Friday, July 31, 2009

Juicy lawsuit

Carrie Prejean, the stupid bitch known as Ex-Miss California, is sueing the pageant organisation! She claims they have mistreated her and of course asks for money.

This could be juicy, that famewhore is never giving up!

Top of the pops

Watch Kylie Minogue sing Your Disco Needs You in 2001, on the German version of Top Of The Pops.

Hot new release

The new Madonna single has made it to the's Top 50 best sellers within only 8 hours of its release and 5 stars rating. At the moment we're writing this "Celebration" is ranking at a stunning #7 in the Hot New Releases in MP3 songs.

This song is going to break records!

Thank you

Now that July is almost at its end, I would like to thank all my readers for making this the month with the most visitors for Totally Theo in 2009 so far! With over 45.000 pageviews, it has been a good month.

In fact, the only month I got more visitors, was October 2008! Let's not forget, 2009 isn't nearly over yet, so maybe I will even be able to break that record!

So thank you for coming, please come back, and don't forget to follow me on Twitter as well!

Symphonica in rosso

Diana Ross is doing extremely well in the Netherlands. A couple of months ago it was announced she's this years act on Symphonica In Rosso, a large music concert at Gelredome Stadium in Arnhem.

This week, it has been announced that due to overwhelming demand, a third show will be added! That means about 30.000 extra tickets for those of you who didn't get the chance to buy tickets to one of the first two shows.

Diana Ross will now play Gelredome on October 16, 17 and 18. These three shows will be her only European concerts this year, so as you can see it's quite a big deal!

More sinful attraction

Another show has been added to Tori Amos' Sinful Attraction Tour! Tori will play in Luxembourg on September 18th, the day after the Amsterdam show! Tickets will go on sale on August 7 (Friday in a week).

Don't forget, tickets for Groningen are going on sale tomorrow!

Heavy rotation

Madonna's new single Celebration leaked on the internet yesterday, as you know (I posted it here myself as well). Warner Music decided not to wait until Monday to release the song to radio because of the leak, so as of today, Celebration is in extremely heavy rotation on radio stations all around the world.

Here in the Netherlands, where I live, our most listened to radio station Radio 538 immediately made the song their Alarmschijf, which means for the next seven days it will be the most played song on the station.

All over the world radio stations are playing the song in A-rotation, so we can be pretty sure Madonna's got a number 1 hit single on her hands! And she deserves it big time, as Celebration is the ultimate Summer anthem!

Master and commander

Tonight on Dutch television: Master And Commander, starring Russel Crowe.

Sugar on a boat

For some reason I didn't get this news before, but tomorrow, during the Gay Pride Canal Parade in Amsterdam, the Sugababes will be present on one of the boats.

I don't know yet if they will be singing or just present, but either way, starfucker that I am it's great to see some famous people.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow big time!

They found him

Well, at least you cannot blame them for not being persistent... after the birth certificate thing didn't work, our friends over at WND*Mart (also known as WorldNetDaily) have resorted to the ultimate in professional journalism: they're now officially calling Barack Obama the Antichrist.

I swear I'm not making this up. They really do! These people must be completely insane, as I suspected so many times before. Click here to read their "coherent and balanced" article.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Loving it

It took me a couple of spins to actually get to know the song, but now that I do, I have to say I LOVE Mika's new single We Are Golden. It's on Dutch radio all the time, and it's just so catchy, uplifting, and well-spirited, it truly deserves to go to number one.

Aside from that, the video is as hot as you can get it as well, so I believe it's safe to say Mika's definitely back!

What happens in Vegas

The beginning of the end... now that her single has flopped and her album has been pushed back, Mariah Carey is taking a turn to Las Vegas, which is not the smartest move for someone who is supposed to be popular all over the world.

Mariah will be in las Vegas in September and October, playing at the Pearl theater at the Palms Casino Resort. Tickets will cost as much as $ 254, but of course there's no telling if anyone will buy them. After all, Mariah has never been known for her sellout tours.

