Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Madonna endorses scalping

For her upcoming world tour, Madonna has partnered with secondary ticket seller Viagogo, allowing fans to sell their tickets for a premium price. Basically, a scalper site. Where every other artist is trying to make sure scalpers aren't getting their hands on tickets, Madonna is doing exactly the opposite, and promotes it openly.

The reason? Money of course. 'Fans' are buying up loads of tickets, thus ensuring shows sell out in no time, and then sell these tickets for ridiculous prices. Viagogo gets 10% out of every transaction, from which Madonna gets a share as well. Just minutes after a Madonna show goes on sale, Viagogo gets overwhelmed with tickets being sold, with ridiculous mark-ups.

What a total bitch. Instead of making sure her fans are able to get tickets for the normal face value price (which is already skyrockethigh for Madonna's shows), she's actually helping scalpers to rip her fans off even more.

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