Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spot the real one

Rihanna went to visit, and kiss, her own wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Washington DC.

Can you spot the real Rihanna? :-)

Goodwill ambassador

Angelina Jolie speaks out for the victims of Pakistan’s flood:

“This is not just a humanitarian crisis,” Angelina, a goodwill ambassador for the organization, said. “It is an economic and social catastrophe.”

“The more support we can give, the greater number of tents, food, clean water and medicine will get to the people in need,” she added.

To learn how you can help, visit Unicef.org!

That particular time

I really am in a Alanis Morissette mood tonight! I've been listening to her music this entire evening! One of my favourite songs is called That Particular Time. In fact, when I saw and heard her sing it (from front row) during the Toward Our Union Mented Tour at Ahoy Rotterdam, I cried, that's how beautiful and sad the song is.

Here it is, live from the Air Canada Center in Toronto. Please enjoy.

Piece of meat

"By no means do I want to be a piece of meat for the rest of my career. It's funny when you get asked to do a talk show, and then they follow it up with requesting you take your shirt off."

Kellan Lutz wants to have a serious acting career. Well... good luck with that.


Celine Dion recently recorded a song titled "Voler" in duet with French legend Michel Sardou to be included on his new album just released today.

Looking forward to hearing the new song!

Crocus commercial

Russian television is running a TV commercial for Tori Amos' Summer Solo Tour concert at Crocus City Hall in Moscow this Friday. Check it out above!

Ultimate song

Is Katy Perry's "California Gurls" your ultimate song of the summer? Vote in Entertainment Weekly's official poll here!

Hallelujah - live in New York

And speaking of the Watermill Benefit in New York City, here are Kylie Minogue and Rufus Wainwright singing the Leonard Cohen classic Hallelujah.

Last song of summer

Kylie Minogue's official website Kylie.com wrote a piece about the fantastic Watermill Benefit concert Kylie did together with Rufus Wainwright:

Kylie took to the stage in New York this weekend as the special guest of Rufus Wainwright at The Last Song of Summer Concert at The Watermill Center in the Hamptons.

Dressed in a striking Dolce & Gabbana leopard-print dress, Kylie joined Rufus for a number of duets including ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’, ‘Over the Rainbow’ and Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’.

Much to the delight of fans, Kylie pulled out a 7″ copy of her 1988 debut American smash hit ‘The Loco-motion’ and joked about her ’80s stylings before launching into a show-stopping rendition of the iconic song with Wainwright.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal before her performance with Rufus, Kylie said: “I’m a great admirer of his work and was thrilled when he came to see my concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC last year. I absolutely adore doing these types of one-off gigs. To share these moments with fellow artists, to be able to go ‘off-piste’ and perform different songs and different styles is like food for the creative soul.”

The Last Song of Summer Concert benefits The Windmill Center, founded by Robert Wilson, which supports emerging artists and creatives.

Explore elsewhere

A Peta commercial about the Canadian seal hunt garnered second place for video advertising in July 2010 over at Ads of the World, a super-popular ad blog. It was second omly to the insanely popular Old Spice guy video. The Peta commercial is part of their “Explore Elsewhere” campaign, a rebuttal to the Canadian Tourism Commission’s “Come Explore Canada” campaign.

This ad is also important now because the European Union’s general court just put a suspension on the legislation that would ban the sale of seal products in Europe that passed last year. The suspension came about because an Inuit group is claiming that the ban will hurt the market for them, even though it does not include products from their seal hunt.

Sandton Hotel Leopold

Wow! Look where my boyfriend and I are going to spend our weekend in Brussels in October! It''s called the Sandton Hotel Leopold. Doesn't it look really, really cool?

Madonna fans cheat

As you may have noticed I have posted a new poll about an hour ago, asking you to choose between Madonna and Lady Gaga. Unfortunately, someone using internert service provider Planet Technologies from Tiel, the Netherlands, if apparently constantly deleting his or her cookies so that he or she can vote for Madonna as many times as he likes.

Therefore, although you are still free to vote, it's pretty obvious the poll is useless now. Pretty pathetic Madonna fans need to resort to practices like this to 'prove' she's still popular, in the process proving exactly the opposite, as obviously they don;t even believe for themselves she could get enough votes on her own.


SharkWatch! is an iPhone app that lets you check your odds before you actually get in the water. With the app you can browse through sightings, find out which species of shark may be in the area and find out about local attacks. Go get it.

Dance with Jason Beitel

As you may know, Kylie Minogue's hot dancer Jason Beitel also teaches classes, and if you happen to live in London, you can just walk into one! He regularly teaches at Pineapple, and walkin's are accepted, encouraged even. The fees aren't ridiculously high, and let's face it, who wouldn't want to enjoy a dance lesson by Jason?

