Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another attack

A tour guide has been mauled by a shark while snorkelling at Coral Bay, about 150 kilometres south of Exmouth in WA. It is believed a three-metre tiger shark attacked the 26-year-old man on Thursday afternoon.

Police say the man's injuries are not life-threatening but it is believed he has sustained severe lacerations to his right forearm. The man was flown to Royal Perth Hospital for treatment and is in a stable condition. The Fisheries Department says the beach is closed following the attack. Graham Murphy has run underwater tours in Coral Bay for more than a decade and says the attack is an isolated incident.

"I think it's a big shock to everyone in the area, I mean I've been in Coral Bay for some 14 years, snorkelling regularly each day and never had an issue with sharks of any type. I think it was a complete fluke, a one off. You see sharks regularly when you are snorkelling in the north-west. It's not something I am concerned about when I am out there snorkelling and I dont think any of the tour guides, it doesn't cross their mind because we see sharks so regularly in the water and it's not something we are concerned about."

The attack comes a day after a shark attack south of Newcastle at Redhead Beach left surfer Glen Folkard with serious injuries to his upper leg and torso. Newcastle's beaches have reopened after the attack by what is believed to be a bull shark.

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