Wednesday, September 14, 2011

High spy

Claire Danes is on the cover of the latest issue of Emmy Magazine. Here are some quotes from the interview:

On always knowing she wanted to perform: “I wanted to be on stage. Then I discovered that actors typically don’t make much money, so I decided I’d be a therapist and live in the suburbs next door to my best friend.”

On watching the September 11 attacks from Sydney, Australia: “It was very confusing. It was my hometown. It was the first time I felt patriotic in my life. I didn’t realize I had those feelings in me. I felt very disloyal being away. I wanted very much to be here, to be present.”

On how a CIA officer’s job isn’t so different from an actor’s: “I’m speaking in an assuming way, but the CIA, they do play roles all the time. And they do have to forge intimacy easily with strangers. And they are con men. And, you know, they actually create characters. But that’s kind of where the comparisons end. The work they do is for real and the work we do is in fantasy.”

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