Monday, December 19, 2011

Officially divorced

Beyonce's parents. Mathew and Tina Knowles, are officially divorced today. The pair filed last month in Texas, or more accurately refiled, since their last attempt to go through with the divorce in 2009 failed when they didn't show up for their court date.

Tina said their marriage was "insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities" … which "prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation" in the paperwork.

Box office hit

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol dominated the foreign box office this weekend, landing the #1 spot and bringing in $68.2 million over the past five days!

The new Mission:Impossible movie opened in 6,079 locations in 36 offshore markets, and it ended up at #1 in "at least a dozen markets" including Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Spain.

Iron lady

Meryl Streep is on the cover of this week's edition of Newsweek Magazine, dressed as Margaret Thatcher, the role she plays in her upcoming new movie The Iron Lady.

I think it's pretty incredible just how much she looks as the former prime minister of the UK. She could have fooled me.

Better than ever

Katy Perry looked absolutely gorgeous during the launch of her new perfume Meow. These past couple of weeks she looked a little tired, which was perfectly logical considering she had just finished almost a year on the road with her California Dreams Tour, but judging by this picture, she's back, looking better than ever.

Denying freedom

Following a recent town hall in Iowa, 14-year-old bisexual teenager Rebecka Green approached Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry and asked him the following question:

"I just want to know why you’re so opposed to gays serving openly in the military, why you want to deny them that freedom when they’re fighting and dying for your right to run for president."

Here's what Rick had to say in response:

"Here’s my issue. This is about my faith, and I happen to think, you know, there are a whole hosts of sins. Homosexuality being one of them, and I’m a sinner and so I’m not going to be the first one to throw a stone. I don’t agree that openly gays should be serving in the military. 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell' was working and my position is just like I told a guy yesterday, he said, 'How would you feel if one of your children was gay?' I said I’d feel the same way. I hate the sin, but I love the sinner, but having them openly serve in the military, I happen to think as a commander in chief of some 20,000 plus people in the military is not good public policy, and this president was forced by his base to change that policy and I don’t think it was good policy, and I don’t think people in the military thought it was good policy."
Stupid retard!

More fun again

Avril Lavigne's fifth album is rumoured to be released in 2012, "far earlier than imagined". However, nothing has been confirmed by Lavigne or her record label as to when the album will be released. In September 2011 Avril stated that she had a "few" tracks ready for the record, before stating a month later in an interview with Virgin Radio 96 that she would begin production on it by January 2012, despite saying on her Twitter account that she began recording new material in November 2011.

In a recent interview, Avril confirmed that she has moved to Epic Records to release her album. The new album will musically be the opposite of Goodbye Lullaby. Avril explained, "Goodbye Lullaby was more mellow, but the next one will be pop and more fun again. I already have a song that I know is going to be a single, I just need to re-record it!"

Avril has already revealed the title of two of the songs from her fifth album as "Fine" and "Gone". The tracks were originally recorded for Goodbye Lullaby but never made the final cut. It has also been confirmed that Avril is working with music production duo The Runners on the upcoming album.

New album

Alanis Morissette recently gave a small interview during which Alanis confirmed that she is finishing her upcoming new studio album, and she had said she has recorded thirty-one songs. She said that the album will be due out in 2012 in Summer or Spring.

Just recently I was complaining Alanis wasn't releasing any new music for the past couple of years, and now a whole new album is on it's way! Great news!

How about I be me

Irish pop singer Sinead O’Connor, who married her boyfriend Barry Herridge on her 45th birthday last week in Las Vegas, will release a new studio album titled How About I Be Me (And You Be You)? on February 21, 2012 via One Little Indian.

Sinead released her last studio album, Theology, in 2007. The album, which consists of two discs – the acoustic “Dublin Sessions” and full-band “London Sessions”, peaked at No. 168 on the U.S. Billboard 200.

Here's the tracklist for the new album:

01. 4th And Vine
02. Reason With Me
03. Old Lady
04. Take Off Your Shoes
05. Back Where You Belong
06. The Wolf Is Getting Married
07. Queen Of Denmark
08. Very Far From Home
09. I Had A Baby
10. V.I.P.

