights they deserve (remember, when it comes to gay rights, the US is basically a third world country). However, like most politicians, Obama is not living up to his promise. Read some of the lies he told his gay voters here, and also, if you can remember what he wrote on the official White House website the day he was sworn in (gay marriage, overturning Don't Ask Don't Tell, etc.)... well, it's magically not there anymore.

I'm glad I'm not an American, cause right now I would awfully sorry if I had voted for this guy.

On the other hand, the choice was between Obama and Bush-clone McCain, and that would have been even worse.

Absolutely not fabulous

Christian Lacroix's fashion company has just filed for bankruptcy.

Edina and Patsy won't be pleased...

Rihanna will be there

The court has ordered Rihanna to appear at the hearing for Chris Brown's assault charges and to be on call as a possible witness.

Rihanna's attorney, Donald Etra, confirmed that she has been served a subpoena and has been ordered to appear and says that Rihanna will comply to be present for the June 22nd hearing.

She's not gonna like this! Rihanna tried to stay out of all this mess, so I'm pretty sure she's not going to be pleased!

90210 heart problems

Jennie Garth, who played Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills 90210, and now appears as a regular on the spinoff 90210, is suffering from a heart desease. Says Jennie:

"A lot of people have it. They don't know they have it… [it] leaks blood. It's your connection to your heart… your artery, the main artery that goes to your heart. It sort of flutters open and shut sort of a thing… it's weird because sometimes when I'm resting I can feel a little weird fluttering."

Jennie has been dealing with the condition for about seven years, but only after the recent death of her father from a heart condition has she now decided to talk about her struggle and become involved in the fight against heart disease.

Take care!

Freddie does 24

Freddie Prinze Jr., who I enjoy watching very much, will be a regular on the 8th season of hit show 24.

Freddie will play Davis Cole, a marine who runs CTU Field Ops and idolizes Kiefer Sutherland's character, Jack Bauer.

Finally a reason to watch 24!

Horror trilogy's

Funhouse won the popular vote in my last poll, 'What's your favourite P!nk album?'.

Can't Take Me Home - 1 vote
Missundastood - 1 vote
Try This - 3 votes
I'm Not Dead - 7 votes
Funhouse - 10 votes

For my new poll, I would like yo to me which horror trilogy you like best: Scream or Final Destination. I own both trilogy's on DVD, and like them both very much. Still, if I really need to choose, I choose the Scream movies.

Anyway, who cares what I think? It's time for YOU to vote!

Update on the new songs

Following today's report by Attitude magazine about the titles of new Madonna tracks, we have heard the buzz that there isn't actually a song titled "I'm Sorry" but that's just something Madonna says in the song that is at the moment called "Broken".

The other new song by Oakenfold has been correctly reported as being titled "Celebrate" but it is not a rework of the classic "Holiday".
It is indeed a new party song. But we heard that "Celebrate" and "Holiday" will be indeed mashed together along with "Everybody" in a brand new number of the Sticky And Sweet tour debuting in London on July 4th.

This medley is supposed to replace "Heartbeat" in the setlist while a Rock version of "Dress You Up", as previously reported here, is rehearsed as a replacement of "Bordeline" in the show.

Thanks to MadonnaTribe for this info!

Glitter in the air - live in Rotterdam

Another fantastic song from the Ahoy Rotterdam Funhouse Tour show. This time it's Glitter In The Air, the final encore of the show, after which P!nk leaves the venue.


I don't believe you - live in Rotterdam

Watch P!nk sing I Don't Believe You on her Funhouse Tour, on February 28 at Ahoy Rotterdam. I was front row at the show, and I loved ever second of it. On December 6 I'm going to see the show again at Ahoy Rotterdam! I'm looking forward to it already!

Anouk is alive

Yesterday Dutch press was all about the news our national pride, singer Anouk, was beaten up in front of an Albert Heijn supermarket in Amsterdam. The news even made Perez Hilton's site, as there were pictures of her face beaten to a pulp.