Celine Dion pulled it off pretty well in Vegas, but Celine her career was (and is) going great when she started. Mariah seems to be starting out on the wrong foot here, which makes it all look just a little bit desperate.

Be in the next Sex and the City movie

Do you happen to live near New York City, and want to play a part in the second Sex And The City movie? Then check this out:

Grant Wilfley Casting is holding an open call for background performers for SEX AND THE CITY 2.

Seeking SAG and NON SAG to play: Fashion Models, Celebrity types, Upscale socialites, Urban Club goers, Gays and Lesbians, International types (Middle Eastern, Arabic, Asian, European, British), Professional Soccer Players.

Open Call:
Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street
bet 6th & 7th Avenues.

SAG: 10am- 12:30pm
NON-SAG: 1:30p-4:00p

Wow, if I lived anywhere near NYC, I would SO go and give it a try. Unfortunately, it's an 8 hour flight from here, so I'm afraid I need to skip.

For those of you who'll give it a go: good luck!

Another cancellation?

Yesterday I reported how Madonna's Sticky & Sweet show in Budapest was moved from the original venue, to the much smaller Paskas Ferenc Stadium, because of low ticket sales.

Now, it appears the new venue doesn't want the Madonna concert either, so Live Nation Hungary was forced to send out the following press release:

Live Nation Hungary Ltd. is puzzled by the situation around the Madonna concert scheduled on August 22 in Budapest. After their decision to change the venue, the company had contacted the Puskas Ferenc Stadium and received a signed, written confirmation from the management on July 21.

In order to solve the current situation, Tim Dowdall, the Regional Vice-President Of Live Nation Ltd. initiated a meeting with the President of the Hungarian Football Association, Mr. Istvan Kisteleki, which will take place next week.

Because of this the sale of the new tickets and the designation of the seated places will not start on 31 July (as announced previously), but, hopefully, will happen shortly after successful negotiations.

In the meantime, we ask the fans for a little understanding and patience, because the concert will be held in Budapest, and we will do everything to make sure that everybody attending the concert will return home after an unforgettable experience on the evening of August 22.

This could be funny! Will this be the next concert of the tour that gets cancelled because of ticket sales, after Manchester and Hamburg?

Already halo

Ryan Teddard (who is in the band One Republic) has made a statement about the drama surrounding his music for Beyonce's Halo and Kelly Clarkson's Already Gone:

Already Gone is one of the best song I've written or produced since Bleeding Love and stands tall on it's own merits apart from Halo.

They are two entirely different songs conceptually, melodically, & lyrically and I would never try to dupe an artist such as Kelly Clarkson or Beyoncé into recording over the same musical track, the idea is both hurtful & absurd.

I think when people hear "Already Gone" they will hear what I hear-one of the greatest female vocalists on earth giving her most haunting and heart-breaking performance on a song she helped write.

I challenge people to listen and form their own opinions

Watch Zac Efron's bungee jump

Watch Zac Efron take his bungee jump in Canada recently. I wouldn't dare doing this!

A new baby

Jude Law will become a father for the fourth time this fall, except he and the baby's mother have already broken up. What a nice way to enter the world...

Jude has announced he will take care of the baby and everything, but still, couldn't they postpone their breakup until at least after the baby was born?

Jude already has three children with his ex wife Sadie Frost.

Bad behaviour

Mel Gibson has freaked out again in public. The actor/director attacked a tabloid photographer who tried to get a picture of Mel and his new girlfriend Oksana Gregorieva.

It's not the first time Mel Gibson got some bad publicity as a result of his behaviour. In 2006 he got arrested for drunk driving, after which he blamed the Jews for everything that's going on in this world. Not the smartest thing for someone who directed The Passion Of The Christ.

Still though, Gibson continues to make nice headlines!


A 53-year old man from Georgia has taken his love for Miley Cyrus, also known as Hannah Montana, a little step too far. The guy has been sending love letters and presents to the teenage singer (she's only 16 years old), and generally freaking her out.

