Thursday, November 10, 2011

Great news for equality

Hate groups in Iowa say hopes for a marriage amendment in that state have all but faded now that Tuesday's election has left Democrats in control off the State Senate, and that's great news!

Democrat Liz Mathis defeated her Republican opponent, Cindy Golding, in a special election for District 18, thereby allowing Democrats to retain control of the Iowa Senate. Mathis won with 55% of the vote, in spite of Golding's campaign receiving a $40,000 donation from hate group the National Organization for Marriage.

Greg Baker, political director of The Family Leader, says the Democratic Party selected a strong and well-known candidate.

"It's definitely disappointing that we didn't win the race. It was an uphill battle from the beginning," he shares. "I mean, [Mathis has] been on TV for over a decade so she's very well known in the area -- and our candidate, Cindy Golding, only had about a month to get the same name ID she had."

Baker explains that the state's legislative landscape will generally be the same as last year, when the House passed a marriage amendment measure but the Senate attempted to block the bill.

"There [are] enough pro-marriage Democrats in the Senate who are Catholics that, if they decide to be bold and actually stand for marriage rather than their own party, we still do have a chance of getting the marriage amendment through. But the ball is largely going to rest in their court," he concedes.

National Organization for Marriage distanced itself from Golding when one of its own staffers, cultural director Thomas Peters, tweeted following the election: "That's what happens when a state GOP nominates a weak candidate."

Great news for equality!

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