Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Role model

So, as you know, yesterday I went to see my second Monster Ball at Ahoy Rotterdam (photo above taken at the show), after seeing the show at Gelredome Stadium in Arnhem before. As she did in May (and even more so), Lady Gaga took a lot of time to address gay issues, and also her recent video and her past rallies to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell show a big sense of closeness with the gays.

I'm 30 now, and I have never felt bad about being gay (and I mean NEVER). I haven't been bullied at school, haven't been bullied at work, never felt like I didn't fit in. In other words, I don't need Lady Gaga to tell me I'm a good person. I know so myself.

However, a lot of the gay kids out there DO have problems because they are being shut out from their social groups for being gay. I think it's really great those kids have a role model like Lady Gaga to tell them they're just as equal as anyone else, even though sometimes society may tell them otherwise,

So, if only for those kids, I think it's really great Lady Gaga takes her social responsibility, and I've applauded every pro-gay statement she made at the Monster Ball last night!

Plans to get married

Michael Bubble stopped by NBC’s Today Show where he announced that he and fiancee Luisana Lopilato plan to get married on Apr. 6.

Michael and Luisana also recently told ET Canada about their plans for children. “I want four or five,” she said while Michael responded, “I would like to start with sea monkeys first and see if I can keep them alive.”

Follow your heart

Avril Lavigne has written a letter to her fans:

Hey Everyone!

How’s it going?? So… I just wanted to fill you guys in…I’m done with my 4th record!!! Well, actually I have been done for a year… and now my record company have finally decided to release it. OMG..How nice! Thanks guys.

I have been dying to get back out on the road and do what I love the most… PLAY MUSIC. I know you guys have been waiting for a long time…..and so have I, but not by choice. I have been sitting with this record for a year now. It’s really special to me. I have produced a couple tracks alone for the first time, written solo, with friends, I have pushed myself and I feel proud.

In saying all that, this has been a really difficult record for me to create and to release. Not only is this the most meaningful and special record I have written, it is sincere, honest and close to my heart. But for the first time I experienced a bunch of bureaucratic BS. People do their best work when they are doing what they want, love and is natural for them, not when you are forcing them to be something that they are not.

From the beginning of my career my message has always been to be yourself and stand up for what you believe in. Follow your heart.

My first single off this record is called: “What The Hell”. This song is the least personal song to me off this album. It’s a fun and funny anthem. It has a broad message about personal freedom. It is the most pop track on the record.

I am shooting the video in 2 weeks and it will be out in January. I have been extremely busy designing Abbey Dawn and taking the line internationally for the first time, establishing “The Avril Lavigne Foundation” and focusing on my personal happiness and health. Balance.

Love you guys!

xo Avril

Fashion show

Beyonce shimmers in a sequin gown and fishnet boots while walking the runway during the the Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show in New York City on Sunday.

Difficult year

Shamu's first year on his own has been one to forget. Attendance, sales and profit have slumped at Orlando-based SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, dragged down by a soft economy, negative publicity and a weak slate of new attractions. Three killer whales in the company's care died unexpectedly. And a trainer at SeaWorld Orlando was violently killed by a 6-ton killer whale, a tragedy that triggered government investigations and private lawsuits and forever altered the company's hallmark orca shows.

And yet, exactly one year after the private-equity firm Blackstone Group paid $2.3 billion to buy Busch Entertainment Corp. — in the process renaming it SeaWorld Parks and ending five decades of association with beer brewer Anheuser-Busch Cos. — company executives say they have reason to be confident about 2011 and beyond.

SeaWorld, with Blackstone's backing, has launched the biggest construction spree in company history, with capital spending expected to approach nearly $200 million next year. Eight of the company's 10 theme parks will get significant new attractions in 2011, up from just two this year.

Born this way

From The Sun:

LADY GAGA has broken her silence on second album Born This Way — hailing it the greatest record "of this decade".

The bold singer has confidently described the collection — due out early next year and featuring up to 20 tracks — as "really fucking good".

In a typically bizarre review of her upcoming offering, GaGa told her Polish fans the "sledge-hammering", dance-flavoured offering is "about what keeps us up at night and what makes us afraid".