For more info, click here!

Gratefully yours

Madonna sent out a message via the Raising Malawi mailout to thank all those who made her birthday so special:

"My birthday last week was such a blessing for me. I was surrounded by dear friends, my loving family, and by you.

The notes I received from the Raising Malawi family were simply beautiful -- both in their kindness and their concern for the children of Malawi. Thank you for making my birthday so special.

The note from Sylvia in Great Britain is a message for all of us:

May Malawi, and its beautiful people, be raised through the generosity of those who share your dreams. Thank you for the work you do and the joy you give to your fans worldwide. We are all better people for being connected.

I love how Sylvia echoed the African philosophy ubuntu -- I am because we are. We do share a common fate. And we must continue to dream of a better future.

That's why it's so important that we stay connected with each other. I hope you will help us raise awareness about Malawi by joining our Facebook community:


Along with the birthday wishes, many of you took the opportunity to make a donation to our work in Malawi. Again, thank you all!

From Alvaro in Mexico City to Esther in Istanbul, your generous donations totaling over $18,000 touched my heart and will change the lives of so many children. I truly cannot think of a better birthday gift.

Thank you again for being a part of this community and the work most dear to my heart."

Gratefully yours,

P.S. If you would like to donate to Raising Malawi today, I will match your donation - doubling its impact on the lives of the Malawi children.

Jurassic Park IV

Jurassic Park III director Joe Johnston revealed in an interview in that Jurassic Park IV was set to be the beginning of a second Jurassic Park trilogy. He also added, “Jurassic Park 4 is going to be unlike anything you’ve seen.”

According to a new interview conducted in 2010 by Drew McWeeny with Joe Johnston on the website Behind the Films, a new script is under works with a different idea behind it. Johnston says once he finishes Captain America, he hopefully will develop Jurassic Park IV with Steven Spielberg. Joe Johnston enthusiastically has confirmed the likelihood of the film's production more than once.


Love the way you lie - live in LA

And speaking of Rihanna. Remember how Eminem made a surprise visit at her Last Girl On Earth show at Staples Center in Los Angeles to sing Love The Way You Lie together? Check out the video above, pretty cool!

Most #1s

With "Love the Way You Lie" jumping to the #1 spot on the Pop Songs radio airplay chart two weeks ago, Rihanna becomes the artist with the most #1 singles since the Nielsen survey started 18 years ago. Rihanna tied Mariah Carey, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga at the top of the singles chart with six number one singles!


Living on the radio

Lady Gaga debuted a brand new song during her Monster Ball show at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota last night! It's called Living On The Radio, and you can listen to it by clicking here.

Love it!

10x Kevin Costner

Time for my daily top ten! Today, it's about my ten favourite Kevin Costner movies. Here we go:

1) The Bodyguard
2) WaterWorld
3) Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves
4) Dances With Wolves
5) Thirteen Days
6) Rumor Has It
7) Message In A Bottle
8) Tin Cup
9) Wyatt Earp
10) JFK

What are yours?

Unplugged: Thank U

And finally, for today, here's Alanis Morissette singing Thank U, live from MTV Unplugged.

More to come tomorrow!

Unplugged: That I would be good

That I Would Be Good, by Alanis Morissette, live from MTV Unplugged.

Where have you been, Alanis? We need you back to sing many more beautiful songs like this!

Unplugged: Joining you

One of the best songs Alanis Morissette ever wrote: Joining You, live on MTV Unplugged.

Unplugged: Head over feet

For today's bunch of videos, let's go back to that wonderful Unplugged special Alanis Morissette did for MTV quite some time ago. To start with, here's Head Over Feet.

Mika's magic numbers

Mika is closing down his Mika's Magic Numbers competition, and the top players will be able to win tickets to see Mika on a very special private concert, or have a glass of champagne with him. However, there are still two ways to earn even more points:

First up, Mika wants YOU to design a Mika t-shirt. You can be as creative as you like, let your imagination run wild. All entries will be posted on his official site and get you a 1000 Mika points.

The winner - as chosen by Mika - will see their design put into production for sale in the Mika Store and also earn 25,000 Mika Points. Just email your designs to tshirts@mikasounds.com for your chance to win.

Secondly, Mika wants to know what you think of his music - post a video review of your favourite albums and singles to date and it’ll earn you 1500 points.

Heroes concert

Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow will give the debut live performance of their new single Shame at the fundraising Heroes Concert next month.

