Thursday, November 10, 2011

Worst show ever

So, last night I went to see Rihanna's LOUD Tour at Gelredome Stadium in Arnhem. My friends and I had a really great time travelling to the show, before the show, and during opening act Calvin Harris. However, after Calvin's set had finished, it took Rihanna a whopping hour and a half to start her show, which meant that a lot of people, including yours truly, knew upfront they were going to miss the train. Not a good way to start a show. What sheer arrogance to leave tens of thousands of people waiting for that long. I'm sure Rihanna doesn't care one bit about her fans, but since we each paid 50 Euro's to see her (of course, peanuts in her eyes), she could have at least shown us some respect by starting on time so that people wouldn't have to worry about getting home.

Then the show itself: the sound was absolutely horrible, most of the time you couldn't even hear Rihanna sing. Not that it mattered much, since she barely sang anything herself at all. Most of the show was sung by her background vocalist, and I can't even count the times she pointed her microphone to the audience to let us do the job. Excuse me, but I haven't paid 50 Euro's to hear the audience sing. Is it too hard to sing one chorus, or one sentence for that matter, entirely by yourself? The worst part came when my favorite song, California King Bed, was totally butchered by having the audience sing it almost completely. Reminds me of Robbie Williams, who always does this during Angels.

Furthermore, since the show started so late, she cut a couple of songs, meaning we had to wait longer, for a shorter show. How utterly rude and disrespectful. But why would she care? The way she was behaving on stage (she looked drunk, or stoned, or both) it was obvious she felt way too good to be there and deliver a show the way it was supposed to.

As you know, I go to many, many pop concerts, but Rihanna's LOUD Tour has definitely been one of the worst shows I have ever seen. Never again. Both Rihanna and LiveNation should be ashamed of themselves.

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