Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welcome to England

As I wrote about a year ago, my mother was kind enough to give me Tori Amos' official 2DVD set Fade To Red, containing all her videos up until The Beekeeper. Of course, after that, Tori didn't stop making videos, so here's the one for Welcome To England, the lead single from Tori's Abnormally Attracted To Sin album. It features Tori showing us the many wonders of London, my favorite place in the whole world. The funny thing is, many places she visits in this video, are places I've been to myself! It's a great stroll down memory lane for me!

I hadn't seen this one before, and I'm sure many of you haven't either. Please enjoy!

1 comment:

Elawaswa said...

Prachtige video:-)

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