Thursday, October 28, 2010

RAINN fundraiser

On November 18th, Tori Amos will be present at a RAINN fundraiser in Washington DC. RAINN, as you may know, is a charity for raped and abused women, co-founded by Tori herself.

If you want to be present at the fundraiser, click here.

Here we go again

According to music/popular culture anthropologist Marc Andrews’ Twitter, Swedish House Mafia’s Sebastian Ingrosso could be involved in Madonna’s forthcoming music project… But it’s still very unsure…

The Swedish House Mafia is a group of three house DJs and producers: Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso. Ingrosso is ranked #25 in 2009 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ list and has co-written and coproduced the track Cupid Boy on the Kylie Minogue album Aphrodite.

Marc Andrews is also the former Smash Hits editor now DNA contributing editor & Mediaweek assistant editor.

Celine on TV

Stay in tonight because Quebec television network, TVA is broadcasting an exclusive Celine interview with host Julie Snyder. During the interview which was filmed on October 13, Celine discusses her pregnancy, her upcoming show in Las Vegas, her collaborations with Marc Dupré, which are featured on his latest album, as well as René-Charles' return to school.

You don't want to miss this!

Camera attack

A video of a man having his underwater camera attacked by a hammerhead shark surfaced today. Although it's obviously an amateur video, it's pretty cool nonetheless.

Click here to check it out.


Kylie Minogue looked amazing at the amfAR Inspiration event in Los Angeles last night!

Long journey

The rumours were on the internet for quite some time now, but as of today, it's official: Mariah Carey is pregnant! She said:

"Yes, we are pregnant. This is true. It's been a long journey. It's been tough because I've been trying to hold on to a shred of privacy."

Mariah added she and Nick are "absolutely emotional" about the baby news.


Tonight on Dutch television: Monster-in-law, starring Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda and Michael Vartan. I've seen it at the cinema a couple of years ago, and loved it. If you have the chance tonight, go and see it!

Tonight show

Kylie Minogue performed a smashing version of Get Outta My Way, with a full band, on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night.

She was, as usual, amazing!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Go back to musicals

It feels almost as betrayal, but I have to admit the latest Zac Efron movie, Charlie St Cloud, opened in the Netherlands last week, and I haven't seen it yet. Even worse, I'm not feeling like seeing it at the cinema at all. It tanked all over the world, and there's probably a good reason for that, so I just figured I'll wait for the DVD.

Zac Efron used to be all fun and all, but let's face it: the minute he stopped singing and dancing in his movies, there wasn't much left... His previous movie Me And Orson Welles didn't even make it to the cinema in the Netherlands.

Time for a new musical, perhaps?

First reviews

UK newspapers have been receiving Take That's new album Progress today (although it doesn't come out for another two weeks), so we can all expect to read their reviews tomorrow morning!

Although the UK press can be mean as hell, they are usually pretty straightforward in their reviews. Counting on the fact Take That will be releasing another fantastic album, I think it's safe to say the reviews will be positive as well!

I will post some of them here tomorrow!

No appeal

Late last month, Florida's Third District Court of Appeals ruled unanimously to uphold a Miama-Dade judge's 2008 ruling that "no rational basis" existed for the gay adoption ban. Today, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum (pictured above) has announced that he won't appeal a court decision to overturn the state's three-decade ban.

Good news!

Water rides

As you know, I'm a huge Disneyland freak, and so I'm still hoping for the possibility of a Splash Mountain being build in Disneyland Paris. Rumours have been going on for years now, but no official word has ever been given. It appears now, Walt Disney Imagineering has been making plans for either a Splash Mountain, or a Grizzly River Run (like the ride in Disney California Adventure in Anaheim) attraction in the Frontierland part of Disneyland Paris. Both are water rides, but they are very different from each other. Splash Mountain is a dark ride which ends with a flume, while Grizzly River Run is a whitewater ride. Check them out below, first Splash Mountain:
And Grizzly River Run:
Both of them look great, don't they? If I could choose, they would construct a Splash Mountain, but either of these two great rides would be more than fine by me!

Dancing with the stars

Another flawless performance by Kylie Minogue! Last night, she performed her latest hit single Get Outta My Way on the American version of Dancing With The Stars. As usual, she was awesome! Check it out above!

If you happen to live in the United States, don't forget Kylie will also be performing on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno tonight!

