Thursday, September 30, 2010

Unprovoked attack

On September 27, 2010 David Lowden, was attacked by a Great White Shark, while surfing with Mark Lorincz, and Justin Martin at the South Jetty of the Umpqua River in Winchester Bay, Oregon.

Lowden reported;
“Surf conditions were good with a large swell, light winds, and good interval. Water temperature was much higher than normal, around 56 – 58 Fahrenheit. High tide was at 2:15 PM that day and the peak we were surfing was further out than normal due to the size of the swell. After surfing for about 45 minutes, and catching only two waves, the current pushed me towards the outside and wide of the peak that was breaking about 30 feet South of the jetty. I paddled hard to fight the current and regain position in the peak. During this effort I was struck from underneath by the unmistakable force of a shark, due to past experience being bumped by a Great White in September of 2006 at the same location. I knew right away from the hardness of the object that it was a shark. The shark was at full attack speed nailing the tail of my board ejecting me forward as the shark breached the surface of the water with most of its body. I got a pretty good look at the overall presence but it happened so fast I wasn’t able to pick out details. The shark turned on its side as it headed back down, thrashing its tail a couple times before disappearing somewhere underneath or behind me. Frantic, I pulled my board back toward me by the leash. I then began to paddle as fast as I could toward the jetty which seemed much closer than the beach. Luckily, during the encounter I had been pushed inside and toward the peak enough to grab the first wave in that came moments later. After regrouping on the beach, the other two surfers were able to fill in the blanks as to what really happened as both saw the entire incident take place. We came to the conclusion it was a Great White between 11 and 14 feet in length. I believe that it either miscalculated the attack or aborted at the last second clipping the tail of my board, striking the fins first which I think must have given it a bit of a shock and caused it to thrash about after the initial contact. My board sustained minimal damage considering, losing a fin and crushing a fin box and creasing the tail. No injuries occurred.”

This is the fifth authenticated unprovoked shark attack from the Pacific Coast of North America for this year and the first for Oregon.

El condor

And the second video today: my favourite rollercoaster at Walibi World in the Netherlands: El Condor.

Joris en de draak

It's been a while since I've posted some on-ride videos, so it's about time for two new ones! To start with, here's the brand new racing roller coaster Joris En De Draak at De Efteling in the Netherlands.

Give us more Bridget Jones

Last night my friends and I decided to re-watch both of the Bridget Jones movies (Bridget Jones Diary and The Edge Of Reason). It was so much fun watching them again! Ever since my first roommate, back in college, gave me a copy of the first book back in 1999, I'm hooked! I love both of the movies, although of course the first one is the best.

It's been many years since the second movie came out, so wouldn't it be great if a third movie was made? I think loads of people would love to see how Bridget and Mark are doing now! Anyone agree?

Please read

Please read this article, posted on The Huffington Post:

Another teenager killed himself because of bullying and anti-gay harassment. This one was in Minnesota, and his name was Justin Aaberg. The local news report is here. School officials, wary of conservative protests, did nothing.

This comes on the heels of the suicide of another teenager in Indiana, one who never actually said whether he was gay but who was mercilessly harassed nonetheless. His name was Billy Lucas. The local news report is here. Again, school officials did nothing.

Eleven-year-old Jaheem Herrera of Atlanta hanged himself with a belt. His mother had complained to the school authorities about the bullying he endured, but they did nothing. Seventeen-year-old Eric Mohat of Mentor, Ohio killed himself after being called "gay," "fag," "queer" and "homo," and after a student said, "Why don't you go home and shoot yourself? No one will miss you." Eleven-year-old Carl Hoover of Springfield, Mass., hanged himself with an extension cord. School officials did nothing.  These are just the ones who lately made the news.

Focus on the Family, a right-wing lobbying group that fronts as a religious organization, pays lip service to the bullying issue, but wants no mention of homosexuality in schools because it might encourage kids to be gay -- this in spite of the fact that the vast majority of bullying is directed at teens who either appear to be gay or are actually out, not those who are fat or wear glasses.