Robbie and Gary will perform to 60,000 concertgoers at Twickenham Stadium in south west London on September 12.

The event is in aid of the Help For Heroes charity and also features James Blunt, Alexandra Burke and Katherine Jenkins.

Live broadcast

Radio station Silver Rain has announced they will broadcast the concert Tori Amos will be performing at Crocus City Hall in Moscow on September 3 (this Friday) live! Additionally, Tori will also be making an interview appearance on Silver Rain the day before the concert, Thursday, September 2nd.

For those in Russia, you can tune in Silver Rain at 100,1 FM in Moscow and a number of other frequencies in other cities.

For tose of you outside of Russia, there will be a live stream! Click here to go to the stream (which will of course not work until Friday).

Let's repeal DOMA

Great news! California's legislature has officially endorsed repeal of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

On August 23, the California State Senate approved joint resolution AJR 19 in a bipartisan vote of 22-12, calling on Congress to immediately repeal DOMA -- the federal law that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman.


Coaster accidents

Two of Orlando's newest roller coasters recorded multiple rider injuries during the second quarter of the year, according to updated filings from Florida's big theme parks.

At Universal Orlando, a 36-year-old man and a 45-year-old woman each experienced back pain after rides on the year-old Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit coaster (pictured above) at Universal Studios Florida.

And at Walt Disney World, a 54-year-old man had trouble breathing and later had a heart attack, and a 74-year-old man became dizzy and ill, after riding the 4-year-old Expedition Everest in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

The Rockit incidents were the only guest injuries reported by Universal during the period, while the Everest injuries were among nine reported by Disney World during the April-through-June quarter.

Madonna vs Gaga

Thanks to the 23 people who used last week's poll to tell us where they live. Here are the results:

Europe - 17
North America - 2
South America - 0
Asia - 2
Africa - 1
Australia - 1

Of course this means that over the past week, about 8000 of you came to visit and didn't vote, but that's okay. You'll get another chance this week! This week's poll is a battle of the diva's. A while ago I already made you choose between Madonna and Kylie Minogue, but I haven't polled you on the most obvious choice yet: Madonna or Lady Gaga?

Voting's on!

It takes a legend to make a star

Check out the newest poster for Christina Aguilera and Cher’s new movie, Burlesque.

Looks really, really cool!

She wants her career back

Lindsay Lohan is on the cover of the October issue of Vanity Fair. Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

On her supposed alcohol addiction:
“If I were the alcoholic everyone says I am, then putting a [scram] bracelet on would have ended me up in detox, in the emergency room, because I would have had to come down from all the things that people say I’m taking and my father says I’m taking — so that says something, because I was fine.”

On denying drug abuse:
“I’ve never abused prescription drugs. I never have — never in my life. I have no desire to. That’s not who I am. I’ve admitted to the things that I’ve done — to, you know, dabbling in certain things and trying things ’cause I was young and curious and thought it was like, O.K., ’cause other people were doing it and other people put it in front of me. And I see what happened in my life because of it.”

On hanging out with the wrong crowd:
“So many people around me would say they cared for the wrong reasons. A lot of people were pulling from me, taking from me and not giving. I had a lot of people that were there for me for, you know, the party.”

On her father, Michael Lohan:
“I think if anyone should be looked at medically it’s him. He has such a big chemical imbalance at this point because of all the things he’s done to himself. … The worst part of it is you turn around and you see your dad crying and normally you’d be, like, happy that your father’s there. But then he has to go and do an interview right after.”

On her career being far from over:
“I want my career back. I know that I’m a damn good actress, and it’s been my passion since I was a child, and I know that when I care about something, I put 100 percent and more into it. … I want the respect that I had when I was doing great movies. And if that takes not going out to a club at night, then so be it. It’s not fun anyway. I don’t care. It’s the same thing every time.”

People with integrity

Sandra Bullock appeared on The Today Show today, to talk, among other things, about the adoption of her son:

“It takes good people with integrity. I remember, I read something like ‘How did someone keep a secret?” and it’s - human beings exist that have integrity, that know how to keep their mouth shut - that know the picture, that don’t sell out their friends. Those people are all over the place, but again, we don’t like to talk about it ’cause it doesn’t sell a magazine, but I was blessed with the same friends that I’ve had since before things got really special for me…when things get bad, they’re still the same friends.”

Pearl Harbor

Tonight on Dutch television: Pearl Harbor, starring Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsale.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Extra tickets

Good news for Dutch Lady Gaga fans! LiveNation has released extra general admission floor tickets for the Monster Ball shows at Ahoy Rotterdam on November 29 and 30.

