Monday, January 30, 2012

Clean water

Adam Lambert turned 30 yesterday on January 29

“Today is my birthday, and for my 30th I’d like you all to help me change the world:” Adam tweeted, along with a link to a donation page for a charity called charity:water.

“Together, I bet we can raise over $1 million and bring thousands more people clean water.” Adam wrote. Donate to this wonderful cause today and help bring clean water to those who need it!


Water Bottle said...

Save money by using water bottles instead of buying bottled water and you'll be able to donate more.

Richelle Loughney said...

Access to clean drinking water is a luxury in some countries. Donations in cash are a good way to help charitable organizations in their goal to provide access to clean water. Two thumbs up for Adam Lambert's call to support the group charity: water!

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