Today, however, it was revealed the pictures were just test shots for an official photoshoot (probably for the next album liner images). Some over-enthousiastic photographer took a picture of Anouk on her lunch break and soon after the news was all over the place.

Anouk thought it was rather funny, so she didn't do anything yesterday to make the press admit their mistake. This morning, however, her manager told Dutch radio station 3FM it was all fake.

17 Again - the trailer

Although the movie's been running for a while now, for those of you haven't seen it yet, this official trailer is bound to make you want to see it!

Check it out: 17 Again, the official trailer, starring Zac Efron and Matthew Perry.

I am... not selling out

Beyonce's I Am Ridiculous Tour is selling out very slowly in the United States, and so now LiveNation/TicketMaster decided they will make available 1000 tickets per show that cost only $20.- per ticket. They're practically giving them away!

Must be quite embarrassing for Beyonce to run the risk of playing half empy arena's!

Pay up, bitch!

Even the rich 'forget' to pay sometimes...

Courtney Love, wife of the late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, has over $350,000 of unpaid credit card debt on her American Express card. Because she's not paying up, AmEx is now taking her to court for an amount of $352,059.

I love it when the stars mess up!

Zac Efron is happy again

Zac Efron isn't sad anymore, as these pictures, taken last night, prove! Zac went to the Lakers game in Los Angeles, and clearly enjoyed himself!

Looking good!

Chace does Footloose

It's official: Zac Efron is not doing Footloose, but Chace Crawford is! The Gossip Girl hottie has signed up for the lead part in the upcoming remake of the famous dance movie!

Ending in Israel

Madonna is ending her Sticky & Sweet Tour in Israel, it has been announced today. Israeli fans will be happy to know the Queen Of Pop will perform again in their country on September 1st 2009. The location chosen is Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv. Tickets are scheduled to go on sale on June 3rd 2009.

The last time Madonna played in Israel was on her 1993 Girlie Show World Tour.

License to kill

Also on Dutch television: 007 classic License To Kill, with Timothy Dalton playing James Bond.

America's sweethearts

Tonight on Dutch television: America's Sweethearts, starring Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, John Cusack and Billy Crystal.

Happy birthday, Kylie

Happy birthday to Kylie Minogue, who turns 41 today!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Three song titles

When Oakenfold's label, Perfecto, shared some tidbits about the work Paul did in the studio with Madonna last month, they quoted him saying "I think people are going to be really happy with this bunch of songs."

Madonna's manager himself already mentioned that they the pair was working on two new songs in preparation of her upcoming Greatest Hits package, but "a bunch" seemed to be more than "a couple". Paul himself sheds some light on the subject talking to Attitude magazine and revealing that they worked together on three songs, and went way ahead telling them what the song titles are:

I'm sorry

"He didn't know which ones would be the Greatest Hits CD and didn't know when it would be out," the revealing article posted on Attitude's Blog also says.

Zac Efron - Bet on it

Watch another yummy yummy Zac Efron video, this time singing Bet On It, from High School Musical 2.


Today I ordered from two copies of Kylie Minogue's remix album Boombox: one for me, and one to send as a gift to my mother, who is also a Kylie fan. I can't wait for them to get delivered, cause the tracklisting sounds very interesting! It's all remixes from songs of Kylie's latest albums Light Years, Fever, Body Language, UltimateKylie and X:

1. Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head
2. Spinning Around (7th District Club Mental Mix)
3. Wow (Death Metal Diva Scene Mix)
4. Love At First Sight
5. Slow (Chemical Brothers Mix)
6. Come Into My World (Fischerspooner Mix)
7. Red Blooded Woman (Whitey Mix)
8. I Believe In You (Mylo Mix)
9. In Your Eyes (Knuckleheadz Mix)
10. 2 Hearts (Mark Brown's Pacha Ibiza Upper Terrace Mix)
11. On A Night Like This (Bini & Martini Mix)
12. Giving You Up (Ritron Re-rub Vocal Mix)
13. In My Arms (Sebastien Leger Vocal Mix)
14. The One (Brtirocka Remix)
15. Your Disco Needs You (Casino Mix)
16. Boombox (La Riots Remix)

A boombox, also known as ghetto blaster, is a name given to portable stereo systems capable of playing radio stations and recorded music, at relatively high volume. With a tracklisting like this, I'm sure the album is worth its title!