Sluggish trend

Action adventure film "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" led a trio of sequels at the box office over another underwhelming weekend that saw ticket sales fall from last year. Robert Downey Jr.'s follow-up to the 2009 hit "Sherlock Holmes" pulled in an estimated $54.7 million around the world, distributor Warner Bros. said on Sunday. That included $40 million from the United States and Canada, where the movie topped the domestic charts, plus $14.7 million from six international markets.

Overall, the US box office repeated a sluggish trend of recent weeks and dashed hopes for a major kickstart before a crush of big-budget Christmas films hits theaters. Sales for all movies from Friday through Sunday will reach about $119 million domestically, according to estimates from Box Office. That is 11.6 percent below the same weekend last year and follows the worst box office weekend in three years.

"The momentum we have lost over the past few weeks has taken its toll on the bottom line," said Paul Dergarabedian, president of Box Office. "Thankfully there are some big titles on the way."

Mystery stomach pains

Pop star Joe Jonas (from the Jonas Brothers) was examined by medics on Sunday after he visited a hospital complaining of mystery stomach pains. The Jonas Brothers singer checked into the emergency room at Children's Hospital Los Angeles with severe cramps in his abdomen, according to It followed a night of partying in Chicago, Illinois.

The website reports the star was only at the hospital for a short time, and there are no details of the cause of his condition. He was later seen eating out at a sushi restaurant with his brother and bandmate Nick on Sunday evening.

Happy and excited

33-year-old Backstreet Boy AJ McLean got married to longtime girlfriend, model Rochelle DeAnna Karidis, in Beverly Hills on Saturday. The goth-themed ceremony took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel with celeb photographer Tyler Shields as officiant.

AJ wore a red bow tie, and they were married surrounded by white hydrangeas. A guest tells People that the couple "looked happy and excited." Fellow Backstreet Boys Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, and Kevin Richardson all attended.


RIP Dan Fraser

Kojak star Dan Frazer has died at the age of 90. The actor passed away on Friday (16Dec11) after suffering a cardiac arrest in New York.
He started his career in the 1950s and made his big screen debut with Sir Sidney Poitier in 1963 movie Lilies of the Field.

Frazer's other film roles include Cleopatra Jones, Take the Money and Run, and Deconstructing Harry, but he is best known for playing Captain Frank McNeil in hit 1970s cop show Kojak opposite Telly Savalas.

Frazer also appeared as a judge in the Law & Order franchise, starring in the original show and spin-off Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and he was last seen onscreen in 2010 movie The Pack, with Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss.
Rest in peace.

Entertainer of the year

Lady Gaga has won the title of AP Entertainer Of The Year 2011. According to the AP, the singer was voted the celebrity who held the most influence on pop culture and entertainment in 2011 -- just three votes ahead of late Apple founder Steve Jobs. Also receiving "numerous votes" were Taylor Swift, Charlie Sheen, Adele and the cast of "Harry Potter."

Gaga's album Born This Way came out in May, sold more than 1 million copies in its first week and recently received three Grammy nominations -- so the pop star is deserving of such a high honor. Gaga joins the ranks of previous AP Entertainers of the Year, which include Betty White, Swifty, Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert.

Absolutely fabulous

Absolutely Fabulous returns Jan. 8 with the first of three new specials. The episode will premiere at 10 that night on BBC and Logo. Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley will once again play Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone. Saunders wrote the new episodes. No premiere dates were announced for the other two specials. Also returning will be actresses Julia Sawalha, Jane Horrocks and June Whitfield.

Can't wait!!!

Two nominations

The first round of Golden Globe nominations are in. So far, Madonna's directing debut, "W.E.", has more nominations, two, than most awards-season front-runners, picking up its two nods in the song and original score categories.

Maybe it's not such a bad movie after all?

Fresh out the oven

It may not be new, but it's new to me, so I'm posting it anyway: Fresh Out The Oven, by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, which was released by Epic Records as a teaser single for J.Lo's Love? album. The song didn't make the final record, but a video was recorded for it.

It's quite slutty, check it out above.