A silent night with you

Wow. I consider myself a pretty diehard Tori Amos fan, but in some way I have missed this. Apparently, there has been a single release from Tori's Midwinter Graces album after all. A Silent Night With You was released as a single (you can see the cover above) in the UK on November 29, 2009. Along with the aforementioned track, the single-release contains acoustic versions of the songs "Pink and Glitter" and "Jeanette, Isabella". To date, it has not been released in the US.

This is probably a real collector's item by now!

Done with dancing

Although the show is promising to be a huge spectacle, Gary Barlow has already told his bandmates, and the press, he won't be doing as much dancing on Take That's Progress Live 2011 Tour as he did on previous shows.

Band mate Mark Owen said:  "Even before we started making the record Gary sat us all down and said: 'I'm just saying one thing: I'm not dancing.' I'm not convinced."

Well, he wasn't the best dancer in the group anyway, so as long as Jason Orange and Howard Donald keep up the moves, there's enough to see anyway!

More dates on earth

Rihanna has added some extra dates to her already quite long Last Girl On Earth Tour. After Europe, America and Australia, now the Asians can also enjoy her fantastic show. Here are the new dates:

March 14, 2011 Singapore - Singapore Indoor Stadium
March 17, 2011 Yokohama - Yokohama Arena
March 19, 2011 Tokyo - Nippon Budokan
March 20, 2011 Tokyo - Nippon Budokan
March 22, 2011 Beijing - Wukesong Indoor Stadium
March 25, 2011 Bangkok - IMPACT Arena

Total show dates is now 65. If you haven't seen the show yet and live anywhere near these places, go and buy a ticket, the show is totally worth it!

Great white shark project

South Africa has long been known for its abundance of Great White Sharks, making it a prime area to observe these magnificent creatures. The Great White Shark, which grows up to seven meters (23 feet) in length and 4 tons in weight, is now a protected species in South Africa. Owing to massive negative media publicity over the years, sharks have become one of the most maligned, misunderstood, even hated species on our fragile planet. They have been pursued, hunted and indiscriminately slaughtered, to the point where many species are endangered. Unsustainable fishing practices, dorsal fin poaching and environmental degradation compounded by a relatively slow Great White breeding cycle are all factors contributing to the potential demise of this amazing creature.

The Great White Shark Project is dedicated to the exploration and conservation of the world’s greatest predator, the Great White Shark, and its environment. Please click here for more information about this important work!

Whataya want from me - live in Cologne

As you may know, Adam Lambert's hit record Whataya Want From Me was actually written by P!nk. During her Summer Carnival Tour earlier this year, she sang the show in concert every night. And I do have to say, as much as I like Adam's version of the song, P!nk's version is way better! Here she is singing it in Cologne, Germany.

Fitness logo

Madonna's ridiculous new business venture, Hard Candy Fitness, has its logo revealed to the public. In style with Madonna's image these days, the logo is cheap and boring.

Still wondering: why in the world would anyone go to a fitnessclub to look like Madonna? She must be one of the scariest persons to look at around these days!

Caught cheating

According to the latest issue of US Weekly, Justin Timberlake is cheating on his girlfriend Jessica Biel! Sparks reportedly began to fly between The Daily Show correspondent Olivia Munn and Justin when she interviewed him for his new film, The Social Network, on Sunday.
The magazine reports that Olivia resisted his advances, telling him it was a no-go if he was still with Jessica. Justin “has been telling people it’s over with Jessica, even though the reality is he’s just doing it behind her back.”

Believing he had left Jessica and that her relationship with Justin might develop into something serious, they reportedly got affectionate at Avenue nightclub the following night. “At one point, Olivia did a seductive little dance with Justin,” a source reveals. “Then, while he was dancing, she came up behind him and he held her hand behind his back.”


Ke$ha is releasing an EP (extended play, somewhere between an album and a maxi-single) on December 22nd. Called Cannibal, the EP is a logical follow-up to her debut album Animal.

"We R Who We R" was released as the album's lead single on October 22, 2010. Ke$ha said she was affected by the recent teenage suicides, in particular Tyler Clementi who committed suicide after being targeted by homophobia. She elaborated, "I was really affected [..] having been subject to very public hatred [myself]. I have absolutely no idea how these kids felt. What I'm going through is nothing compared to what they had to go through. Just know things do get better and you need to celebrate who you are." She hopes the song will be an anthem for "weirdos", and said, "Every weird thing about you is beautiful and makes life interesting. Hopefully the song really captures that emotion of celebrating who you are."