In a break between songs on her Monster Ball tour, she revealed: "I promise you, I'll never let you down. And not for nothing. The album's finished and it's fucking really good. So whatever this is, whatever you just did for all of us...I promise to give you the greatest album of this decade, just for you. The funny thing is that some people have reduced freedom to a brand. They think that it's trendy now to be free. They think it's trendy to be excited about your identity. When in truth, there is nothing trendy about Born This Way. This connection that we all share is something so much deeper than a wig or lipstick or an outfit, or a fucking meat dress. Born This Way is about what keeps us up at night and what makes us afraid."

Wax museum

Madonna was photographed opening her new fitness center Hard Candy in Mexico City. I'm not exactly sure what she got done to her face this time, but the fact is she looks more and more like something out of a wax museum...

Let them serve

Most American Christians -- with the exception of white evangelicals -- favor letting homosexual men and women serve openly in the military, according to a new survey. The poll was conducted this month by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life as the Pentagon prepared to release its study on how lifting the "don't ask, don't tell" policy would affect the armed forces.

Catholics and white mainline Protestants who were surveyed favor letting homosexuals serve openly by about a three-to-one margin. A smaller majority of black Protestants agrees. But 48 percent of white evangelicals said they oppose lifting "don't ask, don't tell" compared to 34 percent who said they approve. Over half of conservative Republicans also oppose lifting the ban. Among all Americans, 58 percent of the 1,255 adults surveyed said they favor letting homosexual men and women serve openly in the military, while only 27 percent said they're opposed.

We already knew evangelicals were lunatics, but it's nice to know the majority of Americans doesn't agree with them, either.

No H8

San Francisco district attorney Kamala Harris took the win for attorney general after three grueling weeks of counting more than 8.5 million ballots. Results after election night showed Harris ahead of Republican Steve Cooley by several points, but Cooley made substantial gains ahead of the Democrat as the week after the election progressed. Harris regained a slight lead over Cooley almost two weeks after the election. Cooley conceded defeat last Wednesday with less than a single percentage point separating the two.

Harris has stated that she will not defend Proposition 8, the November 2008 hate law. Sheldon believes that case ultimately will have to go to the U.S. Supreme Court.


NRJ Music Awards

Even more Lady Gaga news! She has been nominated for five awards at France’s upcoming NRJ Music Awards! Her nominations include Best International Female Artist, Best International Duo (Lady Gaga & Beyoncé), Best International Song (“Bad Romance”), Best Concert and Best Music Video (“Telephone” feat. Beyoncé). Click the links to vote!

Push for repeal

On Monday, Lady Gaga released a new video message directed to her followers to push for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal. Watch the message above and join Gaga to repeal the policy now! For more information, visit sldn.org/gaga.

Vote and the city

Thanks to the 14 people who voted on last week's poll 'Who's your favourite Take That member?'. Here are the results:

Gary Barlow- 4 votes
Jason Orange - 5 votes
Mark Owen - 1 vote
Howard Donald - 0 votes
Robbie Williams - 1 vote

For this week's poll, let me know who's your favourite Sex And The City character. Choose between Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. Votinng's on!

Lip-sync fest

A friend of mine talked to Lady Gaga's stagemanager at the Monster Ball Tour in Rotterdam last night, and he said Britney Spears will embark on another world tour next Summer. Really? Another lip-sync fest? Is that really what pop music needs?

One would think after the disastrous The Circus Starring Britney Spears Tour, people would know by now not to spend their money on this fraud?

Let it snow

Kylie Minogue has released her very own version of Christmas classic Let It Snow, and, as with everything Kylie does, it sounds great!

Click here to listen!

Monster Ball - part 6

And finally, the last part of the Monster Ball: Paparazzi and Bad Romance. Hope you've enjoyed these videos from Ahoy Rotterdam, last night!

Monster Ball - part 5

Please enjoy Lady Gaga singing Teeth, Alejandro and Poker Face, during part 5 of the Monster Ball Tour at Ahoy Rotterdam:

Monster Ball - part 4

On we go! Part 4 of the Monster Ball videos: Speechless/You And I, So Happy I Could Die, and Monster.

Monster Ball - part 3

On with the third part of the Monster Ball Tour at Ahoy Rotterdam: Boys Boys Boys, Money Honey and Telephone, plus her speech about why she loves Holland.

Monster Ball - part 2

The second part of last night's Monster Ball at Ahoy Rotterdam: Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, The Fame and LoveGame.

