Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The appeal

Today, I finished reading my 12th John Grisham novel The Appeal (although I've read it in Dutch, called De Aanklacht). Loved it! I think it's amazing how every book Grisham has ever written continues to be so great.

On to the next one, which I will pick up at a store tomorrow!


Elawaswa said...

Heel veel plezier met het uitzoeken van een volgend boek van John Grisham!

Ελλάδα said...

The concept is neat, but the story could've been told just as effectively minus 100 pages. It drags on with chapter after chapter of predictability, and then ends in a flurry. The character development is lacking. The good guys are too good, and the bad guys are 100% evil. I found myself enjoying the villains of the book more than the protagonist. The first half of the book is a chore. It picks up toward the end, and then fizzles out in the final several pages. Not one of Grisham's better works

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