Stripped-back versions

Adam Lambert, who's Glam Nation Tour I will be seeing at Paradiso in Amsterdam on November 20th,  is planning to release an acoustic album for the holiday season!

“We went around Europe in the earlier part of this year…and we did a lot of promo, so I had Monte, my guitar player, and my drummer at the time,” Adam explained. “We just did very stripped-back versions of the songs. We got our hands on some of those recordings. Then we also recorded some of the stuff from the actual Glam Nation Tour, so it’s going to be a mix of both.”

Happy and smiling

And speaking of Rihanna, here she is on the upcoming cover of the December issue of Marie Claire UK.

Lovely! Again, a happy, smiling Rihanna, instead of the dark Rihanna from the Rated R days.

Last book on earth

Rihanna has done a book about her Last Girl On Earth Tour 2010, which was launched today at the Barnes And Nobles store on 5th Avenue in New York City. She's currently on a break from the tour, which will continue in Australia in February 2011.

I've seen the show at Gelredome in Arnhem, and loved it. Looking forward to seeing the book!

Dublin goes Gaga

After the two postponed shows Lady Gaga was supposed to play at POP Bercy in Paris, but couldn't because of the French strikes, the Monster Ball Tour is back on the road!
Last night was the first of three nights at the O2 in Dublin, Ireland. Here's a little story the Herald wrote about the show.

Rip ride and open

The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster is back in operation at Universal Studios theme park today, Universal Orlando officials confirmed Wednesday morning. The coaster was closed Sept. 16 for what Universal described as maintenance, and signs have been hanging above the theme park’s turnstiles indicating it will not be operating that day.

The closure was a couple of weeks after German manufacturer Maurer Sohne issued an alert concerning a potential flaw in the ride vehicles. But Universal said it had resolved that issue before Maurer sent out the warning.

Vote for P!nk

Let’s put our voting skills to use and help get P!nk a People’s Choice Nomination! P!nk is nominated in not one, but TWO categories this year – Favorite Female Artist and Favorite Pop Artist. Click the links below to help nominate P!nk in both these categories! You can also vote via twitter by hash tagging the following in your tweets:

For Favorite Female Artist: P!nk #femaleartist #peopleschoice
For Favorite Pop Artist: P!nk #popartist #peopleschoice

Click here to help nominate P!nk for Favorite Female Artist!
Click here to help nominate P!nk for Favorite Pop Artist!

Entre deux mondes

Marc Dupré's third album, 'Entre deux mondes', is now available in stores. Celine Dion has collaborated on this pop-rock style album, which addresses men-women relationships. She composed and co-authored, with Frederick Baron, the song "Entre deux mondes' and sang in duet with Marc Dupré on "Y'a pas de mots".

10x Disney classics

Today's top ten list? My ten favourite Disney classics! It's difficult to choose, since there are so many of them, but here we go:

1) The Little Mermaid
2) The Lion King
3) Beauty And The Beast
4) Dumbo
5) Bambi
6) Pocahontas
7) Peter Pan
8) Lady And The Tramp
9) Sleeping Beauty
10) Aladdin

What are yours?

Les Folies in Mexico

Although the expected US dates have not been announced yet, three Mexican dates for Kylie Minogue's Les Folies Tour 2011 have been! Great news for Mexican fans, cause they can go to one or more of the following three shows:

May 12, 2011 Mexico City - Palacio de los Deportes

May 14, 2011 Guadalajara - Auditorio Telmex
May 16, 2011 Monterrey - Arena Monterrey

Good luck in getting tickets!

Pleasure you

A new track from Britney Spears upcoming album has been leaked months before its planned release, is exclusively reporting. The pop sensation plans to release Pleasure You - a three minute tune in which Spears stays true to form and sings about being submissive, a servant and doing whatever it takes to please her man.

The track was played to by a source connected to the singer. The leak has infuriated record bosses at Spears’ label JIVE, who were stunned when informed of the unauthorized release by "We are totally unaware of the song being leaked," a JIVE rep told "We don't know how her song or any other artists song could have been released. We're looking into the issue."

One verse of the track is particularly colorful where the pop star sings: "If you want to get rough in that lay on your back, I got the max suddenly I'll pull you through whatever just to pleasure you."