Monster Ball - part 1

Since I saw the show at Ahoy yesterday, I'm going to post the entire Monster Ball Tour from Rotterdam! Enjoy these videos of Lady Gaga's fantastic show! Let's start with Dance In The Dark, Glitter & Grease and Just Dance.

Mauled by a shark

According to Radio New Zealand, a man who survived a shark attack in Samoa (not far from New Zealand) is fighting for his life at the Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital.

The 47-year-old from Poutasi Falealili is suffering from serious chest wounds. The Director of Clinical Services at National Health, Lemalu Dr. Penehuro Tapelu, told the Samoa Observer the man was fishing last week when he was mauled and he’s lucky to be alive.

He was evacuated from Poutasi District Hospital to the National Hospital at Moto’otua because of severe injuries on his chest.

Euphoria Tour

On March 28th, Enrique Iglesias is coming to Ahoy Rotterdam to play a concert supporting his current album Euphoria. Tickets go on sale this Saturday through LiveNation.

I've seen him at Ahoy last year, and it really was one of the least interesting shows I've ever seen. I'm going to skip this one, and I recommend you'd do the same.

Monster Ball Tour - reviews

Here are some of the reviews from Dutch media, of the Monster Ball Tour at Ahoy Rotterdam last night. The papers are sure loving some Gaga!

Algemeen Dagblad

Monster Ball Tour - the setlist

The show last night was slightly different from the one I saw at Gelredome Arnhem in May, so here's the current setlist of the Monster Ball Tour:

Intro/Dance In The Dark
Glitter & Grease
Just Dance
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
The Fame
Boys Boys Boys
Money Honey
You And I
So Happy I Could Die
Poker Face
Bad Romance

Monster Ball Tour - my review

My mother and I went to Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour at Ahoy Rotterdam yesterday, and we sure had a blast! The last time I saw the show, back in May at Gelredome Stadium in Arnhem, I had general admission floor tickets and ended up front row. This time, we were in the seated part of Ahoy, but we were in the best seats available, very near the stage with a great view.

Opening act Semi Precious Weapons was horrible as usual, so we used the time to get ourselves a drink. When they finished, we went looking for our seats, and enjoyed the 45 minutes of Michael Jackson songs played through the PA. After a while the lights went out, and the already famous intro of Dance In The Dark started. The crowd went wild and stayed that way the entire show. Gaga was in great shape, both physically, as well as her voice. On top of that, she was in a great mood and talked a lot to the audience.

Vanity was cut from the setlist, but in return we got a great long version of You And I (a new song from Gaga's upcoming album Born This Way) as well as a really long version of Teeth.

All in all, the show was perfect, even better than the one at Gelredome in May. The Monster Ball plays at Ahoy Rotterdam again tonight, and I wish I could be there for yet another show!

Lock,stock and two smokking barrels

Tonight on Dutch television: Guy Ritchie classic Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, starring Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher and Nick Moran.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A good fight

From The Sun:

PINK is one of the rowdiest stars in pop - but she's vowed to try to calm down now she's expecting. The singer, who is expecting a baby with her on/off fella CAREY HART, admitted she misses a proper punch-up. Pink said: "A real good fight - it's been years. And you know what? I miss it, I really miss scrapping. I've become quite boring in my old age. I stopped getting in fights, I stopped beating people up. I mean, back in the day people could just punch each other, get over it and be friends the next day. Now it's lawsuits, it's boring, just boring."

The star can be a bit lairy - she famously had a dig at BRITNEY SPEARS and PARIS HILTON in her song Stupid Girls, where she slated American airhead singers. And the feisty singer, one of the biggest female stars of the decade, isn't promising she'll stay completely out of trouble in the future. Speaking from her home in the US, she said: "I don't know, hopefully I stay out of jail. I'm not really sure."

The ex-gymnast, whose Greatest Hits are out now, is due to give birth in the spring. Talking for the first time about being up the duff, she said: "We wanted to wait and not talk about it for a while. But the world started talking about it last week so our parents had to hear it through the radio. I'm pretty disciplined, when it's time to play I play, when it's time to work I work, and when it's time to be careful I'll be careful."

And even though her Stella days have been put on hold, she's allowing herself the odd Guinness. She said: "It's good for you. There's a whole manual that's six foot deep filled with things you can't do. No drinking, no eating this... In Ireland I saw a nine-months pregnant woman with a martini in her hand. Or you go to Italy and there's a nine-months pregnant woman with a big old rack of wine in her hand."