To read the rest of this important article, please click here.

Boycot Just Cookies

An Indianapolis cookie shop could be evicted from its longtime location for refusing a special order from a college gay group.

The bakery "Just Cookies" has operated in a city-owned market for over 20 years. The president of the board that oversees the market told the Indianapolis Star that he would "hate to lose them" as a tenant -- but that could very well happen because owner David Stockton decided to discriminate.

Controversy arose this week after the owners of the bakery cited moral objections to a special-order request for rainbow-decorated cookies for next week's "National Coming Out Day" observance at a nearby university campus. Stockton told the caller he did not feel comfortable in supporting gay values, especially because it would not set a good example for his two daughters.

Well, sure. I suppose this guy refused to serve black people as well, about 60 years ago? If you live anywhere near Indianapolis, please boycot this business, and let them know what you think of them!

The social network

Justin Timberlake is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, promoting his new movie (does he ever make any new music, one might ask) The Social Network.

When asked if he’s being advised to put another record out sooner rather than later, Justin responds, “…Does a painter make a painting because he has to make it by December 21st? No, he doesn’t. It happens when it pours out of him. That’s how music is for me. It’s not methodical. It’s so much more of an outburst of emotion. That’s the way my two albums have been. And when it does, it’s like Niagara Falls. I’m constantly creating. I’m into photography, I’m into music, I’m into film. I’m into a lot of things, but I don’t think that every idea I come up with is the greatest idea ever. I don’t have to tweet that I’m going to the bathroom in a song.”

He adds, “I never stop making music. I don’t know what else to tell you, except that I just don’t know [in] what capacity I want to be involved anymore… All I’m saying is, in very simple terms, I’ll know when I know. And until I know, I don’t know.”

New trailer

A new trailer for Christina Aguilera's upcoming movie Burlesque has been released. Click here to watch it!

Without photoshop

Check out these pictures from Madonna's Dolce And Gabbana photoshoot, some with, and some without photoshop. The difference is just scary to look at. Those hands....

Released to TV

As DVD sales decline, major movie studios are looking for additional ways to generate profits. And one plan under consideration by three major studios, including Disney, is the concept of allowing first-run movies to be viewed on premium cable television a lot sooner – and a lot more expensively – after the films are released in theaters and before their traditional DVD release.

Walt Disney Co. joins Sony and Warner Bros. in discussing the concept with the largest U.S. cable television systems. The preliminary plans call for releasing the movies via In Demand for about $20 to $30 per release. In Demand is a cable-system partnership of Cox Communications, Comcast and Time Warner Cable. According to a Bloomberg report, Disney also is considering streaming its films on Internet-linked devices such as Microsoft’s Xbox consoles and Sony’s PlayStation 3.

Typically, theatrical releases don’t appear on DVDs or cable television for about three to four months after they hit the big screen. And, although the cable releases would appear much sooner than before, an Ars Technica report said the films would not be available on the small screen at the same time of their theatrical release.

Also, according to the Bloomberg report, Disney might test consumer interest early next year with a single film. Disney has yet to decide on pricing or release time frames, according to Bloomberg’s unnamed sources used in its report.

What’s yet to be seen, as well, is how theater chains will view such plans and what potential road blocks they could create if they see the plans as affecting their profitability.

10x KylieX2008

Is it time for a new top ten list yet? It sure is! This time, it's my ten favourite songs from Kylie Minogue's KylieX2008 Tour. So, it's not just about the songs themselves, but the specific way they were performed in the show. Here we go:

1) Your Disco Needs You
2) Flower
3) Step Back In Time
4) No More Rain
5) Loveboat
6) 2 Hearts
7) In My Arms
8) On A Night Like This
9) Speakerphone
10) Wow

What are yours?

