Thursday, December 08, 2011

What what

In 2008, South Park featured Samwell's What What in one of their episodes in which the character Butters is featured as a parody of the music video. The owners of lewd original, Brownmark, then
sued South Park for infringing on their copyright but South Park and its owner, Viacom, were not worried. Their defense rested in the fair use policy and it was sound.

Even though Brownmark was told that South Park's use of the video was fair, the small company did so anyway.

A Wisconsin judge immediately dismissed the case, punishing Brownmark with Viacom's attourney fees. The judge went on to say South Park use of the video was "to lampoon the recent craze in our society of watching video clips on the internet that are — to be kind — of rather low artistic sophistication and quality."

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