I know what she means. At nine months my missus was never without a bottle of Irn-Bru in her hand.


Rihanna is on the cover of the new issue of Interview Magazine. On top of that, inside the magazine she is being interviewed by no other than Kanye West.

Pick up your copy of the magazine at the newsstand.


Yesterday I bought myself the new Take That album Progress, and I've already listened to it several times. To me, it more than justifies the enormous amount of sales it generated during its first week! It's produced by Stuart Price, who also produced Madonna's Confessions On A Dance Floor and Kylie Minogue's Aphrodite, and it shows. A completely different sound compared to previous Take That albums, but a great new sound it is.

Also, with all the dance tunes, it really lends itself for a great live show, so I can't wait to see them perform at the Amsterdam ArenA in July 2011!

Crying on stage

Lady Gaga cried on stage during the Monster Ball in Gdansk, Poland this weekend, overwhelmed by the reaction of the packed arena. Check it out above!

Next stop on The Monster Ball Tour: Rotterdam. Two sold out shows at Ahoy, and I will be at the first one, tomorrow!

Discount monster

The explicit version of Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster has been discounted to $1.99 on Amazon MP3 for a limited time only! With the Black Friday Week promotional code worth $3 you can get the album for free! Hurry up, the sale ends November 29th!
Click here to buy!

Digital life sacrifice

Lady Gaga, along with other celebrities including Justin Timberlake and Usher, have joined a new campaign called Digital Life Sacrifice on behalf of Alicia Keys’ charity, Keep a Child Alive. The celebs plan to sign off of social media web sites like Facebook and Twitter on December 1st, which is World AIDS Day. They will return when the charity raises $1 million.

According to the Associated Press, the participants have filmed “last tweet and testament” videos and will appear in ads showing them lying in coffins to represent what the campaign calls their digital deaths. Leigh Blake, the president of Keep a Child Alive said:

“I have a feeling that Lady Gaga is going to raise it all by herself. She has more than 7.2 million followers on Twitter and nearly 24 million fans on Facebook. She’s got a very mobilized fan base and that’s beautiful to watch and she’s able to draw their attention to these issues that are very important, you know, and that people follow it and act.”

The flood

Take That appeared on Dutch talent show The Voice Of Holland this weekend, performing their current single The Flood. Check it out above!

First knight

Tonight on Dutch television: First Knight, starring Sean Connery, Richard Gere and Julia Ormond.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tori camera

Here’s a special treat for Tori Amos fans in time for the holidays: a limited edition Lomographic 35mm camera set called “TORI”! Only 2000 of these signature edition cameras have been made and each includes a custom ”China” edition wide-angle and close-up lens set, appropriately named “Distance” and “Close”.

The camera set also includes an exclusive unreleased double CD “From Russia With Love…” recorded live in Moscow on September 3rd, 2010. All CD’s in this limited release have been autographed by Tori. The set comes in a die-cut piano box and contains 1 of 5 special photographs taken of Tori during her Moscow trip using the TORI camera. There’s also a roll of 120 Film included to get you started.

Full details are expected early next week.

Hard candy

Here's the latest news from Mexico City about the opening of Madonna's Hard Candy fitness center: Madonna dancers have been selecting, during some casting lessons, the final club members to attend the special dance class to be held by Madonna herself next week. In the meantime the mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard, said in a public statement that he is very happy Madonna chose his city to open her first fitness center ever in the world. He added that he will be cutting the red ribbon with Madonna on Monday November 29th.

Locals should be aware that on Monday streets near the club, especially Bosque De Duraznos, will be closed from 4 pm. Guests and members will can enter the club on two different hours that have not yet been specified. Madonna's arrival is expected at about 7 or 8 pm while rehearsals for the dance class will be done on the previous Saturday or Sunday.

Thanks to MadonnaTribe.

Baking dinner

Lady Gaga has been enjoying two days off from her Monster Ball Tour, in between shows in Belgium and Poland, so she posted this picture of herself baking a Thanksgiving dinner on her Twitter account.

Of course, even baking needs to be done in a low-cut dress. Remember, it's Gaga.

On the parade

British tabloid The Suk posted this lovely picture of Kylie Minogue on her Thanksgiving Day float in New York City.
By the way, in case you were wondering why Kylie was lipsyncing Get Outta My Way, instead of actually singing it: she didn't have a choice in the matter. All the artists on the parade are required to lipsync. It must have been hard for Kylie, who is always used to singing live.