It has now gotten to the point where Disney has warned the police about this guy, so they can be on the lookout for him in Los Angeles, where Miley lives.

Come on dude, you're 56 years old. What business do you have with a 16-year old girl? Freak!

And the kids go to...

A settlement has been reached in the court case over who should get custody over Michael Jackson's children. As it turns out, all three children will remain under custody of their grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

Debbie Rowe, the two oldest children's mother, will retain her rights as the legal parents, but is giving up the children to live with Katherine. She will have the right to visitation, but only with a trained social worker present.

For the children's sake, it's good they've come to an agreement, although I still believe it would be better to let them live with aunt Janet Jackson.

Come join the party

Here it is! The artwork for Madonna's new single Celebration, and, four days before it will be on radio, the full version! Click here to listen to it.

It's a great, great, great song! I'm sure it will get to number one!

Blast from the past

Tonight on Dutch television: Blast from the Past, a really charming movie, starring Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The lovely Mika has just announced on his Twitter page he's rehearsing. Rehearsing for what? A tour, we all hope?

I SO want to go see him again!

Most annoying

Tyra Banks is without a doubt the most annoying person on Twitter. Just read what totally uninteresting things she had to say tonight:

any of you have flat feet? what are the best shoes for them? my arches and ankles hurt cuz of my flat feet.

when i wear flats, my feet hurt. heels make them feel a bit better. but at the end of the day - PAIN on the toes! and more corns!

sneakers FEEL so good on my feet but don't LOOK lovely when I'm rockin' a dress!

was n airport 2day w/ cute outfit n some ugly comfy shoes. was scared paparrazi was gonna get me. luckily, other celebs there so i hid!

what size shoe do u think i wear? guessing game...

Oh please, just leave us alone... Don't forget, you can also follow me on Twitter by clicking here!

A sorta fairytale - live in Kansas

To celebrate the fact Tori Amos will bring her Sinful Attraction Tour to my hometown, Groningen, here's a video of her performing A Sorta Fairytale at the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, last week.

Official preview

After a couple of unofficial leaks, recorded at the Paul Oakenfold set, or the video shoot, there is now an official preview of Madonna's upcoming single Celebration. made it available, and it kicks serious ass!

The single will be out on radio starting next Monday, August 3. Click here for the preview!


For some strange reason, Michael Jackson fans want to nominate the singer for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Uhm, what exactly has Michael done for world peace? Singing a couple of songs doesn't exactly stop wars or anything, so I wouldn't know why he'd deserve such an award.

Fortunately enough the public isn't allowed to nominate candidates, so we'll probably never hear anything on this ridiculous subject again.

Words of wisdom from Howie Dorough

Backstreet Boy has-been Howie Dorough has told Billboard Magazine the Backstreet Boys will be around for a long time to come. Spare us... please...

The new album This Is Us will be released on October 6, and there's a tour to follow as well. Fortunately enough though, Howie added they will only stay around as long as people want to listen to them. In that case, they should call it quits on the spot, as nobody cares about this non relevant little group anymore.

At least that Kevin guy was smart enough to leave the sinking ship in time!

First daughter

Tonight on Dutch television: First Daughter, starring Katie Holmes and Marc Blucas.

Focus on her voice

Avril Lavigne is working on her new album, and according to the lady herself, this one's not going to be a pop rock record like the previous ones.

Avril wants to focus more on her voice, so the album will be more ballad-like, as opposed to the more uptempo songs she's known for.

I like Avril anyway, so I'm sure it will be a nice album!

Pull the plug

Trouble in paradise for Kelly Clarkson! Kelly and her record company have been in an argument over the choice of her upcoming single. The record company wants to release Already Gone, but Kelly is against the move, because, as it turns out, the song sounds an awful lot like Halo, by Beyonce.

Anyway, they came to the understanding the song would be released, but only if Kelly was able to perform it live in such a way it wouldn't resemble Halo anymore. All looked well, until Kelly started dissing her record label in public.

