Thursday, December 01, 2011

Kick her out

A graduate school counseling student is asking a federal appeals court to block Augusta State University from expelling her because she believes `homosexual behavior` is an immoral `choice`.

Jennifer Keeton (pictured above) enrolled in the Georgia school's counselor education program in fall 2009 and soon began discussing her views.

Faculty members were alarmed after she wrote in a term paper that it would be hard for her to work with gay clients. The school told her that's unethical, and she was put on probation and warned she could be expelled. Keeton refused when the school asked her to attend sensitivity training and mix with gay men and women at events like the city's gay pride parade.

Cristina Correia of the Georgia Attorney General's office said university faculty were concerned that Keeton was scheduled to practice counseling in middle and high schools as part of her degree program and could possibly harm young students with her views.

Good news, kick this bigoted lunatic out.

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