Rather silly

It was announced earlier Rihanna was filming her LOUD Tour for an official DVD release, but now it has also been confirmed which show, or should I say shows, are being filmed. The final three shows at the O2 Arena in London will be put together to form one show on DVD.

It's quite usual for artists to film two shows instead of one, so that they can fix technical problems that went wrong in one show with footage of the second one, but to film three of them is rather silly. I suppose Rihanna knows as well as her fans her shows suck, so she really needs to puzzle to make it look good on home cinema.

Genetic tampering

Paleontologist Jack Horner revealed a little detail about the upcoming Jurassic Park 4 movie, stating, "that a script has been written and is waiting to be transformed into a film". He also said, "They’ve already brought dinosaurs back... so how could they make the dinosaurs scarier?”, stating that it will be about genetic tampering.

I'm looking forward to Jurassic Park 4 very much!

Stronger - the video

Kelly Clarkson has premiered the video for her latest single Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You). It's the second single from her latest (and greatest) album Stronger. Check out the video above.

Better than I know myself

Adam Lambert has unveiled the artwork for his new single, Better Than I Know Myself, via Twitter. The “American Idol” runner-up will release the Dr. Luke produced & Claude Kelly written single on December 20, 2011. Trespassing, out in March 2012, is one of the most anticipated releases of next year.

Feel like listening to Better Than I Know Myself? Click here!

Three album deal

Madonna and LiveNation Entertainment confirm a three album licensing deal with Interscope Records. Madonna will have a new album out in late March; it was officially confirmed this week by Interscope Records. In one component of a very broad plan developed by long time manager Guy Oseary and LiveNation Entertainment, the Material Girl has signed a three album deal with Interscope Records.

The new album, her first in five years, has been completed. "Gimme All Your Luvin," the first single from the album, will be released the last week in January prior to her upcoming Bridgestone Halftime Superbowl appearance on February 5th.

In 2007, Madonna signed a multi-faceted deal with LiveNation that includes new studio albums, touring, merchandising, fan club/website, DVDs, music-related television and film projects and associated sponsorship agreements. "We look forward to a great partnership," commented Live Nation Entertainment's Chairman of Global Music & CEO, Global Touring Arthur Fogel.

Oseary was equally enthusiastic: "We couldn't be happier to work with Jimmy Iovine, Lucian Grainge (Chairman & CEO, Universal Music Group) and the entire Interscope team. We anticipate a very bright future at our new home."

Added Jimmy Iovine, Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M: "Very rarely does an opportunity like this come around. We would like to thank Madonna, Guy and LiveNation for their belief in us."

Throwing up

We all knew already Rihanna is constantly drunk or stoned during her LOUD Tour, but this weekend, during the show in Lisbon, it was even more apparent. Halfway during What's My Name Rihanna ran off stage, only to return for Rude Boy minutes later (you can barely tell by the way, since the 'singing' just continues even though she's not even on stage. Later that night, Rihanna explained on Twitter she ran off because she had to throw up...
Totally unprofessional...

Horrible news

Nigeria’s Catholic bishops are praising the country’s Senate for its “courageous and hope-inducing decision” to pass a bill outlawing same-sex unions and public displays of homosexuality last month.

The bill, passed Nov. 29th, came amidst threats by foreign leaders, especially U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, of aid cuts if African countries fail to enshrine human rights for gays and lesbians.

On December 7th, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria issued a statement saying the vote to outlaw same-sex unions and “all such public manifestations” came as a “great relief” to most Nigerians.

“We wish to strongly support the prohibition of same-sex union as an expression both of our cultural values as Nigerians and our religious belief as Christians,” they wrote.

What they fail to mention is that gays and lesbians can actually get thrown into prison for as many as 14 years, just for being gay. And those bishops call themselves Christians? Horrible!

Vote for Aphrodite

In this week's poll, choose your favorite single from ylie Minogue's hit record Aphrodite. Choose between:

All The Lovers
Get Outta My Way
Better Than Today
Put Your Hands Up

Voting's on!

Lucky escape

A surfer has had a lucky escape after a shark took a bite out of his board while he was in the sea off the coast of Australia.

