Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Oregon attack

A female surfer was attacked by a shark Tuesday on the Oregon coast near Seaside, witnesses said.
The Seaside Signal reported the woman was attacked while she was surfing in “the cove,” a popular surfing spot. Other surfers who heard her struggling in the water helped her to shore.

“There was a big splash. I saw that. And then the stand-up paddler paddled over and got her on his board,” said witness Johnny Rodgers. “They paddled north a ways and then they came in where they could be washed in.”

The woman, who has not been identified, was taken to Providence Hospital in Seaside with a bite to the leg. She was later taken to Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland.

“She has some injuries to her lower leg. A couple of puncture marks,” said Captain Joey Daniels with Seaside Fire and Rescue.

Her condition is unclear. Her surfboard also had puncture marks on it.

“I saw the board. There’s a chunk out of it and there’s a little blood on the board,” said witness Scott Earling. “Something definitely took a chunk out of that board.”

Seaside Fire Chief Dale Kamrath told KATU News they have not confirmed the woman was bitten by a shark.

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