The record company didn't like this move, obviously, so now they are going to stop promoting the single, and album All I Ever Wanted completely. This means no more promotion, no more video's, no more TV appearences.

Basically, the album's dead, and one might wonder what will become of Kelly's career.

Tori Amos in Groningen

Tori Amos is coming to my hometown!!! On September 23, a couple of days after the Sinful Attraction concert in Amsterdam (where I will be attending), she'll play MartiniPlaza in Groningen, which is where I live.

This is way cool! I need to get myself tickets!

More Gossip Girl

Well, I talked about watching Gossip Girl earlier this evening...

The CW has renewed Gossip Girl for a third season, which will start airing on September 14, 2009. The cast began filming on June 29, 2009 in New York City. Hilary Duff has confirmed that she will be joining the show for a multi-episode guest arc in this season as Olivia Burke, famous movie star who wants normal college experience. Joanna García has confirmed that she will also be joining the show for the first four episodes as Bree Buckley, attractive but evil Miss America type, and will serve as love interest for Nate.

It's gonna be a good one! You know you'll love it!

All in daylight

Because Norway just has a lot of daylight, Madonna was forced to start her Sticky & Sweet concert in Oslo tonight before it was dark. And actually, she does a good job. You can see from her face she finds it odd herself, which finally makes her a bit more human again.

All in all, a nice clip. Click here to watch!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Noise control

U2 is experiencing protests from their own home country Ireland. The band have just played 3 concerts of their 360 Tour at Croke Park in Dublin, and said they would immediately take the stage down and transport it to the next city after the final show. Officially, this takes 44 hours, but in reality, this means a week's work, and endless noise every night.

The protesters claim they aren't targeting U2 personally, but rather the city of Dublin and the Gaelic Athletic Association, for handing out the permits.

The tour is now facing delays, as the trucks need to drive slowly in order not to cause any accidents with the protesters. Because of this, there's a chance of them not catching the ferry in time, which will lead to a serious delay in the next city, which is Göteborg in Sweden. There is even a chance the Swedish show needs to be cancelled or postponed.

MCD Production, who is handling the logistics of the 360 Tour, is already threatening to take the protesters to court.

It's not the first time the 360 Tour has caused people to protest the noise level. The night before the first show, at Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona, people living near the stadium complained U2 were soundchecking way too long, causing them to lose sleep.

XoXo Gossip Girl

My plans were to watch DVDs tonight, but then I discovered nowadays there are not one, but two Gossip Girl episodes on Tuesday nights on Dutch television, so I never got around to watching the DVDs.

For a moment, I kinda lost the storyline in Gossip Girl, but I caught up well, so this will once again become a regular in my TV diet!

Getting ink done

Remember how I told you earlier this week how Katie Perry was asking the Twitter crowd what kind of tattoo she should take?

Well, she had one done (it's her second one), and the results are in this picture. You like?

We are golden - the video

Super cool!!!! The video for Mika's new single We Are Golden has just been released, and it rocks the house!!!

Click here to watch the upcoming number one hit single!

Pushed forward

Mariah Carey may have pushed her album back because of dissapointing sales of first single Obsessed, but Whitney Houston is going just the other way round. Her album I Look To You has its release date pushed forward, thanks to the extremely positive reactions on the listening parties.

I Look To You will now be released on August 31.

Let's get to it: Got to be certain

Watch Kylie Minogue sing Got To Be Certain on her Let's Get To It Tour 1991. She even does a little bit of vogueing!

That's it for the Let's Get To It video's for today. There will be even more vintage Kylie video's tomorrow!

Let's get to it: Better the devil you know

Watch Kylie Minogue perform one of my favourite songs ever, Better The Devil You Know, on her Let's Get To It Tour 1991.

Let's get to it: Finer feelings

Watch Kylie Minogue perform Finer Feelings, on her 1991 Let's Get To It Tour.