RIP Tony Curtis

Screen legend Tony Curtis died Wednesday, his family said. He was 85.

"My father leaves behind a legacy of great performances in movies and in his paintings and assemblages," actress Jamie Lee Curtis said in a statement Thursday. "He leaves behind children and their families who loved him and respected him and a wife and in-laws who were devoted to him. He also leaves behind fans all over the world. He will be greatly missed."

Curtis starred in more than 150 motion pictures and was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in 1958's "The Defiant Ones" with Sidney Poitier.

Curtis also is known for his roles in the 1959 movie "Some Like it Hot" with Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon and "Spartacus" in 1960 with Kirk Douglas. He also played the lead role in "The Boston Strangler," released in 1968.

Marine protected areas

Every day toxins and runoff drain into California waterways and kill wildlife, including whales, seabirds and rockfish. The coasts and several fish stocks, including the rockfish, have declined significantly. Polluted runoff is threatening the wildlife, oceans and coastal marine ecosystems -- something has to be done about it!

Our oceans are in trouble, take action now to protect them.

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) can help replenish depleted fish populations and restore ocean habitats. MPAs are proven, effective tool for restoring ocean health around the world, and they will continue to help protect marine wildlife and the coasts that make California special.

The California Fish and Game Commission is currently considering a plan for a new system of Marine Protected Areas along the southern California coast to help imperiled species like the rockfish survive and thrive.

Tell California Fish and Game to protect California wildlife.

Vibrant ecosystems along our coasts are necessary for a healthy marine wildlife population. California Fish and Game is considering different plans in the current comment period, while there is only one plan that adequately protects marine wildlife and our coast.

Proposal 3, “The Conservation Plan,” is the only proposal that meets all of the goals of the Marine Life Protection Act, offers the highest level of protection at biodiversity hotspots like Naples Reef and La Jolla, and leaves 88% of fishing grounds open in the area.

By adopting proposal 3, coastal wildlife throughout southern California will be protected and the ocean can continue to be used by kayakers, surfers, beach-goers and fishermen alike.

Tell California Fish and Game to adopt Proposal 3 and uphold the Marine Life Protection Act now.

Live lounge videos - part 3

And finally, from her Live Lounge performance, here's Kylie Minogue singing a mellowed down version of her current single Get Outta My Way.

Live lounge videos - part 2

The second video from Kylie Minogue's wonderful Live Lounge performance, here she is singing Can't Get You Out Of My Head.

Live lounge videos - part 1

Yes! I already posted the audio, but now there are also videos available from Kylie Minogue's fantastic performance at Radio 1's Live Lounge. Let's start with Wonderful Life.


Following the most exciting reunion in British pop history, Take That unveil the title of their long awaited new album 'Progress' out November 22nd through Polydor Records. 'The Flood' will be the first single and will be released on November 14th digitally and November 15th physically and will get its very first play on UK radio from 8.15am on October 8th.

There has been speculation and excitement aplenty since the band reformed as a five piece, fuelled recently by pictures of Gary, Howard, Jason, Mark and Robbie published rowing on the river Thames. This can now be confirmed as the making of the video for 'The Flood' which was filmed on location at Dorney Lake in Eton and along the Thames.

The reunion of reunions took place in New York last September, following Take That's record-breaking 'The Circus Live' tour. Shortly afterwards all five of the original Take That began writing and recording the six songs which would set the foundation for the forthcoming Stuart Price-produced album.

Tour cancelled

Due to disappointing ticket sales, Sheryl Crow has cancelled her entire European tour today. A statement from her management says the following:

‘It is with regret that Sheryl Crow has had to cancel her non-UK headline shows on her forthcoming European tour. Disappointing ticket sales in certain markets have led to economic constraints on the tour.’

Too bad for her fans that did get tickets. LiveNation reports all ticketholders will receive an email soon, explaining them how to get a refund.