The song beat is soft and slow, curiously, like that of an R&B song — a monumental shift for the pop starlet. "We can't discuss details as to if she's working on a new album," the rep told

Split up

According to sources, Gossip Girl stars Penn Badgley and Blake Lively have split. The couple, who play Dan Humphry and Serena Van der Woodsen on the show, have been a real life couple for quite some time now. A source says:

"They’re professionals. They're still good friends and hang out on the set. They kept this news to themselves for a while. Nobody on set had any idea. They're really just private."

They looked like such a great couple.

Win tickets

Do you happen to live in the Netherlands and feel like winning yourself some tickets to see the MTV Europe Music Awards live next week in Madrid? Dutch radio station Radio 538 is offering you a chance to win.

All you need to do is click here to head over to their website and answer a simple question.

Message from Mika

Mika has tweeted about his sister Paloma, who is still in the hospital after falling out of the window of her apartment, and how his official fanclub members have been a great support:

Just got to the hospital to visit my sister Paloma and she has told me what my Fan Club have done for her. It's amazing... They sent her flowers and a letter explaining that members of the MFC had made a collective donation in her name to the Air Ambulance Unit. Thank you so much. What a thoughtful thing to do. She absolutely loved it.

Paranormal activity 3

After the staggering success of Paranormal Activity 2in its opening weekend, Paramount Studios executive Don Harris said that there may be a third part in the series, coming soon: “The company is certainly going to take a look at making a third but will be exceedingly careful in how to go about it.” Harris said.

Coolness! I will make sure to watch the third one as well!

Look back, don't stare

And speaking of Take That: Take That have announced a new documentary entitled Look Back, Don't Stare, which will air on ITV in November and be released as a full-length DVD on 6th December.

With unrestricted and highly privileged access to the recording studio throughout the last 12 months, Look Back, Don't Stare is a raw, intimate meditation on the process of friendship and forgiveness. A story of how a newfound personal honesty inspired the creation of a remarkable record, as an enduring document of a group of people inextricably bound by their pasts, in search of progress.

It's not about money or chart success - this is about life, imperfect relationships, trust, and the righting of wrongs.

'Take That: Look Back, Don't Stare' will be broadcast on ITV in November, and a full-length DVD version of the documentary titled 'Look Back, Don't Stare. A Film About Progress', will be released on 6th December.

Earlier release dates

Take That today announced on Radio 1 that they're putting their single and album out a week earlier. The Flood will now be released on Sunday November 7 digitally and Monday November 8 physically. Progress will now be released on Monday November 15.

Looking forward to it!

Concert taxes

The Dutch government is planning on raising taxes on concert tickets, which are already expensive enough. As a result, several event organizers, such as LiveNation, have set up a website to sign a petition against this tax raise.

As a regular concert visitor, I am strongly opposed to this extra tax. Please sign the petition by clicking here.

Single hardware issue

The Air Force lost partial communications with 50 nuclear missiles for almost an hour last weekend, an Air Force spokesman said Tuesday. The problem, characterized as a "single hardware issue," affected more than 10 percent of the country's ICBM arsenal on Saturday morning, according to Air Force spokesman Lt. Col. Wesley Miller IV.

Because of redundant systems, at no time was the Air Force unable to monitor, communicate with or, if need be, launch the intercontinental ballistic missiles on the president's command, several military officials said. "Any time the president wanted to fire those missiles, he could have," a senior defense official said. At no time was the public in jeopardy, according to another military official.

The Minuteman III ICBMs are multiple warhead missiles that are controlled from Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming but are in missile silos (pictured above) spread out over a wide area around the base. After the problem was detected, each silo was inspected by base personnel to make certain all 50 missiles were safe and secure. The exact nature of the problem is still under investigation.


Bram Stoker's Dracula

Tonight on Dutch television: Bram Stoker's Dracula, starring Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder and Gary Oldman.

Les Folies in the USA

Behold, North American Kylie Minogue fans! Kylie has told her Twitter followers this morning she is about to announce the North American dates for her Les Folies Tour 2011. The dates will be announced through a special website, so click here to check it out!

Paranormal activity 2

My friend Ziena and I went to see Paranormal Activity 2 at the cinema last night. As you may remember, I absolutely adored the first movie, acknowledging it as the scariest movie I have ever seen. So, naturally I was hoping for this second one to be even scarier, but unfortunately that turned out not to be the case.

However, that didn't mean it wasn't a fun movie to watch. I really liked how they managed to attach the storyline to the first one, the main characters Katie and Micah even showed up a couple of times (if you want to know how this is possible, seeing how the events turned out in the first movie, I won't spoil it for you, just watch this new one). And yes, I was scared a couple of times, and I did jump out of my seat once or twice.

