Monday, February 13, 2012

Cause of death

Whitney Houston did not drown but died of a cocktail of prescription drugs and alcohol, US reports said today. Her family is understood to have been told by coroners that she may well have been dead before slipping underwater in her bath, according to showbiz website TMZ.
Whitney, 48, was said to have been found in the tub at her hotel by her aunt Mary Jones, who tried in vain to revive her. Half a dozen bottles of prescription drugs like those used by Michael Jackson were found in her suite in Beverly Hills. There were also reports that there was not enough water in her lungs to have drowned her.

The fresh reports came after pictures showed the star looking wasted during a two-night booze binge before her shocking death. It was also revealed a film crew waiting to interview the fallen superstar at her hotel were told: "She's not coming... she's dead." Ironically, the VH1 pop channel team were waiting to talk to Whitney about "getting back on track" following her dark spiral into addiction.


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