In the studio

Last weekend, the Metropole Orkest, with whom Tori Amos will be performing in Amsterdam on October 8th, announced on Facebook that they would be in the studio with Tori this week. After some initial confusion, they’ve clarified that they are working on new arrangements of several of Tori’s songs, prepared by John Philip Shenale, one of Tori’s long-time collaborators, especially for the performance.

I'm going to the concert! Can't wait!

Dan in real life

Tonight on Dutch television: Dan In Real Life, starring Dane Cook, Juliette Binoche and Steve Carell.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ticket upgrade

Thanks to TeleTicketService, my tickets to see Kylie Minogue's Les Folies Tour at Sportpaleis Antwerpen have been upgraded! My mother and I have been moved four entire blocks closer to the stage, which means we now have fantastic seats with an excellent view!

Thank you TeleTicketService!

Really happy

the studio has been amazing!!! i'm really happy with the new songs. f8ckin FUN!!!! new video shooting next week. better stop eating cupcakes

P!nk on Twitter, talking about her next record. Looking forward to hearing the new songs!

Material swimwear

Madonna is keen to expand her teen clothing range, Material Girl, to include swimwear and underwear, reports.

The 52-year-old singer recently launched teen clothing range, Material Girl, with 13-year-old daughter Lourdes and the pair are keen to add more categories to their collection.

A spokesperson for the line said: "We're focused on rolling Material Girl out into additional categories, including swim and intimates and expanding the dress assortments. We launched footwear with ballet flats this season, but we're going to expand into a full footwear collection going forward. It's all under discussion."

Madonna has previously revealed she loved working with Lourdes, but admitted they didn't always agree on everything.

Speaking about her daughter, she said: "I think we complement each other but we do disagree on a few things. I wouldn't have worn this flannel shirt thing but she looks good in it so what are you going to do. I'm a very proud mother."

Obama fights back

US President Barack Obama is on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

On what surprised him during the first two years in office:
“Over the past two years, what I probably anticipated but you don’t fully appreciate until you’re in the job, is something I said earlier, which is if a problem is easy, it doesn’t hit my desk. If there’s an obvious solution, it never arrives here — somebody else has solved it a long time ago. The issues that cross my desk are hard and complicated, and oftentimes involve the clash not of right and wrong, but of two rights. And you’re having to balance and reconcile against competing values that are equally legitimate.”

On his iPod’s 2,000 song collection:
“Thanks to Reggie [Love, the president's personal aide], my rap palate has greatly improved. Jay-Z used to be sort of what predominated, but now I’ve got a little Nas and a little Lil Wayne and some other stuff, but I would not claim to be an expert. Malia and Sasha are now getting old enough to where they start hipping me to things. Music is still a great source of joy and occasional solace in the midst of what can be some difficult days.”

On wife Michelle and daughters Sasha, 9, and Malia, 12:
“Whenever I think about my wife, she can choke me up. My wife and my kids, they’ll get to me.”

Ratings record

Last night’s Britney Spears episode of Glee broke ratings records for the hit show. “Britney/Brittany” brought in 13.3 million viewers to FOX on Tuesday (September 28). That’s a 4% increase from the premiere and the highest rating ever for the show!

“I loved it!” Britney tweeted last night. “Thank you guys SO much for making this happen!”

Loud - the cover

The cover for Rihanna's new album Loud has been revealed today! Looks good! The album will be released on November 16th and I will make sure to buy my copy on the day it comes out!

Live lounge

Wow wow wow! Kylie Minogue performed at Radio 1 Live Lounge this morning, and her performances are simply amazing! Click on the songs below to listen to these fantastic performances:

Get Outta My Way
Wonderful Life
Can't Get You Out Of My Head

I L-O-V-E this woman!

10 things I hate about you

Tonight on Dutch television: 10 Things I Hate About You, starring Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seasonal poll

Thank you to the 17 people who voted on last week's poll 'Are you planning on seeing Kylie Minogue's Les Folies Tour?'. 14 Of you said yes, while 3 said no.