Stephen King was taking an early morning surf near the village of Angourie in New South Wales when the shark swam up and lunged at him. He quickly pulled his legs out of the water, saving them from major injury, and escaped with only minor puncture wounds. His board fared less well, ending up with a large chunk out of one side and in two pieces.

He has agreed to allow his board to be displayed in a local museum.


December can now officially be designated not only Spears and new fiance Jason Trawick's birthday month, but also their engagement.

CNN has confirmed that the pair, who have been together since 2009, are now set to make it official. Trawick, who is Spears's former agent, according to People Magazine popped the question on Thursday which was his 40th birthday. Spears dropped a few clues via her Twitter account and by Saturday had changed her Facebook status to "engaged."

"Tonight was one of the most magical nights of my life. Such an amazing time with my new fiancé and our closest friends and family." Spears tweeted on Saturday.

The pair reportedly celebrated with friends and family in Las Vegas on Friday night.

Dear leader

The leadership of North Korea appeared to pass to a third generation of the Kim family Monday after the weekend death of Kim Jong Il, who ruled the reclusive Stalinist state since 1994. The man known as the "dear leader" died of a heart attack Saturday at age 69, state news outlets announced Monday. The ruling Worker's Party declared the youngest of his three sons, Kim Jong Un, the "great successor" to his father's mantle.

Kim Jong Il had led North Korea since 1994, when his father -- the nation's founder, Kim Il Sung -- died at age 82. During his 17 years in power, the country suffered a devastating famine even as it built up its million-strong army, expanded its arsenal of ballistic missiles and became the world's eighth declared nuclear power.

The news of his death spurred South Korea, which remains technically at war with the North more than five decades after their 1950-53 conflict, to put its military on high alert. But across one of the world's most heavily fortified borders, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak told his citizens "to go about their lives" in the meantime.

"For the sake of the future of the Republic of Korea, peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula is more important than anything else. It should not be threatened by what has happened," he said.

Benefit show

On December 21, the Dion family will perform a benefit Christmas show titled ‘Le party des fêtes avec les Dion’ at Le Mirage Golf Club in Terrebonne, Quebec. During this last stop of their tour, Celine’s brothers and sisters, Claudette, Liette, Daniel, and Paul will perform on stage to raise money for Maison Adhémar Dion, a palliative care centre. They will be accompanied by four singers, three musicians and songwriter, Blou.

Let it snow

Kylie Minogue joined some of the biggest stars from the world of stand-up and comedy to perform live in front of comedy fans and a celebrity VIP audience at London’s Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on Tuesday the 13th of December.
Kylie sparkled as she gave a rendition of ‘Let It Snow’ with the comedians joining in to close the show with a final Christmas sing-along.
Michael McIntyre’s Christmas Special will air on BBC1 at 10.30pm on Christmas Day.

The most racist man ever

Rihanna has vented her anger after encountering "the most racist man ever" at her hotel in Lisbon while on her LOUD tour.

She wrote on Twitter: "This man said the craziest shit about black women, calling us dogs, sluts. We don't look like shit and we don't belong in the same hotels."

Rihanna performs the first of three gigs at London's O2 Arena tomorrow – the final dates of her LOUD Tour.

Marry the night day

On December 20th, fans around the world will support Lady Gaga's new single "Marry The Night" by downloading it on their country's iTunes.

Join the official Facebook event for the download day and be sure to invite your fellow monsters!

Favorite holiday

“I start planning my Christmas in June. It’s absolutely my favorite holiday and I’ve always loved everything about this time of year. I love cooking and I’m a smash-hit wonder in the kitchen,” Mariah Carey told The Sun about the holidays. “I’m going to be making the turkey, cranberry sauce and all the trimmings this Christmas. I cooked at Thanksgiving and it was a real success with everyone asking for seconds.”

Looks like someone is having a Christmas album to plug.

The Dark Knight Rises

Check out the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises by clicking here.

The action/adventure movie, directed by Christopher Nolan, stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Here’s the synopsis: Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its police force to their limits, forcing its former hero Batman to resurface after taking the fall for Harvey Dent’s crimes.