So, although it wasn't the scariest of movies, it was a good night anyway. Go and see it!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Water boy

The father of a 19-year-old college student killed in a shark attack near Santa Barbara is opening up about his family’s tragic loss.

Luke Ransom, a graduate of Perris High School, was body boarding at Surf Beach on Friday when he was attacked. Ransom was a junior at the University of California, Santa Barbara. “He was a water boy,” said Ransom’s father, Matt. “Seemed almost fitting that the lord would take him that way because he loved the water.”

The teen’s father told Eyewitness News that his son had called home that morning just before going into the water. “He was really excited,” Ransom said. “He said, ‘Mom, I can’t believe these waves.’ She was apprehensive because he’d never been to that beach before, and she just told him to be careful and give her a call when he was finished.” But the call that came was not from their son, but rather his friend telling the family that their son had been attacked and killed by a shark.

Spotlight award

Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester looked lovely at the 14th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala on Monday at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California.

Leighton picked up a Spotlight Award at the event for her role in the upcoming drama Country Strong.

10x US cities

Today's top ten list: the ten American cities I would like to visit most some day! Here we go:

1) New York
2) Los Angeles
3) Washington DC
4) Chicago
5) Las Vegas
6) Miami
7) San Fransisco
8) Philadelphia
9) Boston
10) Detroit

What are yours?

Sex and the city 2

Sex And The City 2 comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray today, October 26!

Although the critics weren't too happy with this movie, I liked it very much when I saw it at the cinema a couple of months ago. Looking forward to owning it on DVD myself!

Bright lights bigger city

Click here to listen to Cee Lo Green's brand new single Bright Lights Bigger City. What do you think?

Goodwill ambassador

On October 15, Celine Dion was officially named as Goodwill Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. You can watch the webcast of the ceremony held at the FAO headquarters, in Rome. Celine was not able to attend but presented a video message about her commitment to the fight against hunger.

Click here to watch.

US promotion

Kylie Minogue will promote ‘Get Outta My Way’ in the U.S. this week with a performance on ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ on Oct. 26th and on NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’ on Oct. 27th. She will also appear on ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ on Nov. 7th.

While in Los Angeles, Kylie will also host amfAR’s Inspiration Gala, celebrating Men’s style on Oct. 27th at the Chateau Marmot. The event will feature cocktails, dinner, men’s fashion presentations created exclusively for the Inspiration Gala by Jean Paul Gaultier and DSquared², a special burlesque performance by Dita Von Teese, and a live auction of donated fashion pieces and luxury items. This will mark the third event in the Inspiration series, which celebrates all aspects of men’s style. Kylie hosted the previous two events which took place in Paris and New York earlier this year. amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS research is one of the world’s leading non-profit organizations dedicated to the support of AIDS research, HIV prevention, treatment education and the advocacy of sound AIDS-related public policy.

Efforts at diversity

Less than halfway through his first term, President Barack Obama has appointed more gay officials than any other president in history.

Gay rights activists say the estimate of more than 150 appointments so far -- from agency heads and commission members to policy officials and senior staffers -- surpasses the previous high of about 140 reached during two full terms under President Bill Clinton.

"From everything we hear from inside the administration, they wanted this to be part of their efforts at diversity," said Denis Dison, spokesman for the Presidential Appointments Project of the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute.
Good for him!

Drunk and naked

Two And A Half Men actor Charlie Sheen made a mess out of his room at the Plaza Hotel this morning and was caught by police drunk and naked in his trashed room.

According to reports, around 2 a.m. this morning, the police found Charlie in his room, like we said, obliterated and completely naked. The thing is, he wasn't alone. When police arrived, Charlie was passed out on the bed, while a woman was screaming for help inside a closet! When police released her, she too was naked and informed officials she was a paid escort Charlie had brought back with him. Sources say that the woman was "fearing for her life" as Charlie started to wake up and began "screaming slurs at the cops," though they were mostly incoherent.

When the police realized who he was, they "immediately gave him two options," according to the source. Either they could take him to the hospital or take him down to the station. Charlie decided on the hospital.

R&B Diva poll

Thanks to the 13 people who voted on last week's poll 'iPhone or HTC?'. Here are the results:

iPhone - 10 votes
HTC - 3 votes

For this week's poll, let me know who you like better when it comes to female RNB singers: Rihanna or Beyonce? Voting's on!
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