Click here to go to Eventim and get yourself a ticket!

iPhone Jaws

The first new JAWS game since JAWS Unleashed is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch! In the game you play as Chief Brody and your job is to keep the waters of Amity Island safe, flicking swimmers to safety one finger at a time.


Forbidden rose

Avril Lavigne's new fragrance, Forbidden Rose is now available in the US, exclusively at Kohl’s and in Canada, exclusively at Shoppers Drugmart.

Check out the Forbidden Rose website to find out how you can get it now.

Next drilling disaster

Last month, a federal court in Alaska found that the Bush administration violated the law when it approved oil and gas leasing in Alaska's Chukchi sea without sufficient information and analysis about risks to the Arctic environment. A different court found similar flaws with Arctic drilling plans in 2009.

Yet, President Obama's administration has so far failed to revisit protections for the Chukchi - arctic waters off Alaska's coast that are home to some of America's remaining polar bears and key to the survival of Inupiat Eskimo communities.
Please urge President Obama to take action now to save polar bears, bowhead whales and other wildlife - and the Alaska Native communities that rely on their health to survive - by preventing the next offshore drilling disaster.

The Obama administration has asked the court in Alaska to allow activities that would pave the way for drilling to proceed, potentially jeopardizing an area key to the survival of not only polar bears, but also bowhead whales, Pacific walrus and other wildlife.

Alaska native communities, polar bears... and the rest of America deserve better. Please send President Obama a message right now.

Can't get you out of my head - live in New York

And of course no Kylie Minogue concert would be complete without it, so please enjoy Kylie and Rufus Wainwright singing Can't Get You Out Of My Head, live at the Watermill Benefit in New York City.

Try your wings - live in New York

Enjoy Kylie Minogue singing Try Your Wings at the Watermill Benefit in New York City, yesterday.

Don't go breaking my heart - live in New York

Wow! Kylie Minogue and Rufus Wainwright singing Don't Go Breaking My Heart, at the Watermill Benefit in New York City.


If I loved you - live in New York

If I Loved You, by Kylie Minogue and Rufus Wainwright, live from the Watermill Benefit in New York City last night.

Locomotion - live in New York

Live from the Watermill Benefit in New York City yesterday, here are Kylie Minogue and Rufus Wainwright singing Locomotion.

All the lovers - live in New York

Live from the Watermill Benefit Concert in New York City with Rufus Wainwright, here's Kylie Minogue singing All The Lovers, last night.

Very 80s

Kylie was performing at the Watermill Summer Concert near Southampton, Long Island, New York and poked fun at herself while on stage with Rufus Wainwright by pulling out a copy of 1988 single The Locomotion - with a picture of her looking very 80s.

I'll try and get some videos from last night's concert later this evening, so remember to check back!

Poor figure

I'm not a socialite. My private life belongs to me only. Add to that the fact that I'm really shy. During an Oscar after-party, I made a poor figure with Madonna. I was sitting at the same table with her and Christian Louboutin, but I was too shy to say even one word. I wonder what she might have thought about me.

Mika, talking about meeting Madonna.

No Mercy

From The Sun:

THE man who claims to be the father of MADONNA'S adopted daughter MERCY will not be meeting her.
The singer has denied him access after disputing his claim on the four-year-old.

JAMES KAMBEWA was angling for a meeting with the little girl, who was adopted from a Malawi orphanage last year.

But Madonna's rep BARBARA CHARONE told a South African newspaper: "The extended family members had no knowledge of a father. The village leadership had no knowledge of a father... the mother was raped and left."

Kambewa, who works as a waiter in Durban, initially challenged the adoption but a Supreme Court of Appeal ruled that it could go ahead.

Mercy was born in January 2006 to a 14-year-old girl who died soon afterwards.


Britney Spears has released a new fragrance, called Radiance. Check out the just-released commercial, starring Britney herself.

10x Nirvana

You may find this hard to believe, but I actually own all of Nirvana's albums. I don't listen to them as much as I used to do anymore, but I still like their music very much. So, today's top ten is my ten favourite Nirvana songs. Here we go:

1) About A Girl
2) Come As You Are
3) Smells Like Teen Spirit
4) Lithium
5) Rape Me
6) All Apologies
7) In Bloom
8) Pennyroyal Tea
9) Polly
10) On A Plain

What are yours?

Back wages

The Associated Press is reporting that 69 employees of Walt Disney World are being paid a sum of $433,000 in back wages.

An investigation by the U.S. Labor Department found that the managers of the Food and Beverage department, were not adhering to Disney policy regarding off the clock work and had thus violated the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Health clinic

Sandra Bullock helps open the Warren Easton Charter High School Health Clinic in a ribbon cutting ceremony in New Orlean, Louisiana on Sunday.

