Monday, December 05, 2011

Issues in education

A "pro-family"(make that: hate group) leader warns that a new California law that requires teachings of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) individuals' contributions will lead innocent children to make destructive decisions.
On the "Issues in Education" radio show with hosts Bob and Geri Boyd, Randy Thomasson (pictured above) of recently told listeners that come January, children in The Golden State will be led "like lambs to the slaughter" as the state implements SB 48, a pro-LGBT law that mandates schools to teach to children of all ages about LGBT individuals' contributions to society.

"It will be promoted through homosexual biographies, classroom discussions, essays, outside speakers, videos, [and] dramas. I mean, you name it; it's going to come in," he explains. "So this is gonna be a big green light to tell children these are not mere lifestyles ... [but that] these are good; these are maybe even for you."

Further, according to the "family advocate", individuals in history who were not gay may be portrayed as homosexuals to help boost that community's image.

"They'll say that people who were not homosexual are homosexual, but they'll hold up Harvey Milk, the late homosexual activist from San Francisco, they'll hold up Elton John, who has attacked marriage, attacked the Boy Scouts," Thomasson notes.

What an idiot!

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