Let's get to it: What do I have to do

Watch Kylie Minogue sing What Do I Have To Do on her 1991 Let's Get to It Tour.

Hit medley

It's not from the Let's Get To It Tour, but it's great fun anyway: Watch Kylie Minogue perform a medley of hits on the Top Of The Pops 2004 Christmas Special.

Let's get to it: Too much of a good thing

As promised yesterday, I'm going to post some more Let's Get To It Tour, the show Kylie Minogue did way back in 1991. This one's Too Much Of A Good Thing. Enjoy!

Play the record

Someone really should explain to me sometimes why DJ sets nowadays are being called 'concerts', even though all the DJ does is play other people's music. I've been watching a bit of Paul Oakenfold, who 'plays' to audiences on Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour, and really, all he does is just put on a couple of songs.

Moreover, his set is practically the same every day, so why not just record the music in a loop and put it on the P.A.? I think it's just absurd to be watching someone play a couple of records and pretending to be all technical and big whoop, while in reality anyone could do what they're doing.

You know how to put a CD in a CD player? Congratulations, you've just qualified yourself to become to next Paul Oakenfold.

100% Mariah

Mariah Carey's single Obsessed didn't do well on the Billboard Hot 100 charts (it didn't make it to the top 10), so she postponed her album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel.

But wait a minute, what is she doing now? Releasing another single, so soon after Obsessed. Called 100%, maybe this new song can create a bit of a buzz for Mariah, as she will be needing it to make sure her album doesn't flop as well.


Tonight on Dutch television: Snatch, directed by Guy Ritchie.

Sad on stage

There you have it: the moment I was talking about yesterday, when Joe Jonas cries on stage because of his breakup with ex-girlfriend Camilla Belle. This happened during the Jonas Brothers concert in Detroit.

Going once, going twice

Some erotic messages on a voice mail, some love letters... who would have thought one day they would be auctioned of for a mere 28.000 dollars?

Madonna didn't, probably, when she send those messages to her then-boyfriend Jim Albright back in the nineties. The stuff is part of a Gotta Have It! auction, along with several other personal belongings to celebrities.

Since Madonna spend most of the nineties showing us every inch of her body there was, she'd probably don't mind this intimate stuff doing the rounds either.

Near death

Katie Holmes has been experiencing a near death situation on the set of her upcoming movie Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark.

Katie was in Australia filming a scene, when a part of the car she was sitting in exploding, causing the car to catch fire, with Katie still in it.

Fortunately she was able to escape the car before more damage could be done, but I'm sure she was scared to death!

Super Jackson Bros

This is pretty absurd. Someone has turned classic videogame Super Mario Bros into a new version, starring... Michael Jackson. The game is basically the same as it was, except for this time Michael is moonwalking, and doing his trademark shrieks.

Sounds a bit disrespectful, but at the same time a lot of fun. Click here to check it out.

At the voting booth

Thanks to the 21 people who voted on last weeks poll 'How often do you fo to the movies'. Here are the results:

1 time per week or more - 3
2-4 times per month - 2
1 time per month - 4
Less often - 11
Never - 1

It's time to vote again. This week, I would like to know how you prefer to listen to music: through CDs, MP3 players, or your computer?

Titanic 3D

There's a pretty big chance hit movie Titanic, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, will be re-released as a 3D movie. Titanic was one of the most succesful movies of all time, so it's quite understandable 20th Century Fox wants to squeeze a couple of extra dollars out of it.

Besides, this one would actually look really good in 3D. I already love the movie as it is, but I would definitely go see it again with the enhancements.

Would you go see it again, wearing one of those cute little 3D glasses?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Vote for Take That

You can now vote for Take That as Greatest Superstars on an MTV poll by clicking here!

Aside from it being a fun poll, there's also a chance of winning £300 worth of Logic audio goodies.

300 Pounds is about 380 Euro's, so that alone is a good reason to join in!

French and Saunders

French and Saunders did it again! They've been spoofing Madonna for many years now (all in good fun), and this one's no exeption. It's them making fun of Madonna's children books and her Kaballah faith.