For this week's poll, now that the Fall has begun, let me know your favourite season! Voting's on.

Falling on stage

Mariah Carey fell on stage during a performance at the Formula 1 in Singapore. Check out the video above.

Tori and RAINN

Check out the article about Tori and RAINN by wrestling legend Mick Foley today on The article contains material from the “Meeting Tori Amos” chapter of Mick’s latest memoir Countdown To Lockdown, set for release this Friday, October 1st.

Click here for the article.

Aphrodite - the game

And speaking of Kylie Minogue, try your luck with the Kylie Aphrodite game!

Aphrodite has been taken and you’re the only one who can save her!

Capture the hearts to reveal where she is hidden – finish all ten stages (complete with sounds and voiceovers by Kylie herself!) and liberate the Goddess of Love.

Click here to play!

Live lounge

Don’t miss Kylie this Wednesday morning when she will be joining Sara Cox for a special performance of her latest single ‘Get Outta My Way’ and a surprise cover in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge!
Tune in tomorrow morning by clicking here.

Preview: What's my name

Watch Rihanna film her new video for upcoming single What's My Name. This is the very first time you actually get to here some parts of the song.

Sounds good! Between What's My Name and Only Girl In The World, I think Loud is going to be a great album!

Under her spell

Congratulations to Dawson's Creek star James van der Beek and his wife Kimberly, with their newborn daughter Olivia.

“Had the blessing of becoming a father over the weekend… Couldn’t come close to describing this bliss even if I had 140 million characters,” he wrote on his Twitter, adding, “I apologize in advance for any obnoxiously precious new-dad tweets that may follow. “I’m under her spell…”

Knight and day

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz were spotted in Tokyo, where they were promoting their latest movie Knight And Day to the Japanese audiences. Although the film is already out of the cinemas in Europe, it is yet to open in the first week of October in Japan.

Chart war

Take That will release their next album on November 22, but the will have to face some stiff competition from boyband JLS, who are also releasing a new album on that date, already dubbed Super Monday by the British press.

While it may seem Take That can handle the competition with no trouble whatsoever, keep in mind JLS actually managed to keep Robbie Williams' album Reality Killed The Video Star from the number one spot in the UK Top 40.

It looks like we're having a full blown chart war on our hands!

Ghostface encounter

Courteney Cox is about to have another encounter with Ghostface in this new picture from the set of Scream 4. Will she live through another movie, or is this the last time we see her character Gale Weathers?

Can't wait for the movie to come out in April!

A little rounded

From The Sun:

PINK'S washboard stomach is her trademark.

But when this snap landed on my desk this morning, I couldn't help wondering whether the chart-topper might be expecting.
Of course, the frame could just be the result of an odd camera angle or a big lunch.
But either way, there is no doubt the singer's tummy looks a little rounded as she and husband CAREY HART buy junk food at a gas station in Beverly Hills.
Watch this space....

Theo on Tour

I bought my tickets to see Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour at Paradiso in Amsterdam today, so it's time for an update of my Theo On Tour list!

Marco Borsato - Bevrijdingsfestival - Oldehoofsekerkhof - Leeuwarden

K's Choice - Paradise In Me Tour - Zalen Schaaf - Leeuwarden
Linda Roos & Jessica - Ademnood Tour - De Toog - Leeuwarden

Spice Girls - Spice World Tour - Gelredome - Arnhem
Tori Amos - Plugged 98 Tour - Pinkpop - Landgraaf
Tori Amos - Plugged 98 Tour - Rock Werchter - Werchter
Garbage - Version 2.0 Tour - Pinkpop - Landgraaf
Garbage - Version 2.0 Tour - Rock Werchter - Werchter
Faithless - Festival Tour - Pinkpop - Landgraaf
Bjork - Homogenic Tour - Rock Werchter - Werchter