Janice goes wild

Former supermodel Janice Dickinson got totally wasted at the filming of a Finland's Next Top Model episode. After she fell down the stairs, this is what she had to say:

"Fuck You All! Have you ever (something inaudible) down the stairs? This is not bullshit. This is not an act. My leg isn't working. (Inaudible again) come and help me out. Do something you stupid (inaudible). Call the fucking ambulance! You're so stupid. Call the fucking ambulance. Figure something out. What you do is (inaudible). You're all so fucking dumb."

The day after, however, she felt sorry over her insane rant, so she told the contestants:

"As I was leaving the hotel, I took a glass of champagne and I took, instead of a vitamin C, I took sleeping aides. So I mixed a combination of sleeping aid with champagne and it had a reaction that was vulgar and incorrect. Completely inappropriate. I don't remember the things that I said, and that's wrong. And I want to say that I'm so incredibly sorry and I misbehaved. And I hope you can find inside your heart to accept my apology because I'm very, very, sorry. It shouldn't have happened. It's ok to be human, it's ok to make the mistake, but once you make it, it's better not to keep making it."

Yeah right! What a trainwreck!

Rolling Stone goes gaga

Okay, so I am a Lady Gaga fan, but this new Rolling Stone cover she did is just plain ridiculous...

Stop Proposition 8

Time to start bringing taking the fight to the next level and that's just what two Californian lawyers are doing. The Advocate reports that Theodore B. Olson and David Boies filed a challenge to Proposition 8 in the federal court as of May 22nd. These brilliant legal minds will defend their clients (two separate sets of gay couples) and argue that limiting same-sex couples to domestic partnerships instead of granting them full marriage rights is a "violation of the equal protection and due process clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution."

That's what we're saying!

What's truly amazing is that Olson comes to the cause after spending three years under the Bush administration, but insists that even while Bush wanted to endorsed an amendment to the U.S. constitution that would prohibit same-sex marriage, he never stood behind it.

Better late than never to show good judgement.

Olson says: “For a long time I’ve personally felt that we are doing a grave injustice for people throughout this country by denying equality to gay and lesbian individuals. The individuals that we represent and will be representing in this case feel they’re being denied their rights. And they’re entitled to have a court vindicate those rights.”

Olson, Boies, and other attorneys working on the suit are mostly working pro bono, but are also working alongside the American Foundation for Equal Rights, a truly motivating force in the fight for same sex marriage.

Best of luck to everyone working on the case and for the cause!

Thanks to Perez Hilton

Straight to number one

Eminem's new album Relapse entered straight at number one in the Billboard Album 200 chart, selling 608,000 copies in its first week.

This enormous amount of first week sales make Relapse to highest entry in the chart in 2009 so far!


Guys and dolls

Madonna's ex-husband Guy Ritchie is planning on doing a remark of the famous musical Guys And Dolls.

Ever since the success of Mamma Mia, musicals are the shit in Hollywood, as they bring in loads of cash for the studio's. No wonder then, Guy Ritchie will probably have his pet project financed in no time.

I guess now it's time for Madonna to get back into musicals as well, after all, Evita was the only good movie she's ever done...

Back to reality

Oh no! Jessica Simpson, who is defnitely not making it big in the music industry (unless we're talking about her body, which is becoming larger and larger), is going back to reality TV.

I guess most of us still remember the fiasco that was Newlyweds, and the fact Jessica looked like a total retard in it. Does she really want to go back to being known only for her stupidity?
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