Monday, September 12, 2011

Black Star Tour - setlist

Avril Lavigne changed the setlist for the European leg of her Black Star Tour (which I'll be seeing tomorrow at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam). Here's the current setlist:
  1.  Black Star
  2.  What The Hell
  3.  I Can Do Better
  4.  Sk8ter Boi
  5.  He Wasn't
  6.  I Always Get What i Want
  7.  Alice
  8.  When You're Gone
  9.  Wish You Were Here
  10.  Nobody's Home
  11.  Unwanted / Freak Out / Losing Grip
  12.  Girlfriend
  13.  Airplanes
  14.  My Happy Ending
  15.  Don't Tell Me
  16.  Smile
  17.  I'm With You
  18.  I Love You
  19.  Hot
  20.  Complicated
It's going to be a great show!

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