Garbage - Version 2.0 Tour - Oosterpoort - Groningen
Tori Amos - 5.5 Weeks/To Dallas And Back Tour - Royal Festival Hall - London
Tori Amos - Venus Promo Tour - Wisseloord Studios - Hilversum

Britney Spears - Oops Tour - Gelredome - Arnhem
Melanie C - Northern Star Tour - Melkweg - Amsterdam
Robbie Williams - Sing When You're Winning Tour - Ahoy - Rotterdam

Madonna - Drowned World Tour - Max Schmeling Arena - Berlin
Tori Amos - StrangeLittleTour - Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam
Anouk - AA Tour - Oosterpoort - Groningen

Alanis Morissette - Towards Our Union Mented Tour - Ahoy - Rotterdam

Britney Spears - Onyx Hotel Tour - Ahoy - Rotterdam
Tori Amos - On Scarlet's Walk Tour - Ahoy - Rotterdam

Madonna - Re-Invention Tour - POP Bercy - Paris
Madonna - Re-Invention Tour - Gelredome - Arnhem
Madonna - Re-Invention Tour - Gelredome - Arnhem

Tori Amos - Original Sinsuality Tour - Ahoy - Rotterdam
Garbage - Bleed Like Me Tour - Paradiso - Amsterdam
Kylie Minogue - ShowGirl Tour - Ahoy - Rotterdam
U2 - Vertigo Tour - Amsterdam ArenA - Amsterdam
Heather Nova - 2005 Tour - Oosterpoort - Groningen

Madonna - Confessions Tour - AWD Arena - Hannover
Madonna - Confessions Tour - POP Bercy - Paris
Madonna - Confessions Tour - Amsterdam ArenA - Amsterdam
Madonna - Confessions Tour - Amsterdam ArenA - Amsterdam
P!nk - I'm Not Dead Tour - Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam

Shakira - Oral Fixation Tour - Gelredome - Arnhem
Take That - Beautiful World Tour - Ahoy - Rotterdam

Madonna - Hard Candy Showcase - Olympia Music Hall - Paris
Nada Surf - Bevrijdingsfestival - Stadspark - Groningen
Ilse De Lange - Festival Tour - Ruigeland - Grijpskerk
Kylie Minogue- KylieX2008 Tour - Ahoy - Rotterdam
Mika - Dodgy Holidays Tour - Westerpark - Amsterdam
Madonna - Sticky & Sweet Tour - Amsterdam ArenA - Amsterdam
Madonna - Sticky & Sweet Tour - LTU Arena - Dusseldorf
Madonna - Sticky & Sweet Tour - Stade De France- Paris
Madonna - Sticky & Sweet Tour - Stade De France - Paris
Kane - EverythingYouWant Tour - Oosterpoort - Groningen
Alfabeat - Fascination Tour - Oosterpoort - Groningen

P!nk - Funhouse Tour - Ahoy - Rotterdam
Enrique Iglesias - Greatest Hits Tour - Ahoy - Rotterdam
Guus Meeuwis - Groots Met Een Zachte G - Abe Lenstra Stadion - Heerenveen
Alain Clark - Festival Tour - GigaPann - Utrecht
Nick & Simon - Muziekfeest - Grote Markt - Groningen
Tori Amos - Sinful Attraction Tour - Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam
Tori Amos - Sinful Attraction Tour - MartiniPlaza - Groningen
Lily Allen - It's Not Me Tour - Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam
Heather Nova - A Special Accoustic Evening - Stadsschouwburg - Groningen
Skunk Anansie - Club Tour 2009 - Paradiso - Amsterdam
Turn Up The Bass - Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam
P!nk - Funhouse Tour - Ahoy - Rotterdam

Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted Tour - Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam
Mika - Imaginarium Tour - Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam
Rihanna - Last Girl On Earth Tour - Gelredome XS - Arnhem
Guus Meeuwis - Bevrijdingsfestival 2010 - Stadspark - Groningen
Lady Gaga - The Monster Ball Tour - Gelredome - Arnhem
Guus Meeuwis - Groots Met Een Zachte G - Abe Lenstra Stadion - Heerenveen
Tori Amos - Summer Tour 2010 - Caprera - Bloemendaal
Heather Nova - A Special Accoustic Evening - Oosterpoort - Groningen
Tori Amos - The Week of The Metropole - Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam
Adam Lambert - Glam Nation Tour - Paradiso - Amsterdam
Lady Gaga - The Monster Ball Tour - Ahoy - Rotterdam

Kylie Minogue - Les Folies Tour - Sportpaleis - Antwerpen
Kylie Minogue - Les Folies Tour - Gelredome - Arnhem

Season 13

South Park season 13 is out on DVD box in the Netherlands since last week, so I ordered my copy today! As you may know I''ve been collecting these boxes from the start, so it will be nice to have another addition to my collection!

Out of the ashes

Tonight on Dutch television: Out Of The Ashes, starring Christine Lahti, Jonathan Cake and Jessica Beitchman.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Watch together

“Can’t wait for GLEE tomorrow night. I’m going to tweet along as it airs on the West Coast so we can watch together.”

Britney Spears, talking about her upcoming very own Glee episode.

Suspension of injections

A supply shortage of the drug used for executions in California will force a short term suspension of lethal injections in the state after September 30, according to spokeswoman Christine Gasparac with California Attorney General Jerry Brown's office.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) informed the California Attorney General's office that it has been unable to secure sodium thiopental after September 30, according to Gasparac. In turn, Attorney General Brown's office will recommend that future executions wait to be scheduled until the CDCR expects to have the drug available.

Is this weird news or what?

10x ShowGirl

Time for a new top ten! Today, let's do my ten favourite performances from Kylie's ShowGirl Tour (the original one, not the Homecoming tour). It's a difficult one, since I love the entire show, but if I were to choose ten performances, these would be the ones:

1) Your Disco Needs You
2) In Denial
3) Dreams
4) Better The Devil You Know
5) Shocked Medley
6) Put Yourself In My Place
7) Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
8) Red Blooded Woman
9) I Should Be So Lucky
10) Confide In Me

What are yours?

Busty Heart

Have you heard about Busty Heard yet? She's the woman who can destroy things using her ridiculously oversized breasts. She appeared on German talent show Supertalent this weekend, and although that video keeps getting deleted from YouTube, she has also appeared on America's Got Talent, and those videos aren't deleted.

Check out the insanity above!

Wait is over

The wait is over! Kylie’s brilliant new single ‘Get Outta My Way’ finally hits stores today in three physical formats and a digital bundle!

Pick yourself up a copy of the 2 track CD, the maxi CD and the gorgeous 7″ picture disc which boast fantastic new mixes of the song.

Glam nation

On November 20th, Adam Lambert will perform his Glam Nation show at Paradiso in Amsterdam! Tickets are already available through TicketMaster! I'm currently trying to talk my friend Leendert into going to the show with me!

Les annees Celine Dion

Earlier this month, Quebec music channel 'Musimax' aired a documentary called "Les années Céline Dion". Discover or rediscover Celine's career through this documentary that includes the artists that inspired her along with stories from Garou, Véronic Dicaire as well as her sister Claudette. This documentary is now available online on the Musimax website. So don't waste another minute, just log on and watch!

Click here to watch!

Tweet the lyrics

In celebration of the release of Robbie's forthcoming album, In And Out Of Consciousness, his official website launched the Tweet The Lyric game, which allows you to tweet your favourite lyrics from his biggest and best songs to win exclusive Twitter profile badges.

To join in the fun and add a splash of Robbie to your Twitter profile, click here to go to the Tweet The Lyrics page below and sign in using your Twitter account.