Getting married

He may be totally unfamiliar for foreign readers, but, for the Dutchies: TV presentor Arie Boomsma is getting married in California this Summer. Congratulations and all, but for some strange reason Arie told interviewers he didn't want to say where in California it would happen, but definitely not in Las Vegas.

Maybe that's because Las Vegas is in Nevada, not in California? Ha! Get your geography right!

Help her decide

Katy Perry wants to get her second tattoo tonight, and she wants you to help her pick a design, thanks to the wonders of Twitter:

Thinking bout getting my 2nd tattoo 2night! I wanna get a cartoon-ish strawberry to celebrate this amazeballs past 15 months... If anyone has any wonderful cute strawberry references... Think japanese, 1950's vintage commercials, fun Mark Ryden colors, send send!

Any ideas? Send them in to Katy by looking her up on Twitter. Need to find her adress, just go to my Twitter account and pick her from my list!

Let's get to it: I should be so lucky

I Should Be So Lucky, by Kylie Minogue, on her 1991 Let's Get To It Tour.

That's it for now, but tomorrow there will more Let's Get To It video's, right here on Totally Theo!

Let's get to it: Word is out

Kylie Minogue singing Word Is Out on her 1991 Let's Get To It Tour.

Let's get to it: Always find the time

Kylie Minogue singing Always Find The Time, during her 1991 Let's Get To It Tour.

Let's get to it: Wouldn't change a thing

Kylie Minogue singing Wouldn't Change A Thing, during her 1991 Let's Get To It Tour.

Let's get to it: Step back in time

A very young Kylie Minogue singing Step Back In Time on her Let's Get To It Tour in 1991.

I like these video's, I'm gonna post some more for your enjoyment!


Zac Efron is looking a bit sleepy on this picture, but we'll love him anyway!

Tee time

Justin Timberlake has opened his very own golf course. And not just any golf course; this one's environmentally friendly. The singer took the course over from his father, and spend 11 million Euro's in rearranging it.

If he has time for doing that, maybe he can come up with a decent album as well? It's about time!

Diva behaviour

Jennifer Lopez turned out to be quite the diva on her 40th birthday party last Friday. J.Lo was celebrating the occasion by throwing a dinner party, but when some of the guests didn't turn up as she had expected, she threw a fit in the restaurant.

I've always figured the new sensible Jennifer was nothing more than image building, so I'm actually glad she went back to being bitchy. She's just so much more fun that way.

Taxi ride - live in Dallas

Watch Tori Amos perform her beautiful song Taxi Ride during her Sinful Attraction Tour concert in Dallas, earlier this week.

Smaller venue

The Sticky & Sweet Tour continues to perform to underwhelming crowds. After cancelling shows in Manchester and Hamburg, not selling out in London, Manchester, Paris, Werchter, Barcelona, Madrid and Zaragoza, Madonna has now moved her show in Budapest from Kincsem Park to the much smaller Puskas Ferenc Stadion. Read the press release below:

If you are to attend the Sticky & Sweet Tour show scheduled in Budapest on August 22, please note that the show moves from Kincsem Park to Puskas Ferenc Stadion.

All tickets remain valid in the new venue!

Gold and Silver tickets remain in the same location in front of the stage. The allocation for the Bronze ticket owners will be on the grandstands, therefore closer to the stage and with a much better view.

The VIP ticket service remains exactly the same. The ticket-holders will receive a personal note about their exact seating location and parking place directly to their mailboxes.

All other seated ticket holders - as originally planned at Kincsem Park - will be on the tribunes facing the stage. They can get their new seat numbers at the Ticketpro central office (Budapest, VII. Károly krt. 9.) from July 31th until August 19th, or at the venue on the show day.

With the change of venue to the Puskas Ferenc Stadium tickets additional tickets are now available in the Ticketpro network, including new seated tickets. The new seated tickets can be purchased in all TicketPro outlets from July 31st.
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