Monday, December 05, 2011

450 Dates

And speaking of Lady Gaga, the Lady is working on her most ambitious plan to date – a record-breaking, two-year, 450-date tour. She has set her sights on smashing U2's record for the highest grossing and most attended tour ever, visiting every corner of the globe.
A source said: "The Haus Of Gaga is taking things up a gear. Gaga and her team have ambitions to match, and better, huge pop and rock acts from music history like Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones and U2. She is planning to kick things off in Asia and India next year and go on a gruelling world tour. As is always the case with Gaga, the plans came to her in her sleep. She has a target of 450 dates. It has never been done before, but she's doesn't think that's a reason not to try."

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