The voice of Take That

If you happen to live in the Netherlands, don't forget Take That will be performing their current single The Flood on Dutch talent show The Voice Of Holland tonight! This performance is part of a European promotional tour for both The Flood and their new album Progress.

If you don't live in the Netherlands, I will try and post their performance later tonight!

2 Fast 2 furious

Tonight on Dutch television: 2 Fast 2 Furious, starring Paul Walker, Tyrese and Eva Mendes.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

That would be a dream

"Glee" actress Lea Michele wants Madonna to follow her showbiz pal Gwyneth Paltrow in appearing on the program and possibly singing.

“We all loved the Madonna show we did but we are hoping to do a part two with Madonna,” she said. “That would be a dream. I have not met Madonna but I would love to. The only thing is, of my idols I have met, I have thoroughly embarrassed myself!”

Radio 2 Acoustic Live Sessions

Here we go, Kylie Minogue's entire show from Radio 2 Acoustic Live Sessions today! It's such a wonderful performance, that proves that Kylie is not just any other pop artist. She can really make her thing work, and she is a fantastic live performer!

I've seen the ShowGirl Tour 2005 and the KylieX2008 Tour from front row at Ahoy Rotterdam, and I can't wait to see the Les Folies Tour 2011 at Gelredome Arnhem and Sportpaleis Antwerpen next year. Please enjoy all the videos, as they are all just fantastic!

Can't Get You Out Of My Head

All The Lovers

In My Arms

Confide In Me

Better Than Today

Do you even need to question why I L-O-V-E her?

The voice of Holland

Take That is on a huge tour across Europe to promote their number one hit album Progress. Tonight, their in Sweden, and tomorrow they will perform on The Voice Of Holland, the number one show in my home country The Netherlands.

Don't forget to watch!

Acoustic album

Kylie Minogue told the press today she is planning on releasing an acoustic greatest hits album. Okay, can you just take a breath? Kylie... acoustic.... greatest hits! I'm fainting! This is the best idea ever! Kylie is one of the only pop singers who can actually sing live, and the chance to be able to listen to her best known songs on a live album would be just fantastic!

Are you looking forward to a Kylie acoustic album?

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish all my American readers a very merry Thanksgiving, and please take a moment to really think about the things you are grateful to!

Thanksgiving parade

Kylie Minogue appeared on today's Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in New York City, singing Get Outta My Way. Check out some of the performance above!

Extra dates

Due to overwhelming demand, Kylie Minogue has added extra dates to the UK leg of her Aphrodite – Les Folies Tour 2011, including a show at the Cardiff Arena – her first in the Welsh capital since 2002’s Fever Tour

Tickets for the new dates go on sale Monday 29th November at 9:00am. Here are the new dates:

Friday 25th March – Cardiff Arena
Wed 30th March – Glasgow SECC
Tue 5th April – Manchester MEN Arena
Tue 12th April – London O2 Arena

Live and let die

Tonight on Dutch television: Live And Let Die, starring Roger Moore, Jane Seymour and Yaphet Kotto.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Less screen time

Taylor Momsen is reportedly getting less screen time on Gossip Girl during the second half of the season. Taylor, who plays Jenny Humphrey on the hit CW show, will begin an indefinite hiatus after next Monday’s episode, according to Deadline.

CW declined to comment but sources said Taylor will be gone for at least four episodes beginning with the show’s mid-season finale on December 6. An insider adds that Taylor has been reduced because of creative reasons.

The Monster Ball in Antwerp

If you happen to be able to read Dutch, you might want to read this glowing review of Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour at Sportpaleis Antwerp last night.

Click here to read!


Also from the American Music Awards this weekend, here's Katy Perry performing her latest single Firework.

Raise your glass

P!nk performed a wonderful version of Raise Your Glass, live at the American Music Awards this past Sunday. Check out her performance above.

Fab five poll

Thanks to the 10 people who voted on last week's poll 'what's your favourite new P!nk song?'. Here are the results:

Raise Your Glass - 5 votes
Fucking Perfect - 3 votes
Heartbreak Down - 2 votes

For this week's poll, let me know who's your favourite member of Take That. Voting's on!

