Wednesday, November 23, 2011

There she was

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Cyndi Lauper speaks briefly about being inspired by Madonna. When asked if she feels a kinship with other female musicians who came to fame in the 80s, Cyndi said: “Well I had my alter-image, Madonna [laughs]. No matter what I did, there she was, and no matter what she did, there I was. And it wasn’t similar and it was never intentional. We inspired each other. I am inspired by her because she still does it and she looks great and I’m always on a diet, I can never keep a diet, but she looks fantastic, she always does, so that’s inspiring.”

She added: “I was really heartbroken that they would pit us against each other. Because I’ve always believed sisterhood is a powerful thing and I just wanted to have a friend in the industry. Another rocker. But they always isolate you when you become popular, when you become famous and then you’re isolated all of a sudden. Nobody can get to you, I guess because everybody wants to get to you.”

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