The Dark Knight Rises will hit theaters on July 20, 2012.

Mission Impossible 3

Tonight on Dutch television: Mission:Impossible 3, starring Tom Cruise.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Russian roulette

Matt Damon, Katy Perry, and Andy Samberg are BFFs in this new Saturday Night Live digital short called “Best Friends”. Midway through the short, the trio runs into Val Kilmer, whose character enjoys huffing gas fumes and runs a science lab with a time machine. Things go downhill at the end when the gang decides to play a game of Russian Roulette.

Click here to watch.

Thank you, Hillary Clinton

In a speech designed to convince the world that gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said religious objections to homosexuality should not stand in the way of vigorous United Nations action to promote the gay rights agenda.

On Tuesday, Clinton said promoting the global acceptance of “gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people” is “one of the remaining human rights challenges of our time,” likening the effort to ending racial, sexual, or religious discrimination. She noted that perhaps the “most challenging issue arises when people cite religious or cultural values as a reason to violate or not to protect the human rights of LGBT citizens.” These objections, she said, are “not unlike the justification offered for violent practices towards women like honor killings, widow burning, or female genital mutilation.” She stated worldwide “opinions are still evolving” on homosexuality as they did with slavery, and “what was once justified as sanctioned by God is now properly reviled as an unconscionable violation of human rights. In each of these cases, we came to learn that no [religious] practice or tradition trumps the human rights that belong to all of us,” she said.

She insisted the UN must oppose all forms of human rights violations against homosexuals and “transgender” people, from execution and banishment to criminalizing LGBT “status or behavior,” denying them free access to “public spaces,” or the “bullying and exclusion” that takes place in the United States. “I speak about this subject knowing that my own country’s record on human rights for gay people is far from perfect,” Clinton said.

Clinton said that that notions that “gay people are pedophiles, that homosexuality is a disease that can be caught or cured, or that gays recruit others to become gay” are “simply not true.” The secretary of state added that nations must pass LGBT civil rights laws, even when they offend the majority of a nation’s citizens. “Leadership, by definition, means being out in front of your people when it is called for,” Clinton said. “[W]e are each free to believe whatever we choose…But progress comes from changes in laws.”

Thank you!

Stunningly beautiful

Kylie Minogue looks stunningly beautiful in this new paparazzi shot, taken this weekend!

New year's eve

New Year’s Eve topped this weekend’s box office, bringing in $13.7 million in ticket sales.
The star studded ensemble comedy, featuring Zac Efron, Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry, Katherine Heigl, Sarah Jessica Parker, and more, was projected to make about $20 million over the weekend but fell short, Variety reports.

Invested in her life

"Anybody that's going to date her is a brave man. You're going to get a whole lot of love, but you'd better treat her right, or we're all coming after you. Adele's music is so personal that you get invested in her life. When Adele had her health scare, I had random people saying to me, 'Oh my God, did you hear about Adele?"

Julia Roberts, talking about Adele's 21 album.

The grudge 2

Tonight on Dutch television: The Grudge 2, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Amber Tamblyn and Arielle Kebbel.

I have it on DVD, really, really scary (and great) movie!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Quite the starfucker

Kylie Minogue's fantastic dancer Jason Beitel send me a private message on facebook today, and tagged a picture I posted he was in. Together with the tweet he send me a couple of weeks ago, this makes me quite the starfucker doesn't it? But I'm still loving it, ha!

I'm on

I've posted it before, but since I'm in it, I still really enjoy this video Kylie Minogue's official website made! I'm the one at the 0.36 seconds mark! It was filmed right before the start of Kylie's Aphrodite Les Folies Tour at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.

Talk that talk

Check out a Talk That Talk exclusive behind the scenes clip of Rihanna as she gets fitted for a grill for her You Da One video.

Click here!

The lucky one

Check out the poster for Zac Efron’s upcoming movie, The Lucky One!