Sandra, who is a part-time resident of New Orleans, helped rebuild the school and the clinic which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina 5 years ago.

“I have seen nothing but unimaginable kindness, perseverance and hope right in this room here,” Sandra said according to People. “It gives me great pleasure to be in the company of these people who have actually made the difference. They did the hard work, they are here sitting before you.”

RIP Appie Baantjer

Famous Dutch crime-novel writer Appie Baantjer died on Sunday, it was announced to the press today.

Rest in peace.


Snippets of a previously unreleased Madonna song, called Broken, have surfaced. Apparently the song was recorded for Madonna's Celebration album but didn't make the cut.

Check out this low-quality recording and hear for yourself how it's almost just as bad as that awful Revolver song that did make the record.

The matrix reloaded

Tonight on Dutch television: The Matric Reloaded, starring Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Laurence Fishburne.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Robert Pattinson wallpaper

It's about time for a new Robert Pattinson wallpaper, isn't it?

There you go!

The autotune scandal continues

Simon Cowell was under renewed pressure last night after the X Factor Auto-Tuning scandal crossed the Atlantic.

Producers of American Idol issued a statement insisting they have never used voicealtering technology. Cowell left the judging panel of the top-rated US show at the end of the last series. He was set to bring an adapted version of Britain's X Factor to the Fox network next year.

But producers of American Idol were quick to distance themselves yesterday from the furore that has engulfed the UK show.

A spokesman said: "We have never, and will never, use Auto-Tuning. Singers have regularly been scolded for pitchiness."

The storm broke after it emerged software was used to alter some X Factor performances. Bosses say it was to remove background noise - and have now vowed to ban Auto-Tuning.

Gaga goes Winehouse

Lady Gaga goes Amy Winehouse! The Lady was photographed while stepping out of a car, sporting the beehive made famous by trainwreck Winehouse. Except, it looks a lot better on Gaga!

This picture was taken while Gaga was on her way to her Monster Ball show in Vancouver, Canada.

Viva forever

Guess who's writing the script for the upcoming Spice Girls musical? None other than Jennifer Saunders, writer and star of classic sitcom Absolutely Fabulous!

The musical will be called Viva Forever, and is themed the way the ABBA musical Mamma Mia was: Spice Girls songs will be used to tell a love story.


Cowboy style - live in Sydney

And finally, for today, here's Kylie Minogue singing Cowboy STyle, live during the Intimate And Live Tour 1998 at Capitol Theatre in Sydney.

More to come tomorrow!

Confide in me - live in Sydney

Confide In Me, by Kylie Minogue, live from the Intimate And Live Tour at Capitol Theatre in Sydney.

Put yourself in my place - live in Sydney

Also from the Intimate and Live Tour at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney, here's Kylie Minogue singing Put Yourself In My Place.

Locomotion - live in Sydney

Let's do some more videos from Kylie Minogue's Intimate And Live Tour, filmed at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney.

To start with, here's Locomotion.

Mine - the video

Taylor Swift has just released the music video for her new single Mine. Wanna see? Click here!

1 Billion

Toy Story 3 has hit a huge milestone, bringing in $1 billion at the worldwide box office today.

The film joins Alice in Wonderland as the second film from Disney to hit the billion dollar mark this year!

“It’s been an incredible year as we saw the Pixar team bring Buzz and Woody back to the big screen and watched Tim Burton’s vision for Alice in Wonderland take the world by storm,” Walt Disney Studios Chairman Rich Ross said in a release. “These box office triumphs prove that creative storytelling brought to life by imaginative, inspired and talented professionals is something audiences respond to the world over.”

Toy Story 3 is the first animated film in history to gross $1 billion.

Promo video

Ke$ha has recorded a new promotional video for the MTV Video Music Awards 2010, held on September 12 in New York City.

Click here to watch the video.

Watch the throne

Kanye West and Jay-Z will do a 5-song album together, called Watch The Throne, Kanye announced on his Twitter page.

Earlier this week, Kanye said that he will be releasing a new song every weekend until Christmas. He said that the song could be one of his own, one of Jay’s, or one by someone else.

Still together

Britney Spears and her boyfriend Jason Trawick spend their afternoon shopping at the Shops at Wailea on Friday in Maui, Hawaii

Despite rumours of a breakup, apparently they are still very much together.

License to kill

Tonight on Dutch television: James Bond classic License To Kill, starring Timothy Dalton, Carey Lowell and Robert Davi.
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