Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Communist staff

During an interview held in Venice a couple of weeks ago, she was asked what she thinks about Italian prime minister Berlusconi. She replied to the question saying she agrees with the not so brilliant portrait of Berlusconi made by British magazine The Economist. Now three well known politics of Berlusconi's party have started an anti -Madonna crusade.

Sottosegretario Daniela Santanchè claims Madonna has offended Italian people and she wants people to boycott her film WE hoping she will watch her own film all alone. Sottosegretario Carlo Giovanardi claims Madonna doesn't know anything about politics as she is inspired by an article by The Economist, a paper made in United Kingdom, where there were riots last month. He adds that she is a pro gay family artist so she can't express her views because they are against Italy's constitution. He also says people shouldn't listen to what Madonna says because she is only a rich multimilionare preaching.

Last, but not least ex showgirl, now Deputato PDL, Gabriella Carlucci says she is so sad Madonna believes what The Economist claims and that she says these things in a country like Italy that simply adores her. Then she adds that she probably has a "communist press relation staff" that is made by "communists" who advised her to says those things to come out good on "communist newspapers".

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