Synopsis: U.S. Marine Sergeant Logan Thibault (Efron) returns from his third tour of duty in Iraq, with the one thing he credits with keeping him alive-a photograph he found of a woman he doesn’t even know. Learning her name is Beth (Taylor Schilling) and where she lives, he shows up at her door, and ends up taking a job at her family-run local kennel. Despite her initial mistrust and the complications in her life, a romance develops between them, giving Logan hope that Beth could be much more than his good luck charm.

The drama, which also stars Blythe Danner, hits theaters April 20, 2012.

¡Q’Viva! The Chosen

Jennifer Lopez continues to work on her new show, ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen, on Thursday at a beach near Montevideo, Uruguay. J.Lo decided to kick off her heels and do some capoeira, a Brazilian art form combining martial arts, sports, and music.

Uruguay marks the latest stop in Jennifer’s tour of South America, where she’s been scouting talent for ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen.

Very happy girl

Today is Sinead O'Connor's 45th birthday. It's also going to be her wedding anniversary!
She and boyfriend Barry Herridge plan on a private ceremony. She revealed the news like this:

With enormous joy, myself and my beloved boyfriend Barry Herridge will be getting married tomorrow, December 8th 2011 at 'an un-disclosed location' in my absolute dream wedding ceremony. We will post a photo or two here on the site as soon as possible afterward. Very happy girl.


Stolen idea

Angelina Jolie has shut down claims made in the lawsuit, filed by James Braddock, that she stole the idea for her directorial debut, In The Land of Blood and Honey, from his 2007 book A Soul Shattering, which allegedly tells a similar story of a Bosnian woman stuck in rape camps during the mid-'90s.

Although Braddock alleges in the lawsuit that he met with producer Eden Sarkic on a number of occasions, trying to get it made into a film, before they went ahead without him, Angelina asserts:

"There are many books and documentaries that I did pull from. It's a combination of many people's stories. But that particular book I've never seen."

10x Boyzone

Time for a new top ten! Today, my ten favorite songs from irish boyband Boyzone. Here we go:

1) Picture Of You
2) Baby Can I Hold You
3) No Matter What
4) Love Me For A Reason
5) Words
6) Father And Son
7) Coming Home Now
8) A Different Beat
9) Isn't It A Wonder
10) Love You Anyway

What are yours?

We found love

Rihanna's latest single We Found Love is number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for the sixth week in a row. And although I don't like Rihanna anymore after her disastrous concert at Gelredome Stadium in Arnhem, the Netherlands, I do have to say it's a great song. Catchy and happy and makes me want to sing along.

So, well deserved!

Fear and undue stress

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the U.K. has banned the Final Destination 5 poster because they claim it is upsetting children.

According to the ASA, the poster image "was likely to catch the attention of children, especially because it was shown on a poster on the Underground, where it was an untargeted medium." The ASA also said that the image "was likely to cause fear and undue distress to children."

Warner Bros tried to argue that the shattered skull was a "fantasy image" and that the poster "accurately reflected the content of the film in an appropriate manner without causing excessive fear or distress," but in the end they lost the battle.

By the way, I loved the movie!

Ego boost

Reports out of Mumbai this week are suggesting that Paramount Pictures paid a mere $600 to boost Tom Cruise's ego. It seems not enough people were planning to show on Saturday in the city, where Tom was slated to promote his latest movie, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, so the studio shelled out money to get some really enthusiastic fans. One of the people who claim to have been paid, said:

"Tom kaun? [Tom who?] I don’t know who he is or what he does. We were told to come here by 1pm today and wait for a foreign VIP to come out of the airport gate and scream and shout when he came. None of us know who Tom is. There was a buffet lunch also for us and we were paid Rs 150 for this job today. We do this for television shows and other such events where crowds are required."

Paramount Pictures denies the claim, and have released the following statement:

"Tom Cruise is a massive star and attracts huge throngs of fans as he travels the world promoting 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.' The only people paid were performers who danced outside the venue. The idea that fans were paid to cheer is completely ludicrous and entirely false."

Summer album

Nelly Furtado had big news to share with her Twitter followers. In her tweet, Nelly wrote the following:

It's official: Album out for summer. and I'll be out on the road promoting it for at least 2 years cuz I love it!

Great news! An album and a tour!
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