Miserable gridlock

With clearing skies and most AP's unblocked through Wed, the crowds at Disneyland have swelled to gate-closing madness. Disneyland ran short of parking and had to stop some ticket sales while begging people to go over to DCA all afternoon on Mon, and that process will continue Tuesday and Wednesday with miserable gridlock inside Disneyland. AP blockouts mercifully kick in on Thanksgiving Day through Sat, and the attendance is projected to drop by almost half for the weekend. Out-of-towners should do anything they can to avoid the park until Thur through Sat this week. Of course these AP crowds add fuel to TDA's burning desire for extra-cost Christmas parties next year.

So, if you were planning on going one of these days, better reset those dates!

Country song

Check out Gossip Girl Leighton Meester sharing a duet with Garrett Hedlund in their upcoming film Country Strong. Click here to listen.

Garbage chic

Ke$ha is on the cover of the december issue of Complex Magazine. Here are some of the quotes from the interview:

On whether she’s still with Alex Carapetis:
“Not so much. He had a Keith Richards vibe to him, but then he started acting like a woman, and I just can’t handle that.”

On the “P. Diddy” line:
“Diddy called Dr. Luke up like, ‘I want to work with you.’ Luke was like, “We’ve got a line on Ke$ha’s first single talking about how great it is to feel like you.’”

On her garbage bag dress:
“I was trying to look super-hot. I like to poke fun at when people make fun of me, because I don’t take myself that seriously. People say I’m ‘garbage chic,’ so I thought I’d take it to the next level and make a garbage bag super fucking chic - and I succeeded!”

Speak now world tour

Taylor Swift is embarking on a tour across the world in support of her new album, Speak Now! Taylor will play 87 shows in 19 countries on the Taylor Swift Speak Now World Tour 2011, kicking off February 9 in Singapore.

“I’m so excited to go back out on tour again in 2011!” Taylor said. “The Fearless tour was so much fun and even more unforgettable than I ever imagined, and I can’t wait to get back out and play my new music from Speak Now! The fans have been so amazing, and I’m thrilled to play in new cities around the world and meet even more of my fans in 2011!”

Tennis match

Kylie Minogue and her boyfriend Andres Velencoso were spotted at the O2 Arena in London, watching a tennis match between Nadal and Roddick.

Kylie, as usual, looked lovely!

Sure fire winners - live in Amsterdam

And finally, for today, here's footage from Adam Lambert singing Sure Fire Winners, live during the Glam Nation Tour at Paradiso in Amsterdam.

Fever - live in Amsterdam

Adam Lambert, singing Fever, last Saturday during the Glam Nation Tour at Paradiso Amsterdam.

Soaked - live in Amsterdam

Also from Paradiso in Amsterdam, watch Adam Lambert performed Soaked, during the Glam Nation Tour last Saturday.

Whole lotta love - live in Amsterdam

As promised yesterday, a couple of more videos from Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour at Paradiso in Amsterdam last Saturday. Let's start with one of the encores, the Led Zeppelin cover Whole Lotta Love.

The fame monster

Today is the one-year anniversary of Lady Gaga second album The Fame Monster, which was released as a reissue of The Fame and a standalone EP on November 23rd!

The Fame Monster has sold over 1.4 million copies as an extended play and brought total sales of The Fame to 3.8 million copies as a re-release in the U.S. alone, becoming one of the best-selling albums of 2009 and 2010.

The record has spawned three international smash hits: “Bad Romance” (number one in more than 20 countries), “Telephone” feat. Beyoncé (number one in 5 countries) and “Alejandro” (number one in 7 countries).

Phenomenal figure

Take That's latest album Progress, which saw the highest first week sales in 13 years, the biggest opening week for an album in Britain since Oasis' Be Here Now, sold just under a staggering 520,000 copies making it the fastest-selling album of the millennium. This phenomenal figure also means it has sold more copies than the rest of all the albums in the Top 10 added together.

Planeta Terra

Mika graced the stage at Planeta Terra in Brazil on Saturday night delighting fans with a typically high-energy performance.

Over 20,000 music-lovers attended the festival in Sao Paulo to see the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Pavement and of course Mika himself.

Wearing a military jacket and white trousers, Mika was a surefire highlight - click here to see him perform a stunning rendition of ‘Relax, Take It Easy’ now!

Voler - the video

The video for the song "Voler", Michel Sardou's duet with Celine Dion, is now available on Michel Sardou's official website. Click here to watch!
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