Once you've signed in, simply click the line of the song you want to post on Twitter, you'll have to be quick though, once a line has been tweeted it cannot be selected again and each song closes when all lyrics have been tweeted… so fastest fingers at the ready! Once you've tweeted your lyric you'll win a special Robbie badge of the corresponding song to display proudly on your profile.

A different track from In And Out Of Consciousness, which is released on 11th October 2010 and available to pre-order now, will be added each weekday over the next eight weeks and, in true chronological order, the opening song to kick off the game is Robbie's first solo single, Freedom.

More Monster Ball dates

Lady Gaga has added 12 dates to the 2011 North American Monster Ball with new shows from Ottawa, ON to San Diego, CA! Tickets for these performances go on sale to the general public as early as Friday, October 1. See the new dates below:

3/1 – Grand Rapids, MI - Van Andel Arena – On sale October 2
3/4 – Buffalo, NY - HSBC Arena – On sale October 2
3/6 – Ottawa, Ontario - Scotiabank Place – On sale October 1
3/12 – Louisville, KY - KFC Yum! Center – On sale October 1
3/17 – Omaha, NE – Qwest Center – On sale October 2
3/29 – San Diego, CA – Viejas Arena – On sale October 1
4/15 – Orlando, FL – Amway Center – On sale October 2
4/16 – Tampa, FL – St. Pete Times Forum – On sale October 2
4/22 – Newark, NJ – Prudential Center - On sale October 4
4/23 – Uniondale, NY – Nassau Coliseum – On sale October 4
4/25 – Montreal, QC – Bell Centre – On sale October 2
4/27 – Cleveland, OH – Quicken Loans Arena – On sale October 1

Will this tour ever stop?

The woman in black

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is pictured on the first day of shooting his new supernatural thriller, The Woman in Black, outside Peterborough, England on Monday.
“I am incredibly excited to be part of The Woman In Black,” Daniel said. “Jane Goldman’s script is beautifully written — both tender and terrifying in equal measure. It is thrilling to be working with director James Watkins. From his brilliant work on Eden Lake and also having met him and heard his vision for the film, I know he will make a fantastic film.”

Tower of terror

Lawyers representing a man who claims his stroke was caused by Walt Disney World's Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride have filed an appeal of their lawsuit, which ended with a Orange County jury verdict in Disney's favor in May.

The lawyers for Marvin Cohen of Philadelphia have asked the Florida Fifth District Court of Appeal in Daytona Beach to review two claims that the trial judge tossed before the case even went before the jury. Cohen had sought to argue that the vehicle in the tower was a form of elevator, which would have forced Disney to meet stricter liability standards. The appeal was filed Sept. 13.

Cohen, now 80, rode the attraction in 1998 and suffered a stroke weeks later. He sued in state Circuit Court in Orlando in 2002 with several claims, all tying the stroke to injuries he said he suffered on the ride. After several years of legal moves, the case finally went to trial last spring, but not before Judge Jose Rodriguez dismissed the stricter liability claims.

Cohen's lawyers, Steven Mason of Hollywood, Fla., and Barry Novack of Los Angeles, had first sought a retrial that would include those claims, but Rodriguez declined that request in August.

RIP Gloria Stuart

Gloria Stuart, who played old Rose in Titanic, has died at the age of 100. She had been diagnosed with lung cancer several years ago.

Rest in peace.

Behind the scenes

Feel like watching a cool behind the scenes documentary on the making of Kylie Minogue's Get Outta My Way video? Thanks to The Sun, you can!

Click here to watch the video!

The fight before Christmas

Banned from Sesame Street, Katy Perry did appear on an episode of the Simpsons!

She has set her sights on Moe from The Simpsons, playing his girlfriend in a special live action segment for a Christmas episode called The Fight Before Christmas.

The fun is back

The singles from her album Rated R may have been a bit darker in tone, but this picture from the set of Rihanna's upcoming video for What's My Name seems to indicate those days are over.

Great, I'd love to get some party songs by Rihanna! Back to the days of Please Don't Stop The Music!
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